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“Are you going to sit on this couch for 12 hours, watching sci-fi?” Gaby asked.

“That’s the plan,” Ben answered.

“You’re crazy,” she said, with a whistle.

“Babe, Battlestar Galactica is the greatest show that’s ever been on television…ever,” he said. “Besides, I won’t sit here for 12 straight hours. I have to go to the bathroom sometime.”

“Haven’t you seen it a dozen times already?” she asked.

“Yeah,” he said. “But, there’s just something different about seeing it on TV.”

“You are such a frakin’ geek,” she whispered in his ear.

“And, you love me anyway,” he said.

“You’re not forgetting we’re going to see that house tomorrow, right?” she asked.

“That’s not until 5:00pm,” he said. “I can watch this, crawl into bed for a few hours, and then we’ll go.”

Again, she gave her opinion of his mental state.

“Don’t be hatin’ on BSG,” he said, seriously.

“Well, I’m going to bed,” she said, getting up slowly.

She pulled off her t-shirt as she walked past the TV. She tossed the shirt into his lap.

“Very funny,” he said, as she, now naked from the waist up, walked toward the hallway leading to the bedroom.

Ben dropped the shirt beside him on the couch. A moment later, her boxers landed in his lap.

He looked at her. She stood a few feet from the door, only a pair of blood red boyshorts covering her dark olive skin. She crossed her arms in front of her perky B-cup breasts, and looked into his eyes.

“Sometimes you gotta roll the hard six,” she said, then lowered her eyes to his crotch, “or a nice thick seven.”

“Seven, plus,” he asserted.

“Men,” she said, shaking her head.

She turned and walked to the archway leading to the hall. She gave her hips a little extra swing, allowing her ass to rock back and forth, as he watched her go.

He looked down at the boxers in his lap, then placed them on top of Gaby’s shirt. He adjusted himself on the couch and prepared to enjoy the show.

After a long commercial break, the first part of the re-imagined mini-series began. As the first humanoid Cylon, a statuesque blonde female called Number Six, made her entrance, her high heels clicking on the metal deck, Ben heard a familiar sound — from the hallway, he heard the clicking of high heels on the hardwood floor.

Ben turned his head as Gaby re-entered the living room. His mouth fell open. She wore his favorite outfit. Black three-inch ankle boots augmented her 5’2″ height. She wore sheer black thigh high stockings, black elbow-length satin opera gloves, and black Ray Ban sunglasses. A neon pink bob cut wig covered her brunette pixie cut hair. And, even from across the dimly lit room, he could see her lips were coated with neon pink lipstick. It was an outfit she knew Ben couldn’t resist. He had a thing for black opera gloves. And, the wig was like icing on top of a cake.

“Oh, my Go…” he began.

“I’m sorry,” Gaby interrupted. “Did you say something?”

He watched as she slowly walked toward him.

“What are you doing?” he asked, in a low voice.

“Me?” she asked, smiling. “Nothing. I just thought I’d come watch your space show with you.”

“You’re poking the bear,” he growled.

“Am I?” she asked, innocently.

“Woman,” he said.

He stood up, and she took a step back. He reached out for her, but she spun away from his grasp.

“Maybe I should get a dress like that robot girl in the show,” Gaby suggested.

She turned her head to look back at him over her shoulder. His eyes traced down her spine, to her ass. His gaze lingered on the Spanish-style cross tattooed in the small of her back. She smiled and shook her perfect little bottom a few times.

“Come here,” Ben whispered, raising his eyes to hers.

She shook her head, sticking out her tongue.

“Don’t make me chase you,” he warned.

She strutted toward the hallway — shaking her ass.

“If you want me,” she said, “come get me.”

As she entered the hallway again, he grabbed the remote from the coffee table.

“So say we all,” he said, as he turned off the TV, and turned to follow Gaby. “Sorry, Six. I’ll see you, and that red dress, on DVD.”

When he entered the hallway, he saw Gaby standing at the far end, in the doorway to their bedroom. He could tell she’d lit candles, and she stood silhouetted in the flickering light.

“Come here,” he said.

Again, she shook her head.

“Gabrielle,” he said, sternly. “Come here, right now.”

Her head tilted down, and though he couldn’t see it in the darkness, he was sure her bottom lip was pushed out in a mock pout. She hesitated, as if reluctant to submit to him.

He moved down the hallway slowly. When he got within arms reach, he grabbed her. He pulled her petite body against his large, 6’3″ frame. He pulled her hands behind her back and secured both wrists with his left hand. She tried to squirm out of his grasp, but he held her tightly.

