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Many thanks to Literotica author ‘englander1961’ for her help, editorial services, encouragement and a title much better than my original, which has elevated her to the status of House Goddess of Sexy Story Titles. Thanks to Sammi Scott, aka Titsy McYarn, the Cute at the Heart of the Abyss for her help and valuable critique. Thanks to Literotica author ‘KY ridgerunner’ for the stories that planted the idea in my head months ago. A belated and much overdue thanks to John Hasty for his peerless editing. Bounteous thanks to Kevin for his incredibly thorough critiquing and voluminous notes.

After you’ve read this, if you have any inclination at all to comment, please do so, either by email or on the comment board… The best way for me to grow and improve as an author is to hear from the people who read my work.

I welcome constructive critiques and non-abusive comments. I will answer, in at least a semi-prompt manner, any email that comes with an email address.

If you feel you must respond in a hateful or angry fashion, you may put your head down upon your desk and do so, quietly to yourself, for as long as you feel it necessary. This story may not be copied to other sites without my permission.

If you have not read the earlier installment(s) of this tale, it would probably help you to make sense of this one if you did so.

* * * * *

There was clanking, metallic clanking.

“Be still, you’ll wake him up!” hissed Margo.

“Mmmmm, yes Madam,” Carol said softly.

Wet noises.

“Oh God, Little Cunt, that feels divine.” Margo moaned.

Harry opened one eye. He was facing the wrong direction. Nothing very interesting was happening on the bedroom wall. Damn it.

Feigning sleep he rolled over and waited for a moment. There was instant silence.

“Okay, he was just shifting, continue,” whispered Margo.

The wet sounds began again. Harry opened his right eye just a little.

Through the slit he saw Carol, stretched out on her back, chained, ankles and wrists, to bed posts. Margo was lying atop her, in what could be a sixty-nine position except that Margo was showing no interest in pleasuring her captive, only in continuing to grind her cunt into Carol’s mouth and face.

“Well, he’s awake now,” Margo said. “Harry, quit faking. Silly man, you can’t fool us.”

He opened his eyes fully and had a full body stretch.

“What gave me away?”

“Well, the turning over was mildly suspicious but the erection that followed it pretty much told the tale.”

“Damn my involuntary biological responses. Did our pet offend this morning or is this just for the fun of it?”

“Little bitch woke me up by tickling my tits. I came to enough to tell her to stop or she’d be punished but she kept on. So, punished it is. Although, as always, I’m not sure it’s really punishment… oh… my… as much as she’s enjoying it.”

“Well, I’m off to the bathroom and then I’ll gladly help you chastise our wayward girl.”

A muffled “oh damn” came from between Margo’s legs.

“Harry, it sounds like the prospect terrifies her,” Margo said with a lustful smile.

* * * * *

In the downstairs guest bedroom, Tamara was curled up on Eddy’s chest and shoulder while he happily nuzzled and sucked on her breasts. His large hands caressed her body as delicately as a faint breeze and she smiled both in pleasure and in the knowledge that she was blessed; so few people in the world would ever know what a gentle and loving man her Edward was.

Abruptly he stopped, brought her face to his, kissed her tenderly and then leaned back, looking at her.

“Theresa, I been thinkin’… I know we just moved in to our apartment and all, but what Patricia and Thunder Dyke are talkin’ about doin’… would you like us to buy a house, maybe someplace close to here, maybe in this neighborhood even?”

“Whither thou goest, my love, there go I.”

“I love you too, but that ain’t no answer. What do you want?”

“Edward, I have all that I could ever have dreamed of. For me to want anything more seems… ungrateful of me, I suppose. But in answer to your question, yes, it would be nice to be closer to our friends, for me to have someone to visit with, hang out with while you’re at work, once I’m through with my duties at home. It would be nice to have a home of our own, a place where maybe we could have a family some day.”

Eddy looked into her eyes, his own growing moist, his lips trembling ever so slightly.

“I thought you was too messed up inside for that to happen,” he said, the distress evident in his voice.

“Edward that was one doctor several years ago and all he said was that he thought it unlikely.”

“You mean all this unprotected lovin’ we been doin’, you could get pregnant?”

“Maybe, I’m not sure. It’s never something I’ve worried about. All my previous owners have used condoms and if the rabbit died tomorrow because of you and I… there’d be no happier woman in the world, if kadıköy escort you wanted a child, that is. Do you want children or should we start using protection?”

The tears were rolling down Eddy’s face in a stream.

