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This is my first mother/son story, it was requested by another member. I never had a desire for intimacy with my mother even though she was a handsome woman, therefore it was difficult to imagine and then write this. Hopefully my effort at telling this story will be well received. The normal disclaimers are in effect, anyone engaging in sexual activities is 18 or older.


In the dark of early morning I relish the intimacy we’ve just enjoyed. When does a widow of 59 think she will ever attract a caring, loving, respectful, handsome man decades younger than she is? As a widow of six years I’d had my share of the pump and dump dates, not that I participated in many, the implications were evident. Sure, they’d take you to a nice dinner, maybe bring flowers, buy a glass or two of wine if that was your thing, or a beer if it wasn’t. Sometimes it was a dancing date where they wanted to pull you in and hump you like a dog.

It really made no difference, in the end the majority wanted one thing and one thing only, pussy. It might be the first date or the fifth but satisfying their ego and biological need was always the end goal. Shoot, even the nice ones were at times too pushy. In my six years as a widow I’d slept with a total of three men, only one of them more than once. I was feeling comfortable with him, we’d been to bed three or four times when he started being possessive, where was I, what was I doing, why didn’t I let him know, it was *adios* time for me. I let him know in a New York minute I wasn’t interested, he continued to call and text which I could easily ignore, when he showed up at my doorstep half in the bag, I involved the police. It only took once and he was history.

Now I lay against my lover, his arm under my head, my hand gently stroking across his hairy chest, his softened penis laying to one side, with the dim light from the bathroom I can see a shiny liquid form and drip. I notice his breathing is beginning to slow down as I push my lower body against his hip, my nether region having not been this satisfied and completely stimulated in over a decade. Not even my husband had been this good in bed, and it wasn’t as though my present lover was some cock guru hung like a porn star kind of guy. He was polite, considerate, tender and passionate without being overwhelming or feeling he had to dominate, he was what this woman wanted and needed.

I leaned in for a sideways kiss and heard him say softly, “I love You.”

As his eyes closed and sleep overtook him the words to an old Journey song drifted through my head.

*Lying beside you — Here in the dark — Feeling your heartbeat with mine — Softly you whisper — You’re so sincere — How could our love be so blind? — We sailed together — We drifted apart — Now here you are by my side — So now I come to you with open arms.*

I moved my right hand off his chest and lay it on my hairy mound, now matted with the by-product of our lovemaking. I notice his is matted and full of love juices as well, a shower upon waking will be a must. Moving my fingers gingerly into the crease of my sex I marvel at the fact that though we’ve had hard fast and climax oriented sex, followed an hour later by slow, loving, sensual, tender love making, though I’m a bit sore and my vulva are swollen, I’d open my legs for him again if he wanted me. No questions asked, simply open my legs and draw him into me. I begin to ponder and appreciate how perfect our love making had been.

The kind where you whisper each other’s name, where you kiss between strokes, where your hands go to his muscled ass cheeks and pull him into your steamy playground even further. The kind of love making where your knees are bent, feet flat on the mattress to accommodate pushing up into his thrust every time, assuring maximum penetration and the euphoric feelings that evolve from that depth of entry.

The kind of love making where he has time to bend slightly taking first one nipple and then the other into his mouth where he gently sucks before pulling the tit away from your body with his lips, sending signals of ecstasy through your body ending inside the walls of your vagina. Love making that requires no naughty talk or words of erotic encouragement, love making that is felt without more than a few whispers of your name, loving endearing eye contact and a soft I Love You. The kind where your body stiffens as you climax, him pushing against your vulva with all his lower body strength as he empties his precious cargo into the depths of your overly stimulated pussy.

I felt it shoot from the end of his love cannon, his warm, thick, creamy sperm splashing against my cervix, filling me entirely, to the point I could feel it seep out along the sides of his dick, trickling downward toward my ass and the sheets. Knowing I’m well beyond the age of any pregnancy fear I ground into him, squeezing my Kegel muscles, coaxing every drop of semen he had for me, I want every bit of it inside my hungry formerly neglected bakırköy escort vagina. We stayed that way for what seemed an eternity as he softened, his arms fully extended as he looked into my eyes, his cock eventually slipping out with a soft squishy sound.

