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My sister Sarah had been my little personal slut for several lust filled weeks whilst she was living at home and pregnant, but then she returned to her ex-boyfriend and father of her child, Jack. I was angry at first, remembering all the stuff she’s said about being addicted to my cock while we fucked. Maybe she was just addicted to whatever cock was balls deep inside her at the time.

I wondered whether to confront her. After all, I knew a pretty big secret that she didn’t want to get out: that she has been fucking her own brother. But I guess we’d both broken the law with our incestual shagging and so that might not be wise. I decided to bide my time. We didn’t see much of each other the next few months anyway; she gave birth and was busy with her new baby.

She might be keeping busy but now it was my turn to be going out of my mind with horniness. I didn’t have a girlfriend and most of the girls around town were weary of being labelled a slag unless you made an effort to date them so I hadn’t got laid for weeks. I was bemoaning this state of affairs over beers with the rugby lads one Friday night at our usual haunt, the Blue Cock pub. They were sympathising but most of them had girlfriends now and I imagined were getting their balls drained regularly.

It was my turn to buy the round and I made my way through the busy crowds to the bar, to be served by Sandra, the busty wife of the landlord, Frank. She was looking good for a woman in her late 40s, with her blonde hair in a bob, a pleasingly curvaceous body and big tits which she seemed to enjoy showing off with low cut tops. It turned out to be the pint of best bitter which did it. She pulled the tap and a mere dribble poured out. “Frank,” Sandra shouted down the bar, “the barrel of best needs changing.”

“I’m busy,” he shouted back. “Get this strapping young lad to help you.”

So before you knew it, I was down in the basement of the pub, along with Sandra, with my mates in the crowded pub upstairs. She unconnected the old barrel from the beer lines and showed me where to carry it, and then where to pick up the new one and bring it over. It was heavy and as I staggered over I noticed Sandra looking me up and down.

“Your muscles are really bulging as you carry that, love,” she said dreamily. “Has anyone ever told you that you look like that rugby player Ali Price?”

“Yeah, a few times,” I replied. “Depends if you’re a fan or not?”

“You could say that. I get wet whenever I see him!”

I couldn’t believe her reply; it was unexpectedly forward. I’d never been with a woman more than a few years older than me before. Sure, I’d watched MILF porn, but I’d never seriously thought about actually fucking a much older woman. But here I was, alone in the basement with a woman who apparently got turned-on by a guy who looked like me. And I was horny as fuck. I decided to press my luck. I put the barrel down and waited for Sandra to bend over and reach across to connect it. As she did I walked up close behind her and pretended to accidentally bump into her.

“Sorry Sandra, do you need a hand with that?”

“No, that’s fine, I’ve got it,” she giggled. “But I could use a hand with something else while you’re there.”

Now I wasn’t sure who was leading who on. “What would that be?”

She wiggled her arse against my crotch. “Well I said what happens when I see Ali Price, and you look just like him.”

My cock was growing very hard, very fast inside my jeans. I pushed into her curvaceous arse and reached my arms up to take hold of her waist. I leaned forward, moving my head closer to hers. “So you’re getting wet right now are you?” I asked.

“Ah ha, and you’re getting hard. I could use a horned up younger man giving me a good seeing to just now,” she replied.

“I think I’ve got just the tool for the job,” I whispered into her ear, then reached forward as she turned her head and kissed her.

She broke off the kiss after a bit of tonguing each other’s mouths. “We don’t have long, Frank could be down at any minute if another barrel needs changing,” she said.

I quickly straightened up, unbuckled by belt and pushed my jeans and boxers down my thighs. Sandra was wearing jeans and she did the same, leaving her naked arse on full show to my leery view. She reached an arm back and took hold of my now rock-hard dick.

“Mmm, nice, I’m going to enjoy this,” she said, as she guided me to her willing cunt. I thrust forward as soon as she took her hand off and noticed she moved to brace herself against the barrel that she was bent over. “Fuck me hard, Aiden,” she instructed.

I wasn’t one to disobey such a request and slid in to the hilt in single thrust. She was dripping wet and although not the tightest pussy I’d ever been in, it felt really warm. She groaned as I filled her and I wasted no time in pistoning in and out of her with a hard, rapid pace.

