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Tricia was finishing the spring semester of her second year in College. Her body had filled out this year; her hips and breast were well developed. Now she wanted to change her image; she had her hair restyled, but was still concerned with her pale complexion. She decided to talk to Dad about getting a sun lamp, Dad agreed to help Tricia buy a unit that would meet her needs. They found she would also need lotion for her skin, and shields to protect her eyes. Once everything was purchased they made plans to start tanning session’s three nights a week.

Tricia was the only girl and the oldest of three children. She had two brothers Rob eighteen and Mike 19 years old. Tricia drove her own car, had stereo and TV. in her room. She was a very private person, and went out of the way to protect her privacy She was above paying attention to her younger brothers; they or their friends weren’t even in her world.

Little did she know how much she was in their world, they had watched her for a long time. Anytime she was careless getting dressed or undressed, the boys were right there to peek. If they saw anything of her naked or semi nude, they told all their friends the details.

Monday evening Tricia went to her room right after dinner. She called Dad to come help her. As soon as Dad entered her room Tricia closed and locked the door. “I don’t want anybody walking in on me,” she said. Tricia started taking off her jeans, as she removed her clothes she explained Dad’s role to him. She would remove all her clothes but her panties. Dad was not to look, just rub lotion on her back and legs. Tricia lie down on her bed; she had removed everything except her panties. Her bra lie across her breasts unfastened. She put on her eye shields and said, now rub lotion on my legs, but don’t touch me anyplace else. In 15 minutes have me turn over; I can’t see a thing with these eye shields on.

Dad rubbed lotion on her legs; if she couldn’t see he could intently stare at the bulge in her panties, for, as long he wanted. She had a mound that made his Dick throb. Dad felt like jumping on top of her and fucking the shit out of her, fucking her until his Dick couldn’t do it any more. His eyes were riveted on her mound; he could imagine how fantastic it would feel to thrust his Dick deep into the hot depths of her virgin channel. He knew before this was over she was going to get more then touched, he was going to fuck her head off. Dad came back to earth, as he realized it was time for Tricia to roll over. He tapped her foot, “time to roll over,” he said. Holding her bra on with one hand Tricia rolled onto her stomach.

Dad’s heart pounded, her ass was fantastic. She pulled her bra from under her; her only covering was her panties. Tricia put her arms over her head, she told Dad not to look or touch. “Now rub lotion on my back and the back of my legs,” she said. Dad rubbed lotion on her. His fingers accidentally touched the side of her breast. “Watch it!” She shrieked. Dad apologized, but though; what the hell does she expect. He couldn’t help wanting to stick it to her as he rubbed lotion around the edge of her panty covered pussy. It was time for Tricia to roll over again. She slowly rolled over exposing her fabulous tits. “It’s easier without a bra,” she said, “just don’t look or touch.” Dad couldn’t take his eyes off her firm breasts. The pert nipples begged to be sucked and nibbled on. They were everything and more then he imagined they would be.

Mike and Rob were listening outside the door; they liked what they were hearing. They wished they were in the bedroom with Dad. If they could tell their friends they saw Tricia naked, it sure would make their day. Mikes friends talked about fucking Miss smart-ass, Mike wished he could say he had fucked her. He never had a girl, but often jerked off while thinking about Tricia’s pussy. Rob wanted to fuck her, because all the bigger boys talked about doing it to her. Also Tricia was older then he, and it would make him a big guy doing it to his smart-ass older sister.

Over the next few days Mike and Rob tried to figure out a way to see what was going on in the room when Tricia was using the sun lamp. Dad couldn’t stop thinking about Tricia’s nude body. He wished he could get a camera in her room, as this presented the perfect opportunity. She couldn’t see what he was doing with eye shields on. She knew that being close to her lush body could make his cock get hard. She also knew she looked good, and didn’t care if dad’s cock was rigid.

The next treatment went about the same as the first one, with Tricia telling Dad not to look at or touch her naked breasts. She was a little more confident the second time, she casually talked about school, her car, and people she found to be funny. Again before turning on the sunlamp she carefully removed and folded all her clothes. It was cool in the room and when she removed her bra, her pert nipples stuck out, Dad remarked, that her nipples were sticking out; it was obviously cool in the room. She laughed. Mike and Rob were illegal bahis eavesdropping, and catching every word.

Mike and Rob couldn’t wait to talk with Dad; they wanted to know everything that happened in her room. When they asked him what happened, he looked at them and asked them what they thought happened? Mike said, ” we think you’re in there with her naked, and if I was in there with her naked I’d have to do it to her.”