The mixture of his cum and mine slowly ran from me, I think some call it a creampie, I called it my reward. As he lay down, he scooped me in his arm and pulled me tight, which is where I am at the moment. My older slightly droopy 34 C’s feel wonderful albeit a bit tender, they’ve not been manhandled, or should I say lip molested like this in years, not that I haven’t enjoyed it, my body simply is not used to it. It will be though, he’s a tit hound and I love it.

I gently part the lips guarding the opening to my vagina, they’re soft and slicker than I’ve ever felt them before, a bit puffy which I’m not sure if I should attribute to the level of excitement that flowed through me, or the pounding my pussy took when we started out hot and heavy. And twice … I never imagined at my age I would go two rounds in one night with a lover of this magnitude. I slid my hand back up to his well used tool which had shrunk to normal size, even at that it was at least five to six inches long.

I remember the moment I saw it hard for the first time, I marveled at how fat and veiny it was, not to mention well north of six inches. I estimated a solid seven and possibly more, the time to measure would come about soon enough. I recall being a bit frightened wondering if a woman my age could take all his pleasure stick, it was cut with a huge helmet ready to split the tender silky lips covering the entry of my sopping wet baby cavern. The skin was stretched taut, it looked angry and ready to do damage to my tender unused kitty, I relaxed as I remembered the words he’d whispered in my ear,

“I won’t hurt you … ever.”

There was a slight discomfort as he entered me, nothing of this size had been inside me for many years, in fact since college. The fat head of his dick was gently prying open the petals of my love flower, the labia opening enough to let the swollen head past and then closing tight around his shaft. The walls of my vagina were being stimulated and aroused as he went deeper, the bulbous head invading and the walls hugging him tightly. I heard him whisper, “My God you’re tight.” My heart swooned, a baby had passed through that channel many years ago, my late husband and I utilized our nether regions for years and still this young man whispers lovingly that I’m tight.

His cock is still advancing as I feel him nearing my cervix, I worry that I’ll be too shallow when he suddenly stops, as my body adjusts, he smiles and winks at me. After thirty seconds or so I nod my head, he continues pushing in the last inch or so, I feel his balls touch my ass and I grunt with pleasure. I’ve taken all my lover has to give in missionary, it’ll likely go deeper from behind, or in my favorite position, on my tummy, a pillow under my waist and my ass pointing up waiting to have a cock driven into my vagina. Jerrod (my late husband) wasn’t a fan of that position, but I was, and he accommodated me often.

Looking at my lover I wondered how this had come to be, I knew the answers, I still hadn’t processed it all yet. No longer wanting to fight sleep I drifted into lala land along with this handsome lover next to me. I was woken by the bed moving, opening my eyes I stared at the lovely butt of my sex machine as he walked to the bathroom, the muscles in his hind end and thighs were hard and pronounced. I listened to him pee and pad back into the room, sliding under the covers with me, pulling me close for a sensuous kiss before laying his head on the pillow.

“Good morning.” He said softly. “Are you okay, I wasn’t too hard on your delicate body was I?”

“Yes Aaron, I’m fine. How about you, any regrets?”

“None at all, I only wish I’d known how much we loved each other years ago, please tell me this was not a one time occurrence.”

“Only if you want it to be, as far as I’m concerned, we’re right where we were meant to be at this stage of our lives. Your father was a good man but nowhere near as tender, compassionate and salacious a lover as you. I need you with me Aaron, I’d like to think you need me too.”

“I do mom, for the first time in a long while I feel safe and wanted. Allison messed with my mind so badly I wondered if I’d ever feel normal again. I need you as much as you need me … physically and emotionally.”

There I was in the arms of my son, in the eyes of society and the law we were involved in incest, which was technically true, in our eyes we’d finally entered a place we both needed to be. If you’ve a moment or two I’ll attempt to relate how we arrived at this destination.

