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A week after her weekend with the married couple, she was on a date with one of her guy friends when the husband texted her. She felt a guilty little thrill as she read his message. He wanted to see her. Tonight. She explained she was out on a date, to which he wickedly replied to bring him too, and they’d have a different kind of threeway. Another thrill shot through her. She had often fantasized about two guys at once. But she didn’t dare betray her secret desires.

The husband was insistent to see her, touch her, taste her, fuck her. She told him to come to her apartment later…her pussy was wet. her face flushed and her date asked if she was ok. She regained her composure and told him she wasn’t feeling well, and could he just take her home after dinner. Disappointed but polite, he of course agreed.

He drove her home and they sat in his car for a minute. He leaned over and gave her a lingering kiss, clearly hoping for an invite inside.She returned the kiss as his hand reached to cup her breast. She held his hand to her breasts briefly before breaking the kiss, promising him she’d make it up to him, but she wasn’t up for fooling around tonight. He exhaled slowly but nodded agreement and told her to feel better. He playfully swatted her ass as she climbed out of his car. She waited at her door until he drove off.

The husband quickly emerged from his SUV with roses and champagne. She smiled at him as he walked up and opened her door without a word. They stepped into the foyer and she closed the door behind them. he set his stuff on the table as she began walking up the stairs into the living room. he stopped her about half way and turned her, hands going to her firm ass and pulled her in for a kiss. She parted her lips as they hungrily made out. his hands were under her short black dress, gripping her cheeks as he pulled her tight against him. She held onto the stair rail to steady herself, her nipples were hard and poking through the thin material of her slinky dress. She could feel his arousal in his jeans press into her and she ground against it slowly.

He turned her around and slid the dress up over her hips as he knelt behind her, showering her pale globes with kisses as he tugged her thong out of her crack and down her legs to her heels.he parted her cheeks and inhaled deeply as he ran his tongue down her her crack, over her pink little star and buried his tongue in her bald, puffy pussy lips. She gripped the rail and moaned loudly as he ate her out. Her legs began to tremble and she panted that they needed to get off the stairs before she fell. She stepped out of her thong and continued up the stairs, dress still above her hips. He gave a low groan as he watched her bare ass and long legs. He grabbed the flowers and champagne and bounded up the stairs two at a time behind her.

He set the flowers and bottle down again, grabbed her by the hips and pushed her forward onto her cream colored leather sectional so that she was kneeling with her bare ass in the air. He knelt behind her, spread her cheeks and resumed licking and eating her holes as she moaned and arched her back. She felt her orgasm building as he slipped two fingers in her little pussy. She reached between her legs and fingered her throbbing clit as he continued lashing at her with his tongue and screwing his fingers into her. She came loudly, legs trembling as he swallowed her flowing juices.

“Oh my god I need you to fuck me,” she panted. He was already anticipating their next move as he quickly lowered his jeans and whipped off his shirt, his thick cock fully erect and leaking precum. He stood and aligned his cock with her apple bottom and rubbed his head through her cheeks until he found her wet folds. he gripped her hips as she reached back to grab his cock and help guide it inside. He sank to his balls in one long, fluid thrust, causing her to gasp as he stretched her tight walls.

He rested there momentarily as they both savored the moment. He reached up and slid the thin straps of her little black dress off her bare shoulders until her full, firm breasts were free. He leaned forward and cupped them as he whispered into her ear how good she felt wrapped around his cock. He began fucking her slowly, nibbling her neck as he tugged gently, but firmly on her amazing nipples. Next, he leaned back and put one foot on the sofa as he grabbed her bottom again and began to fuck her harder. She moaned again as she felt him filling her up, his balls slapping against her and she pushed back with every stroke to match his pace.

He adjusted them both and eased her down onto the sectional and closed her legs as he mounted her. Still holding her ass, he began plowing her prone body, her perfect ass jiggling with each deep pump of his cock. She arched her back as he lay on top of her and felt another crashing orgasm build deep in her core.