I was grunting with each thrust. I couldn’t believe this older woman’s pussy felt so nice wrapped around my dick. She really seemed to know what she was doing and it felt canlı bahis like she was gripping at my cock with the walls of her pussy as I slid in and out. I imagined what it would be like if anyone did come down here an found us, both with our jeans pushed down, me pounding into this horny lady bent over a beer barrel.

At one point I stood her up slightly and looked round, as I continued to fuck her from behind, and noticed she had a pretty bushy set of blonde pubes. I hadn’t fucked a woman with a muff before, but it was hot in its own way. I bent her back over and reached round to find her clit with my fingers. Sandra started to push back against my cock. “Shit, you feel so good inside me, I want you to fill me up.”

I grunted in reply and increased my tempo. Before long I felt that familiar rush and squirted my load deep inside her. “Fuck yeah,” I bellowed as I did, feeling her clutching wet cunt wrapped round my throbbing dick.

After briefly catching my breath, I pulled out of her and pulled-up my boxers and jeans. Sandra quickly pulled her panties and jeans up as well. “Thanks babe, that was just what I needed,” she said as she did, and gave me a peck on the lips. “Now let’s get upstairs before anyone notices we’re missing.”

We returned to the bar and Sandra finished pouring my pint. As she passed it to me, she leaned forward across the bar and whispered to me, “your cum is leaking into my panties right now,” then winked. I returned to my friends with a smile on my face.

After that, I started to think about older women a bit more. I’d always just really looked at girls near my own age but now I started thinking more about what pleasure an experienced, mature cunt could bring to my never-quite-sated horn.

Inevitably, my thoughts soon took me to the older woman I lived with: my Mum. I’d never thought about her sexually before, and she seemed happily married to my Dad, but I started to notice her more and more around the house. Like Sandra, she was an attractive woman. She was in her mid-40s, not wafer thin but not plump at all, with a good cleavage, and long light brown hair. There was something a bit like Catherine Zeta-Jones about her. She kept in good shape, too, with yoga and gym visits albeit she also knew how to enjoy nice food and wine.

I’d watch her as she went around the house doing mundane tasks and noticed her body. Her curves. Her breasts which seemed just the right size to be a nice handful without looking too big to be in proportion with her body. And when I lay in bed wanking, she increasingly replaced Sarah in my fantasies. I wondered what her pussy looked like, felt like, tasted like.

For a few weeks I put this all down to fantasy that would remain unfulfilled. She was my own mother, for fuck sake. It was still amazing enough that my sister had fucked me and my brother, but I couldn’t realistically think anything would happen with another family member. Then fate intervened.

As was common on a Saturday, Dad has gone off to play golf and I went off to play rugby. During the game, however, a pipe burst and flooded our changing rooms. We couldn’t shower and change as usual. It was February, I was cold and wet, and now this. I grabbed my bag and ran home, still in my muddy rugby kit. I was planning to get in, go upstairs to my room and strip my kit off there then jump in the shower. I took my boots off and walked inside. I hadn’t got three paces past the front door before my mother intercepted me.

“Aiden Sutton, what are you doing?!” she shouted at me. She had always been fastidious about keeping the house spotlessly clean and here I was bringing mud into her house, about to traipse it up her cream-carpeted staircase.

“Sorry Mum, the changing rooms at the club flooded, I couldn’t shower or get changed there so I just had to get home,” I explained.

“So you thought you could just leave a trail of mud all over my house, my carpets?” She sounded pretty angry.

“Sorry, I didn’t think, what else am I supposed to do?”

“Come here, right now,” she replied, and took hold of my arm, leading me off the hallway into our utility room. “You could just walk into here without making a mess on the carpets and put that dirty kit in the washing machine.”

“Yes Mum.”

“Go on then.”


“I don’t trust you not to make a mess. Take your kit off now and put it in the washing machine!” she yelled.

I wasn’t going to disobey. I took my socks off first and handed them to her, then removed my rugby top and handed that to her too. She crouched down and put them straight into the washing machine, then turned around to face me. That’s when I noticed her looking at me. I wasn’t sure for a second, but then I was sure she was looking up at my chest. I felt myself tense my muscles a bit and puff out my well developed, hairy pecs. Perhaps this could turn out more fun than I thought it was going to be. I could feel my cock twitch a bit and start to grow. Not quite into a full erection yet, but a nice semi.

I then very slowly took hold of the waist of my bahis siteleri rugby shorts and started to pull them down over my thighs. “These are muddy too, Mum,” I said as I lowered the shorts.