Jerrod and I met in sixth grade, he was from a town several miles from where I lived. At that time every small community had their own elementary school, several beşiktaş escort had a high school as well, never graduating more than forty or fifty students each year. The local governments along with the state education department proposed one central school serving seven different municipalities, a large complex to include K through five elementary, sixth through eighth middle school and high school. That school opened the year I entered sixth grade, the boy occupying the locker next to mine was Jerrod, he smiled and said.

“Hi, I’m Jerrod. What’s your name?”

I smiled, he was cute as a bug, judging by his frame and solid looks I could tell he was a farm boy.

“My name is Jenny, only my mom calls me Jennifer if I’m in trouble.”

We became instant friends, we had the same teacher who unknowingly placed us side by side, we only smirked and felt elated. He would walk with me to class carrying my books, we’d have lunch at the same table, though there were other kids at the table we didn’t seem to notice them very often. After school we’d wait for the buses together, he lived seven miles away which put us on a different bus, his boarded before mine, we’d always wave as his bus drove away.

In the summer we’d meet at a pond about halfway between us, riding our bikes, taking a lunch, looking forward to jumping into the cool pond. We didn’t wear suits, we stripped down to our underwear and jumped in, then lay in the sun drying off before heading home. To most of the kids at school we had become J and J, we never saw ourselves as boyfriend/girlfriend, but most others did. In the summer between eighth grade and freshman year the dynamics of our lives changed on a hot day while at the pond.

We’d stripped down to our undershorts and swam long enough to cool off. As we walked toward the towels where we would dry in the sun I couldn’t help but notice him staring at the little mounds on my chest, they’d been no more than mosquito bites before. I caught his eyes and frowned.

“Don’t look at them Jerrod. I don’t want them but mom says they’re gonna grow whether I like it or not. Even worse is I’m getting little hairs on my peach, it’s disgusting.”

He looked at my panties and though nearly transparent from the water he saw nothing, I knew that he figured out what I was talking about.

“Me too Jen, I mean the hair thing. My older brother has a lot of it.”

Doing one better I responded, “My sister has so much it sticks out the edge of her panties. I hope I never get that much.”

It was the last time we ever went swimming in only our underwear, from that point on we wore swimsuits. Moving on from grade eight into high school was a culture shock to say the least. Sure, we knew most of the kids, but not all of them, and talk about drama. My God in Heaven, I’d never been around such petty behavior. Jerrod and I decided we’d sorta blend in where we could, by now we saw the other as our special person, always together at sporting or school events. Jerrod being a farm boy there was no time for after school sports, we did enjoy sitting side by side cheering on the others though.

As our bodies developed and matured so did our relationship, it was holding hands publicly, sneaking kisses when we knew adults weren’t around. I turned eighteen in January of our senior year, Jerrod followed in March, once again our relationship took another step into waters we’d never sailed. By graduation we were making out heavily, I was allowing him to open my dress or blouse, unhook my bra and play with my breasts to the point of sucking on them. I liked that sensation, it went directly to my peach.

A few weeks after graduation I was bold enough to let him rub my pussy on the outside of my jeans. It didn’t take many more weeks before we had our hands in each other’s underwear, feeling, stroking, him softly rubbing my clit. We’d made a pact that we were going to wait until marriage to lose our mutual virginity, that didn’t last past our second semester of college, in the hay mow of his family farm, laying on blankets. We were awkward and clumsy, it hurt when he broke my hymen almost making him stop altogether until I wrapped my arms around his upper body.

“Stay still Jerrod, let me get comfortable, we knew this would happen. Give me a few minutes and we’ll continue.”

“But Jenny I don’t want to hurt you, let me go.”

“Not a chance lover, I’ve let you inside my peach and we’re going to finish this. I haven’t been on the pill for two months to quit now. We’re gonna make love and we’re gonna belong to each other cuz I aint letting you go after tonight.”

I had no idea how much dick was too much dick until much later in life, after Jerrod had passed on. Knowing what I know now he was a bit below average compared to Aaron. We enjoyed each other, both graduating with degrees in business management. My dad owned the local lumber yard and wanted desperately for me to come on board with him. beylikdüzü escort He went so far as to say if Jerrod and I married he had a place for him within the company. At that point it was a done deal, we had wanted to marry but weren’t sure how we’d survive.

