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This was written for a sexy friend of mine. I hope you enjoy my additions. Also for the rest of you out there I hope you enjoyed this story. I should have some more Study Buddies chapters out soon. I haven’t been able to write much lately because of classes and what not but I think I have a pretty good story idea for the next chapter. Please leave some feedback and suggestions.

It had been a very long day and well an even longer week of work for me. I decided to spend my Friday night unwinding at some clubs and bars that I knew of. And who knows maybe I’d be able to hook up with some hottie and have a pleasant breakfast the next morning.

I got home from work and jumped in the shower real fast. Like I had said before today was a really long day, all I needed was a good hot shower. After I got out of the shower I put on a black collar shirt with black slacks. I quickly make sure I look respectable and throw on my sport jacket before heading out the door.

I jump in the cab that’s waiting for me, I had called it earlier because well I planned on getting pretty wasted tonight and didn’t want to bother with having to drive. I quickly told the cabby where I was headed and without any other questions he had us on our way.

He pulled up to the club letting me know the fare. I quickly dropped some money in through his window leaving a pretty generous tip. I entered the club without any issues since I was a frequent guest of the owner of the place. It was definitely one of the more popular clubs in the area. Whenever I entered I was always amazed at the clientele of the club. Everywhere the eye could see were the hottest women in the city. I smiled as several glanced at me as I approached the bar. I ordered a beer and turned around leaning against the bar looking at all of the women. Slowly I would pick out those that I would attempt to impress later on. Hopefully I’d be able to impress them enough to get them to head home with me.

I smiled as I saw the wonderful bounty laid before me. It was just so incredibly hard for me to decide who I wanted to go for first. But that’s when I saw you. Your blond hair bounced around your head as you danced. Your long sensuous legs tantalized my eyes. I found myself unable to tear my eyes from you.

You were dancing in the middle of a throng of men, all wanting to grind with you. Your movements were mesmerizing. No matter how I tried I just couldn’t take my eyes off of your body. You were wearing a sexy black skirt, and a red top. Your legs were barely covered with fishnet stockings. As I stared at you I finally decided whom I would chase for the evening. For me the game was on in a way, it was always a challenge, and I enjoyed challenges.

I quickly asked the bartender what you had bought earlier. He always seemed to remember and he gives me a martini. I thank him quickly and move across the floor towards you and all the men around you. Instead of going with the normal “Hi I’m James” bit that most men start out with I decide to take a new approach. I stand next to you handing you the martini. “Here you go sweetie, sorry it took me so long to get here. The traffic was a bitch and well I wasn’t able to leave work as early as I had hoped.” I received evil looks from the men around you. A smile spread across your face as you noticed several of them moving off towards other women.

One man decided this was all just bullshit and he grabbed my arm. “Hey buddy you can’t just move in on her without going through me. I know you’re just bullshitting all of us just to get to her more easily and I definitely won’t let that happen.”

I smile back and grab his wrist, squeezing it tightly then quickly twisting it. “This is my girlfriend you’re hitting on here, now I suggest you better head off and try to hook up with one of the other women around.” The look on his face still said he wasn’t buying it. You watched the entire event unfold when you saw his disbelieving look. Quickly you wrapped your arm around mine and gave me a quick kiss on the cheek.

“Thanks baby. It’s ok that you were late; I was just having a little fun with these gentlemen you see. But now let’s head to a quiet place.” We took our drinks and finally left the men around you. As we walked away you were laughing at my boldness. We soon found some seats but it was still very hard to hear each other talk. So I quickly nodded my head for you to follow me. Soon we were sitting in a private room where the music wasn’t nearly as loud as before and we had much more privacy. At the time it was just you and I.

“Hi my name is James. You looked like you didn’t know what you were going to do with all those men.” I smiled as I took a swig of my beer.

“And how did you know I was in need of help. Maybe I was going to take those men home with me? And what if one of them had been my boyfriend?”

“Well I figured if you had been dating one of those men then you would have been plastered to him. From what I could tell from the way you were dancing it was more along the eryaman escort lines of you were testing to see which would be best for you tonight.”