Dad was reluctant to respond, after all she was their sister, and it wasn’t proper to talk about her in a sexual way. However his son’s expected him to talk about her, and fathers do talk with their son’s about sexual opportunities. He thought for a moment. Why not, Tricia sure had become a sexual opportunity.

Looking at the Mike and Rob Dad said, “Guys! We think alike. Tricia doesn’t think were men, she thinks we don’t want to look or touch her tight ass.” Mom isn’t home tonight, so why don’t we show her tonight? Yeah! They replied.

Ok. Guys we’ll do her tonight. I think she’s really hot to fuck. Before it’s over she’s going to be begging for it, so bring the video camera and we’ll tape the action. They had a common mission tonight, making a video of Tricia getting her cherry busted.

Dad set the agenda for tonight. He said, after Tricia and I enter her room wait about 5 minutes, give her a chance to get her clothes off before you push her door open. She’ll think the door is locked, but I’ll fix it so it can’t lock. She won’t know anything until you’re in her room.

The awaited hour was at hand. Tricia told Dad she was ready for her sun lamp. Together they went to her room. She closed and locked the door. She talked casually unaware of what awaited her. Tricia removed her clothes except for her bikini panties. She had just set on the bed, when the door opened and Mike and Rob crowded into the room. Tricia grabbed a towel to cover her nudity. She screamed at them to get out of her room. What did they think they were doing?

Dad said, “We all want the same thing, to see you bare ass naked.” “So why don’t you drop the towel and show us the goodies?”

She screamed, “Get out of my room!” No! She gasped, as Dad reached out and grabbed the towel yanking it away from her.

Tab tried desperately to cover her naked breasts with her hands. She was stunned by Dads action. She squeezed her legs together trying to keep the bulge of her panty-covered mound from their intent stares.

“OK, baby, it’s party time!” He shouted. Show us the goodies. Come on don’t be shy. You have a pair of boobs to be proud of. Let them see the goodies.

Come on Rob added, do it!

Tricia felt a twinge of excitement. She liked the way they looked at her as she lowered her arms. Her nipples began to harden. Something she didn’t understand excited her.

Tricia blushed, the way Mike and Rob looked at her made her want to make them happy.

Mike and Rob were overcome; they were seeing a mature young woman’s body. Her boobies were full bodied with pert rose-colored nipples. Her hips flared out from her narrow waist. Her panty-covered mound had a pronounced bulged, above her perfect thighs and legs.

Dad told her to put her hands behind her head and push her chest out.

Dad stepped in front of her. He reached his hot hand between her legs and palmed her panty-covered mound. Tricia squealed and twisted, trying to dislodge his hand. Her legs hit her bed sending her sprawling on her bed.

Dad said, “Guy’s! She’s got a full pussy in her panties.”

He said, “Mike I think Tricia wants you to pull her panties off?”

Tricia screamed instantly, “No!” “No!” “No!” “Please!” “Don’t let him do it!” “Please don’t do it!”

“Mike!” Dad barked, “Take her panties off!” “Let’s take a look at her cunt.”

Tricia felt a moment of shame. She weakly protested. “No!” “No don’t!” “Please don’t!”

Mike was thrilled; she had always been the untouchable Princess in the family. Now he was going to embarrass the Princesses and do something he always wanted to do, pull her panties down. He never thought he would get the pleasure. Yahoo! Today was the day.

Mike slowly pulled at her panties. Tricia lifted her hips so he could slide them off exposing her bushy full-bodied mound.

Spread your legs, Dad said. Let the boys see your cunt.

Tricia reluctantly, and slowly opened her legs, exposing her gash to their hungry eyes.

Mike and Rob gazed at her awesome cunt. Her plump glistening pussy lips opened exposing her virgin clit, and the delicate pink inner folds of her cunt.

Their Dicks got rock hard. They never thought they’d see her cunt spread like this.

“She’s got a pretty pussy,” Dad said. “Great for fucking.”

Tricia’s face was red; she was horrified, and humiliated. Up to now she hadn’t thought about them fucking her. The thought of them wanting her, in fact, really excited her.

She looked away, as the boys stared in awe at her exposed cunt.

Two grinning little nobodies, illegal bahis siteleri little shits who she never though would see her naked were taking in all the details of her spread open virgin puss.