“No, I don’t want us to start using no gawddamn protection. We’re takin’ you to the doctor tomorrow or as soon as I can get you an appointment. I’ll ask Margo for a recommendation. If you can have children, there’s no one in the world I’d rather start a family with than you…” a sob tore through Eddy’s voice, “and if you… really can’t…”

“Then the world is full of children who need loving homes, Edward. And I can’t think of anyone who’d make a better father than you.”

“That’s because she refuses to see you for what you are, Monster! That’s just what this world needs, a passel of innocent little children for you to hurt, Monster, just like you hurt Rachel. Oh, wouldn’t that be grand? She could have company. Why, if you tried really hard, you could probably fill a whole wing! The Eddy Janak Wing, wouldn’t that be great?”

Tamara had no idea what had caused Edward to curl up in a fetal position and start to wail, softly to himself, but she dealt with it as she dealt with all his pain; the small, child-like woman played mother to the huge, fierce-looking man.

* * * * *

As Harry passed by their door on his way to the only functional downstairs bathroom, he heard Eddy’s cry of pain and the soft comforting sounds Tamara was making. It being Sunday, he felt it very appropriate to send a little prayer winging skyward to the Great Whatever thanking It for bringing Tamara into his best friend’s life.

* * * * *

“Have I told you how very proud I am of you?” Patricia asked her lover as she lay with her head in Karen’s lap after a delightful morning sixty-nine.

“Trish, you have an odd idea of pillow talk sometimes. No, you haven’t. Proud of me? Why? For actually being human before coffee this morning?”

“No, silly woman that I adore. When you asked me for a second chance and promised me things would be different… I agreed to try again but I really didn’t believe you’d pull it off. The only reason I said ‘yes’ was because I love you so much and you wanted that chance so bad. Well, that and I figured that when you failed, it might make it easier for you to understand and keep your next girlfriend.”

“You, Trish, are either the most altruistic or craziest person I’ve ever met.”

“A little of both,” Patricia said, rolling over and lying on her stomach next to Karen. “Rub my back?” As Karen began to do so, Patricia continued.

“You’ve kept your promise to me above and beyond the call and it’s been wonderful.”

“You’re sounding like it’s all in the past tense,” Karen said, a hint of nervousness in her voice.

“Oh no, no baby,” Patricia said, stroking Karen’s leg with her hand. “That’s just the way it came out, no, don’t worry. It’d take a couple of industrial strength crowbars and the Budweiser Clydesdales to pull me away from you.”

“Oh God, why’d you have to go and mention Buttwiper?” Karen asked disgustedly.

“Honey, I know, their beer sucks ass, but the horses sure are pretty.”

“Well yeah, there’s that. But back on subject… you’re proud of me… thank you for that. But really, you’re worth every bit of effort and a thousand times more. I’m just sorry it took me so long to act like it. I plan to spend the rest of my life making it up to you.”

“It’s okay, baby. It’s all working out and we’re going to get that happy ending… if you keep playing with my cunt like that, we’ll be getting some happy endings a lot sooner than expected.”

“Oh really, playing with it like this?”

“Oh, yeah, mmm, exactly like that…”

* * * * *

Kelly lay on her side watching her lover sleep.

Jessica’s face was so peaceful and calm, free from the worry that Kelly had seen on it all too often lately. She wasn’t blind, she knew that Jess had problems with her relationship with the others. She knew Jess wasn’t comfortable with her and Harry’s friendship in particular.

Kelly closed her eyes and tried to imagine life without Jessica.

It hurt, and it was dark, damned dark, in places. But she could deal with it. She could survive it.

Keeping her eyes closed, she imagined her life without Carol, without Margo.

Without Harry.

“Oh my sweet angel,” she murmured softly to her sleeping love, “don’t ever ask me to make that choice, no matter what you feel. You’re not going to like the choice I make.”

She opened her eyes and continued to gaze at her lover as she slept.

* * * * *

Harry got back to the bedroom to find Margo still riding their pet’s face, lying sprawled atop her, clutching her legs and biting down on Carol’s inner thigh as Carol writhed beneath her. Margo looked up as he came in.

“Glad you’re back… üsküdar escort my love…” she said, panting with pleasure. “I think our fuck-slut… needs some attention… before she gets so wild… she accidentally hurts herself.”

“Well then, you wicked wife of mine, get out of my way,” Harry replied, beginning to adjust the chains so that Carol’s legs could be raised. “Trust me, the sight of you two has me so horny I’m putting my cock in the first hole I come to and right now, that’s your ‘purty’ mouth.”