Your giggles proved me entirely correct. “You have a knack for reading people I see. So why should I stay here with you and not go back downstairs to dance with all those men. I could easily get two of them for me tonight if I wanted to.”

“That’s most likely true. But I figure you’re more of a one on one girl.” I smiled as I edged a little bit closer to you. “Now the question is would I be able to head home with you tonight? Pretty tough answer when you think about it.”

You clung onto every word I said as you drank your martini. Soon you leaned in close to me and kissed me gently. I returned the kiss moving my hand to caress your face. “Does that answer your question?” I smiled and nodded my head kissing you once again. I leaned you back onto the couch more as my hand ran up your thigh and slightly under your skirt. Being able to feel your soft skin through the fishnets was an entirely new experience for me and I loved it in every way. You gently put your drink down and ran your fingers through my hair as we kissed.

I broke the kiss to look at your, your face was flushed and you were breathing heavily, as was I. I leaned down and began to kiss your neck, your head tilted back to allow me more access as you rubbed my back lovingly. One hand still ran up and down your thigh while the other moved to grab your lovely ass cheeks. The feeling of having your ass grabbed seemed to have been almost too much for you. “God I want to fuck you, but not here.” I looked into your eyes and could see you were quite serious.

“Well then let’s head back to your place.” Your smile confirmed my suggestion as we tidied up our clothes and headed outside. You skin was still flushed as I kissed you on the cheek. I wrapped my arm around you waste and led you towards the exit. Once outside you breathed a sigh of relief as the cool air cooled your burning body.

I hailed a taxi and we quickly got in. You told the cabby where to go and soon we were off down the crowded city streets. My hand caressed your beautiful face as I stared into your eyes. Again we leaned in close to kiss one another, this time our tongues danced in our mouths with one another. I could feel your body pulse with head once again as I ran my hand down your body. You trembled with excitement as I touched your thighs. You widened your legs begging me to touch you even in the cab. I couldn’t turn you down as I slid my hand up your inner thigh to your wetness. I could feel the heat pouring from your swollen pussy long before I even touched it. A quiet moan escaped your lips as I touched your swollen mound.

“Ok here’s the place,” the cabby called from up front. His words startled us out of the moment. I quickly dropped the money in through the window as we hurried up to your place. You had a hard time opening the door because you were shaking so much, but eventually you finally got it open. I smiled as you pulled me in. Soon we were sitting on your couch once again our mouths plastered together, our tongues doing the tango.

While we kissed you pushed my jacket off of me and began to work with the buttons on my shirt. After you got the last button undone you pushed my shirt off as well revealing my muscular chest and toned abs. You hands slid over my muscles admiringly as you explored my body.

I broke the kiss and quickly pulled your top down to let your beautiful breasts free. I leaned down and began to suckle on one nipple while I played with the other with a free hand. Your moans filled my ears. Soon I switched nipples making sure both were satisfied equally.

You watched my every move as I pulled your top completely off and began to pull your skirt up over your hips. Once I had revealed your swollen mound all I could do was stare. I licked my lips as I slid off the couch and down in between your legs. All I wanted to do was lick you at that point, but the fishnets were in the way. Without really thinking I grabbed them right around your pussy with both hands and yanked outwards ripping a hole in them.

Even though I had ripped your fishnets you didn’t protest instead you moaned wildly. “God yes I love it rough.”

I leaned down and quickly licked your wetness. The taste blew me away; I couldn’t get enough of the sweet nectar as I lapped at you. You moaned as my tongue flicked across your clit. When I pushed my tongue deep inside your pussy you almost screamed with pleasure. I could feel your entire body shaking as I wiggled my tongue in your depths. You pushed my head further into your pussy as your body reached its first orgasm. As your juices flowed from your pussy I quickly lapped them up.

After your orgasm had subsided I moved up to kiss you once again. You smiled at me, as you could taste yourself on my lips. “How about we head to my bed sexy.” I nod my head as I pull you up from the couch. Your juices drip down your legs as we walk to sincan escort you bedroom. As we walk there I can’t help but admire your body. Your face is flushed from your previous orgasm making you look even more incredible. I can’t believe the luck I had at snatching you for the night. I smile to myself. I reach down and caress your ass, I can see you smile and relax at my touch.