“Mike and Rob!” Dad said, “Take a good look at her sweet virgin pussy, check it out and get familiar with it.” “Go ahead play with her cunt.” “I’m going to take my time and tit fuck her.” “I’ve wanted to tit fuck her for a long time.”

“Now it’s time for some serious tit fucking.” He announced

He dropped his pants. Tricia gasped in horror. She had never seen a man’s cock before. She looked up at the menacing form standing over her, Tricia pleaded with her eyes. “No! No! Please don’t.”

Dad straddled her, and looked into her eyes as he placed his rock hard cock between her tits

He placed both her hands on her tits and told her to push her tits around his cock. He started to push his cock in and out between her tits, seriously tit fucking her.

Suddenly her eyes opened wide, and she began to squirm. Dad knew, by her expression and wiggle that Mike or Rob had just put a finger in her cunt. Tricia was shocked by what was happening to her. She could feel and see Dad’s huge Dick sliding up and down between her tits. She couldn’t see which of her brothers was finger fucking her. She knew she should feel shame there was none she was enjoying the fingers inside her cunt. Suddenly she desperately wanted to feel his cock inside her hot cunt

Dad fucked her tits faster; knowing she was wiggling because her pussy was being invaded made his Dick start shooting cum on her neck and chin. Tricia felt the warm cum splash on her neck; she feared it would hit her mouth. She tried to holler through her gag, but could only make noises. Dad wiped the last drops from his cock on her nipples. Good too the last drop he said, “You’ll get a chance soon to experience the taste.” Dad’s cock was still hard and ready for action; he got off her chest, and asked Mike and Rob if they wanted to tit fuck her. “No!” Rob replied, “I want her pussy!” “Me too!” Mike added.”

“O.K. guys!” “If that’s what you want, let’s fuck her!” “I’ll show you how to pop her cherry.”

The boy’s were trembling from excitement this was real! What they talked about a thousand times was going to happen. They were going to get their Dicks some action. They were really going to do it to her.

Tricia groaned when Dad position himself between her legs.

He looked into her eyes, and stroked his cock. She lay there stunned, and traumatized watching Dad stroke his huge dick.

“You’re going to get fucked!” he hissed. “Ain’t nothing going to change that.”

“That’s it, take a good look at the cock that’s going to bust your cherry.”

The excitement was too much. “Fuck me,” she whispered. “ Please fuck me.”

Dad touched her glistening slit with the head of his hard cock. Tricia reacted instantly, spreading her legs wider. Her body jerked as his cock head spread her pussy lips apart and slowly started to slide into her tight untouched, unexplored cunt.

Mike and Rob watched his cock slowly sink into her tight hole. Her cunt lips were spread wide apart, as his cock forced her tight cunt open. She gasped loudly. His cock stretched her cunt to the Max as it entered her tight channel.

She jerked and whimpered as he plunged into her. Her movements pushed Dads cock deeper into the depths of her virgin cunt.

Her face showed shock, alarm, and astonishment. His cock was so huge she though she was being split apart. She tried to look away, to ignore what was going on, but it didn’t work. Inch by inch Dads cock entered her until it touched her unbroken hymen.

“Yeah!” He hissed, “There it is.”

Tricia moaned, and a shiver passed through her body.

All of a sudden Dad pushed his hips forward, and her hymen tore from the assault.

Her head jerked back, and her eyes popped wide open.

Dads cock shot deeper into her tight virgin cunt.

The boys saw her legs jerk and stiffen as Dad pushed his cock deep into her belly. Her ass jerked and shook as he forced his cock deep into her gut until his groin was banging against her pussy, and his balls touched her ass. He was hilted, in balls deep, and she was screaming her head off.

Oh yes,” Tricia moaned. Oh yes!” Fuck me.”

They were thrilled with what they were seeing and hearing. She looked great with her legs spread wide, with Dad’s cock buried in her tight spread open cunt. They watched her being impelled on Dads cock, and their Dicks were rigid from all the excitement. They never though they would see her getting fucked, or to be able to fuck her.

“Yeah! He sighed, there’s nothing better then a tight pussy wrapped around your cock.” Yeah! So tight! You were made to fuck, Baby! Yeah!

Dad started banging her harder. His cock slid rapidly in and out of her cunt, making her ass bounce up and down on the bed. Dad banged his cock deeper into her violated cunt. Her cunt squeezed his canlı bahis siteleri cock, clutching it with every spasm rolling through her cunt

She loved having her cunt stretched. She screamed as she experienced her first orgasm.

