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Big Tits

I was 16 when I ran away from home to move in with my boyfriend. To this day, I still don’t remember what made me do it, but it was one of the worst decisions I had ever made. I had pretty decent grades for a rebellious 16-year-old girl, but it was my boyfriend, Braden, who finally convinced me to quit school like he had done and clean his house while he was out drinking. He was at least 5 years older than me, though he acted like he was a child. I loved Braden with all my heart, yet for some reason, he seemed so distant. I was pretty much in a living hell for the next 2 years, him rarely giving me any affection. I would have ran away again, but this time, I had no place to go. Not to mention the fact that he seized every penny I made, saying it was for rent, yet running off to get drunk with his friends. We were on the verge of being evicted by the time September rolled around. I was getting ready to pack my things when he walked in with a huge wad of cash. 6 months worth of rent. The landlord accepted it with a grin, yet the thought always lingered in my head: where did he get that kind of cash? At the time, I didn’t care. All I cared was that I had a place to stay and food to eat.

Finally, my 18th birthday rolled around. I figured it would just be another day for us, seeing as how Braden had missed out on my previous birthday. I figured I’d just go out with some friends and celebrate my coming of age, but then Braden came crashing into the apartment. The scent of booze lingered as he waddled towards me and enclosed his arms in a bear hug.

He was practically bent over, his face pressed into my breasts. He looked up at me and shinned me a big toothy grin. “Hey, baby.”

“Ha… Ha.. Happy…” he sputtered between burps, “happy birthday!”

I grinned sheepishly. “So you remembered! Did you get me anything?” I smiled hopefully.

He released his arms from me and threw himself onto the couch. “Yep. A present.” he had a crooked grin on his face.

“Where is it?” I said. I gazed nonchalantly at his pants. There was a huge bulge pushing against his jeans. I figured I knew what would happen next.

“Well, I don’t have it YET, but I guess I could tell you what it is…”

I was pretty much beaming at this point. After all these 18 years of life, I still bore my virginity. I respected Braden for him not trying to take advantage of me whilst I was underage, but after all this time, I was horny and wanted to finally do the deed.

“I got you a job.” he was grinning again. I felt my smile fade.

“Braden… you know, I’m 18…” I felt he was too drunk to get what I was hinting, so I full out said it.

“I wanted you to take my virginity tonight… you’ve been very patient with me, given me a place to stay, and I love you. I want to give you something in return…”

Braden seemed to finally understand. “If that’s what you wanted, you could have told me… now I went out and got you a job at my work… do you even know how hard it was to get you in there? Now I gotta tell my boss that he just lost the best worker he’d ever had!” the rest of his rant was just drunk ramblings that made no sense at all. I suddenly felt guilty. I knew how Braden was. I sat next to him on the couch and soothed him.

“I’m sorry… I really should be grateful I have such a good boyfriend. bursa escort I’ll still do this job you told me about, no matter what.”

His head was cradled in my knees. He looked up at me with puppy dog eyes. “Do you promise?”

“I promise.”

I felt like a mother soothing her child. Braden grinned again and started toying with the elastic string on my shorts. He slowly slid then down with his left hand while his other wandered to my panties. Soon, he had slid those off, exposing my hairless pussy. It was possibly the first time he had ever seen it. I was actually very amazed that he showed no interest in taking my virginity before. I guess I was surprised he was so decent, even after all that he had put me through.

He inserted a finger childishly and started moving it around inside. I moaned quietly. He slid his finger out to reveal a thick layer of my pussy’s own lubrication. Sliding his index and middle finger in deep, he moved them around. His knuckle was pressing against my clit. He thrusted them in and out slowly then ripped them out suddenly. He put his fingers that were soaked in my pussy juices to his face and slowly parted them.

“You’re really wet…”

I sighed. Sometimes, his stupidity was unbelievable.

