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So here is the fourth installment of this series. Again, this is going to be a long one, if that isn’t your cup of tea, feel free to not read. Apologies for the mistakes, I don’t have an editor just yet so my writing is a little coarse as such. Anyway, I hope you guys enjoy and please comment or message me with suggestions or criticism. It is all very welcome. Cheers


It was pure, unadulterated torture. Lily teased me mercilessly, slapping my hands away as soon as they got near her. She skimped about, in her panties , getting ready for bed, giggling at the look on my face.

I could have ravaged her right there and then. But I couldn’t. Of course I couldn’t. My to-be dominant, our to-be bull had forbidden me to touch her sexually.

That night was one of the longest I’ve ever spent, laying beside her with a hard on for most of the time was incredibly erotic. The fact that me, her own boyfriend wasn’t allowed to have sex with her turned me on unnaturally.

It was a long time before the throes of sleep finally over powered me and I fell into a listless slumber.

The morning came, bright and early and with it, the realization of what had occurred the previous night. What was about to happen today. It hit me in the guts like a ton of bricks. I was about to be cuckolded. A couple of weeks ago, I wasn’t even sure about the meaning of that term. Today, I was a willing, no scratch that, an extremely eager participant.

I showered quickly and dressed up, packing my wrestling attire into my carry bag, I stepped out into the kitchen. The smell of breakfast greeted me exuberantly. It was a pleasant feeling, something to root me back to reality and what I held important. My girlfriend and me , enjoying a nice quiet breakfast together. The calm before the storm.

Lily was wearing jeans and a top that showcased her curves extremely well, standing at the counter, she was making some coffee for us. I stared at her ass filling out the jeans so well. The desire to reach forward and squeeze her butt was over whelming, but I didn’t.

She turned around and saw me in the doorway.

“Hey sleepy head. I made us some breakfast. Figured you’re gonna need all the strength you can get for today.”

She smirked.

I smiled, “It smells delicious. Thanks babe.”

Lily walked over to mersin esc me and hugged me. “Any regrets about yesterday?”

I looked at her searchingly. “Do you have any? I don’t. As long as I know that this is just a game, a lifestyle and you’re still mine at the end of the day.”

She pressed her lips to mine, in a chaste kiss.

“I’m always yours babe. Yes, this is just a game, a very fun one, albeit, but a game nonetheless. Let’s just play it as long as we’re

fine with it?”

“Of course.”, I smiled.

We made it to the training centre early, there was no one around, Lily pulled up one of the chairs and sat down near the ring while I went to change into ring gear.

I left my hair open for the match, and headed back to the ring and started doing some warm ups. Darren entered when I’d just gotten finished with them.

He grinned on seeing us and walked over to where Lily was sitting.

Stepping out of the ring, I walked down to them.

“Well?”, he said, “How are the two of you feeling about what happened?”

Lily glanced at me and smiled. I smiled back, encouragingly.

“Pretty good”, she replied. “We really wanna go ahead and explore this lifestyle and we’d like you to be our introduction to it.”

Darren smiled. “Great. Then we can all have some fun.” , he beckoned to the chair opposite Lily “Sit down Jason”

I sat down, while the two of them sat down opposite me. It felt awkward, almost like I was in an interview of some sort.

“Okay so here’s the deal, I’ve talked to the writers of the MTC Wrestling Federation(This was the organization under which we currently wrestled. All the gyms we wrestled in operated under them. )

They think you and I could have a great feud based on the crowd reaction and attendance of our last match. So I asked them to push that storyline, maybe turn it into a proper feud, something more substantial than just one match. They quite liked the idea and were all for it. There will be meeting that wil take place soon with all of us but I’ve been asked to inform you that there’s just a minor point to consider. Lily has to be a part of the feud. She will act as either a manager or valet but she has to be a part of this. Of course I agreed and expressed to them how willing we would be. I wanted to make sure that we’re on the same esc mersin page here so I’m relaying this information to you. Any issues? Questions?”