Once inside you lay on the bed pulling your skirt off but leaving your fishnets on. “Why you leaving those on sexy,” I inquire.

“I just want you to fuck me with them on, any problems with that?”

I chuckle to myself, “Definitely not.” I look around the room. It’s in pristine condition. The bed is made perfectly and there are no clothes on the floor other than your skirt. I continue to look around when I see something a little odd at first. I walk over to it as you lay on the bed watching me. Finally you see what has caught my attention and you try to stop me from getting to it. “No don’t touch that please,” you plead with me as I pick it up. Finally I realize it’s a butt plug. I turn back towards you smiling as I grab the lube sitting next to it.

“So you’re into anal eh? Well come on now let’s have some fun with this.” You whimper to yourself as I lay next to you holding both the lube and butt plug.

“You better be gentle then,” you warn me as you get on your hands and knees pushing your ass up into the air. I smile and apply some lube to your tight pink hole. As I make sure everything is coated I push a finger inside you making sure the inside is lubed up nicely as well. Your moans tell me that you truly do love the feeling.

I then began to apply generous amounts of lube to the plug as you play with your tits. Slowly I press it against your tight hole and push it in. You press your face into the pillow to keep from crying out in pleasure as your ass is stretched open. Once the plug is entirely in you I make sure it’s fit snug and won’t fall out during this night. Pleased that it will stay in I slowly run my cock over your wet lips gathering a little fluid on my head.

Once my head is sufficiently lubed up from your juices I press myself inside you. Your warmth is a feeling I had never felt before. It was more like an oven cooking me as I buried myself deep within you. “God you’re so damned big. Fuck me with that cock please I need it,” you moan as I pull out once again.

I slowly slid in and out making sure your tight pussy was stretched enough to take my cock easily. Once I figured you were ready I began to fuck your pretty pussy with all I had. My cock pistoned in and out of your pussy much like a machine would. My balls slapped against your ass as I leaned forward to play with your breasts. Your ass was still filled with the plug and I could feel that through the walls of your pussy. Your moans became louder and louder as I could feel you reaching another orgasm.

I slowed myself down making sure to try and prolong your orgasm as much as possible. Soon I was pulling myself all the way out before burying myself all the way in you. Your body trembled with each stroke letting me know you were going over the edge. When I realized you were going to cum again I began to pound your swollen pussy as hard as I possibly could. Soon your moans turned into screams of absolute pleasure as fucked you rougher than you had ever had before. Soon I could see your ass clenching the plug buried within it as a flood of juices exploded from your cunt.

I continued to pound you hard when finally I began to fill you up. Soon my juices joined yours seeping out of your pussy. I pulled myself out and quickly removed the plug from you. Once the plug was out of you, you collapsed on the bed breathing heavily. Your body still shook from the orgasms you had received. I moved myself around in front of you and I pushed my cock into you mouth. You greedily licked at it trying to retrieve as much of my cum as you possibly could. You soon fell asleep with my cock still in your mouth. When I realized you had fallen asleep I pulled myself out and laid down next to you, pulling your exhausted body into mine I soon fell asleep with you in my arms.

I wake the next morning with you staring intently at me. I smile, “Good morning sexy. Sleep well?”

You kiss me sliding your hand down my chest and over my stomach to my penis. “Just about the best I’ve slept in the past few weeks. Now the only question is did you get enough rest?”

I pull you close to me kissing you passionately. “You definitely are a dirty girl. Do I have tire you out again? Or should I just fuck you silly all day long? It really is a tough decision.”

I pull you on top of me while we kiss, your naked body presses against mine. I can feel the heat radiating from your skin; your wet mound begins to wet my wakening cock. I reach down and grab your full ass cheeks squeezing them and pulling them apart some. You moan gently into my mouth as you reach down and begin to wake me up even more quickly.

