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As she passed by her bag, Kate pulled a tightly rolled towel out and shook it loose. I did the same and joined her in the bright sunlight on the cushions. With no wasted motions, she quickly swiped herself dry and tossed the towel onto the bench. Then she watched me finish up. When I was dry, I threw my towel on top of hers. She grinned once more and stepped close to me, her stomach nudging against my semi-hard cock. Her nipples were still tight from arousal and the cold water.

“So…” she said as her arms snaked around my neck.

“So,” I said with a smile, bending to bring our lips together.

Her tongue darted once more into my mouth and my arms went around her fully, pulling her close. She tasted faintly of saltwater and sun, and her body was still cool against mine. As she moved, though, the space between us warmed quickly and I felt her sway from side to side, stimulating my cock to full erection almost immediately. She giggled when she felt its heat and gave an extra hard push against it.

“Are you ready for me now?” she whispered against my lips.

“Fuck, yes!” I groaned back.

Releasing her hands, I moved back to give us room to sink down onto the cushions together. Kate, however, had other ideas. She dropped quickly to her hands and knees facing the bow, looking back over her shoulder at me with smouldering eyes. Her knees were spread wide to rest on side-by-side cushions, and her pussy gaped open lewdly, glistening with arousal. One hand slicked back her hair while the other held her up, and she reached back when she was done pendik escort to pull her ass to the side, opening herself even more.

“Welcome aboard,” she said in pleasant tones that masked her eagerness, mostly.

“Jesus Christ, Kate!” I moaned in appreciation, my knees thumping onto the cushions inside her calves. “You look so fucking sexy!”

“Stop saying fuck and fuck me, will you?” she replied in a more normal, albeit urgent, voice.

“Aye aye, ma’am!” I snapped, running my cockhead up and down her slit for a moment.

Kate’s hand returned to the deck when I grabbed her hips. When I drove myself into her with one long, steady stroke, her back arched in pleasure and a moan escaped her lips.

We had done the romantic thing already, and with the clock ticking away, I knew I had to make the most of our time together. I felt her inner muscles throb a little as they adjusted to the intrusion of my cock, and when they stopped, I pulled back all the way and then thrust forward again. I’m no college kid intent on pounding into a woman like a jackrabbit, but I did want to fuck her hard and deep at that point, and I held her firmly in place as I started to pump into her. Each penetration drew a gasped exhalation from her lungs. I was breathing deeply as well, trying to control my arousal long enough to make it good for her. The sun beat down hard on her back and my shoulders, making me squint against its glare. Soon I felt sweat stinging my eyes and I saw the sheen of her back muscles as they tensed each time I pushed against her. My hands left maltepe escort her hips and stroked her from ass to shoulders, gliding along the soft skin as I buried my cock in her again and again. My eyes closed and all my attention became focused on the slippery clasp of her pussy as it grabbed and then released me with every stroke.

My hands were on Kate’s waist when she abruptly dropped to her elbows. I felt the change of angle but kept driving myself in and out of her, hitting a different spot within her that seemed to make it better for her. Each gasp became a moan, and her body tilted as she slipped one hand beneath herself. I felt her fingertips brush my cock as she added her own stimulation, and I could only assume she was playing with her clit again, pushing herself toward orgasm as I thrust relentlessly into her depths. With that encouragement, I took a firmer hold of her and went a little harder with each thrust, not speeding up but letting my abdomen smack into her ass and my hip bones into the backs of her thighs each time I bottomed out.

The stimulation of her fingers and my cock brought Kate to orgasm in record time. I grinned to myself, knowing how lucky that was because I was close as well. The buildup of swimming and feasting on her pussy and now seeing her luscious ass in front of me was taking its toll.

Kate’s orgasm rippled through her body like a wave. A quick chorus of “oh yes…oh yes…oh GOD!” broke from her hips and she went rigid under my hands, her pussy throbbing wildly.

Her upper body fell forward kartal escort onto the cushions, her legs straightening out behind her, and I followed her down, pinning her there with a few more driving thrusts. The intensity of her muscles gripping me and the sudden rush of lubrication around my cock was enough to set me off as well. My hands planted on either side of her waist, I drove down into her one more time and exploded wildly, my cock throbbing and pulsing at a steep angle inside her body, my belly tight against her beautiful smooth ass. As my orgasm eased, I let myself fall forward until my body lay atop hers, not crushing her but needing the full contact of her skin on mine at that moment. My chin rested on her shoulder as her body quivered beneath me.

As I caught my breath, I felt Kate continue to shiver beneath me. Women’s orgasms are mysterious and wonderful, and I smiled as I felt the flutter of her core continue for thirty seconds more after I was spent. Not wanting to distract her, I kissed her shoulder softly and willed my cock to stay where it was for another minute.

When the tension in her back eased, she brought her hand up and pillowed her head on folded arms. Her face turned to the side, smiling blissfully. Still careful not to let her bear my full weight, I leaned up and kissed her cheek. Her smile broadened, her eyes closed against the bright light. All at once, I felt the breeze on my back again and the soft motion of the waves passing beneath us.

“All good?” I whispered, brushing a damp strand of hair back behind her ear.

“SO good!” she sighed happily.

“I’m so glad you came along,” I told her sincerely.

“Me too! Lucky for you I have no impulse control, right?”

“SO lucky!” I murmured, my own eyes closing as I laid my head on her shoulder again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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