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I was round at my girlfriends one evening watching telly, I was lying on my back on the sofa and she was lying on her back on top of me. My hands were being playful on her stomach and I could tell that we were both thinking naughty thoughts. I started to nuzzle into her neck and she raised her arm up and over to the back of my head and started playing with my hair, pushing my head into her. Before long we were kissing and my hands were getting more adventurous, starting to play with her breasts.

“I can’t move my hands down further…” I said suggestively.

“What? Like this..?” she replied. She then took her hand and moved it down her stomach and over her crotch, playing with herself through her jeans.

My cock instantly hardened and she must have felt it against her back. “Fuck that’s sexy” I remarked breathlessly.

“You like that?” She asked, then proceeded to slowly unbuckle her belt and slide her hand into her trousers. We continued kissing, her left hand on the back of my head, her other hand inside her trousers playing with herself, my hands playing with her breasts and our bodies gyrating with each other. “Hmmm, you REALLY like that, don’t you Allan?” I could only moan my approval on her neck as she groaned ever so slightly. “I’ll be right back, ok honey?” and with that she got up and disappeared through to her bedroom leaving me with a raging erection in my trousers.

A couple of minutes passed where I started watching television again with sexy thoughts running through my head. Nothing could prepare me for what was going to happen though.

“I’m back!” She said behind me. I looked round and there ataşehir escort she was in the doorway in nothing but lingerie; a push up bra, sexy silk panties and stockings and suspenders. She looked amazing. I bet she felt amazing as well, she only usually dressed up like this when she was really horny. I stared at her for the longest time, soaking in her beauty. She was incredible, her breasts, her thighs, her arse, I loved her body. Eventually I got up from the sofa and walked towards her, took her in my arms and kissed her passionately.

She led me through to the bedroom and closed the door, I instantly noticed some cloth on the bed, she picked it up, folded it a couple of times and then put it round my head, blindfolding me. She then removed my T-shirt and began to undo my jeans, letting them drop to the floor. At the same time she dropped to her knees and started kissing my cock through my boxer shorts. “You won’t believe how much I’m going to tease you tonight.” Her voice and her touch were the only sensations I had of her now. She led me to the bed and threw me onto it, climbing over me and kissing me hard, I could feel her breasts on my chest through her bra and I started to grind against her body, my hands on her back, I was incredibly turned on. I could feel her hand rummaging around under her pillows but I had no idea what it was that she took from under them. When she had retrieved the objects, she sat upright on top of my stomach, my hands came to a rest on her hips.

“So, you like it when I play with myself, do you?” She purred.

“Yes!” was my instant response.

She leaned over me kadıköy escort bayan again and took my left arm in her hands moving it towards the back of the bed. When it was between the bars of the headrest she grabbed something from the bed; it was a set of handcuffs! She attached me to the bed and then took my other arm and did the same to my right hand. I was now bound and blind.

Her mouth moved to my ear; “I’m going to play with myself for you.” My cock throbbed at the thought.

She started to nibble at my ear, then slowly kissed my neck, my chest, my stomach and got to my boxer shorts which she removed expertly. My cock felt like it could erupt at any moment, I couldn’t see what she was doing but I suddenly felt a slightly wet sensation on the tip of my cock. I held my breath and then she enveloped my shaft with her mouth. At the same time I could feel her move about in the bed, I surmised that she was taking off her panties. She started to groan while my cock was in her mouth which felt incredible.

“I’m playing with myself Allan, my fingers are playing with my clit, does that turn you on?”

“Yes!” I said as my cock stiffened in her hand

“oh” she groaned, “I’m sliding a finger inside me now, it feels so good!”

She came and lay beside me on the bed, I could feel her panting as she started to concentrate on herself leaving me well alone. It was incredible to feel her body fluctuate right next to me, to hear her play with herself seeing as i couldn’t watch. Her left hand moved up my right arm and she grasped my shackled hand, holding it tight as her body reacted to what her other escort maltepe hand was doing.

“I’m so close.” She gasped.

At this point I felt her move away, she seemed to be reaching for something at the other end of the bed. When she came back I couldn’t feel her at all, then there was a sensation on my ear, something cold and plastic. Then it started buzzing. She giggled; “It’s my rabbit!” She said excitedly.

She leaned over and kissed me hard on the lips and positioned herself next to me again, this time her left leg went over mine and her hips were tantalisingly close to my still rock hard cock. She switched the vibrator on again and placed the toy between her legs. I heard her gasp as the rampant rabbit entered her, her whole body shook with pleasure and she started moaning louder now.

“Oh my god!” she screamed as she started getting closer and closer to orgasm. Her spare hand started searching around my body and finally found my massive hard-on, wrapping her fingers around it. “Oh fuck! You’re so big!” she gasped, “Oh god I want your cock inside me!” With this statement her body jerked and her moans got louder and louder.

“I want to fuck you” i said, “I want my cock inside you, I want to come!”. Her hand was rubbing up and down my shaft faster and faster in rhythm with her own masturbating bringing me to the brink of orgasm, “I’m going to come!” I screamed.

When i said this her body jolted and remained still for a split second before she moaned loudly with pleasure, wave after wave of orgasm hitting her. At the same time my orgasm overwhelmed me and my cock throbbed in pleasure with her hand still around it, my moans getting drowned out by hers.

Eventually we both came round to our senses, she took my blindfold off and uncuffed me and we cuddled into each other. It was an amazing experience and the next time she did it for me, she left the blindfold off…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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