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She interrupted his computer time“Hey baby, I’m soaking. Get off the computer…please”“NO! I told you to wait, I’m busy and you’re a bad little girl. I’ll come over when I’m good and ready.”Kiera wandered over to where Scott was sitting gazing at the screen and started fondling him from behind. He spun around angrily and pushed her away.“For fucks sake. I told you to wait. Now go and sit over there and be patient.” She sighed, knowing that he was more annoyed now and might make her wait even longer than he previously would have. A minute, two minutes, then ten passed; he was still absorbed in whatever he was doing and she was fed up. More time passed until finally Scott turned around slowly, they locked eyes across the room, she was hungry for him and he knew it. Scott loved to be in control, to have her at his beck and call. He felt himself getting hard just thinking about this and decided that he’d have some fun now.

“Ok baby, I’m ready now” Scott sauntered to where Kiera was lazing on the bed. He dropped his jeans and boxers, clambered up onto the bed and shoved his cock into her mouth. She struggled, her cries muffled by his cock as she tried to push him away. Scott pulled away her hands, reached into a nearby drawer sarıyer escort and brought out some handcuffs. She saw them and complained“But sweetie, I just wanted some nice normal sex today”“Tough, I’m in charge. You know that. We’ll do it my way or not at all” She sighed, again. He cuffed her up, and proceeded to fuck her face once more. He was shoving his cock deep into her mouth, gagging her so she could lick his balls. Despite her initial protests Kiera was obedient, taking it in and sucking hard. Scott reached down and massaged her tits, pinching at her nipples hard. He liked to see her jump a little each time he did so.

Scott fucked her harder, slamming himself down onto her face again and again. He felt himself about to cum and considered cumming all over her face and leaving her there unsatisfied. However, he wanted more and decided to give her at least a little fun so withdrew and leaned back on his knees to watch her panting and recovering her breath. He reached into the same drawer and brought a ball gag.“Sit up bitch. You’re gonna wear this. I can’t have you disturbing the neighbourhood.”“Hey! That’s a bit bigheaded, you esenyurt escort can’t…” her words were cut short as Scott shoved the ball in her mouth and fastened the gag behind her head. She looked so helpless gagged and bound, Scott leaned over and kissed her gently on her forehead.

However, his ruthlessness kicked in again shortly as he flipped her over so she was lying on the front, her pert ass exposed to him. He slapped her ass once, twice, three times, hard. Each time left a stinging red hand print on her usually pale rear; she was moaning softly as he continued to spank her, harder and harder until the redness didn’t fade. Then he inserted one finger forcibly into her asshole; her whole body spasmed with the pain. But he was feeling cruel, there would be no lube today [!] Out of curiosity he reached further and felt her soaking cunt, it was swollen and wet, waiting for him. Kiera was stock still, she wanted this so badly and was afraid to move in case he stopped. He massaged her clit for a while, she couldn’t help herself and let out a soft sigh of pleasure.“That’s enough of that I think.” Scott cruelly laughed as he shoved his finger back into her ass, however, avrupa yakası escort it was a little wet this time and so didn’t hurt as much. He moved in and out and soon added another finger. She squirmed, trying to escape the pain. Scott wasn’t impressed“Don’t try and stop me you fucking slut. You’re lucky that you’re getting anything from me. I’m going to have to punish you now.” He withdrew his hand and placed a pillow under her hips so her ass was stuck in the air. He manoeuvred himself until the tip of his cock was touching her asshole. He spread her cheeks and slowly pushed himself into her. Even with the ball gag the pain was obviously too much and he could her screaming which soon was reduced to muffled sobs. With a small pop her ass accepted him and he was in her. He rested a moment, in a fit of generosity, before thrusting in and out, he started to move harder and faster, thrusting himself into her with more force each time. Her tight ass felt so good around his cock, he started to moan as he fucked her with more and more intensity.Soon he was ready and waves of orgasm spread throughout his body as he filled her ass with his juices. His whole body was shaking and he had to give himself a moment before he withdrew, leaving cum dripping out of her, covering her cheeks. He undid the ball gag“Oh baby that was so good. Thank you”, he turned her over, looked her up and down smugly and merely replied “Don’t try and stop me next time.” He leaned over, undid the cuffs, kissed her gently on the lips and went back to his computer leaving her exhausted, sprawled on the bed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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