“Well give them here as well then,” she replied, sounding distracted. She remained crouched down by the washing machine and couldn’t seem to take her eyes off me, although she had now moved from looking at my chest to my thighs.

I lowered the shorts down very slowly but did take them all the way off, kicking them off the last bit and handing them to Mum. She took them and put them in the washing machine, then turned back to face me again. There was an erotic charge in the air, and I felt my dick get fully hard. Whilst I usually wore boxer briefs, for rugby I wore a jock strap. It wasn’t leaving much to the imagination as I was now stood wearing just the jock strap, with my erect cock pushing it out obscenely.

It was time to push my luck: now or never. “These are dirty too, Mum,” I said.

“Pardon?” she replied, looking up from gazing directly at my crotch to looking up at my face.

“These get really sweaty; they need washing too.” Before she objected, I hooked my fingers into the waist band and started to pull my jock strap down. My cock bounced up as it was suddenly freed, and then I shoved the jock strap down my legs and left it pooled round my feet. “Want to pick them up for me?” I asked.


“I’m a bit sore after the match, could you pick up my jock strap and save me bending down please Mum?” She lent forward and I lifted my feet in turn to release my sweaty underwear, which she then picked-up, then turned and placed in the washing machine. Then she turned to again face me, her now stark-naked son who was stood there with a hard cock poking right out towards her. She seemed to be in a trance. Would the erotic spell break and would she kill me, or could I push it further?

She was fully staring at my penis. Pushing it further seemed worth a shot. “Sorry Mum,” I said, “my dick has a mind of its own, especially after a good workout or match, and especially when there’s a hot woman looking at it.”

“That’s no way to talk to your mother, Aiden”, she replied, but didn’t stop looking at my cock, or the precum which had leaked out of my slit and was glistening. She licked her lips.

“Well my mother is currently staring at my dick and practically drooling. I think you want to touch it.”

“We can’t.”

“It’ll be our little secret; I can tell you’re curious. Just reach up and have a touch, see how it’s changed over the years. Go on.”

She suddenly reached forward with her right arm and tentatively took hold of my cock, then wrapped her fingers right round it. “It’s certainly grown over the years, Aiden. You’re a good-looking guy, and this is a really nice-looking penis.”

“It needs a lot of attention Mum. Just give it a stroke for me, please.”

“I really shouldn’t, this is so wrong.”

“But it feels so good,” I replied, taking hold of her hand with my own and moving it up and down the shaft. She kept moving her hand, so I let go and was pleased she continued.

“I’ve been wondering what you looked like naked for a while, since your body filled out with all the rugby,” Mum said.

“And now you’ve seen it, you’re getting horny. It’s cool, you’re such a sexy woman,” I told her. She smiled and griped my dick a bit harder as she stroked it. I suddenly stepped forward, so my dick slapped into her face.

“Sorry, I lost my balance,” I lied. She didn’t pull her face away from my dick. “You want to taste it, don’t you?” I asked. There was a hesitation, then a small nod and suddenly my Mum’s tongue was running around my cock head, then down along the shaft. She moaned, then took the whole thing in her mouth. Fuck. It felt nice and warm. I thought it would never happen, but here I was getting off with my own mother.

She sucked me for all she was worth, really worshiping my cock with her mouth and tongue. My Mum could give good head. When she tickled my balls with her fingers while deep throating me, I lost it. I started fucking my cock in and out of her mouth and was mesmerised to be looking down and seeing her lips wrapped round my shaft. The mouth that had minutes ago been telling me off was now getting me off.

“Mum, I’m gunna cum soon, need to blow,” I warned her. To my delight, she didn’t stop sucking as I shot a load deep into her throat. I felt five good spurts spray in there and Mum swallowed every drop. She kept sucking my cock slowly for another minute, then let it drop out her mouth.

I’d just got sucked off by my own mother, who was clearly horny but still fully dressed. I helped her up from her crouching position and held her round the waist. “That was amazing,” I told her, and lent forward to kiss her. She kissed me deeply, and I could taste some of my cum on her tongue. It felt pretty naughty. I wondered about trying to get her undressed, but she pushed me away.

“I’m glad you enjoyed it, but I shouldn’t have done that. No regrets, bahis şirketleri but it can’t happen again,” she said firmly, turned and walked out the room. I walked naked up to my room in a post-orgasmic bliss.