Lily was looking positively delighted. A cheshire cat grin all over her face, she was looking at me, eyes sparkling.

I cleared my throat, “No not really. I mean, it makes sense to add Lily especially given what happened at the last match but in what capacity? And whose side is she going to be on?”

Darren smirked now. “Well, that is a technicality which the creative team have asked us to decide. You know what you’d like to see happen wouldn’t you Jason?”

My dick as if to announce it’s presence, suddenly gave a jolt. I felt my face turn red.

“I…I suppose yes. A continuation of what happened last time I guess.”

“It’s perfect! You are going to be a cuck both inside the ring and outside. Quite the method actor now wouldn’t you say?”

Darren clapped his hands. “It’s decided then. We move forward now in this manner. I’m your Dom and Lily’s bull and lover. Let’s get this practice match over with and then we can take this back somewhere more comfortable, what do you say gorgeous?”, Darren squeezed Lily’s ass. She giggled and leaned in for a kiss. Both of them started making out right there, like I wasn’t present in the room. They broke apart just as it was getting uncomfortably erotic for me to watch.

“Well, so as your Dom , I decide a lot of things in your life”

“Like what?”, I gulped

“For starters , your wrestling attire. How your character appears in the ring. How you carry yourself. Get up cuck, let’s see what we can change”

I got up nervously as Darren approached me.

“Hmm, well these black wrestling shorts need to go. You’ll get yourself pink ones. Neon pink. Also, they should be the tightest ones you can find and can wrestle in. The point is to present to the crowd a boyfriend who just isn’t enough of a man to satisfy his girl. We gotta dress you for the part buddy” he patted my ass as he said this.

I glanced over at Lily, she was staring at us with a glazed look in her eyes. I recognized the ‘fuck me’ look she had, it was very very evident.

“What else can we change, ahh your hair. Now, we must style it in feminine styles, to convey the feeling of inadequacy you have, of being a male”

“Is that mersineskort really necessary?”, I asked weakly.

“Of course it is, don’t question me cuck.” He sniggered, “Starting today you will tie your hair in a bun. All the time when you’re outside. No exceptions. You may tie it in a ponytail sometimes when I give you permission. Otherwise, I will dictate how you style it.”

I stared at Lily , realizing that she’d told Darren about my pride for my hair. Somehow it just turned me on more, if that was even possible that is. She just grinned back at me mischievously.

My penis was now rock hard, begging for release.

He looked at me, smiling ” Go ahead cuck, tie it up and we can get started.”

I gathered up my hair in a bun and pulled a rubber band over it. The eroticism of the moment wasn’t lost on me.

“Now for the match, let’s keep the spots the same as the last time yes? Only this time you gotta sell your moves more alright?”

I nodded my understanding, still not quite believing what was happening.

We climbed into the ring, Darren receiving a good luck kiss from Lily. She pinched my ass as I walked past her.

I lost obviously, it was scripted as such but it was so much more erotic this time. Every time I took a clothesline or I was hit by a spine buster pushed in that feeling of submission. At one point during the match, Darren laid me out with a DDT and walked over to ringside to kiss Lily. I nearly came on the ring floor as I watched them go at it.

Darren was that much more condescending too, pulling at my hair, once slapping my ass as I was locked in a submission hold. He fully drove in the advantage he held over me, psychologically and emotionally. Somewhere in the middle of the match, Darren claimed to be feeling too hot and wanted to tie his hair up, not having a hair band himself, he proceeded to untie my bun and use my hair tie for himself.

I groaned, part in pain, part in pleasure, I had never enjoyed jobbing this much.

As the match drew to a close and he pinned me , I felt strangely satisfied even though I had been utterly dominated.

Lily squealed in delight from the ringside and I heard her climb into the ring. The unmistakable sound of an ass being slapped and kissing followed next. They whispered something to each other and came over to where I lay.

She snorted in amusement as Darren reached down and turned me face down. He then planted his foot on my ass and the two of them started kissing again.

I was definitely becoming a cuckold.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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