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I have always enjoyed reading the experiences of many who post them on the site and have wondered to myself, This is so true for so many folks,so what I went through is not unique in any way!

Having felt so, I decided to share my experience with all those who seek pleasure by reading stories and getting their “ultimate” release.I am strongly aroused by reading stories because I imagine myself in the shoes of the story writer and I sincerely hope that you readers are able to do the same when you read my story!

Housemaids have always been an object of interest to me because of their nature of work; they come in to the house and are given unquestioned access to all parts of the house; given access to all our private clothing and over a period get familiar to ask intimate questions!This is one of the many such experiences that I have been privy to; I hope to pen other stories, after getting response from you “Readers” to this first attempt of mine!

I am an Indian male,35,tanned and well endowed!I do have a kind heart which makes me considerate and empathetic to the problems and difficulties of those who are poor or economically deprived.I usually take it as an obligation to find out the well being of those who work around me and especially, Maid servants, who need to be happy and cheerful when they are doing a job.

That said, I got into asking routine questions of our newly appointed maid – Susheela ( Sush) about herself, her family and the kind of jobs she was doing other than the one at our house. She usually took about two hours at our place for sweeping, mopping and cleaning vessels, clothes etc.

One such day she was talking, she was also sweeping with a typical (Indian) broom, half standing and bending forward. Maids in the North India (Delhi!)usually wear a Salwaar with a Kameez on top. Usually, after entering the house maids drop off their Dupatta and leave it at the entrance along with their chappals. canlı bahis So Sush did the same thing always. She would pick up the broom and start from my room. As always, when she was bent forward, it was natural for her to expose her vital assets to any one who standing in front of her.

She had told me once in the past that she used to be vary embarrassed to work in our neighbour’s house because the man there usually makes it a point to come in front of her, under some pretext or the other, and keep staring at her.She used to be very conscious and after trying to cover herself with her dupatta, she sent a message to him that she did not like him staring at her front.

When she told me all this, I was careful not to make the same mistake and took precaution never to go in front of her. I used to peep at her through the window when she worked in the front verandah and took a good look at that she used to carelessly expose. Invariably, that gave was enough provocation for my cock to stand up and salute her.Unfortunately, Sush did not know that she was the one whom my cock was saluting!

So, this morning when she was in my room, I was getting ready for my bath, in the attached bathroom. She always knew to come into my room and close the door behind her. She was always very confident of herself and was never scared or conscious of coming into my room and working behind closed doors.

I was in a towel and was getting ready to apply oil on my dry skin. I had applied some oil on my hands and on my chest. I was trying hard to reach behind and apply where ever I could reach. Unfortunately, there is a limitation to how much one can stretch one’s hands.When I was trying all my best to bend backwards, she saw me and our eyes met. As soon as she saw me in a towel, she took her eyes off me and did not want to see my body which was naked upwards. She came with her broom up till the bath room entrance and was going about her job as if bahis siteleri nothing happened.

Just then, by mistake, I toppled the oil bottle which was kept next to my feet and quite a bit of oil spilt on the bath room floor. She laughed and looked at me and I also laughed with her. I looked at her as if asking if she could clean up the mess….and she also responded as if she knew what I was thinking. She immediately got up and went out to fetch a piece of cloth. She came back with the mop and went inside past me to get it wet.

In doing so, she almost brushed past me and by sheer mistake touched me below my waist. The towel was loosely tied to my waist and lo behold…what happened was the most unexpected. I was standing naked in front of her with my cock in full salute and it was so close that she could no way ignore it. She looked at its imposing size and shape. Usually, when my cock gets erect, I always pull the skin back and let the pink head slip out in all its glory. I had done the same thing a little earlier when Sush had started cleaning my room and little did I expect that my act would be caught in such a manner by the person who is causing all that.

Immediately, I caught my self from feeling ashamed and in fact wanted to convert this into an opportunity. I did not however know what the opportunity could be! I knew it had to be with some kind of relief for my cock which has always stood up in its appreciation of Sush’s tight and well shaped boobs, the curvaceous teats that would show her brown nipples ever so faintly. I was always excited about the imagination of nudity and exposure more than any woman who would take off her clothes and stand nude. I have other men also tell me that “suggestive exposure” is more tantalizing than actual exposure” One needs to experience to know it!

Here I was standing nude with my Sush sitting on the floor getting ready to mop the oil spill! What a slick situation to be in! bahis şirketleri Immediately, I found my voice to tell Sush, ” Why don’t you apply the oil on my body. if you don’t mind? Why waste all this oil”? Sush looked at me with a smile and said” Fine, I have no problem. I have done oil massage for many people in the past. it is just that I have never done for a man, especially some one naked as you!”

I told Sush, : Tell me if my standing nude is distracting you or if you don’t like it. I am fine, I can go and wear an underwear or a towel”. Fortunately, Sush remarked” No, saheb, I have no problem. it is fine as long as you don’t tell any one else. I don’t want people to think that I am doing such things and the last thing I want is my husband to hear about it”.

I responded by assuring her that I would not tell any one. In fact, I would be happy to pay her some money if she did massage me regularly. To which she said she always was open to earn more money and she knew that it was fine to do this for a living. She said that and started taking the oil in her hand and began applying it on the leg. She was sitting on the floor and moving her hands in an up to down motion. While doing so , she would come level with my cock and some times even look at it. My cock was getting erect with every stroke of Sush’s and was acknowledging the fact that it was excited and very pleased. There was an expectation that my cock was jumping with – every cock lives for the moment when a woman would pay attention to it!

I was slowly holding the skin down, when ever Sush would move to my back side. I would move my legs apart and at the same time pay all attention to my cock and do all I could for Sush to notice the size, thickness and every detail of the veins which were flush with all the blood tat was rushing to gorge it to all its manly glory! I had known that any woman is as keen to get a glimpse of a male cock – it is just that they like to keep their desire under cover and not express their excitement out in the open!

Such are the ways if Indian Maids ….wait till my Part II to find what happened between me and Sush in our Maid(en) Stroke-Part II;

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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