Margo smiled seductively through her spasms of pleasure. “Maybe I’ll take my time… moving then… this little cunt can wait… awhile longer.”

A muffled cry of desperation came from between Margo’s legs.

“Yes, I’m sure she can,” Margo said, just before biting at Carol’s inner thigh again.

Harry climbed into bed on his knees and true to her word Margo had his cock in her mouth as soon as it came within range. With the constant distraction of Carol’s efforts, Margo’s efforts were haphazard and lacking in rhythm, but whatever deficits they suffered were more than made up for by her passion. She was licking and kissing his cock in a frenzy, slurping it in and out of her mouth so fast that he would’ve had problems following her with his eyes even if they weren’t starting to glaze over with pleasure.

Suddenly she throated him completely and he felt the spasms as she fought not to gag. Harry tried to pull away but Margo brought her teeth to bear on the base of his cock and he stopped. He wanted to relax and enjoy the experience but found little pleasure while worrying about Margo.

As if she sensed this she let his cock slide out of her mouth.

“Baby,” she said, “don’t worry… I’m driving and as long as I’m in control… you just sit back and enjoy… I’ll be fine.”

And with a quick lick she had all of him down her throat again. Harry grabbed on to Carol’s legs for support, leaned back slightly and tried his damndest to relax into the experience. As Margo alternated throating him and swirling her tongue and lips around the tip of his cock as she came up for air, Harry felt himself tipping over the edge.

“Sweetheart… I’m…”

Margo locked her lips around the head as Harry let go and Harry could hear her breathing rapidly through her nose as he emptied himself into her warm, welcoming mouth. His last spasm had barely ended before Margo let his cock slip out of her lips, carefully closing them behind it. She swung off of Carol’s face and lowered her lips to Carol’s, kissing her and letting Harry’s cum slide into her mouth while Carol swallowed and gulped.

Once she was finished she gazed down at their pet. “I’m sorry, Little Cunt, seems I took away your fun. You’ll just have to remain frustrated.”

“Madam, please… I’m begging you…”

“Or… you could try, very gently as I imagine he’s a bit sensitive, to get your Master hard again, if he were willing.”

“Please sir, please, let me try…”

Harry crawled up the bed and then positioned himself astride Carol’s head, slowly lowering his cock to her mouth. She strained upwards with her head, gratitude in her eyes, to capture it and she began to nurse on it as if it were a nipple, ever so gently, while Harry braced himself against the wall.

Harry’s cock was almost painfully sensitive as she began, but soon her soft and soothing suckling had him hard again. She had done an admirable job of restraining her desires and frustration, moving slowly, careful not to bring pain to Harry.

“Alright,” Margo said, obviously relishing her ringmaster role, “time to relieve the little fuck-slut’s tension. Slam her good and hard, my love. Bring Little Cunt off.”

Margo lay beside their pet as Harry moved between Carol’s legs and lifted them, putting the tip of his dick right at the entrance to her swollen and wet pussy. Once he was sure he was on target, he rammed it home, evoking a gasp of pleasure from her. He started in with a hard and fast rhythm, one that he hoped he wouldn’t have to maintain for too long. His body was feeling the after-effects of his exertions on the dance floor the night before.

As Harry pounded in and out, Margo raked her nails up and down Carol’s sides, bringing gasps of pleasure from the woman’s lips.

“Now, Little Cunt, are you going tease Madam by tickling her tits while she’s asleep again?” Margo asked, following the question with a bite on Carol’s nipple.

“Madam… if this is what happens… when I do that… you can bet the farm… I’ll do it again… every chance I get.”

Margo broke out in laughter. “God, I love you, sweet thing.” She moved up and began kissing Carol, stroking the sides of her face.

Harry felt a quivering in Carol’s cunt as her body began it’s dance of climax, a dance that quickly moved from one orgasm to another. Margo broke the kiss and held their beloved as short sharp moans of pleasure, almost like barks, escaped Carol’s lips.

Harry’s tuzla escort second orgasm of the morning was nowhere near as intense as his first, but it was still a beautiful thing. Hands and arms locked around his cherished pet’s legs, eyes closed, a smile on his lips, his movements shuddered to a halt as he spasmed, almost falling on top of her but for his tight grip on her.

Carol’s orgasmic shaking continued as Harry’s cock began to go limp inside of her and as he made to pull out her legs tried to hold him in place.

“No sir, please… stay.”

