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My name is Suzie. I’m tall, 5’10”, thin with a flat stomach and medium but firm breasts. My son, Tom, is 20 years old, lean and over 6 feet tall. He is a sophomore on his college swimming team.

Saturday, Tom invited some of his team mates over to the house for hamburgers and swimming. The girls wore bikinis. A few of the boys wore their Speedos and the others wore those baggy surfer type suits. I wished Tom had worn his Speedo. He looks damn good in his Speedo.

Carrying the burgers out to the grill I saw the kids horsing around in the pool. It looked like there was a lot of dunking and splashing going on between the boys and girls.

One of the girls had to pull her bikini top back down after her breasts were exposed. Obviously there was more than dunking and splashing. I could see her nipples were rock hard. And I could see sizable erections on the boys wearing Speedos.

That night I had dreams of throbbing cocks swimming around me. I woke up in the middle of the night having an intense orgasm. I had never had a “wet dream” orgasm before. I couldn’t get all those tiny Speedos stretched over those massive cocks out of my head.

The following Friday night I went to Tom’s swim meet. I always had a hard time paying attention to the meets. The Speedos were barely covering all those cocks. And Tom’s cock was no exception. It got me so wet and horny I had to finger my clit on the way home.

When I got home I went right to my bedroom and stripped down to my bra and panties. Grabbing my vibrator I jammed it down between my legs rubbing it up and down over my panties paying special attention to my clit.

It wasn’t long before I pulled my panties to the side and shoved the vibrator into my pussy. Imagining canlı bahis it was Tom’s cock sliding in and out I had one of my greatest orgasms that night.

Masturbating was a regular event after Tom’s swim meets.

He always went to What-A-Burger with his team mates after his meets so I knew it was safe to get my vibrator out and make sure it was still working properly. I would strip down to my bra and panties and start running the vibrator up and down my slit while fantasizing about what was causing the bulge in Tom’s Speedo.

I liked to leave my bra and panties on. My nipples get hard when I caress them through the sheer fabric. And I cream in my panties when I slide the vibrator down the sheer material over my clitoris.

One night, after a swim meet, I was in the middle of pushing the vibrator up my wet pussy when I heard something at my bedroom door. I had accidently left my door open a bit. It had to be Tom standing in the hallway watching me with the vibrator between my legs.

I couldn’t stop now. Not letting on that I saw him I continued to ram the vibrator in my pussy wishing he would come in and shove the real thing up my dripping pussy. I began moaning and my hips bucked when I came in a huge orgasm.

I left the vibrator in my cunt as I rubbed my hard nipples. When I pulled the vibrator out of my pussy I heard Tom quietly slip away to his room. I knew he was going to give his cock a good tug.

When I recovered from my orgasm I went into the bathroom for a shower. I was still worked up seeing my son eavesdrop on me. My nipples were hard and sensitive and my panties were soaked with my pussy juices. Taking my panties off I put them in the hamper hoping Tom would see them.

The next bahis siteleri morning after Tom went off to his classes I looked in the hamper to see if my panties were still there. They were, but when I picked them up I could tell Tom had dropped a load in them. There wasn’t much cum but the panties were still sticky.

Tom had obviously cleaned up after he came in them. I wondered if he used his fingers to scoop up the cum. I certainly would have and I would have stuck them in my mouth with the dripping cum. I gave the panties a quick lick and put them on, liking the sticky feel on my clit.

Tom came home at lunch time finished with his classes for the day. He put his gym shorts on and went out to sit by the pool and work on his class work.

I decided to go for a quick dip in the pool and went upstairs to put on my red one-piece swim suit. It wasn’t a Speedo but it was made of the same kind of material. I had purposely bought it one size too small. It clung to my body in all the right places and it pulled up real tight between my legs accenting my labia and showing off my camel toe. The top pressed against my nipples making them stand out like beacons in the night.

I saw Tom eyeing me as I jumped in the pool and swam around a bit. Swimming up to the edge of the pool in front of Tom I asked him if he wanted to come join me. He said maybe later, he needed to study. I looked up at him and could see this cock making a tent in his gym shorts. I think he wanted me to see his boner and made no effort to hide it.

I swam around some more then got out to take a shower before I went to the grocery store.

After showering I put on a pair of tight white shorts and a grey satin blouse with only a thong on underneath. bahis şirketleri I usually like showing my panty lines off in my tight shorts but today I wanted to feel the thong running down between my butt cheeks and pressing on my anus.

Before I left I inserted my egg vibrator in my vagina. I set the power to low so it couldn’t be heard while in my pussy. I didn’t need the remote control for shopping so I put it in my bedside table. The low vibration was just enough to keep my pussy tingling.

Pushing my cart through the vegetable section with my pussy vibrating I noticed the egg plants. They made me think of the emoji icon on the smart phones and how they were supposed to represent a cock. They didn’t look like cocks to me. I much preferred the bananas of which I had availed myself on several occasions.

The vibrating egg in my pussy was starting to make it hard to concentrate on my shopping. Walking down the frozen food aisle the chill sent shivers through me. Looking down at my satin blouse I saw my nipples had grown hard and were making small tents on the front of my blouse. I probably should have worn my bra. Oh well, if you got them flaunt them. With taught tits and a pulsating pussy I stuck my chest out and continued shopping.

When I got home Tom helped me unload and put away the groceries. He was still wearing his gym shorts from the afternoon. I knew he was going commando. And I knew he couldn’t hear the low humming of the vibrator while it was buried in my pussy but he kept looking at me with a knowing look.

The low vibration was reaching critical mass. I had to go to my room. I could feel my pussy juice leaking down my legs and my thong had long ago gotten saturated. When I got to my room I reached between my legs and pulled the vibrating egg out of my pussy and started rubbing it on my clitoris until I had an orgasm.

Taking my thong off I put it in the hamper hoping for a fresh load of cum in the morning.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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