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My Aunt Barb isn’t really my aunt but she feels like one. She and my mom were sorority sisters back in college. They’ve been friends ever since which seems like forever. My name is Katherine or Kat as Barb used to call me. It was kitten until I turned sixteen. Then it became Kat. She still calls me kitten when the situation fits. I’m now twenty five years old. I have a master’s degree in teaching and teach fifth grade in one of the local elementary schools. My mom is fifty and I think Barb is more like forty eight. She’s never been married that I know of. She’s lived in New York City until last year when she moved here to Portland, Oregon. She used to visit us here in Portland twice a year or more on business trips. She’d stay with us unless she and my dad had a big argument then she’d get a hotel room downtown.

She and my dad are polar opposites as far as their political views. Barb is extreme left and dad is extreme right. He’s a partner in a big law firm in Portland. Barb owns a marketing and consulting company in Portland now and she does really well for herself. Mom is in the middle and referees their fights which usually occur after they’ve been drinking and I’ve gone to bed. My dad says she was a high priced call girl at times when she’s not around and my mom gives him the eye and denies it all. Mom is a pediatric surgeon up at OHSU, which stands for Oregon Health Science University or locally known as Pill Hill.

I still live at home but come and go as I please. My boyfriend/fiance is an engineer with the City of Portland and we’ve been dating since I was twenty. We haven’t set a wedding date because Michael keeps coming up with different excuses not to.

Last year or so Barb popped in and announced she was moving here. She’d heard Portland was a growing city. She said things were getting old in New York and she had more clients in Asia so moving made more sense. She bought an apartment in South Waterfront that overlooked the Willamette river. It had stunning views of Mt. Hood to the East and was convenient to downtown. The place was huge and took up one fourth of the fourteenth floor, three bedrooms, two baths. The master bath was as big as my bedroom at home. It had a Jacuzzi tub with a separate rock and glass enclosed shower that could probably fit five people. She bought it just by looking at pictures online.

The furnishings from her old residence were due to arrive the next week and of course mom and I volunteered to help her unpack during the weekend. Dad naturally had an excuse about a big client and playing golf so he didn’t help. He never seems to be around much when Barb is here.

Barb was staying with us and had rented a car until she could get settled. Saturday we took her car downtown to help her. We live outside of Portland about twenty minutes away in Tualatin. We’d run down in South Waterfront with our running group before and I knew where we were going.

We parked in the underground lot and took the elevator to the fourteenth floor. Getting out of the elevator I noticed there were only four doors. We waited behind her as she opened the door to her new house. The place was just like the pictures. We all wandered around looking at the appliances and furnishings. The view along with all the amenities were breath taking. Boxes were scattered about each labeled with their respective rooms. The furniture was the same as in the pictures since she’d bought that too.

We started unpacking one room at a time. All we seemed to talk about was the view and how exciting it was for Barb to be really living here now. We took a break around noon and went down to a little Thai place for lunch. There are several eating places on the outside first floor of the building and a few more down the street. As we were eating mom got a page and called in to work. It seems one of her patients was having problems so she needed to go in. OHSU isn’t that far from South Waterfront, there’s a tram that goes from a building down there up the hill to the hospital. It wasn’t working that Saturday so Barb offered mom the rental. With some reservation mom took it. We finished lunch and walked mom to the car. She said she’d try and be back in a bit and took off.

Barb and I continued unpacking her things. We lined the shelves and got dishes and glasses put away. Around four o’clock mom called and said there were complications and that she’d have to be there longer. Barb told her not to worry that we’d get dinner down stairs.

Just after six we headed down to get something to eat. There’s a little gourmet pizza place that we discovered at bursa escort the base of her building. We ordered pizza and took a menu for later. I carried the pizza back up to the condo. We sat down in the kitchen to eat and relax from a rough day unpacking. Barb had a wide selection of drinks to choose from. She insisted we christen her place with wine so she opened a bottle of Cabernet poured two glasses and we sipped as we ate.

The pizza was fantastic as was the wine. We managed to kill the entire bottle along with the pizza which was supposed to feed mom too. Barb cleaned off the table and ushered me into the living room. She sat me down in front of a 60″ television mounted above the fireplace. She handed me the remote and told me she was going to take a shower.

She took off and closed her bedroom door as I began scrolling through the channels. I discovered she had a couple of adult ones. I looked at the bedroom door to be sure it was closed and clicked on one. I watched as a guy was getting a blow job by two women. I sat enthralled as they took turns sucking and licking his dick. He was kinda ugly but they were gorgeous. I kept checking the door to be sure I must have just looked back at the television when Barb walked up to the back of the couch and asked what it was I was watching.

I was caught! I tried to switch the station real quick but all I managed to do was pause it. I swallowed hard and looked up at her. She was standing there in a terrycloth robe. Her long wavy red hair done up in one of the towels we had just unpacked. Her arms were crossed and a stern look on her face told me I’d screwed up.

“I was just surfing the channels and found this, I swear!” I was trying to get it changed but my fumbling with the remote just fast reversed it and paused it again.

