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Walking up the stairs to your flat, I re-read your email again and again in my mind…



Subject: Tonight

I’ll be in my flat, 127c Chester Street, at 8pm.

My door will be unlocked.

I’ll be on my bed.

I’ll be wearing that outfit we discussed.

Nothing more: no explanation, no request for a response. Just that reference to our conversation at the work drinks party last week, when we both got tipsy enough to go a bit beyond the usual bounds of acceptable conversation between work colleagues. When I told me of my enjoyment of high-heeled leather boots, and you told me you owned a pair like that. When I told you that my favourite outfit for a woman is a pair of high-heeled boots and a smile, and you told me you owned an outfit like that…

And so here I am, walking up the stairs to your flat, my mind racing. Wondering whether I have misunderstood, whether I am doing the right thing, whether you really are inviting me to your place for – well, I don’t really know what will follow, though I have however many delicious possibilities spinning through my mind. Or was it just the start of a flirtation, was I meant to reply to your email? But no, every time I think about it I come back to the same conclusion: you wanted me to come to your flat, you wanted to offer me at the very least the sight of you, and maybe much more.

My heart races as I cover the last few steps and reach your door. Should I knock, or ring the bell? Of course not – why else would you have mentioned the door being unlocked? And so I take a deep breath and then reach out for the doorknob and open it, stepping into your flat. I close the door behind me, my heart thumping in my chest as I look round at your hallway. Four doors, all ajar, and only one with light coming through it, so I walk slowly towards it.

“Dave,” you say from inside the bedroom, “is that you?”

“Yes, it’s me. I came to see your outfit.”

I hear you chuckle, and I step closer to the bedroom door. My heart is thumping as I stand in the doorway for a moment, preparing myself to enter. At least now I know for sure I was right to come here.

“Come in then, and I’ll show it to you.”

So here it is, the moment of truth. I step forward, and the bed comes into sight. First your feet, resting on the bed, clad in black leather boots up to the tops of your calves. Then, as I move past the door, I can see the rest of you. You are lying on your back on the bed, your head raised up a little on a pillow to look at me. Your knees are together and raised, so that you block some of the view of your body, but it is clear that you are naked, with your hands resting on your bare breasts and a smile flickering on your lips. Your left ankle is artfully placed, discreetly blocking my view of your sex. Your bedside lamp lights your body, casting shadows which accentuate the curves of your body.

“You’re not naked yet,” you say, and I take that as my lead. My heart is racing but my hands move slowly down to the belt on my jeans, my eyes drinking in the sight of you, your delicious body naked but not totally exposed. Unbuckling the belt, I step a little closer to the bed, into the pool of light from the bedside lamp. Tugging my shirt from the waistband of my jeans, I slowly draw it up, exposing my belly and chest as I raise pendik escort it up over my head and then drop it to the side.

“Mmmmmmm, nice… show me more.”

I pop the button on my jeans and slide the zipper down, then ease them down over my thighs, letting them fall to my ankles and then stepping out of them and slipping off my trainers at the same time. I bend down to slip my socks off too, and now I am standing before you wearing only my briefs, my cock bulging inside them. My gaze travels back over your body to your face, and I see that you have let your gaze drop to that bulge, your tongue tip just peeking out to moisten your lips. Then your eyes rise to mine, and you smile as you move your hands up behind your head, exposing your breasts to me. I let my eyes feast on your body, delighting in the play of light and shade on your body, at the shape of your full rounded breasts. Still not certain, but hoping that I will be able to feel that smooth flesh, that I will be allowed to press my lips to those nipples and feel them stiffen and swell.

“You show me yours, and I’ll show you mine,” you say, a wicked smile on your lips.

I grin mischievously and turn away from you, looking back over my shoulder as I hook my thumbs in the waistband of my briefs. Slowly I bend at the waist, keeping my arms straight, sliding the briefs down to expose my arse to you. Bending further, I slide the briefs down to my ankles, then step out of them, my buttocks taut as my fingertips reach the floor. Then I stand, and slowly turn back to face you again, stark naked before you. As I turn, I watch your face, watch you smile as you see my cock standing straight and hard. I smile too, loving the sensation of being on show, of being openly stared at.

“Mmmmmmmm … I like yours. And now, fair’s fair … time to show you mine.”

Slowly you let your knees move apart, your ankles still together. As your legs part, I catch first a glimpse and then a clear view of the tight fiery red curls of your bush, and then the pinkness of your lips. Now you move your ankles too, opening yourself wide for me to see you totally exposed. Though your pussy is in a pool of shade, I can see your lips, flushed and swollen, and being pulled apart as your thighs spread wide.

“So, what do you think, Dave?”

“I think you look delicious, Kim,” I say. “Good enough to eat.” I take my eyes away from your pussy to look up into your eyes and smile. My doubts fade, turning into the certainty that you are offering yourself to me.

“Then come and eat me, Dave.”

I move to the bed now, climbing onto it, crawling up between your knees, my eyes still locked on yours, until I am kneeling between your legs. You lift your feet off the bed and raise them over my shoulders, resting the heels of your boots on my back. I lower my face, then turn it sideways and bring my lips to the inside of your thigh, softly kissing you just above your left knee. I hear you moan softly as I kiss my way slowly up the inside of your thigh, my lips brushing lightly on your skin as I move higher, closer. At last my cheek is almost brushing your lips, I can feel your curls just lightly touching my cheek, and I turn my face. My lips give your lips the faintest brushing contact, then I move my face away again to kiss the inside of your left knee. I hear you gasp as I move away, then your gasp turns maltepe escort into a moan of pleasure as my lips and tongue trail slowly across your skin. Once again my cheek reaches your lips and I draw back, but this time only an inch or two. Turning my face to you I look up. You feel my breath, hot on your lips just before me, as I smile at you. I linger there for just a moment longer, then lower my lips to yours at last.