“Oh cum for me,” she begged as she could sense he was nearing his own climax. HE pumped a few more hard thrusts before groaning loudly as his cock twitched and swelled inside her. She eryaman escort climaxed as she felt the first hot, thick jets of cum erupt deep inside her. Her vaginal walls contracted, effectively squeezing and milking his cock as he shot his sticky ropes in her. He lay heavily on her as they lost themselves in bliss. Finally he brushed her hair to one side and kissed her flushed cheek. She turned her face to him and their lips met again, panting breathlessy, they kissed as he stayed hard inside her.

He finally rolled off her and sat up on the couch, smacking her ass hard and grinning. She fluidly rolled off the couch and stood facing him. She wiggled the bunched up dress off her hips and stepped out of it. She was only wearing her heels, diamond stud earrings and matching solitaire necklace. He ogled her body approvingly as she eyed him as well. She turned and walked to the bathroom, he could see his cum running down her inner thigh and his grin widened.

While she was peeing and freshening up, he opened the champagne, still chilled and poured them each a glass.

She emerged from the bathroom barefoot, in a slinky short pink satin robe. Her hair back in a pony tail. She curled up next to him on the couch and accepted her glass of champagne, which she tossed back easily. He refilled her glass and put his army around her, pulling her legs over his. He slid a hand in her robe and pushed it partially open, exposing a breast which he cupped and caresses her as they resumed kissing between sips.

She asked where the wife was, and he remarked she went to the lake with some girlfriends, ostensibly to pick up younger guys. He coyly asked if she was missing the wife, to which she shook her head. He slid a hand between her thighs, caressing her languidly as he confessed he was looking forward to time alone with B. She parted her thighs invitingly as his fingers began exploring further, signalling she too welcomed the one on one opportunity.

She took their flutes and set them on the bar behind the couch as he began kissing her throat and lightly running his finger into her wet folds. She sighed as he kissed down the slope of her breast, sucking her hard nipple into her mouth, flicking his tongue over the tip. His finger tip found her clit and began circling it, pressing against it. She slid her hips forward to allow more access and reached over to take his stiffening cock in her hand and begin to stroke it slowly. It never ceased to amaze her that a guy twice her age could recover so quickly (not that she was complaining).

HIs cock grew harder in her hand as he fingered her and sucked her hard nipple. She spread her legs wider, throwing one over his thigh as his finger slipped inside her canal and his thumb took up the cause on her clit. She was quickly becoming more aroused and decided to take charge. She pulled his head away from her breasts and kissed him as she shifted positions and crawled onto his lap. she held his stiff cock against her soft abdomen.

He sucked at her swaying breasts as she ground herself against him, ensuring he was rock hard. She rose up and guided his thick mushroom cap head to her opening and sank down on it. He moaned into her breasts as she began rocking back and forth with him all the way inside her. His coarse pubes and hard pubic bone was a welcome speed bump to mash her clit against.

He grabbed her ass cheeks and gripped them hard as he began to pump his hips up and down, driving his cock inside her as she felt another orgasm building. She arched her back and ground down hard as she worked her hips rapidly. He held on tight as she moaned loudly and began cumming again on his cock. When she was done, she had a smile from ear to ear as her flush chest heaved with deep breaths.

He gave her a moment to enjoy, then he slid his hands under her hips and lifted her up, while still inside her and laid her back on the chaisse part of the large sectional. She wrapped her legs around his back as he began kissing her and fucking her in the missionary position. Sweat beads formed on his brow as he worked in and out of her.

He adjusted his position again, pinning her legs under his muscular biceps, forcing her open to him as he began to piston in and out of her with an increased intensity. She grabbed her tits, tugging her nipples as he kissed her and fucked her hard. Their bodies slapped together loudly as his balls began to tighten and his cock head swelled. She put her hands on his head, pulling him to her as he got closer to losing himself again inside her body.

“Fuck me harder, baby!” she cried out as he increased his intensity to another level. He slid his hands under her ass and squeezed hard and ground into her as he gave a few final thrusts and cried out as he began to cum inside her pussy for the second time in under an hour. She held him tight and ground against him as she felt his cock erupting. They kissed passionately as he throbbed inside and she held him there until he began to soften. Cum flowed freely out of her when he pulled out. He helped her escort ankara sit up and handed her champagne flute to her. They drank deeply and caught their breath. Finally, she suggested they move the party to the bedroom.