“Give.” She said, her palm outstretched.

I sheepishly handed her the remote. My face must have been beet red as she took it from me. She walked around the couch and sat down at the opposite end from me.

“You said there were two channels, kitten?” She scrolled a bit finding the other one and stopped on it.

I managed a feeble yes and waited for her reply.

“Well, I’ll have to talk to the cable company on Monday. I didn’t order two. I just asked for this one.”

I looked at her and then the screen and back to her again. She looked at me. My eyes wide with astonishment and said, “What? Don’t you watch porn?”

I swallowed hard and mumbled, “No, Michael wants me to watch with him but I always say no.”

“What else does Michael want you to do, kitten.”

“Umm, blow jobs.”

She turned off the television and slipping her leg under her as she looked at me. “Okay, tell me what you two are doing. I know you haven’t mentioned this to your mother she thinks you’re still a virgin.”

“I am, I swear Barb. I just make out with Michael and sometimes give him a hand job. I swear it’s the truth!”

She looked at me for a very long time with a look that meant she didn’t really believe me then, “I believe you kitten. But he wants to do more?”

I swallowed hard and replied, “Yes ma’am. But I don’t. I don’t want to get pregnant.”

“Okay, I’m guessing he just wants a blow job instead.”

Just then Barb’s phone rang, it was mom, she apologized and said she’d have to stay the night in her office. Barb reassured her we were fine and to make sure her little patient was doing okay. They laughed a bit and Barb told her I was fine and that I could stay in one of the guest rooms. She hung up then looked at me and went into the kitchen. I heard a bottle being opened. When she reappeared she was holding two new glasses along with another bottle of wine. She handed me a glass and poured. Taking her seat, she filled her glass then set the bottle on the coffee table.

“Let’s have a talk, shall we, kitten?” She sipped her wine then tucked her feet under her again exposing part of her toned legs.

“Um. Sure.” I sipped my wine waiting for a lecture.

“So, Michael wants a few sexual favors does he?”

I nodded as I sipped again, “Yes, he does.”

“Does he offer to do anything for you?” Her eyebrows arched as she looked at me with her kelly green eyes.

“No, he’s fingered me but it really didn’t do anything for me. He is very awkward and it kinda hurt but I didn’t say anything.”

“My poor kitten. Men, rather boys are always in a hurry and think more about themselves than they do about their partners. I know. I’ve had my share of lousy lovers. It takes time and training for them to learn how to satisfy a bursa escort bayan woman. I’ve told your mother this quite a few times when you were little. She finally trained your father to satisfy her first and then she’d satisfy him. I think it’s worked for them. You need to have him go down on you first. Then and only then give him his reward for making you happy.”

“So, how do I do this?” I was glad I wasn’t going to get lectured. This seemed more like a training talk than anything else, Understanding Men 101.

“How much of that show did you watch?” She sipped once more waiting for my reply.

“I saw the two women licking up and down his penis. They kissed each other and stroked him until he came all over their faces. That part was disgusting.” I said as I made a face and shook my head trying to get the picture of it out of there.

“Yes, that part is disgusting, I agree. Guys seem to like it for whatever reason. Would you like to know how to give a blow job or how to get him to eat your pussy or both? Do you love him? Enough to do that?”

“I think I do. We’ve been going out for four years now. Dad wants a wedding ring on my finger and me moved out by the time I’m thirty.”

“I’ll not say a thing. What do you and Michael want?”

I sighed then took a long drink of my wine, “Michael doesn’t want to get married until he’s thirty. That will be in two years. I’m kinda happy with the way things are. I live at home for free. I’m saving a ton of money and I’m enjoying life but, I think I’m missing something and I haven’t figured out what exactly it is.”

“But you want to give him blow jobs?” She had that look again.

“It might help move things along I think, I don’t know. I’d like to have an orgasm now and then. Right now I just go home and masturbate after.” What was I saying, must be the wine. I’ve never talked with Barb like this before. It was easy though. I trusted her and she trusted me.

“Okay, since your mother is detained and it’s just you and I, I’m going to teach you a thing or two. Come with me.”

She got up with a small sigh and led me to her bedroom. The curtains on the east facing wall of windows were drawn back. We could see the lights of Southeast Portland glowing in the night. She walked over to the night stand next to the bed. Bending down she grabbed a remote. She hit a button and a motor made a small whirring sound as the curtains headed towards each other. She set it down opened a drawer and pulled something out. I heard a few clanking noises as she withdrew the object. She held it out to me and my jaw dropped.

There before me was a replica of a penis. It was about 8″ long with a flat bottom which looked like you could stand it up by itself. It had veins and a head which made it look almost real. She tossed it onto the bed then walked past me to the bathroom.

“Go ahead, kitten, pick it up and look it over.” She casually instructed me.

I watched her in the bathroom mirror as she removed her terrycloth turban and shook her hair out to help it dry. She in turn watched me as I approached the “thing” as if it were a snake coiled and ready to strike.

“It won’t bite you sweetie, it’s clean. Does it look like Michael’s?” I looked closely at it still afraid to touch it.

