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Big Tits

I was standing on the lawn working the flower garden when Velma, my stepmother, drove in. She parked the car in the garage, got out and came to where I was standing. She pulled her skirt up to the tops of her stockings, spread her legs apart and began pissing. It sprayed on her stocking tops and a little ran down her legs. After about a minute, the stream became a trickle and she dropped her skirt.

“Did you get a good look at my pussy darling?” she asked.

“No I didn’t because you didn’t have your skirt pulled up high enough.” I said.

She pulled it up to her waist and said “Now can you see it? You know you’re going to be eating it later tonight don’t you?”

She had a hairy belly and lots of fur between her legs and I loved seeing her without panties or Directoire Knickers. She knew that so she teased me from time to time by leaving them off then showing me her hairy cunt.

“He’s waiting inside so he can fuck you before he leaves on his trip tonight. He’ll be happy to see you aren’t wearing panties or DK’s. Then he can just stick his fucking uncut cock in your hairy cunt.” I told her.

She dropped her skirt, turned away and headed into the house. Her cinnamon colored stockings had black seams and heels and were nice and straight. I wondered if they would look that nice when daddy got done fucking her.

I finished my work in the flower garden and headed indoors to clean up. As I passed the bedroom of my father and stepmother I heard her moaning and saying “You big motherfucker. You’ve got me soaking wet with that big cock of yours. Now give me your baby batter and knock me up. I want to have a baby.”

I washed my hands and face, then went to the kitchen and put dinner in the oven to cook. I had a nice roast with potatoes and a vegetable. That would give daddy a good meal before he left on his trip to Texas. He thought he had Velma and me faked out by telling us he was traveling alone. However, we both knew he had a bedroom on the train and was taking Barbara, his red haired whore, along with him. He would be fucking her while he was gone but he thought we didn’t know about it.

I went upstairs and changed clothes and washed up a little better then went back down. As I passed their bedroom I heard her say to daddy “Now get my sheer black panties out of my dresser drawer then let me get that cock of your in my mouth to suck it clean. I need to pull your foreskin back so I can clean the head of it, then I’ll pull your foreskin back down over the head of it darling.”

I went to the kitchen and began preparing a pitcher of martinis, because I knew they would want a cocktail or two before dinner. I no sooner had the pitcher of drinks made then they both appeared in the eating area of the kitchen. They were both wearing short robes and I could see right away that Velma had changed stockings because she had on a lighter colored pair than when she had come in the house from flashing me.

Daddy told Velma he had forgotten the cigarettes so he turned and left. She quickly flashed me letting me see the sheer black panties she had put on. I could see the crotch was already quite wet.

“I had to change stockings.” she said. “He was like a stallion and flooded me with his semen, but it was thin and began running out of my cunt almost as soon as he took his cock out. He dribbled all over both of my other stockings as he got off of me to get my panties, so I had to change stockings. Now it is still running out and my panties are already soaking wet.”

That’s fine with me.” I replied. “When he leaves I’ll wash your cunt or we’ll shower together and you can just leave your panties off. Are you going to want me to fuck you tonight darling?” I asked.

“Of course I am.” Velma replied. “Probably more than once. I must be in heat I’m so horny. His cock felt good, but I know yours will be just as good if not better.”

Daddy returned with the cigarettes, so she closed her legs together and pulled her robe closed. He sat down and I got three glasses and poured the martinis. Daddy lit cigarettes for he and Velma and I lit my own. He told us his train would be back late Saturday afternoon, if it was on time and we could have dinner together.

Velma and I looked at each other knowing he would be fucking Barbara all the time he was gone and probably on the train coming home. He told me there were a couple of things he wanted done while he was gone and also to do whatever Velma asked me to do. That was all either of us needed. She and I knew what we were going to do.

Dinner was ready, so I took it from the oven, set the table, and we ate. We each had another martini with dinner, then daddy got up to go dress. As he got up, his robe parted and I could see his long cock hanging down on his thigh. He quickly pulled it back together and they both got up and left. I cleared the table and went to go up to my bedroom.

As I walked by their bedroom I heard daddy tell Velma to “suck my cock you horny bitch. I’ll flood your mouth with more semen.” canlı bahis That must have been all it took because the next thing I heard was him telling her he was going to blast off in her mouth.

