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During a recent holiday I found myself in desperate need of a coffee to awaken my still slightly jet lagged brain. Finding a small café I made my way into the busy enclosure.

In the crowded room, the noise echoing of the walls, my eyes moved directly to the ruggedly handsome man that stood across from me, I was mesmerised. Inhaling deeply as his eyes met mine, a magnetic force, the power of which I had never felt before, pulled me to him.

Not seeing or sensing anyone in the room but this powerful man with dark hair, masculine body and broad shoulders, and how in a fluid movement he had slowly moved towards me. His eyes were locked on mine.

I could feel my heart skip a beat, before it began to flutter wildly. I had to force air into my lungs, it was as if I had forgotten how to breathe.

I think my mouth was slightly ajar as he started walking towards me and then he stopped directly in front of me. “Can I buy you a coffee?” He asked. His accent and the tone of his voice sent ripples through my entire body.

Not thinking I would be able to answer, it seemed like an eternity before I replied in a soft, low voice “That would be lovely”.

As the coffee was made we continued to gaze anxiously at each other. My mind was racing as our coffee was served and we made our way to a small table.

In such a crowded environment I felt like we were cocooned in our own private world, unaware of anyone or anything around us, except each other. We talked for a while, shared some laughs. I could not help but notice how he had a lovely smile and an intoxicating laugh. There was no awkward silence. The conversation flowed constantly, as if we had known each other awhile.

As we were both finishing our coffees, the conversation focused on his car. “Would you like to see it?” He asked with a smile on his face and warmth in his eyes.

“Sure” it was the only word that I could manage to say, as the thoughts of where this may lead was playing in my mind. Walking beside him he directed me to where his car, a sports car, was parked in a fairly vacant parking area.

“I’m nervous” I said. I could hear the hint of nervousness in my own voice and feel butterflies in the pit of my stomach.

“So am I” he replied with a gentle smile that lit up his entire face. This took me by surprise as he did not seem in the least bit nervous.

Moving to the passenger side I slowly slide my body into the car. I turned my head as he sat in the driver’s side of the car and caught his handsome face, watching me with intensity. The look etched on his face was raw and sensual.

“How fast does your car go?” I asked in a quiet voice as my mouth curved into a seductive smile. I have to admit that deep down I have always had a thing for fast cars.

“How fast does it go!” he repeated and another smile crept onto his face.

He moved slowly closer. I could feel his lips so close to mine, as chills ran down my spine. At that moment I wanted nothing more than to feel his touch, to have him consume me.

As his strong hand swept my long dark hair over my shoulder I tilted my head slightly to the side, exposing my neck. I could feel his warm, tantalising breathe as he moved his lips against my ear, sending a wave of heat shooting through my body as he whispered “your hair is so soft”.

Moving his head he brought his dreamy face escort ataşehir closer to mine, his magnificent eyes holding me captive before capturing my lips with his and kissing me deeply, passionately. The kiss was so intense, so erotic that it sent a flash of heat through me.

From that one kiss I knew he was horny, and so was I. I wanted this, needed this. There were no words. There was no need for words, all the language was spoken with our bodies. We moved in perfect sync with each other, as if we knew exactly what the other needed and wanted.

I began to move my hand up his inner thigh. My fingers gently caressing as they moved higher, feeling the outline of his cock under my hand as it grew harder beneath the material of his jeans.

Moving my hands to his shirt, undoing the buttons, before running my soft lips up his ripped abdominal muscles and to his chest. Biting gently as my tongue swirled on his tantalising skin before uncovering what was the perfect tattoo for this man, a wolf. Looking up into his eyes, as my tongue ran over the outline of the etching, memorising the design.

Undoing the button and zip on his jeans, slowly I leaned the top half of my body down. His hard cock was straining in its confines. No longer being able to resist, I took the head of his cock into my mouth through the material. I could feel his cock twitching beneath the fabric under the touch of my tongue and mouth. Damn he felt so good. I wanted desperately to take his warm throbbing cock deep into my mouth.

Before I knew it I was sitting back up and again we were kissing desperately. Our tongues danced in a delicate rhythm as they moved against each other, as he explored my mouth. I don’t even recall how my luscious breasts became exposed, but under his expert hands and with my top draping low revealing my partial nakedness, his palm was grasping my breasts, my nipples hard and sensitive under his divine touch.

Through the now partially fogged up windows I could just make out some people as they walked from their car that they had parked not far from us. But my care factor at that stage was zero.

As he looked up, his eyes met mine. The lust and passion seared across my face as I watched him roll his tongue over my hard nipple. Then as his mouth opened wider, my glazed eyes watching as his palm wrapped around my full breast, before devouring as much as he could of my breast in his scorching hot mouth.

At that moment all I could feel was his sucking and licking, his teeth gently scrapping over my delicate, sensitive skin. Enflaming my desire and lust for him. I could hear the soft sound of my moans against his ear as I gently bit and sucked on his earlobe, my fingers running through his hair.

I knew at that moment I wanted more, had to touch every part of him. His touch was making my body cry out for more. The trickle of dampness between my legs was increasing, as my pussy clenched.

Somehow, in the small enclosure, he managed to pull my tight jeans and small silky panties down so that he could place his lips on my, by now, very wet pussy and then he slid two fingers deep into me while his thumb rubbed my clit. Without a conscious thought I raised my hips as his expertly tantalising fingers worked at teasing and pleasuring my highly sensitive core.

My mind briefly registered another car kadıköy escort that must have pulled in close to where we were. But this was soon forgotten as I was enveloped in a haze of pleasure.

