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My naughty adventure began one hot sunny summer afternoon when I looked out of my bedroom window. There in the garden next door was my neighbours’ son Martin. I knew he was there house sitting for his parents while they were away on holiday. He’s 23, slim, muscular and sun tanned, and he was laying on a sun lounger wearing the briefest Speedo style swim trunks I’d ever seen.

Though I’m married I can never resist a nice bit of beefcake! I got my husband’s binoculars and explored Martin’s almost naked body through them. I couldn’t keep my eyes off the huge bulge at the front of his trunks. It was obvious he was having an erection. His trunks were so brief and his penis was so big its head was almost peeping out of the top of his trunks! I saw him pick up a magazine and open it. Through my binoculars I could see the unmistakable picture of a naked woman standing with her legs wide. Her breasts and even the dark patch of her pubic hair between her legs were quite distinct through my binoculars. I realised it was a porn magazine! As I watched, Martin turned the pages then his hand went down to gently stroke the bulging ridge of his erect penis through his trunks.

I felt as if an electric shock had hit me! I’d noticed how Martin looked at me in that way that made it obvious he was mentally undressing me – I so enjoyed that! All I had to look forward to tonight was my husband climbing on top of me for his two minutes of fun – if I was lucky. I thought of the naughty things I’d always wanted to do with my husband but never dared ask, and I felt that familiar tingling between my legs. My husband was at work and it would be a couple of hours before my kids came home from school. Here was this randy boy getting wild over pictures of naked women and about to waste a good hard erection just masturbating. No, Hazel, don’t be silly, I thought, but the temptation was too much!

I took off my top and jeans. I was in a white cotton bra and panties. On a whim I took them off too and got the tiny purple satin bra and thong set my husband had bought me one Valentine’s Day ages back. The bra was front fastening and its cups were barely large enough to sling my big breasts, the tiny triangle of satin of my thong only just covered my sex mound with a wisp of my dark cunt hair showing above the top hem, and it was held together by two little clips at the hips. I hadn’t worn that set for ages and I think my husband had even forgotten about them. While I was nude I looked at myself in the wall mirror. I was 40 but still attractive, I’d just had my hair styled, my figure was trim from my aerobics, my big breasts were firm, and my pubic hair was in a neat little “landing strip” around my vagina. Then in my purple undies I took a deep breath and passed the point of no return.

I picked up my mobile phone, stood right in front of my window, and called Martin’s mobile. I had his number from when he’d given me a lift one day when my car was being fixed. I saw him pick his mobile up.

“Hi Martin,” I said when he answered it. “Its Hazel Williams from next door. I’m up in my bedroom admiring you in those sexy trunks. I’m just in my bra and panties. Instead of wasting that erection masturbating over pictures of naked women, why not come up to my bedroom and have the real thing. The patio door’s open.”

Martin spun on his lounger and looked straight up at me. He would have seen I was in my bra. I waved to him. I watched him step over the low fence between our gardens toward my patio window with his erect penis swinging stiffly under his trunks, and I waited for him to come up the stairs. Then the bedroom door opened and there was my dream boy! I saw he’d brought his magazine with him. He stopped in his tracks and stared at me, a woman nearly old enough to be his mother, standing waiting for him just in her sexy undies. I must have looked like something out of his porn magazine!

“Mrs Williams! I … bursa escort ” he began, then became speechless.

“Don’t by shy, Martin,” I said. “Go on, get that big stiff cock I’ve been admiring out for me!”

His trunks had worked their way down and the big round purple head of his penis and a couple of inches of his erect shaft were already sticking up above the top of his trunks. He slipped his trunks all the way down, stepped out of them and tossed them onto my bed. Then the sweet boy spread his legs wide and stood there thrusting his hips toward me. There was nothing shy about him! His penis was sticking out straight at about forty five degrees. It must have been at least seven inches long and was really meaty! He was fair haired, with a manly looking beard, and his balls were surrounded by a thick bush of brown hair. I reached down and he grunted as I had a good feel of his rapidly stiffening shaft and tickled his balls.

“Mmmmmm! Such a lovely big stiff cock!” I purred. “I’ve noticed you can’t keep your eyes off me. Do you masturbate thinking of me doing what the girls in that magazine are doing?” His face went bright red! My suspicions were correct. He masturbated lusting for me and now his masturbation fantasy had finally come true! “Now you can play with me for real!”