“What did I tell you about teasing me?” he hissed.

“I’m sorry, Baby,” she purred. “I can’t help it.”

He moved ankara bayan escortlar his right hand to her neck. He squeezed gently as he pushed her backward through the doorway, then roughly turned her to pin her between his body and the bedroom wall. He leaned close to whisper in her ear.

“You know what happens when you tease me,” he said.

She nodded her head a fraction of an inch, and Ben felt her throat vibrate as a low moan escaped her lips. He squeezed tighter, and lifted. She raised herself onto her tip-toes.

He released his grip on her wrists. She grabbed his right wrist with both hands. She struggled, futilely trying to pull his hand from her neck. With his left hand, he reached up to remove her sunglasses, carefully setting them on top of a short bookshelf. Looking into her eyes, he slipped the same hand under the wig. He let his fingers intertwine with her hair and he pulled gently, tilting her head back.

Ben dropped his right hand to her chest, exposing her neck — one of her most sensitive spots — to his lips. He moved close and kissed her just under her chin.

“What are you going to do to me?” she asked, still holding his right wrist.

“I’m going to give you exactly what you asked for when you put on this little outfit,” he said, his voice rumbling, as he kissed his way downward, pushing his tongue against her neck.

He could feel the heat of her as she pushed her body against his.

“Bennnn…” she whispered.

She tried to tilt her head and kiss him, but he held her hair as he backed away to avoid her mouth. He pushed his right hand between her legs, roughly brushing her lips. She was already wet.

“Kiss me,” she pleaded.

He moved his face to hers; the tip of his nose against hers. She tried to pucker her lips enough to touch his, but could not manage to do so.

“Please, Baby,” she said.

He shook his head.

“I swear, if you don’t kiss me right now, I’m gonna kick your ass,” she hissed.

“Really?” he teased, pressing his body against hers. “I don’t think you’re in any position to make threats.”

She tried to wrest free of his grasp, but her movements only compounded the effect of his fingers between her legs. She gasped as he forced a finger inside her.

“Ohhh,” she cried out, and her resistance drained away.

She tried to wrap her arms around his shoulders. He pushed harder, slipping a second finger into her.

Her hands fell to his waist and she tore at his sweatpants, pulling them down a few inches. The fingers of her right hand moved over his boxer-briefs finding the hardness beneath. She grabbed at it through the cotton underwear. His body jerked at her touch.

“Yessss,” she said. “I know you want to fuck me. Let me have it.”

He growled at her.

“Are you gonna fuck me hard, Baby?” she asked, almost mocking him.

He mashed his mouth against hers, kissing her violently. She kissed back, while fighting for breath. He released his hold on her and pushed his underwear and sweatpants down, letting them fall to his knees. Without breaking their kiss, he put his hands under her ass and lifted her off the floor. She wrapped her legs around him.

His erection brushed against her lips. She wiggled, adjusting herself, attempting to take him inside her. He broke the kiss and looked into her eyes. She scratched at his back, prevented from hurting him by his t-shirt and the gloves she wore.

“Fuck me, Ben,” she demanded.

His right hand moved carefully underneath her, guiding himself to her.

“¡Oh, Dios mío!” she cried, as the head of his cock slipped inside.

Normally, when first penetrating her, Ben would go slowly — his caution necessitated by the disparity in their physical statures. He would work himself in and out, going a little deeper each time, until his full length was lubricated with her juices and she’d adjusted to his size.

This time, however, he did not stop. Nor did he pull back. He pushed himself, slowly and steadily, into her. He watched her eyes go wide as his buried himself inside her.

“Baby,” she gasped, clawing at his back.

Once he worked his length into her, he stopped for a few moments. He stood still, enjoying the wetness enveloping him, and feeling her squeeze him tightly.

“Don’t stop,” she pleaded.

She tried arch her back; to move him inside her. He again placed his left hand on the back of her head and pulled her hair.

“Look at me,” he said.

Her eyes locked on his.

“You drive me crazy,” he said.

Before she could answer, he pulled back a few inches and thrust himself back into her.

“Ughhh,” she cried, closing her eyes.

Again he ordered her to look at him.

“Do you know that?” he asked, struggling to control his breathing.

“Baby, I’m sorry I teas…” she tried to say.

He thrust himself into her again.

“I don’t mean that,” he barked. “I love you, Gabrielle.”

Another thrust prevented her from responding.

“I can’t get enough of you,” he continued.

“Ben, I…” she began.