They topped off their drinks and walked naked into the bedroom, the lights were low as she bent over and pulled the covers back. He moved behind her, pressing into her cheeks and she wiggled playfully against him. She didn’t think he was going to be up for another round tonight, which was fine since she was already full and a little sore. She had only had sex once since her weekend with the married couple. It was the standard, thanks for dinner, yes you can come up. She sucked his dick, he fucked her and then went home. In and out in an hour or so. The intensity of the past couple of hours with this guy were took more out of her than she normally gave to her lovers.

She crawled into her bed and he followed. He wrapped his arms around her and they spooned. She could feel his thick, yet flaccid cock nestled between her ass cheeks. His hand resting comfortably between her 32dd augmented breasts. He inhaled the scent of her hair deeply as they lay together.

They made small talk as they cuddled. Chatting about nothing, with an undertone of flirtation and discovery. He asked if she had heard from her (now) ex-boyfriend, which she had not. Not surprisingly, he hadn’t either, even tough they used to be friends, and it was the ex that had pimped her out to the lecherous couple to seduce her. He next asked if she had fucked anyone since their weekend together. She boldly replied that she had, to which she sensed a twinge of jealousy immediately followed by a need to establish dominance. “was he bigger?”, “did he cum inside you?”, “did you let him put it in your ass?”, “did you swallow him?” to the point she became a bit irritated. But what caused her to pause was when he asked, “would he be comfortable if he and I fucked you together?” hmmmm she had to take a deep breath so she didn’t betray her deepest, darkest fantasy.

“I’ve never done anything like that,” she replied carefully. Inwardly, she flashed back to fantasizing about two guys showering her with kisses and more. She had been to the lake with a group of friends in college and two great looking guys kept jockeying for her attention. It was obvious they both wanted her, and the more she drank, the more she flirted with them both. She felt that, if the opportunity had presented itself, she would have let them both have her together. Dirty dancing in a bikini between them, it excited her immensely as she felt them both getting hard in their swim trunks. They played with her ass and one even yanked her top up over her (then a-cup) breasts, to roars of approval from the whole group. Her roommate eventually made her go to bed, sensing too much alcohol fueling her decisions.

“Where did you just go, B?”, the Husband asked, snapping her out of her reverie. She murmured an excuse, but he zeroed in on it. “Now that you’ve had a threesome with a man and woman, you’re open to the idea of getting fucked by two guys, aren’t you?”, he teased, grinding against. Oh shit he’s getting hard again, she thought. She was becoming aroused, as well. The man that had facilitated her first threesome was open to expanding her horizons yet again. But she didn’t want that reputation in her home town. It was bad enough that word would get out that she had fucked a married couple, but at her age that wasn’t a huge reputation destroyer. But get fucked by two guys? you’re a slut that mom’s and sisters will steer the good guys away from. He prompted her for an answer, and she nodded a bit. Instead of his normal, over the top, ego driven way to respond, he was suddenly gentle and nurturing.

“Look, I think you are amazing, and sexy as fuck, but I understand your need to preserve your innocence and reputation. I tease you, and think all kinds of dirty things I want to do with you, but I understand your need for discretion.” Wow, it was the most honest and open he had ever been. She suddenly felt a deeper connection with this man (technically old enough to be her sire) beyond pure sexual gratification. She felt safe and secure.

“Yes, I think it would be amazing.” she confessed breathily. It felt good to say it out loud to someone. Especially this guy. He kissed her shoulder, tenderly, but his cock responded differently.

“I have a business trip to Ontario, in a few weeks. Do you own a passport?” He said out of the blue, as he slowly ground against me. “Yes, why?” She responded, confused. “Come with me, Just me.” As if sensing my hesitation regarding his wife. “I have a suite at the Ritz, and I also have an invite to a very fancy, exclusive party where we can dress up, wear masquerade masks, and indulge in our wildest fantasies, where no one knows us. Interested?” Well she could certainly tell that he was by the way he was gyrating into her ass with a thickening erection.