I didn’t need to tell him what to do next. He got so close in front of me the soft head of his penis was brushing against me just below my belly button. He unclipped my bra between my breasts, flicked my bra off my shoulders and had a good long feel of my breasts, and licked my rapidly peaking nipples with his tongue. He slid his hands slowly down my sides to relieve me of my panties. When my husband undresses me he usually pulls my panties straight down. Martin could have taken my panties off in an instant like that but he was obviously savouring the moment. All this detailed attention from a naked young man! I was lapping it up!

Martin fondled my sex mound through my panties leaving a juice wetted patch where he ran his fingers along my slit. Moving behind me he ran his fingers slowly down the thong strap nestling in my bum crack and ran his hand under me and up between my legs to tease my pussy from behind. Boy did I like that! Then he found out what the clips at my hips were for. By undoing them he could let my panties drop while my legs were wide. After my panties had fallen away he kissed me all the way down my front from my breasts, squatting down in front of me to kiss me between my legs, all over the tops of my thighs and over my bottom, something my husband had never ever done!

My marriage had reached the stage when my husband hardly notices me when I strip naked for bed. Now here was a young man half my husband’s age with his cock up rock hard for me, who’d just undressed me and was frantically kissing and licking my cunt, and who was turned on by seeing naked women in filthy poses! I decided what to do next to work him up to a frenzy.

While he was still squatting in front of me kissing and licking my cunt and ruffling my pubic hair with his tongue I picked up his magazine from where he’d tossed it on my bed and flicked through it. I could hardly believe what women were doing in some of the pictures! I opened it at random at a big two page spread of a girl with long blonde hair looking barely out of her teens, on all fours on a circular rug with her knees wide and her breasts hanging down. The view was partly from behind and her smooth round bottom was gleaming under the lights. Spreading her legs wide had pulled her vagina open to show her inner labia glinting wet with her juice. She was looking over her shoulder at a man kneeling behind her with his one hand on her thigh and his other hand wrapped around his huge erect penis aimed straight at her bottom. His face was twisted as if in agony, but it was obvious he was masturbating, because the camera had caught his jet of semen in bursa escort bayan mid flight splashing onto the girl’s bottom. The picture was the filthiest thing I’d ever seen!

I’d suspected my husband masturbated over porn (don’t all men?). I knew he surreptitiously masturbated in bed beside me when he thought I was asleep. I’d feel the bed gently rocking and hear the bedclothes rustling faster and faster, followed by his stifled grunt and his body juddering. I’d guessed what he was doing, but he’d never let me watch and I was too shy to ask.

“Does seeing nude women in filthy poses like that turn you on?” I asked – rhetorically of course!

I felt my excitement and lust well up inside me! I just wanted to experience the kinky sex pleasure that girl in the picture felt as she exposed herself to a man like that. I repeated the girl’s pose on my bed.

I got my legs at least as wide as the girl’s. My breasts were bigger than hers and as my breasts swung above the bed my nipples brushed deliciously against the bedclothes. I looked over my shoulder at Martin, spread my legs a little more and reached under myself between my legs and fingered my pussy. I’d never exposed myself so provocatively erotically even to my husband. Doing so to a man, especially with the thrill of doing it for a man other than my husband who was turned on seeing naked women in filthy poses was driving me wild!

“Touch me!” I said softly, just in case for some strange reason Martin thought this was look but don’t touch.

Martin reached under me and cupped his hand under my swinging breasts. He had a good long feel and stroked my so sensitive nipples. Then he turned his attention to my legs. His hand started at my ankle and worked its way up deliciously slowly, stroking and fondling all the way. The feel of his hand on the insides of my spread thighs, but most of all his erect penis brushing against my legs got my juices going. Martin kissed and caressed my bottom, then tickled me with his light fingertips down the valley between my cheeks. His hand creeping ever closer to the hot spot between my legs was sending me mad with anticipation!

Martin’s fingertips slid across my arse and touched my vagina lips. I cried out with the sudden pleasure. He stroked my labia smoothly and rhythmically and I luxuriated in the delicious pleasure. After an exquisite age of sexual ecstasy I felt my climax begin to rise.

“Coming! Want! Pleasure me! My clit!” I cried out, or similar wild exclamations.