“You big motherfucker. That was a huge drink you gave me.” she told him. “Now get dressed so I can take you to the transportation center.”

They came out of the bedroom about ten minutes later. Velma was still wearing the same stockings she had been wearing when we were having cocktails so apparently daddy didn’t slop love juice all over them when he shot his load in her mouth.

“I will drop him off at the transportation center then come home after the train leaves.” Velma said.

“I’ll be here waiting for you.” I replied. They left and I cleaned up the kitchen then went and changed into my lingerie. I knew Velma would want me to be in my garter girdle, stockings, and pumps anyway..

Forty five minutes later Velma returned and came into the living room.

“You’ll never guess who I saw at the transportation center.” she said.

“Who?” I asked.

“None other than Barbara. Isn’t that a coincidence that she was taking the same train your daddy was taking?” she asked.

“Was she dressed up or was she wearing blue jeans?” I asked.

“She had on a dress, stockings, and heels, so I would call that dressed up.” she replied.

“Did she see you?” I asked.

“I don’t think so, but who cares? I’ve got you to myself for three days and I’m going to fuck your nuts off of you while he’s gone.” she said. “I see you decided to slip into something more comfortable while I was gone. Now I can see that wonderful cock of yours.”

“Now let me take off my dress so you can what I’m wearing under it. Then I want you to help me pee. I

shouldn’t have had that third martini, but they were very good and ice cold.

We went into the bathroom and she sat on the stool, spread her legs apart so I could watch and began to pee. She took my cock in her hand and began jacking me off. She finished and we went to her bedroom.

She slipped out of her dress and slip and was wearing a beautiful black eight strap garter belt holding up long black stockings and a sheer black nylon cut out bra that showed off her nipples and areolae quite clearly.

“Now let me play with that lovely long prick of yours my dear. I need to put it in my mouth and suck it till it gets erect, then slide your foreskin back over the head and slip it inside my wet cunt. I want a load of your hot semen filling my wet cunt up.” she told me. “If I get pregnant, no one will know if you or your father is the daddy of it.”

She began jacking me off, then stuck my prick in her mouth till I got nice and hard. Then she mounted me and slipped all the way down on my erect cock. She bounced up and down on my cock, impaling herself on it until finally she said “Blast off damn it. I need your fucking baby batter inside me right now.”

I plunged about two more times and felt my climax rising out of my nuts. Suddenly my cock spewed forth a huge load of semen inside her cunt. It spurted five or six time, then she sat quietly on it savoring the moment.

“There you horny bitch. I gave you all I have right now. Did you feel it when it blasted out the slit of my prick?” I asked her.

“Yes I felt it you cunt fucker. I thought you were never going to stop squirting inside of me. You made me have at least three orgasms. But I told you I must be in heat because I am very horny, so be ready to fuck me again later dear.” she said.

“You know I don’t eat breakfast. Just a glass of prune juice and some coffee. About fifteen minutes later I have to shit. Would you be kind enough to wash my asshole after I finish and wipe myself? Your very manly daddy doesn’t like to do that for me, but if you wash me off, I’ll play with your cock and then suck you off.” Velma said.

“Sure. I would love to do that. I’ll use nice warm water and soap a wash cloth up real good and get your asshole all nice and clean. Maybe even wash your hairy cunt too. Then I’ll play with you if you want me to.” I replied.

“Let me slip on a pair of panties so your pollen doesn’t run down my legs and get my stockings all wet.” She took a pair of very sheer hot pink bikini panties, stepped into them, and pulled them tightly against her cunt lips. I could see the crotch of them get wet immediately.

We sat together on the sofa and Velma played with my peter and nuts while we watched television. She jacked me and pulled my foreskin up and down on my peter. I reached up and began pinching her nipples quite gently until she told me to nurse on them. I put the right one in my mouth and began nursing on it as she pulled me tighter against it. Suddenly Velma shuddered and I knew she had climaxed.

She pushed my mouth away from her teat and said “I want to suck your cock now. If you blast off in my mouth, I’ll just simply swallow all your semen and sperm. Would you like me to suck your prick darling?”

As she bahis siteleri slipped her mouth over my semi erect cock, I felt her nylon covered legs and worked my way up to her hairy cunt. The panties in her cunt were definitely damp so I knew my semen was leaking out very slowly. She began sucking my cock with more enthusiasm until I was rock hard again. As she sucked me, she also fondled my nuts and I knew she was trying to get me to blow a load in her mouth.