“I’ll think about,” she responded finally. Truthfully, the idea sincan escort was very intoxicating. No strings attached possibilities in a foreign country had an appeal she could not deny. She didn’t realize it at first, but she had been pushing back against his erection to the point it felt weird to stop. “Have you ever done anal?” he asked in a low voice, grinding into her bottom. “Not intentionally,” she responded, recalling the time a guy “accidentally” speared her virgin ass with his cock, during vaginal sex and kept “fucking me through my tears and protestations until he shot his load in my ass and laughed.’ It had been painful and degrading. She never dated him again. “There are quite a few ways that two men and a woman can find pleasure together. From “spit-roasting” her, meaning she gives head while being fucked, to DP, fucking both her openings simultaneously, to even DVP, where both men slide their cocks in her pussy. They are all very pleasurable, depending on her comfort level and arousal.” They were both really starting to grind together as he talked. The images were all stimulating her, even if the whole idea was intimidating.

“Do you own a vibrator?” he asked finally. “yes,” she responded. “Get it. Let’s play.” He told her.

Unsure what the Husband had in mind, nevertheless se leaned over and retrieved her pink Rabbit vibrator and rolled back to him. He took it from her and kissed her deeply, his passion growing again, as she could feel it growing against her thigh. He smiled as he traced its head around her areolae and between her breasts as he kissed her shoulder. Next he slowly slid it down her midline over her abdomen and began gently teasing at her folds. She moaned as his lips sought hers for a kiss. “I want you to imagine that we are kissing, fooling around, while another hot guy is teasing your pussy lips,” he said softly between kisses. She gave the reaction he was hoping for by grabbing his cock and moaning into his mouth. He probed her folds with the rabbit, rubbing it back and forth against her clit, dipping down to her entrance. He brought it up to her lips and whispered in her ear, “I want to see you suck his hard cock. Get it nice and wet for your little pussy.”

She parted her lips as he slowly slid the head in and out of her mouth. She continued to stroke his shaft as she sucked her vibrator. On more than one occasion she had sucked on it while she fingered her pussy; especially after the threesome she shared with the Husband and his Wife.

“God, that looks so hot, B. I love seeing his cock fucking your pretty little mouth.” He was working his hips in rhythm with her stroking, clearly getting more and more turned on by the scenario they were playing out.

He shifted around and knelt next to her face so that his cock brushed her chin. “Suck on us both baby, show us what that talented little mouth can do with both cocks.” His eyes were on her intently and the notion was very titillating. The Husband reached between her parted thighs and began to finger her pussy, getting her wetter with each tease or thrust. Her hips began undulating at his attention. This was such a turn on for her, that she was quickly climbing back to orgasm as she opened her mouth wider to let each head thrust in her mouth. She gripped both cocks and licked them together, and separately, to the appreciative grunt from the Husband.

He took the rabbit from her mouth and guided it to her waiting pussy. She helped him guide it in, and she momentarily let his cock slip out of her mouth. She quickly found his head again and hollowed her rosy cheeks as her lips tightened around his mushroom cap. He began fucking her slowly with the vibrator as he cradled her head and fed his cock to her.

“That’s it baby, suck my cock while he fucks you. You were built for sex like this!” He encouraged as she moaned with a mouthful of leaking manhood. “I think you are ready to be fucked by two guys, baby!” He declared as she squeezed her breasts together and humped the dildo rapidly. With his bold statement, she began cumming on the plastic cock inside her, taking the Husbands cock and stroking it as she shuddered and cried out loudly. He kept fucking her with the cock, through her waves of orgasm until she put a hand down there to make him stop. “Ok, B, it’s my turn to fuck you,” he stated and he pulled out of her mouth and nudged her to roll over.

She rolled onto her tummy and positioned a pillow underneath her as the Husband got behind her round ass. He handed her the vibrator and told her to suck her cum off as he found her wet, well used pussy again. She took it and began licking and sucking, tasting herself on the device as he sank easily into her. she groaned in delight, as nothing beats a real cock, she thought.

He pressed on the small of her back, forcing her to arch her hips higher and he spread her cheeks. Her pretty pink star was contracting and expanding with each thrust. He lightly ran his thumb over the sensitive area and she flenched. “Relax, baby, I am not going to hurt you,” he cooed softly. Still she was tense as she was in a very vulnerable position and had been abused before. She had not even been licked back there until her tryst with this man and his wife. She had adjusted to it, but was still shy and uneasy about it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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