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It’s a bright sunny Wednesday morning and I have just woken up to the sound of my phone. I picked it to see it’s a text message from you. “Thanks again Last night was great.”

“Last night was great.” I think to myself, as I lay there remembering last night. You were incredible; you took your time, and made sure all my wants and needs were tended to. I have never felt so wanted or satisfied before in my life. The things you did to me brought me to new levels of pleasure that I didn’t even know existed. All this thinking is doing is getting my worked up again, so I hop out of bed and head in to take a shower.

Once in the shower I decide that I need to have you again. So I devise a plan to have my way with you. I will make this a day you will never forget. In the shower I took my time, shaving everything. With how horny the memories of last night have made me, it was very difficult to shave my pussy. Once I had myself all lathered up I could help but finger myself to orgasm, while thinking about how you licked my clit until I came for the fourth time last night. When I was done, I hopped out of the shower grab a towel and dried myself off.

“I have to time to this all just right.” I think to myself as I pull my favorite sundress out of the closet. I need to arrive at the Center at just the right time if I want my plan to work.

You see, I remember you telling me that most of the guys usually go to lunch together around 12:30 so the Center is mostly deserted, so I figure this would be the best time to surprise you. That gives me two hours to get myself ready and make the 45 minute drive.

I canlı bahis grab a matching bra and panty set, and just I as was about to put it on I decided not to. “My plan will go over much better without these,” I think to myself, so I put them away. I slip into a short, low cut sundress that not only shows off my tan, but also displays my cleavage beautifully. It’s just after 11:00, so I take a moment to send you a text asking what your lunch plans were and you told me you were just going to work through lunch. That was the best news I have heard all day, now my plan should go perfectly. I pickup my keys and head out to the car.

I am so nervous and excited I drop the keys twice while trying to put them in the ignition. I get the car started and head north on the highway. While driving I continue to daydream about how amazing it is going to feel to have you cock slide inside me again, and how you are going to react to my showing up unannounced. I am getting wetter and wetter by the mile. About half way there I notice a rest stop and I decide to pull in to take a few minutes to pull myself together.

I park my car in a back corner space, away from the regular traffic pattern, hoping to get some privacy. Looking down, I notice that my dress has slid up beginning to reveal my cleanly shaven pussy. “Why not,” I think to myself as I slide my finger down over my slit. I am soaking wet from the anticipation of what I plan to do to you when I arrive. My finger easily slips into my cunt, as I let out a sigh of excitement and relief. I slowly slide my now wet finger up to my clit. With my own juices providing bahis siteleri plenty of lubrication, I rub my clit, slowly at first then as I feel my impending orgasm I rub faster and faster until I explode. With my head back and my eyes closed I take a chance to savor the moment.

I lift my head and open my eyes and notice a couple in the mid-twenties had been watching me. While blushing I nod my head to them, the girl say “Thank You” as I begin to drive away.

I continue on the highway, slightly embarrassed but even more excited. I pull into the Centers parking lot at about 12:15. As I get out of my car there are a few guys standing around a van discussing where to go for lunch, “Perfect timing,” I think to myself as I head inside. I proceed down a long corridor until I reach your office door. Through the closed door I can hear that you are on the phone, so I wait in the hall for you to finish your conversation. After a few minutes, I decide not to wait any longer so, I reach for the door knob, my heart it beating so loud and fast that I am surprised that no one hears, I turn the knob and enter your office.

As I enter your office, I close and lock the door behind me. You turn to see who has come in, the look of shock on your face when you see that it’s me, is priceless; I lift my finger to my lips and say “Shhh.” I then get on my knees in front of you and I undo your pants and slowly take your cock into my mouth. I slowly slide my lips past the head savoring every bit as I work my way down to the base. The feeling of the head of your cock on the back of my throat is amazing; I pause for bahis şirketleri a moment to enjoy it. Then I apply pressure to the underside of your shaft with my tongue and begin sliding my mouth up and down your thick hard member, pausing time I reach the head.

When you finally manage to finish your phone call and hang up, I rise up and lift your chin and kiss you passionately, and then I look deeply into your eyes and say “Fuck Me.” while positioning my still soaking wet cunt over your massive erection. Since I am still wet from my little interlude at the rest stop, I slowly side down until your cock in buried deep inside me, you moan softly into my mouth. I pause for a moment to savor the feeling of complete fullness before I begin to ride you.

I slide myself up and down your cock, slowly at first so we can both fully appreciate the sensation. Since my clit is still hypersensitive from rest stop interlude, I know any pressure or touch is going to send me into yet another orgasm, so I try to keep your hands down, but you are too persistent. You slide your hand between us and start to touch my clit; the feeling drives me crazy with passion. I begin to buck wildly, riding you fast and faster until I begin to explode in an intense orgasm.

My pussy clenches down on you cock and you start matching me stroke for stroke. The feeling of my clenching cunt causes you to begin to orgasm right along with me. We both continue madly fucking each other, just riding the waves of intense pleasure, until we collapse into each other’s arms.

We stay like that for a few moments, neither of us wanting to move. I finally dismount you, I lean in to kiss you again and I say “Bye Babe,” as I leave your office. I get in my car and head back home. About half way home I get a text from you, and it just says one word. “WOW!!!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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