He cupped her tits, mashing the flesh from side to side as he humped into her tight cunt. His cock pumped hard inside her hot young body enjoying her first thrashing orgasm.

“You’ve got a hard one in you now Baby!” He sneered, “Yeah! Take it all Baby!”

Tricia could feel every ripple of his cock as he pumped up and down her virgin channel. She could feel the elastic walls of her cunt forced open as his cock thrust in, and could feel it straining to accommodate his cock, then closing as his cock retreated. He jammed his hands under her ass cheeks, and jerked them upwards to meet his downward thrusts. He grunted in pleasure as he pounded her cunt, his fingers dug into her fleshy ass as he pulled her against his groin.

Tricia was getting it good; she was being fucked but good. His hips beat a rapid rhythm as he continued to batter her hot cunt.

“Yeah! Here it comes!” He shouted.

He stared to cum in her, spurt after spurt, shot into her cunt, he though he would never stop cumin, but one more spasm and it was over with. Tricia felt every spasm of his cock, as the warm fluid splashed around inside her cunt. She just experienced her first cunt filling, and wasn’t cherry any more.

Mike and Rob were ready for action. She took a deep breath, and then caught her breath. Mike didn’t waste any time before she could exhale he was between her legs.

Mike placed his rigid cock against her wet slit; he pushed and poked against her slit until his cock found her hole, and for the first time his cock started to slide into a cunt. Tricia protested saying no don’t, don’t you dare you little turd, all to no avail, Mike smiled as his cock quickly penetrated her cum soaked cunt settling deep in her tight channel. Mike began to furiously pump his cock in and out of her tight fitting cunt.

Mike felt sensations beyond any thing he ever imagined; just knowing he was fucking his smart-ass older sister made him want to holler out for the world to hear, YEAH! I GOT A PIECE OF TRICIA’S ASS.

Tricia kept her head turned away, starring at the wall, like she didn’t want to see her cunt being ravished by her brother. This was the most demoralizing, demeaning experience of her life. She was unable to grasp what was happening, she never in her wildest imagination though she would want to be fucked by her Dad and brothers.

But the way Mike and Rob were staring at her bare tits turned her on.

The next thing she knew something was happening to her, that she couldn’t control. She was helping Mike to pull her panties off, and spreading her legs to give the boys a good look at her pussy.

She didn’t know her tits could be fucked until today. Now after being finger fucked by the boys and fucked by Dad. Mike had a big smile on his face as he pushed his Dick into her hot cunt. He pumped his Dick in and out of her tight cunt, and worst still; she was enjoying it. Rob was waiting for his turn. Never did she think wanting to be tan would lead to getting fucked. She also didn’t know that Mike and Rob would tell all their friends full details, of everything concerning fucking Tricia today.

Dad watched as Tricia’s ass was being pounded into the bed as Mike vigorously thrust his cock in and out of her wonderful cunt. He felt his Dick getting hard again, watching Mike soundly pound her. His stiff cock was shaking back and forth in front of her mouth.

“Go ahead, Tricia!” “Suck my cock!” He urged.

Tricia was watching his huge pulsating cock moving near her mouth. She knew what he wanted. She kissed the head of his huge cock

Now suck my cock! He said, pushing his cock at her mouth.

There was no way she could take his cock in her mouth. It was so big it would choke her.

“No please, she pleaded, I can’t.”

Tricia had heard about sucking cock in school, but the very thought of a cock in her mouth was sickening to her.

Tricia opened her mouth to protest, but before any sound came out, Dad held her head and shoved his thick cock at her mouth

Open your mouth he said suck my cock.

She didn’t want to but found her mouth opening and taking his cock into her warm wet mouth. She could feel the head slide wetly along the length of her tongue, filling her mouth with it’s salty taste. His cock scraped the roof of her mouth as it aggressively pushed against the back of her throat

She swallowed and took more of his cock into her throat until his balls touched her chin.

He groaned in pleasure. “Swallow it!” “Suck that cock, swallow it!”

He clamped both hands around her head and pushed his thick cock down her throat, and into her gurgling gullet. That’s it! You’re getting into it! Dad groaned.

Tricia didn’t know why but for some reason she suddenly wanted to take his cock into her throat. She wanted it to be good for him. She was learning fast.

Tricia withdrew his cock from her throat and moved her lips over the head, again she opened her mouth around his cock head and lovingly worked his cock into her throat.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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