It had happened though, like it did with Sarah, and that led to some really horny sex. Over the next few days Mum seemed to be avoiding my gaze round the house, but I was going to try my luck again as soon as I got a chance.

A week later that happened. I usually like to shoot my load daily, sometimes more, and I’d wanked a few times over the image of Mum on her knees in front of me slurping my dick, but I’d held off for a few days in anticipation of another chance with her. I didn’t know how or when, just that I wanted her lips wrapped round my cock again as soon as I could.

Dad was out late at work and it was dark when the lightbulb in the living room went. I was instructed to get a ladder and change it. Opportunity knocked once more.

“Mum, I need you to hold this ladder as I move around screwing the old bulb out and new bulb in,” I told her, emphasizing the word screwing more than perhaps was necessary. In no time, I was up a step-ladder with my crotch near my Mum’s face again. I was getting erect just from the proximity. As I was wearing chinos, the bulge was pretty obvious. I didn’t rush the job but eventually got the new lightbulb in.

I looked down and Mum was fully staring at my crotch, which was tented by my achingly hard dick. I suddenly reached down and unbuttoned my chinos.

“Aiden, what are you doing?” Mum asked.

“You’re staring at my dick again Mum, and I’m horny again,” I replied, and pushed my chinos and boxers down my thighs.

“We can’t be doing this, I’m your mother for Christ’s sake,” she said.

“But you enjoyed it last time, I know you did, and so did I. We’re both horny, consenting adults and I can tell you like my cock. I just get so horny, please help me out again.” It wasn’t the smoothest of lines, but it did the trick. Mum reached forward and before long took hold of my hard-on again. Shit. It felt good having her stroke it again, her little hand making my dick look so big.

“Yeah that’s it, Mum, I can’t forget you sucking me off before. I want to get my dick in your beautiful mouth again,” I sighed as she slowly wanked my dick up and down. In seconds she was wrapping those lips round my shaft again and then I felt her tongue working round my cock head, swirling all over it. This was definitely worth the wait.

I was up a step-ladder in our living room and my mother was giving me one of the best blowjobs of my life, sucking my cock for the second time in a week. It felt amazing as she worked her tongue along my dick, round my balls, then took my cock deep into her mouth again. She knew exactly what she was doing. I was thrusting in and out of her mouth and looking down at her breasts jiggling.

“Yeah, that’s it, suck your son’s big, hard dick Mum,” I said after a few minutes. She seemed to suck me with even more enthusiasm at that. She seemed to be getting off on this too. “Your mouth feels so good wrapped round my dick. We shouldn’t be doing this, but it feels so good. It can be our little family secret, you can suck my cock anytime you want,” I told her.

She took her mouth off my dick momentarily. “You’re a horny little bastard. I love my son’s thick, hard dick fucking my slutty little face, it’s true,” she said, before resuming the suck. Shit, Mum was sluttier than I thought. I started really fucking her mouth.

“I’m getting close Mum, you’re making your son need to shoot his big load again with your hot little mouth,” I told her, then pulled out her mouth. “Now wank my cock and watch it spray.” She reached up without hesitation and started jerking me firmly. I wanted to mark her with my cum, and it seemed she was game. Within seconds I felt my balls tighten, then the first spurt fired out my slit and landed right on Mum’s face. Bulls eye. She kept stroking and another four big ropes of cum sprayed out my cock and landed on her face, followed by another couple of bits that dribbled out onto her hand.

When I finally finished, my Mum’s face was covered, as was her top by her breasts. Splattered. It looked so hot. My legs felt a bit weak and I gingerly descended the step ladder and walked round to Mum. I looked into her cum covered face. “Mmm, that was so fucking hot Mum,” I said, and reached over to run my index finger across her face, gathering some of my load onto into. A I hoped, she opened her mouth and sucked it off my finger. I did this a few more times.

I then reached down with my other hand and pressed it under the belt of her trousers and her underwear, groping at her cunt. She was absolutely soaked. She really had been turned on my sucking me off. “You’re my slut now, a slut for your son’s cock,” I told her.

Apparently, she was willing to have my dick fucking her face but saying that was going to far. “I’m not your slut, Aiden. I’m a horny woman but I’m your mother. You’ve got a fit body, a nice cock and there’s something kinky about taking your dick into my mouth, I admit, but this only happens when I want. You’d be wanting me to suck you off every day otherwise,” she said. I withdrew my hand from her crotch, and she walked off.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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