“As you wish, my love,” he replied, trying to find the strength to stay upright.

Finally the aftershocks and tiny orgasms ended and as he and Carol breathed in time with each other, Harry looked down at her. “Honey, can I please lay down now, I’m real tired?”

“Oh my God! I’m so sorry, yes sir, please, lay down here, let me hold you, oh shit, I’m sorry, I wasn’t thinking, I apologize!”

As Harry blissfully lay down on her left side, throwing an arm and leg over her, he said, “No, really, it’s okay, you’re more than forgiven, I was happy to stay as long as it was helping you out, but it seems you’re through.”

“You’re right, I am… Madam, could I please be unchained? I want to cuddle this poor tired man of ours.”

“Certainly my dear.”

And soon they lying together, Margo snuggled up against Carol’s back as Carol cuddled with Harry. It was anybody’s guess who started to snore first.

* * * * *

“Edward, who is Rachel?”

“What? Where’d you hear that name?” Eddy asked, sitting bolt upright in bed.

“You were muttering it while you were crying, at least, I think that’s the name,” Tamara replied, reaching up to stroke his face. “If it’s something you don’t want to talk about, I’m sorry for bringing it up, I’m just trying to understand what happened and why you…”

“Freaked out?” Eddy finished. “I’ve wanted to talk to you about her for a long… well, since that first night, really, I just don’t know how. If you can hold on and please be patient with me for just another week, I’ll take you to meet her next Saturday and explain it all to you somehow.”

“Edward, I’ll be patient for as long as you need me to be patient. Don’t rush it, especially on my account. It’s your pain, I can want and wish to bear it for you, but I can’t really do so. You have to deal with it and you know I’ll help you in any way I can.”

He gathered the tiny woman into his arms and held her close as she kissed the tears from his face.

* * * * *

“Alright my lazy, naked housemates! Get the fuck out of bed before Eddy eats your breakfast! Next time I’m coming in with ice water and a cattle prod! Up and at ’em, it’s a bright and shiny Sunday afternoon and there’s work to be done, food to be eaten and Harry had better make some decent coffee ’cause none of us can seem to do it right!”

“Why did we let Kelly move in again?” Harry grumbled from under Carol’s hair.

“Because we all love her so much,” Margo replied. “Well, that and she’s incredibly fun in bed.”

“I’m not feeling all that much affection for her right now,” Carol said, stretching. “Oh God, I’m gonna need a shower before Nicki gets here, I’m a tad whiff.”

“We all are, my darling,” Margo said. “Let’s throw on some robes and see who’s done what in your kitchen. HARRY! We’re not going to let you go back to sleep, coffee is required, this is not a bad dream.” She leaned over and kissed his cheek.

“Yeah, okay, I’m up,” Harry replied, sliding out of bed. “Lemme tend to the call of nature and I’ll get some coffee started, save some lives.”

* * * * *

“Damn, Jessica, you cook a mean mess o’ breakfast!” Eddy exclaimed, sitting back in his chair and sipping on his fourth cup of Harry’s coffee.

“You sure do,” Margo agreed. “Your mother teach you to cook?”

“Oh hell no,” Jessica replied with a grin. “Mother’s one of the world’s worst cooks. Burns water, bakes jello… the whole nine yards. I learned the basics after I’d had supper at enough friends’ houses to realize that some people actually ate food that wasn’t’ TV dinners or instant oatmeal and toast. Took Home Economics in high school, that helped some too.”

“Well, you do a fine breakie,” Karen said. “Now when do we start setting up all that stereo equipment?”

“I didn’t know the Dyke was helpin’,” Eddy said, looking at Harry.

“Eddy, you think Liz is gonna pass up a chance to string speaker wire and play with power tools?” said Patricia, smiling as she cleared the table.

* * * * *

“Okay, try it now!” Eddy hollered up the stairs.

“Alright,” came Carol’s reply.

A pause while everyone in the living room waited for sound to come pouring from the speakers.


“Gawddamn it,” Eddy grumbled, heading back upstairs, “you’d think he woulda had the common sense to keep the manuals to all this stuff.”

* * * * *

“Edward, is everything alright?” asked Tamara, barely able to restrain her smile.

“Goin’ to gawddamn RadioShack a-fuckin-gain, nobody told me before my last trip that they wanted to hook in Harry’s CD player, I’ve seen more gawddamn organization out of a cage full o’ shit-flingin’ monkey’s-” Eddy replied as he stomped out of the house to his truck.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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