Martin’s fingertip found my so sensitive clitoris and circled it and stroked across it. The pleasure built up, swelled, took on a life of its own, then exploded into an exquisite orgasm that filled my entire body. I yelled, bucked, thrust my hips and felt my breasts bounce as my body shook. It had been ages since my husband had given me an orgasm, and he’d never “finger fucked” me. I too was now secretly masturbating while I was by myself, fantasising about boys like Martin, without my husband knowing, or I guess caring. Now this sweet boy had given me the best orgasm I’d had in years! As I stayed on all fours with my eyes closed enjoying my throbbing afterglow Martin held his firm warm hand cupped over my juice dripping sex mound from behind and stroked my bottom and thighs with his other hand.

I opened my eyes and I saw Martin was standing beside the bed fingering his erect penis. It was bending up so its tip was vertical, the veins were standing out along its shaft and he was lightly fingering it with his spare hand, as if he was trying to get it even bigger and stiffer. I glanced at the picture, at that man’s spurting penis.

I quickly turned so I was kneeling facing Martin. I pulled him toward me with one hand and gave him a big tongue touching kiss with my breasts squeezed against his chest, while I reached my other hand down between his legs to stroke his hard penis and to tickle his escort bursa balls and arse.

“Martin,” I said. “Will you do something dirty for me?”

The grin on his face told me what his answer was, without him saying anything.

“Will you masturbate over me … over my tits? Like the man in the picture?”

Then I kissed him slowly down his front, licking his nipples, tickling his belly button with my tongue, and fingering his balls and shaft as I worked my way down his body. I knelt with my legs spread as wide as I could get them in front of Martin as he stood there with the head of his hard up cock aimed straight between my breasts. I flicked the soft head of his penis with my arousal sensitised nipples, setting his shaft waggling stiffly. He liked that – and so did I! I knew too that the wall mirror behind me was treating him to a view of my bottom and the backs of my spread thighs like the girl in the picture. He had a good long feel of my breasts and ran his hands down my sides and my front and had a good long feel of my still throbbing cunt.

Then he wrapped his hand round his erect penis like the man in the picture and began to stroke and tug it up and down, pulling his foreskin, and with his thumb and forefinger in a ring sliding over its big round head. I sometimes hand job my husband when he’s in the mood and I’m not, and Martin’s hand on his cock was doing just what I do for my husband. I held my breasts up so that the tip of his cock nestled between them. I loved the way his masturbating hand rhythmically patted my breasts at the top of each stroke. His muscular long smooth strokes looked so erotic and his grunts of sex pleasure were so masculine!

It wasn’t long before the precum was oozing from his little nozzle and was wetting my breasts. I reached down to stroke the insides of his spread thighs and tickle his balls. From time to time he rubbed the head of his penis over my still aroused nipples. I liked that! Other times I leaned forward to kiss and lick the tip of his penis as he stroked it. His grunts told me he certainly liked that!

Martin took ages to climax, much longer than the couple of minutes my husband takes when I hand job him or when his cock’s pumping my vagina. I think he took himself to the brink of his orgasm and held back a couple of times. All the time Martin stroked and tugged his shaft he ran his spare hand through my hair and over my breasts and bare shoulders and reached down to fondle my cunt, as if he was frantic for the feel of a woman’s body.

I could tell from Martin’s grunts and his frantic stroking that his orgasm was rising. He shoved his penis up between my breasts and grabbed my shoulder. Then with a loud “Ah!” and a grunt like I hear from my husband when he’s masturbating in bed beside me Martin’s semen spurted into my cleavage, fountained over my face and trickled down my front to catch in my belly button and cunt hair.

Martin’s satisfied grin told me masturbating over a real live naked woman while fondling her body was better than just wanking over pictures. For me It was so exciting doing something really dirty with a man! I wiped Martin’s semen off my body with some of my used white cotton knickers from my laundry basket. I thought that was so kinky!

Martin stayed with me after that for long enough to get his penis up erect and hard again as we browsed through his magazine, as I posed for him and as we played with each other’s body. Then I got him to lay back on my bed. I knelt beside him so he could play with my legs and bottom, and breasts as they swung above him, and I gave him a long luxurious hand job. He squirted his semen right up to his tanned chest and I wiped it off him with those same used knickers. Finally just before my kids arrived home from school I sent my dream boy on his way with his tiny trunks taut over his firm young backside, and with his magazine and my semen soaked knickers to play with.

So that was my adventure. I’ve described it in detail because I don’t want to forget anything of the memory of that exciting day when Martin helped me to do so many of the naughty things I’d always wanted to do!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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