Her ankara seksi escortlar mouth fell open as he plunged into her again, cutting off her speech. He kept talking — his voice becoming a hoarse whisper in her ear — as he stabbed himself into her over and over.

“I can’t see you without wanting to touch you…I can’t touch you without wanting to hold you…I can’t hold you without wanted to be inside you…the smell of you…the taste of you…you inspire me…you intoxicate me…”

“More,” she demanded. “Moooore.”

Her eyes fixed on his, but it seemed as if she were looking right through him, fixated on something, or nothing, off in the distance — it’s a look veterans of battle call the thousand-yard stare.

He felt her cunt grip his cock, and she called his name. Moving his mouth to hers, he kissed her deeply, pushing his tongue against hers. She moaned into his mouth as her body began to shake in his arms. Her tremors became more powerful and she broke their kiss to cry out.

“I’m gonna cum,” she groaned.

He urged her on, not lessening his force or pace, continuing to plunge himself into her. Her arms and legs squeezed him tightly as her body — still pinned between his and the wall — convulsed violently.

“Bennnn…,” she began, before her voice became one long moan.

“Yes, that’s it, Baby,” he hissed. “Cum all over my cock.”

She let her forehead fall to his right shoulder, and let out a string of words in what his rational mind would have recognized as Spanish. He felt her hot breath on his chest, and he gripped the cheeks of her ass tightly. His legs shook as he fought to remain standing.

Even as she came, Gaby began to grind herself against him, using her arms and legs to brace herself as she tried to match his thrusts. She moved her hands to the side of Ben’s face, and pressed her lips to his. They each breathed in the others’ breath as they writhed together.

Her cunt squeezed him tighter as another orgasm washed over her before the first had ended. Ben grunted while wrestling to stay inside her. His lips returned to her neck, driving her senses further into oblivion.

Ben stopped thrusting and held Gaby as her body shook for more than a minute. Wrapping her arms around his neck again, she tore at his t-shirt, her gloved fingers slipping across the fabric.

Her breathing slowed and she looked at Ben. She could feel him trembling.

“Are you OK, Baby?” she asked.

He nodded, rather unconvincingly, she thought.

“Take me to bed,” she whispered.

Ben took a tentative step backward. She held on securely as he moved. Satisfied his legs would support them, he carefully — his sweatpants and underwear now around his ankles — shuffled toward the bed. He turned and sat on the bed. As he did, he slipped out of her and she gasped loudly.

“Fuuuck,” she moaned.

When she recovered, she put her hands on his chest and pushed.

“Lie back,” she whispered.

He complied, stripping off his t-shirt as he did so. Gaby reached down with her right hand to grab his cock. She held him tightly, and the satin of her glove slid over his glistening shaft as she stroked him, quickly moving her hand up and down.

“That feels so good,” he groaned, looking up at her in the dim light.

“I know something that’ll feel better,” she said, slithering off the bed to kneel on the floor.

She ripped off his pants, blindly tossing them aside. His legs spread as she moved between them, kissing her way up his inner thighs. Her hot breath washed over his balls.

He looked down his body as her neon painted lips closed around the head of his cock.

“Yesss,” he hissed.

His head fell back to the bed. Gaby took his length deep, letting the head slip into her throat, and his fingers dug into the sheets and blanket as she tried to swallow him whole.

Gaby moaned around his cock, the vibrations seemed to permeate his stiffness. His right hand crawled to her head. His fingers gripped the faux neon hair and he pulled gently, letting it fall to the bed.

Pleasure clouded his brain. He tried to urge her to keep going, but neither of them was sure anything coherent came out of his mouth. Her left hand found his right and their fingers intertwined as her body began to quiver against his legs.

She often came while pleasuring him orally. Somewhere, deep inside, a small portion of his mind registered her third orgasm. He moaned, begging her to make him cum.

Her latest orgasm had not yet ended when she let him slip from her mouth. She struggled with jelly-like legs to crawl back on top of him.

“Don’t stop,” Ben demanded, helplessly.

“I’m sorry, Baby,” she said, grabbing his shaft, “I need more of this.”

She leaned close to kiss his mouth as she took him inside her.

“Ohhh,” she panted.

Ben wrapped his arms around her shoulders and rolled over, ending with him on top of her in the missionary position. His bulk pressed her into the sheets and blankets as he thrust himself into her.

“Siiiií,” she cried, drawing her gloved bayan ankara escort hands across his back, and wrapping her legs around him.

They squeezed each other tightly as he moved his hips, pistoning in and out of her cunt.

