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The apartment was quiet now but for the hum of the air conditioner. Cole wrapped his arm around Jill while she relaxed and let his hand rest between her breasts. Jill still moved ever so slightly while he worked his spent cock in her. Cole loved these Friday nights when Jill welcomed him home.

The front door lock clicked and Cole felt Jill’s body tense. Karly latched the door behind her and crept past their bedroom.

Jill shifted so that Cole’s cock slipped out of her and groaned “That little bitch” under her breath. She had a rocky relationship with her sister. Karly used their parents until they wouldn’t deal with her any more and her lies and manipulation drove a wedge between the sisters. Cole’s negotiations were sometimes all that kept Jill’s family from flying apart.

“What happened this time?” Cole sighed. Jill rolled toward him to answer, her lips nearly touching his. The light from the alarm clock was too dim for Cole to make out Jill’s expression, but the tension in her voice told him how angry she was.

“Yesterday Karly told me she had a job interview and I let her take my car. She didn’t come home until after midnight, and when she came home she was drunk and had no job, but she had three new outfits. This morning my credit card was missing and I found it in her purse.”

They knew all about Karly’s problems, but Cole could still make Jill tolerate her sister. “I reached my limit.” Jill went on, and Cole quietly doubted her. “I told Karly to leave, but she doesn’t have anywhere to go.”

This was all Cole’s fault. Last Sunday he overheard Jill on her phone groaning, “Karly, oh God, no you can’t stay here.” Karly’s boyfriend kicked her out, her parents wouldn’t take her in and she had no place else to go. Cole took Jill’s phone and whispered in her ear. When Jill returned to the call she told Karly “Cole says you can stay. We have the extra bedroom, but you know you can’t be here very long. That never works.”

Jill picked Karly up on a street corner and brought her home. She came in towing her suitcase behind her and clutching her stuffed bear in her arms.

“What are you doing.” Jill breathed, close to Cole’s ear. He didn’t need to answer. His hand was cupped between Jill’s thighs, slowly massaging her. Cole kissed Jill’s throat, and then her breasts and her belly. He took a mouthful of Jill’s soft vulva and explored it with his tongue. Cole coaxed Jill up to the right moment then held on while her orgasm rocked her body.


Jill left early for work and begged Cole to find a place for Karly – any place. He followed some dead bursa escort ends, but now Cole thought he had the perfect solution. He felt pleased with himself while he set the table for his breakfast. He poured milk on his cereal then left to retrieve his toast from the toaster.

When Cole turned back to the table he found Karly eating his cereal. Karly was a pretty woman in every way – except her character. He sighed to himself and retreated again to the kitchen to make a call. “Yes, that’s one ticket, one way. Three o’clock? Good.” He set his phone on the counter and returned to the table.

“That was my breakfast, you know.” Cole said. He pulled a chair up next to Karly and dismissed her apology. Karly was never really sorry about the things she did.

He went on, “You know that you can’t stay here – you and Jill drive each other crazy. I found you a job, and it comes with a place to stay. A friend of mine manages summer programs at a resort near Taos. He’s short-staffed and I talked him into hiring you.”

Cole harbored an abiding fantasy. In his imagination Cole could keep Karly in line by having wild sex with her and Jill liked the outcome so much that she encouraged him to do it. He laughed at himself while he watched Karly’s reaction and thought how ridiculous that was.

Karly flung her hands in the air, “Taos? I don’t want to go to Taos!” She pushed away from the table and when she stood Cole realized that she was wearing Jill’s clothes.

It reminded him of something Jill told him. “Karly wants everything I have.”

“I bought your bus ticket.” Cole said. “You leave at three and someone will meet you at the station in Taos.”

Cole stalked to the shower with Karly at his heels, flailing her hands and arguing the whole way. He shrugged her off and closed the door behind him, but when he turned the water off and stepped out of the shower she was still babbling outside the bathroom door.

He wrapped a towel around his waist and threw the door open, prepared for a furious rant. He wasn’t prepared to find Karly sobbing, with tears streaking her cheeks. Cole stood confused about what to do, then gathered Karly in his arms.

“Calm down.” Cole told her, stroking her hair. “You know that things have to change. A summer in Taos will do you good.” He nudged Karly away and turned back to finish dressing, but Karly followed him. Cole was surprised to find Karly beside him and even more surprised when she rose on her tiptoes and kissed him. First she brushed his lips with hers, then she threw her arms around his neck and opened her mouth for him.

Cole bursa escort bayan couldn’t think because this was far too much like his fantasy. He held Karly’s body in his arms and returned her kiss.