My mouth presses lightly to your pussy lips as my hands move to your hips. Parting my lips, my tongue tip slips out to caress your lips and tease them apart. Tasting you, savouring your flavours, my tongue tip slides slowly up between your lips, exploring every fold, swirling around your clit and feeling it stiffen as my lips close around it. Sucking softly, I tap the tip of your clit with the tip of my tongue, my fingertips pressing against the skin of your hips. Then I open my mouth wider, my tongue tip sliding down lower, pressing between your lips, opening you up to me. You open your legs wider, the heels of your boots digging into my back as my tongue tip presses at your entrance. Slowly I press more and more firmly until my tongue tip slides through the tightness, slides into you. My hands move round under your arse cheeks, lifting you up a little as I slowly slide my tongue deep into your tight pussy, my lips pressed hard against yours.

Your thighs move together now, gripping my head between them as I plunge my tongue deep into you. My fingertips dig into the flesh of your arse as my tongue thrusts and swirls, your heels dig into my back and your thighs grip my head tightly. You lift your body up from the bed, driving yourself against me, grinding against my face as my tongue darts and probes. Feeling your pussy clench around my tongue, hearing your moans turn into cries of pleasure, I drive my tongue deeper into you, seeking out your g-spot with the tip of my tongue. Suddenly your grip tightens, your heels dig harder into my back and your pussy squeezes my tongue tightly as you thrust yourself hard against my face. I suck greedily at your juices as they gush out over my tongue, coating my face as I taste your sweet flowing nectar. My tongue darts and flickers as I lap at your juices, savouring your sweet spices.

Gradually your cries turn to contented whimpers and you relax your grip with your thighs, lowering your hips back to the bed. I draw my face back, and go from drinking in your juices to drinking in the sweet sight of your pussy, flushed and open and soaked with your juices and my saliva. Bringing my face forwards again, I start to lap at you, to lick you clean, my tongue dipping down just below your pussy lips and then up along their length. When I have cleaned up all your juices I start to kiss you, first your mound, then slowly moving up your belly. Crawling forwards, I move my face to between your breasts, kissing your skin softly, my cheeks brushing the smooth warm mounds. I am torn between the desire to taste them now, to feel those nipples between my lips, and the desire to kiss you and share your flavours with you. The need to watch you taste your pussy juices on my lips and tongue wins out, and I keep moving forwards, kissing your throat, your chin and then, at last, your sweet lips. You open your mouth as my lips meet yours, your tongue snaking into my mouth to meet mine. I greet your tongue kartal escort with my own, swirling over and under it, letting you taste your juices as they linger in my mouth and on my lips.

As we kiss, my cockhead is nudging at you. Without breaking our kiss, you slide one hand between us to take hold of my rigid shaft, guiding me to your entrance. You grip me, gently but firmly, taking me to just where you want me to be. Then you break the kiss to whisper to me.

“Fuck me, Dave; let me feel your cock deep inside me.”

I watch your eyes as I press slowly forwards, feeling your tight entrance give way. Your walls are still so slick with your juices, they part for me as I slide my cock into you, inch by inch. Your eyes are wide open, your mouth almost closed, teeth resting on your lower lip as you feel every inch of my cock filling your tight wet pussy. I am taking my time, making the sensation of entering you last as long as possible, delighting in the warm tight grip of your walls. Burying myself in you, I feel you clenching, rippling your walls along my shaft. I draw back, and then drive my cock back into you again. Drawing back, then thrusting into you, slowly starting to build up a rhythm. Then I feel you wrapping your legs around me, the smooth leather of your boots pressing against the flesh of my arse, the heels of your boots on the back of my thighs, digging into my flesh, dragging me into you.

Fucking you faster now, I feel your legs tugging me in with every thrust. The heels digging into my flesh, the pain an added pleasure, the slick leather of the boots sliding against my arse cheeks as they pump back and forward. My cock drives into your pussy, pounding you as you move with me, driving your hips up towards me as I slam into you. My balls bounce against you with every thrust as I build the pace yet higher. My eyes are half-closed but I am still watching your expression as my cock pounds your pussy, as you fuck me back with your hips and your legs and the heels of your boots.

My breath is starting to get short and ragged, my balls are getting tight and full, and I know that I am not going to hold back much longer. I feel your body start to shake with mine, knowing that you are reaching the same peak, the same cliff edge as I am approaching. Wanting, needing, to savour the moment before I explode inside you, I drive my cock deep into you one last time and hold myself there, teetering on the edge of that cliff, my mouth open in a rictus, my eyes closed. All my world is focussed on that part of me, on that part of you. I feel you shudder, feel your pussy start to clench again around my cock as it did around my tongue. And then, like an express train hurtling past, the moment hits me. My balls clench and pump, my cock spurts deep into your pussy, pulsing my seed deep into you. It can only be a few seconds, but it feels like forever, my cock just pulsing and pumping, my balls releasing into you. And then, at last, I open my eyes again to see you watching me, your face flushed with the orgasm that has ripped through your body at the same time.

I collapse against you, kissing you deeply, my tongue meeting yours again in a repeat of that delicious dance. My hands slide under your shoulders, holding you close as we kiss one another, as we slowly drift down together. Spiralling in pleasure, sharing the delicious afterglow, we hold one another close, kissing softly.

Finally you break the kiss to speak again.

“So … what do you think of this outfit, Dave?”

I smile as I look into your eyes, and whisper “I think it suits you … You should wear it more often.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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