“Do you want me to shoot in your mouth?” I asked.

She simply nodded her head up and down so I let her continue until I felt my nuts ready to explode again. I erupted in her mouth and Velma just gobbled my pollen as fast as my peter could spurt it out.

“Why doesn’t daddy like to wash your ass after you shit in the morning? I can only imagine it is very loose and just one big blast off, then you’re finished. Wipe it and you’re ready for me to wash it.” I said.

“That’s about it.” Velma replied. “I always flush the toilet immediately, so there is no lingering aroma. It feels good when my ass gets washed with nice warm water and soap.”

I’ll take good care of it in the morning.” I told her. “When I’m finished with you, you’ll be wanting to fuck my prick again. I’m thinking you’re a bit of a cock hound anyway. Letting me see your pussy when I’m out working in the garden or showing it to me when you are only wearing a robe with daddy in another room so he can’t see you.”

“Oh. I have a couple of other little things I like and enjoy too. Your father thinks they are just great and it makes him happy when I let him do them to me.” she said.

“Like what?” I asked.

“Well, I sometimes let him paint my areolas with liquid rouge to make them nice a dark. I also let him put a ball gag in my mouth and take a soft leather whip and smack my ass a few times. You should see how much more erect his cock gets when I let him do that to me.” she said. “The leather is soft so it doesn’t mark my ass.”

“Does he enjoy doing it to you?” I asked her.

“I guess he must because he almost shoots his load of baby batter on my back when he does it. He can hardly wait for me to get his cock in my mouth so he blow his nuts off.” she replied. “Besides, you need to know I am bi sexual. I enjoy eating women’s pussies too. That’s why Beulah comes over every so often. She needs me to eat her cunt. She also likes for me to piss all over her. Now I think we need to get some rest, so come join me in bed and sleep with me tonight.”

We got into bed and I gave her a long fervent French kiss and gently squeezed one of her nipples. She tweaked my cock and told me good night.

About three o’clock in the morning Velma squeezed my peter and woke me up. “I need to piss darling.” she said. “Come help me, Take these panties off me. They’re still damp from your semen leaking into them. After I pee, I’ll just leave them off.”

We went into the bathroom and she sat on the toilet. It took about five seconds and the pee was flowing out from between her cunt lips. As she sat on the toilet, she took my cock and put it in her mouth and began sucking it again.

“You’re going to get me all excited and I’m going to give you some more pollen.” I told her.

“Then do it.” she said. She sucked even harder and about twenty seconds later I erupted in her mouth, filling her so it was running out the corners of her mouth.

“You motherfucker. I love catching your sperm filled semen. It isn’t bad tasting at all.” she said. “Now put your hand under my wet cunt and play with it as you dry it off. Then we need to go back to bed and get some more sleep.”

I played with her wet hairy pussy until I had most of the moisture off her hair. I took my hand away and helped her off the toilet seat and we headed back to bed. As we laid down, I gave her nipples a little squeeze and told her I was going to nurse them in the morning.

She pulled my face over to her and said “Why don’t you just nurse them right now? It will help me go back to sleep.”

So I latched on to her left nipple and began nursing her. I probably sucked her nipple three or four minutes and suddenly felt her relax. I knew she had fallen back asleep, so I let go and turned over to go back to sleep myself.

We finally woke up about eight o’clock and I turned and gave her a huge French kiss, probing her mouth with my tongue. In turn Velma grabbed my dick and began jacking me off. I told her I needed to piss quite badly or I would piss all over her hand, so she let loose and I got out of bed and headed for the bathroom.

“No you don’t.” she said. “I get to hold your cock while you are pissing so I can direct it where I want it to go.”

We went into the bathroom, lifted the lid on the toilet and Velma proceeded to aim my cock at the bowl. My piss began flowing out the end of my foreskin and she aimed it all around the toilet bowl, getting everything wet.

I finally stopped pissing and the first thing I knew was Velma was on her knees with my bahis şirketleri cock in her mouth, sucking out the remnants of my piss.

“You’re just a fucking piss whore.” I told her. “Now get up so I can stroke your cunt. Then we need to have some breakfast and your prune juice so you can shit later on.”