I batıkent escort stop kissing you and I lay back, “Yea make me cum baby.” You slowly kiss my neck moving further down my boy. I feel you hand cup my balls as you tease my nipples with your teeth and tongue. You soon begin to make you way down me once again until your breath is touching my head. I feel your tongue snake across it making it glisten with your saliva. I prop myself up on my elbows to watch you as you take my deep within your mouth. I can feel myself press against the back of your throat and it amazes me at how easily you’re able to do this. I slowly begin to grow in size in your mouth as you furiously fuck me with your mouth. Your hands caress and massage my balls begging for the love juice to flow forth.

“Yea baby just like that, fuck me with that mouth of yours. Play with my balls. God yes, put them in your mouth.” After hearing me say that you stop sucking my cock and lick you way down my shaft to my balls. You tentatively lick them then slowly suck one into your mouth. I groan as it enters your mouth driving you to continue. All you can hear are my groans as you suck on my balls while you rub my throbbing cock hoping for me to cum.

“Get up here,” I say as I pull you from my crotch to kiss you passionately. I grab your ass again pulling your cheeks apart. You grab my cock and slowly rub its head against your wet mound. I can feel your lips begin to envelope my manhood and I slowly press up into you. Inch after inch penetrates your soft folds, your juices cover me as I bury myself further and further into you. I stop only when I can’t push any more of myself into you, by the time that happens I’m all they way up to my balls and you are moaning from being filled up so much.

“Yes fill me up, god fuck me now,” you moan as you begin to slide me out of you slowly. I can feel your lips cling to my penis hoping to keep me deep within you. When I am about halfway drawn from your wetness you drop yourself back down burying me again to my balls. Slowly you begin to slide me in and out of you while I suck a nipple into my mouth. I nibble on it causing just enough pain to drive you mad. Your moans filled the room and soon were joined by my groans of pleasure.

You furiously rubbed your clit while I played with your tits. Our bodies moved with one another so when you were dropping down onto my cock I was thrusting it into you as hard as I could. Sounds of sex filled the room as well as the smell of sex. I couldn’t have been more turned on in my life as you fucked my cock like no other woman had. Your moans became louder and louder filling my ears with that sweet music. I pinched your nipples, pulling them out, torturing your breasts like you’ve never had done before.

You stopped riding my cock for a bit, you slowly pulled yourself up and off of me while we kissed. “Want to fuck my tight little hole? Because I want you to fuck it good and long. Stretch me open please,” you begged me as you laid back pulling your knees up next to you head. Before me lay your swollen pussy, I can still see it stretched from my cock. Your juices completely covered your crotch and even your tight little hole. I leaned down and slowly began to lick your clit. I slid a finger deep into your awaiting snatch getting it wet. After I had tickled your g-spot with my finger for a little bit I pulled it out and used it to rub your clit some. I began licking your sweet little hole pushing my tongue in every now and then. Your moans filled my ears and drove me on even further. I moved the wet finger down to it and pushed it deep within you. Soon a second followed as I prepared you for my cock.

“Oh god yes fuck my ass. Make me cum by fucking my tight little hole. I want you in me so badly,” you screamed as you played with your tits.

“You want me so badly eh, slut? Good because after I fuck your ass you’re going to suck my cock until I cover your face. Got that?” You feverishly nod your head and you suck on your finger before you circle it around your nipple.

I push the head of my cock against your tight little hole. To me originally it appears as if I could never get it in you but I know it’ll fit. I slowly apply a little pressure and I can feel it open for me. I reach down to rub your clit, it helps you relax and I can feel you open even more for me. Soon I am buried all the way into your ass. Your muscles clench around me squeezing my cock begging it to never leave. I slowly begin to slide myself in and out of your tight little ass making you scream with pleasure.

“Oh god yes fuck me faster please I want to cum with you in my ass.” Your hand darts down and begins to rub your clit rapidly. I begin to pump myself in and out of you as fast as I can. I prop myself up with my arms allowing myself freer movement as I withdraw from you only to plunge back in. I can feel your body reach the point of no return. Your legs begin to shake uncontrollably as you tilt you head back. You close your eyes as you begin to breath heavier than you had before. Your scream of ecstasy could have pierced even the loudest noise. “Ooooooohhhhhhhhhh fuck yeessssssssss! Ohhhhhhh I’mmmmm…I’mmmmm cummmminnnnnnggggg.” You continued to run circles around your clit with your free hand.

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