His next few actions seemed to be in complete slow-mo. Him taking off my shirt and bra, and his stripping completely except for his socks, him stroking his erection, eating and then fingering my wet, hot pussy. I could see him shifting as though he was finally going to stick his dick in me .

“Braden!” I bellowed from a hushed moan. He stopped and looked up at me.

“Do you have a condom?”

He stared at me blankly.


“I… uh… no, sorry…”

I sighed. “Don’t cum in me, okay?”

Braden nodded excitedly and positioned his cock in front of my pussy then looked up at me. He slowly penetrated my tight, virgin pussy.

“Ooooooooh…” I moaned as I felt his thick, huge dick hit the back of my pussy for the first time. I felt my hot fluids slowly run down his shaft, along with my virgin blood.

“Feel good?” he asked. He thrusted out and back into slowly while caressing my rock hard nipples. I screamed with delight.

“Br…Aden…” I managed to sputter between moans.

I bet we look like wild animals, fucking on his old, ugly couch. I suddenly wished we had filmed it, though it was hard to think while being screwed so loudly.

He propped my up into a sitting position so he could finger my clit while he thrusted me.

He pinched, flicked, and toyed my clit playfully. I could barely muster it. I was breathing so hard that every exhale was an exhausted moan. My moaning grew louder. I could feel my first orgasm making it’s way.

Braden noticed this, and picked up the pace.

“Yeah, baby, you like that?”


“You like it when I fuck your pussy? Do you like it when I play with your horny little clit?”


The waves of my orgasm rushed over me in a huge, exhausted, final moan.

His thrusting slowed after what seemed like ages. His dick started to sputter inside me, and I knew he was cumming. I was too drowned in the euphoria of my own orgasm to care. We came in unison. Just like that, my virginity was taken, I thought to myself as my orgasm bursa escort bayan subsided.

Braden giggled.

“You sure are loud when you cum.” he said in a soft, drunken tone. I could feel his semen drizzling down my pussy and asshole and onto the couch. I didn’t even care.

“That… was… amazing.” My breathing had slowed yet I was still out of breath.

“Thanks.” he said, pulling a string of his cum from his still hard dick. He got up slowly.

“So?” he said, his arms out in question. I cocked my head.

“Aren’t you going to get your clothes on?”

“Why? I figured you might want to go for round two.” I said, gesturing to his erection.

“Maybe later, but I’m taking you somewhere.”

I was going to ask why, where, and how, since he obviously wasn’t sober yet, but he seemed to read my mind.

“My work. You promised, remember? And don’t worry, you’re driving.” he said with his same cheesy, mysterious smile.

I let out an exhausted moan. “Can I at least have a shower first?”

Braden cocked an eyebrow and grinned wider. His hand wandered to his erection. He stroked it timidly as he said, “mind if I join you?”

There I stood, in the shower with my 20-something year old boyfriend thrusting his rock hard prick into my pussy for the second time ever. Experiencing my tenth orgasm and moaning loud enough for the neighbours to hear us.

Braden breathed into my ear.

“Yeah, baby, your pussy is so tight,” he sputtered between breaths.

“Oh, Braden, your dick is so long, I can feel it in my gut!”

The dirty talk was obviously helping him, because his penis seemed to grow at every moaned. I almost felt as though I would split in two. The hot water tickling my nipples felt like heaven.

“Baby, I’m cumming! I’m gonna cum into your hot pussy!”

“Yes, Braden! Fuck me! Cum in me!”

His dick sneezed his warm, sticking seed into my pussy. It was the most amazing feeling ever. I didn’t want it to end, but Braden pulled out, taking a stream of his cum out with him.

He smirked again. “Okay, no more fooling around. The water bill will be through the roof now.” he half giggled, half hiccuped.

I couldn’t help but laugh with him, thinking he was joking. We enjoyed the rest of our shower; he had eaten my pussy and I had given him a blowjob while we cleaned each other.

“Ready to go?” he said somewhat less drunkenly. We were each clothed. I nodded eagerly. I was still horny, though I was sure we would go for round three when we got home from this meeting.