“Yes, pretty much, his is a bit smaller though.” I called out.

I heard her giggle then turned to see her in the door way, turban gone, clad only in her robe.

“Go ahead, touch it, silly girl.” She stood there arms crossed, a big grin on her face watching me debate touching it. It was like I was a real kitten discovering a toy for the first time. Curious, fascinated but afraid to touch it. My fears fell away and I did as I was told. My fingers reached out to it as I sat on the edge of the bed gazing at it. I barely touched it when Barb startled me by saying “Boo!”

My hand shot back to my side. I looked at her with an intense glare mad at her for startling me.

“Sorry kitten, couldn’t resist.” She walked over to me to gently stroke my hair. Her voice was soft and soothing this time, “Pick it up and look at it. I won’t scare you again, sweetie.”

I again did as told and picked it up. It was soft, sort of a rubbery feel to it and yes, it did feel almost real. I looked at the bottom of it my eyebrows raised as she spoke again.

“That is for something else. You just need the main part right now.”

She sat down next to me her scent enveloping my senses. Clean fresh and delectable. She wrapped her long fingers with her favorite dark red nail polish on her nails around escort bursa it. She tugged at it and I let it go. I watched as she gripped it in her other hand then looked me in the eyes.

“This is between you and me. Nobody will ever know this happened. Are we in agreement, kitten?”

“Yes, ma’am.”

“First, you have to decide if you want to taste him or not. I personally don’t like that goop in my mouth but, everyone is different. If you don’t want to taste it, use a condom. He’ll not really want to do that I bet. Another alternative is to have him drink lots of pineapple juice a couple of days before. He won’t like that either but it does change the taste.”

“Should I be writing this down?” I asked.

“What did I just say about this never happening?” Her expression told me that wasn’t too smart.

“Oh, right, sorry.” I grinned.

“Once you have that sorted out how you get to his dick is your choice. Men love blow jobs…oh god how they love them. You’ll have to watch his reactions if he doesn’t say anything to judge how you are doing. Watch me.”

She opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue. She started licking up and down the plastic penis. She kissed, licked all while watching my face. After a few moments she slid her tongue up to the tip and then engulfed it. My eyes widened as she slid it down her throat twisting and turning it. Her hands sliding it in and out of her mouth. She went slowly at first then a bit faster then back to licking and kissing. She repeated this process for a good five minutes making sure she’d covered the thing a few times. She finally stopped and handed it to me making a funny face as she did.

“Not my favorite flavor. Did you get all that? I doubt he’ll last that long but, you never know. Since you’ve been giving him hand jobs you should be able to tell when he’s ready to cum. That’s when you have to decide to swallow if he isn’t wearing a condom or let him just shoot all over, Make sure you have something ready he can squirt in to.”

“Oh, he has a towel he spurts into.”

“Spurts, good word, kitten.” She giggled, “You can rinse it off and try it or just take it. I don’t have any contagious diseases that I know of.”

I took it from her and looked over once more. Still amazed at how real it looked. I closed my eyes and placed my tongue on it. It didn’t taste that bad which was probably her saliva. I mimicked her movements up and down then all around. I finally rammed it down my throat. This caused me to gag and I nearly threw up. She took it from me and placed her arm around my shoulder.

“Kitten, slow…down. He is going to be so thrilled that you’re doing this that he’s not really going to care how deep you go. Try it again and be gentle.”

Her arm was still on my shoulder as I kissed the tip. I slipped it between my lips then I slowed down taking it in a little at a time. I managed to get most of it in my mouth before I gagged again. Barb smiled and massaged my back.

“You’ll be okay, sweetie. Just remember to take your time. Have you had enough?”

I nodded yes and handed it back to her, “Yes, more than enough, thank you.”

My face grimaced as I handed it back to her.

“Go wash it off in the bathroom with warm water and dry it off please. Clean toys are essential. You can get diseases depending on how they are used. We can go over that another time, if you want.”

I got up gingerly held it in my hands as if it would come to life and do something to me. I walked into the bathroom and used warm water and soap to clean it. I dried it off and headed back out to put it away. Barb was watching me as I came back in and placed it back into the drawer. I noticed a few other things in there but didn’t linger. They did make me a bit curious though and like she said those were for another day, maybe.

“Okay, kitten. Get ready for bed, you can shower or not, it’s up to you. You know where everything is. I’m going to read a bit and then call it a night. You did really good. I hope Michael appreciates your efforts.”

“Thank you Barb. That seemed a bit weird doing that with you here but I feel better about it now. I will never tell a soul!”

I leaned in and kissed her cheek then headed off to bed. I turned off the living room lights as I did. I took a quick shower rinsing out my mouth with the warm water. I tried to make sure I didn’t get my hair wet in the process. I found a tee shirt waiting for me on the bed to use as a night shirt. I slipped into it and under the clean sheets. They felt so nice and comfortable next to my skin. I thought about what I’d just done and how easy Barb made it. I don’t know if it will help with Michael but it’s worth a try. I nodded off wondering what those other things were in the drawer and how and when Barb was going to introduce them to me.

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