Karly groaned “Oh God!” after she broke their kiss. She settled back on her heels and wiped her mouth with the back of her hand while she looked up at Cole. “Jill’s right. I really do want everything she has.”

Cole was in the grip of his fantasy. He pulled Karly’s hand away from her mouth and rubbed the back of her neck. His eyes stayed riveted on Karly’s upturned face while he pushed his other hand under her shirt. Her breasts were exactly how he imagined; smaller than Jill’s – really only a handful – and quick to respond to his touch.

Karly tugged at the towel around Cole’s waist and let it drop to the floor. His cock sprung up into her hands and she used her grip to press Cole back against the toilet. He dropped onto the seat and Karly knelt between his knees.

Cole guided Karly’s mouth to his cock, then chanted under his breath “Oh God, Oh God.” while he watched his cock glide between his sister-in-law’s lips and felt it ride over her tongue to the back of her mouth. It took Karly only minutes to take what belonged to Jill; Cole groaned aloud while spasms gripped his body and his essence gushed into her mouth.

Karly fell back and wiped a stream of Cole’s semen off her chin. She licked it off her finger and swallowed, then laughed at the way that Cole watched her.

In Cole’s imagination Karly’s cunt dripped with sweet nectar, and now he craved a taste of her. Cole picked Karly off the floor and set her on the edge of the counter. He swept everything on the counter into the sink or onto the floor and tugged Karly’s shorts and panties to her ankles. Cole kissed the soft inside of her thighs, then plunged his tongue into her. Karly’s nectar wasn’t sweet, it was deliciously warm and musky, just like her sister’s.

Cole dragged Karly’s pussy lips through his teeth, then sucked her vulva and used his tongue to seek out her most erogenous places. He flicked his tongue over and along her hood until he knew she was about to climax, then closed his lips around Karly’s clitoris and thrust his thumb into her. Karly groaned, knotted her fingers in his hair and closed her thighs around his head. Her slit contracted around his thumb and she writhed through her orgasm.

Karly’s breath was still shallow and ragged when Cole lifted her and pushed her against the wall with her legs spread wide. He plunged his cock into her and she threw her arms over his escort bursa shoulders and ground herself against his thrusts. Cole bit Karly’s throat, kissed her face and her lips and felt her fingers tighten against his back. Karly never came down from her first climax, so her second came in a rush. She threw her head back against the wall and wailed as she came.

Cole lifted Karly off his shaft when she relaxed and let her slip to her knees. She gripped the towel rack in both hands and hung there with her face buried in the towel. Cole knelt behind her, then leaned over her to kiss the tender skin below her ear and whispered “You’re even better than in my imagination.”

Karly smiled at her brother-in-law and pushed her butt out to invite his entry. Her slit parted around Cole’s target and he thrust his cock into her. Cole reached around Karly, held her breasts in big hands and fucked her. Their bodies slapped together, slowly at first but then ever faster. Cole’s mind emptied of everything but sensation while he pumped Karly’s wet cunt. Spasms overwhelmed Cole and he flattened his sister-in-law to the wall as he came; his thrusts lifted her off the floor and his essence erupted deep inside her body.

Cole collapsed against the wall, then pulled Karly onto his lap and cradled her tired and sweat-slicked body.

Once Karly caught her breath she started to explore herself and came up with two fingers covered with the nectar and essence from inside her vagina. “Jill always has the best stuff.” Karly sighed, then laughed at herself. She studied her fingers curiously, then turned to Cole and smeared it on his lips. Karly giggled at Cole’s reaction then gently licked and sucked away their warm, rich mix.

When she was done Cole whispered to Karly with their lips still brushing. “That was fantastic, but you still have a three o’clock ride out of town.”

“Gee,” Karly responded, and sat up to look at Cole with a completely different expression on her face, “and I just had a ten o’clock ride IN town. What if I tell Jill?”

Cole laughed. He knew his imaginings couldn’t ALL come true. He tucked his finger under Karly’s chin and told her “You’ve lied to Jill and cheated her and stolen from her for so long that she would never take your word over mine. You tell her this story and she’ll be furious with you.” He stood, pulled Karly to her feet and backed her against the wall. “Until you get your shit together you will always need me. Without me,” he reminded her, “no-one in your family would lift a finger to help you, and you need their help.”

Cole pulled Karly’s shirt over her head, then stepped back to look at her body – so much like a smaller version of Jill’s – then he turned away. He stopped on his way out and told her, “Get cleaned up and pack your stuff – and don’t forget that damned bear!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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