We had a typical June wedding with all the bells and whistles, both of us going to work for daddy. After about a year Jerrod floated an idea past dad that took hold. There was no lumber yard in neighboring Merton, yet there were lots of dairy people and a few subdivisions going up. Farmers always need lumber and who was to say we couldn’t get some of the builder’s business as well. Dad was for it right away, my older sister had run the office for years and wasn’t very open to my being there, so when the decision was made to open a branch in Merton it was understood that Jerrod and I would run it.

With the business now doing well we settled into a routine, talking about a family, maybe this year, maybe next we’d have a child. What they say is true, life is what happens as you’re making plans. Before we knew it we were 29 and hadn’t started a family, I went off the pill and we immediately began planting seed. It took a few month’s but I was finally with child, my tummy beginning to protrude, I was as happy as I had ever been. Aaron was born in the latter half of my thirtieth year, it was a hard birth and frightened me to the point of making an unwise and foolish decision.

I wanted Jerrod to have a vasectomy. All my family and his counseled against it, our doctor said I was being hasty and irrational, but that man loved me so much he found a doctor who would do it. You were to bring in a semen sample after 21 ejaculations for testing, he stood before the nurse bottle in hand after eight days. She looked at him and winced mumbling, *your poor wife*. What she didn’t know is that is was me who initiated nearly every session in that eight day period.

With no more little soldiers to worry about we set about filling my peach with as much spunk as often as we dared. We were like sex starved individuals having no shame, fucking and rooting around anytime or anywhere we felt safe and secure. That went on for three to four years, Aaron was growing rapidly, we had our son, our home and our business, what more could we ask for. Our son grew into a respectable young man, always polite, always kind, working part time at the yard he was always ready to help somebody load.

In his last year of high school he met and began dating a firey little thing named Allison. I knew the first time I met her she was far more advanced in the nuances of life than Aaron, a mother can just tell. He fell head over heels in love with her, they went off to college together and *shared* an apartment, they were also sharing their body’s with each other. What are you going to do though, they were of legal age, the fine line between caring and meddling was obliterated more than once. Things were always able to be patched up, but inside I sensed all was not right in wonderland.

In their senior year we received a phone call from our son and his new wife, I nearly shit a brick. They’d flown to Vegas and got married in a drunken stupor, this wasn’t our son, what the hell had happened. After graduation he wanted both of them to work in the family business, his degree was international marketing so we could use that to some degree, hers was in Poly Sci, what the heck can you do with a degree like that? When we told them there wasn’t a position for both, there really wasn’t one for him but we’d make room, she would have to find employment elsewhere.

Things had never been the same since their eloping. Allison was a witchy little thing, stirring up trouble when possible and then shifting the blame elsewhere. I grew to dislike her greatly as I watched her destroy our son from within, it came as no surprise when seven months after beginning work with his father and I that he announced his two week notice. Jerrod and I were caught off guard, not in a hundred years did I think our son would do this. He informed us that he and Allison were leaving the mid-west and moving to California nearer to her relatives.

Five weeks later they pulled out of town in a rented U-Haul pulling their car behind. I thought for sure they’d at last call or text each evening, no such luck, and my texts went unanswered. My insides were churning, my mind was thinking every evil thought there was to think when on the fourth night Aaron called.

“Aaron, where have you been? Why didn’t you answer my calls or texts? What’s going on?”

“Hi mom, nice to hear you too. We’re in California, I didn’t feel like I needed to check in with mommy every day, I only phoned to let you know we’re here. G-night mom, say hi to dad.” silence.

I’d had the phone on speaker, Jerrod looked at me perplexed.

“Who the hell was that?” He asked. “That’s not our son, what’s gotten into him I wonder?”

When Aaron worked for us he had a company credit card, we hadn’t given it a second thought when they left, when the bill came I immediately cancelled it, they had charged their rental truck to that account. I tried calling several times never getting an answer until one evening. It wasn’t Aaron who picked up, it was Allison and she wasn’t very nice.

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