Soon, we were in the car.

“Mind telling me where we’re going?” I asked adorably.

“Nope. If I tell you, it wouldn’t be as fun!”

I sighed. I couldn’t help but wonder what this job he got me was. Especially since Braden never took me in for an interview, I never handed in a resume, and I had no clue where Braden worked. It had to be somewhere cheap if they were hiring 18-year-olds with barely any sort of an education.

I was worried, almost.

I sighed again. It couldn’t be THAT bad, I thought hopefully.

Braden gave me the directions and we stopped in front of a warehouse.

“What is this place?”

Braden giggled drunkenly. “You’ll see.”

The warehouse was small, about the size of the barn. It escort bursa was in bad shape, gave off an abandoned feeling, and was painted a disgusting green colour. As I edged towards the door, I noticed that the metal was rusted and covered in graffiti.

I shivered. What did I agree to?

“Braden, Braden! Is this ya lady?”

A chubby, balding old man with a strong New York accent greeted us. The scent of tobacco and booze lingered.

Braden nodded. “This is Emily.”

The man e amines me. I cringed as his eyes wandered to my bust, then eyed my crotch. “Emily…” he said without gazing up.

“Braden never shuts up about ya. I gottz ta admit, you much prettier than I thoughts ya’d be.”

I cocked an eyebrow. His eyes were glued to my pants, slowly wandering back up to my chest, then finally flickering up to my face.

“A’m Teeno, but allz da ladies callz me Daddy.”

I laughed nervously, hoping he was joking. If I ever lived the day to see someone called him Daddy…

“Anyways, I’d give you da grand tour, but there really ain’t much to show. Just promise me ya won’t go braggin’ to ya friends, we don’t need da fuzz ’round here.” Teeno said with a hearty laugh.

I felt my heart drop.

“What exactly do you do here?” I asked nervously.

Teeno’s eyes widened. “Surely Braden told ya, didn’t he?”

I shot Braden a look and shook my head.

“This is what some may call… eh… a gentleman’s club.”

My heart sank lower. “What the heck is that supposed to mean? Is this a strip club?!” I demanded with fear.

“No, no, no!” Teeno said with a laugh. “This is more of a… er… love shack. Ya catch ma drift?”

I shook my head furiously.

“It’s like…”

“Just tell me what you do!” I cried.

Teeno stopped.

“It’s a whore house!” Braden practically shouted.

It all came crashing over me like a wave. “So I’d be a… a…”

“A prostitute.” Teeno said with a sleazy grin.

“No… NO! There’s no way I’m going to work here! I’m 18! I only just lost my virginity! There’s NO WAY-“

“You promised, Em! You promised you’d work here, no matter what!”


“We need the money! You need to get out more! You barely leave the house, this is good for you!”

“There has to be another-“

“There’s no other place the would hire an 18-year-old dropout with no experience with anything.”

“But then I would be cheating-“

“Emily, come on. This is good for you. We only need a little extra money, and Teeno says his ladies get paid lots. It wouldn’t be cheating if I’m okay with it.”

I stayed silent for a minute.

“Are you a…?”

“No, Emily, I’ve never touched another lady. Maybe I was before I met you, but I changed. Now I just bring Teeno ladies who are interested, and arrange them to meet up with our clients.”

I sat down on the cold floor and pressed my palms into m temples.

“I couldn’t. I love you too much.”

“Come on, they pay you 20 bucks for 10 minutes, that’s like… more than 100 bucks an hour. You’ll only have to visit a few clients, they’ll wear condoms, and they’re all great guys.”

Teeno gazed at me with pleading eyes.


I stood there, speechless. My boyfriend wanted me to be a whore. I was slightly turned on by it, but disgusted at the same time.

“We can even save up to buy a house…” Braden started.

I got up and put my hands on my hips.

“Fine.” Braden grinned drunkenly. “I’ll do it.”


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