“Dame más,” Gaby pleaded.

Ben felt that sensation in his balls — almost a cramped feeling that grew as he quickly approached the point of no return.

“I’m cumming,” he grunted, pushing his face into the bed, beside her left cheek.

Those two words pushed Gaby over the edge once more. Her pussy clenched his cock as they came together. Even as their bodies moved in unison, they fought against each other, her cunt contracting around him, trying to push him out as he forced himself into her. His body bucked, his cock pulsated, and he fired his cum deep inside her, filling her before exhausting his load and — seemingly — every last bit of his energy. His body went limp atop hers.

It took several minutes for their breathing to return to normal. Gaby’s arms and legs slipped off him and fell to the bed. Ben lifted his head slowly.

“Are you OK?” he asked.

She let out a long sigh, while small orgasmic aftershocks continued to roll through her body.

“I’m wonderful,” she cooed.

“You sure are,” he said, rolling an inch to his right.

“No,” she cried, grabbing at him, “don’t leave me.”

“I don’t want to crush you,” he said, before kissing her cheek.

She wrapped her arms around his shoulders.

“I love your weight on top of me,” she said. “It makes me feel so…protected.”

“Do you need someone to protect you?” he asked.

“Sometimes,” she said. “I often get in trouble for teasing.”

“Hmmm,” he agreed. “That could be dangerous.

She looked into his eyes, remaining silent for a few moments.

“Did you mean what you said?” she asked, finally.

“What?” he asked in return.

“That stuff you said while you were nailing me to the wall,” she said.

“What stuff?” he said, a small grin creasing his face. “I was in the heat of the moment. I have no idea what I said.”

“You fucker,” she cried, punching him in the shoulder.

He laughed and grabbed her wrists to prevent her from hitting him again.

“Are you a tough girl?” he asked, teasing her as she struggled to free herself. “Huh? Gonna kick my ass?”

“I’m gonna rip your cock off,” she said, pushing and pulling against him.

“I know you won’t do that,” he said, pinning her hands to the bed. “You enjoy it too much.”

She stopped fighting him.

“Shit, you’re right,” she admitted.

He gently kissed her lips.

“I meant every word,” he whispered.

She looked at him

“Ben…I love you,” she said.

“You’d better,” he said.

“I’m serious,” she whispered.

“I know, Baby,” he said. “I love you, too.”

“You’d better,” she said. “Or, I really will rip it off.”

“Ouch,” he said, feigning a look of pain.

She pushed him off her and turned to lay on her right side. He moved up behind her and slipped his hand between her arm and her body. He placed his hand on her chest and held her against his body.

“You know,” he suggested, “maybe we should get you one of those robot girl red dresses.”

She tried to turn and elbow him as he held her and laughed.

Late the next afternoon, Ben folded himself nearly in half and climbed into the passenger’s seat of Gaby’s Jaguar XKR. Gaby slid into the driver’s seat like a fighter pilot strapping on an F-15. She drove the British sports car fast and confidently, as if the car had been precisely molded around her.

They drove northwest, passing through two small townships in a tightly packed suburban area. A mere five miles — as the crow flies — brought them into a third town, and their destination. One of their friends, Andy, had told Gaby about a house for sale in her neighborhood.

Andy worked at the New York City headquarters of a fashion magazine, starting out as an intern and steadily working her way upward. Gaby met Andy, almost accidentally, during a job fair at City University. Gaby hadn’t planned to attend, but at the last minute two of her students required moral support in order to brave the representatives of potential employers. She chatted with Andy at the magazine’s booth while one of her students filled out an application. The two women became fast friends, and Andy joined Ben and Gaby’s large circle of comrades.

Living so close, the two occasionally met to ride home together on the train, had gone out for drinks after work a few times, and talked on the phone often.

She was slightly younger than Gaby, and very open-minded. Though she’d split with her boyfriend a month earlier, for most of the time they’d known her, Andy’d been involved with someone. Despite this, she’d hinted — strongly and more than once — at an attraction to both Ben and Gaby.

The attraction was mutual. Andy was beautiful. No, Ben thought, as Gaby drove, she was more than that. She was…radiant; almost glowing with life and energy.

Her dark brown pixie cut hair almost matched Gaby’s and provided a beautiful contrast to her pale skin. Her deep brown eyes enthralled nearly everyone she turned her gaze upon. She stood 5’8″ — six inches taller than Gaby. Her athletic — perfectly womanly, Ben thought — body, featured 34C breasts.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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