Lifting one hand he slid one finger into my open mouth. Closing my lips around his finger I began to suck, the taste of his skin on my tongue. His finger exploring my mouth as the fingers of his other hand explored my pussy.

His fingers maintained a relentless rhythm and assault on my pulsating pussy and throbbing clit, before his mouth and tongue took over again. With his mouth on my pussy he moved his finger that was covered in my juices to my ass, sending me over the edge. His tongue was licking and rolling around my pussy, before plunging deep inside me. My body began writhing from the sheer pleasure, as I lifted my hips higher and began to grind my pussy against him.

Small gasps escaped my lips as my body tingled and shuddered in pure pleasure, knowing I was going to climax hard. I couldn’t hold back any more. An orgasm sweeping through me as moans escaped my lips. Heat surged through my body as I exploded, my juices flowing into his mouth that was tightly pressed against my pussy, and onto the skin of his fingers which were rubbing my clit, setting me on fire. Wave after wave of pure pleasure was ripping through me, leaving me breathless.

Abruptly he stopped and leaned back, his eyes racking over my entire body. My mind could only think, fuck that was good. His face was full of dark passion, as I moved so that my body rested fully on his and kissed him hard, passionately. Not wanting the moment to end, my body was melting into his. Our kisses were intense, hot and passionate. There was no other word to describe his kisses other than intoxicating.

Just the touch of his skin against my soft skin was enough to send a shiver through my body, a raging inferno scorching to my very core that only he could extinguish. I savoured his touch.

Breaking the kiss I gently pressed my soft lips against the warm skin of his chest, at the same time inhaling his masculine scent. My lips and swirling tongue glided from his chest down to his abdomen and then continued to move lower. Until I lifted my lips and began to flick my tongue over the tip of his now exposed cock.

Hearing his moan, my lips parted before slowly engulfing his throbbing cock, inch by inch into my hot moist mouth. I could feel a distinct pulse beating a slow teasing rhythm against my highly sensitive lips. The exquisite feeling of his cock in my mouth as I felt the blood ebbing and flowing through him making him harder as my lips sent his body into raptures.

My tongue slowly caressing, licking, whirling gently against the decadent skin and then swirled in a delicate dance. I savoured the warmth, the texture and the taste in my mouth as I sucked harder and deeper. Wrapping my lips tighter around his cock as my mouth moved up and down his hard length.

Feeling his cock getting harder, longer, thicker as his hips began to slightly thrust up. Never before had I tasted or felt anything so fulfilling, so right, every nerve ending in my entire body came alive, my skin felt extremely sensitised and I wanted to touch every inch of his delectable body.

He could feel my lips against his skin and the enticing, tantalising seduction of my tongue maltepe escort bayan as I lapped at his throbbing cock, igniting white hot ripples of pure pleasure coursing through his entire body. He cradled the back of my head with one large palm, as he thrust his hips slightly, wanting, and needing to be fully sated.

Feeling his hand as it moved to the back off my head, urging me on as I took his cock more fully into my mouth and began to suck and lick in a wild frenzy. My lips tight around his cock as my head began bobbing up and down allowing my hot mouth to move up and down the length of his cock. His other hand was soon on my ass as he gave me a gentle spank.

Knowing he was so close to exploding and wanting to feel this amazing cock in me I placed my own selfish need for satisfaction ahead of anything else. Wasting no time I raised my head from his cock and quickly moved so that I was straddling his lap. It was a tight squeeze in a small car, but one we managed to achieve in our quest for the ultimate orgasm and connecting of our bodies.

Lifting my ass up slightly so that I could feel the tip of his rock hard cock pressed against my moist pussy. In one swift movement I lowered myself fully, at the same time as he thrust his hips up allowing his cock to glide effortlessly into my already fully aroused pussy. Moaning in total pleasure as his shaft penetrated so deep inside me, filling me.

Kissing his lips in a searing, mind blowing kiss I started to ride his throbbing cock. Grinding my highly sensitive clit against him as his large palms clasped my hips, urging me on.

I needed desperately at that moment to watch his face as his body was engulfed in his climax. Leaning slightly back, the steering wheel pressed against my spine as the fingers on one of my hands dug into his magnificent chest and I rode his cock faster and harder.

My full, firm breasts were bouncing as I moved my other hand behind me and found his tight balls, which I cupped in the warm, soft palm of my hand and began kneading. Prickles of heat swept across my skin as my legs tightened against him.

His body tensed as a look of pure ecstasy showed on his face and a shudder ran through his body. The white hot pleasure he felt consuming every fibre of his being was robbing him of the ability to breathe, until he exploded. This was enough to take me over the edge.

“Fuck yesssss!” we moaned in unison as my tight, wet, hot, folds contracted over and over around his engorged shaft. Feeling him shoot deep inside, filling me, as an orgasm swept through me, consuming my entire body. My body continued to contract, milking his cock dry.

I knew he was watching me as my eyelids closed and my long dark lashes lay in a crescent shape across my skin, my tongue running over my sensual mouth. The look of pure fulfilment, I knew, would be etched on my face.

His hands reached to me and pulled me to him, as he cradled me against the warmth of his hard body. His hand moved along my soft, silky back, slowly shaping every intricate shape and crevice along my spine as our bodies moulded together. I savoured his touch, as my fingers gently ran over the back of his other hand.

Later as I caught a glimpse of my face in the mirror, as I reapplied my makeup, I knew by the expression on my face that just the thought of meeting him had left a permanent smile on my beaming face.

If we ever met again I could only imagine how much more erotic that next encounter could possibly be. He was a man you would want to fuck first thing in the morning and last thing at night, and still find wildly hot and exciting.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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