She took a piece of toilet tissue, pulled my long foreskin back, and wiped the head of my cock off. Then it was off to the kitchen for breakfast.

I put the coffeepot on and poured some cereal in a bowl. She got her prune juice out of the refrigerator and poured a glassful. Coffee pot finished perking so we sat down. She drank her juice and poured a cup of coffee. I drank my orange juice, began eating my cereal and my toast. When I finished I poured coffee and lit cigarettes for both of us.

We drank coffee and smoked a couple of cigarettes, then she said “It’s time to go take a shit.”

Velma was only wearing her garter belt, stockings and two inch pumps. Her seams were nice and straight and stockings way up her thighs and tight. As I walked right behind her I flicked her ass with my hand and made her jump a bit.

“That hurt you prick. How would you like it if I popped your nuts like that?” she asked. “Let me get the ball gag and flogger. I may want you to hit me a few times after you wash my asshole.”

We got to the bathroom and Velma told me to run a half full sink of warm water. I let the water run until it was nice and warm, then put the plug in the drain to let the sink fill up. I got a wash cloth and towel as well as a pillow for her to kneel down on.

Suddenly I heard a loud fart then a roar as the shit came flying out of her asshole. She reached down with a fold of toilet tissue and wiped her ass then quickly flushed the toilet.

“Alright. I’m done.” she said.

“Then kneel down on the pillow with your legs spread apart and either hold yourself up or lay on your arms while I wash this lovely asshole of yours.” I said.

There actually wasn’t much to wash, so I rinsed her off and washed it again, drying her off after I finished the second time. “Now I’m going to wash your cunt too, but I need to get rid of this water and get some clean to do that.” I said. “You may lie on your back with the pillow under your ass or you may stand up.”

“I’ll lay on my back and spread my legs apart. Then I can just relax while you wash my pussy.” she said.

I soaped the washcloth and washed he hairy cunt until I had a good lather. I slipped the washcloth inside her cunt lips and gave her vagina a little soaping too. Then I rinsed it off and gave it a second washing.

“Darling, that feels marvelous.” she said. “I wish you father would do this for me.”

I rinsed her belly and cunt and dried her good kissed her cunt, slipping my tongue inside her vagina as I did so.

“Put my ball gag in and fasten it for me.” she said. “I want five smacks on each ass cheek, then I’m either going to fuck that cock of your or let you blow your nuts off in my mouth.” she said.

I fastened the gag, and she got her knees back on the pillow. I gently popped each cheek a couple of times and through the gag she yelled “harder.”.

So I really whacked each cheek another three times, making them a little red. I unfastened the ball gag and Velma quickly turned around and took my flaccid prick in her mouth. She sucked me and jacked me off for about twenty seconds until I erupted with a huge load of sperm filled semen in her mouth.

She just swallowed all of it, continuing to jack my rigid cock and sucking all the semen off of it.

“You’re simply great dear. We are going to have to keep this little tryst going even when your father is in town. You do things to me he wouldn’t dream of doing such as washing my pussy, then eating me out. Now we need to straighten the bathroom up a bit and I need to put on a different pair of stockings. These need to be washed.”

Why don’t you put on a pair of “fuck me” stockings?” I asked her.

“Are those the ones you gave me for Christmas darling?” she asked.”The ones I had to tell your father that I had bought myself?”

“Yes. The Manhattan heel or the Outline heel ones. They are both sexy looking on your legs.” I told her.

“I will pick a pair and put them on for you. Do you need to change any of your lingerie dear? I guess I didn’t tell you that Beulah is coming over about one this afternoon and will want to spend some time with me so she can eat my pussy.”

“Is she a lesbian Velma?” I asked. “How about Mary Alice? Is she one too?”

“Beulah loves women, but Mary Alice is like me. She is bisexual and I know a couple of men who have fucked her.” she replied.

“Maybe I’ll get a chance to see what Beulah has to show off. Big teats or a very hairy belly and cunt.” I said. “Perhaps if I am “in drag” and she sees my peter, she’ll get a surprise not ever having seen it before. Has she seen daddy’s cock?”

“Yes. She saw your father’s cock one weekend when we were still going together. He stayed at the apartment and she came in about one o’clock in the morning, a little intoxicated, and saw him fucking me. Got a little upset, but just told him he had a nice fat cock.” Velma replied.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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