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It started with her sitting on the table. He came to stand in between her legs and very gently kissed her cool lips. The fact that they were finally alone made the kisses grow frantic with pent up frustrations of the previous few weeks. Arms and legs became entwined, the kisses were more passionate, bodies grew hot and breathing became fast and shallow.

He started to unbutton her blouse and exposed her heaving chest. Her bra was black, in stark contrast to her soft white skin. Finally the last button was released and he roughly pulled it down over her shoulders, pinning her arms to her sides. He undid her front fastening bra and released her breasts; her nipples were erect and crying out to be bitten. As he sank his teeth into them she whispered “Don’t stop”, encouraging him to continue the small kisses, caresses and bites that were making her so hot for him. Her skin was getting feverish with desire and her breaths were hot on his neck. She threw her head back and allowed him to gently nibble and nip at her exposed neck, making her moan with pleasure.

As he removed her blouse and bra he pushed her back over the table and slid his hot body over her. Her back arched in response pushing her breasts upwards allowing him to bite them once again. He moved down towards her waist, kissing and caressing all the way. As he reached the waist of her skirt her slid his hand behind her back ataşehir escort and undid the button and zip. She lifted her bottom to make it easier for him to slide her skirt over her hips and legs. The thong she was wearing was getting wet with her mounting excitement.

He started kissing her stomach and then slid his tongue down the edge of the black lace thong making her ache with a desire she hadn’t known she was capable of. Holding her hips with his hands he pulled her roughly to the edge of the table and pushed her legs as wide as they would go, exposing her wetness to him. He got to his knees and licked the outside of the lacy thong again, this time pushing against her mound with his chin. With the fingers of his right hand he pulled the lace aside and stopped to look at her, taking a mental picture of her wetness to replay in his mind over and over.

With her wetness so obvious he couldn’t resist sliding his finger into her and flicking his tongue over her engorged clit. Her back arched off the table, small whimpers escaping from her lips as her pleasure increased. His finger slid deep into her wet pussy and then back to the very edge to make small circles, and then once again deep inside her. All the while his tongue was flicking her clit and his teeth were very, very gently nibbling. She could feel herself getting close to orgasm and told him so. As his tongue kadıköy escort bayan flicked she got closer and closer and suddenly she lost herself in her orgasm; the whimpers building to a scream. He could feel her convulsions on his fingers and pushed them deep inside until they had subsided. When her breathing had returned to a more normal rhythm she sat up and passionately sucked her cum off his fingers.

Now it was his turn…

She pulled at his t-shirt and he took it off over his head. She then slowly undid his fly and slid his trousers down; surprised to see that he had no boxers on, making it easier for her to feel his throbbing cock. She made him sit on a chair and knelt between his knees and took him in her mouth, cupping his balls with her hand. She slid her mouth up and down whilst he moaned quietly, his hands caressing the back of her neck and shoulders. As she moved her hand up she gently squeezed and released pressure, she circled the top with her index finger and thumb following this with her darting tongue, flicking at the hard, throbbing thing in her hand. His hands pushed her head down to take all of him in her mouth once again, she gagged but he didn’t seem to notice, he was getting near to his orgasm. She could feel his balls tighten in anticipation of his ejaculation, he released her head and she returned to squeezing and then releasing her escort maltepe hold on his cock, sliding her mouth up and down in a rhythm he seemed to enjoy. As he got closer to orgasm she took all of him in her mouth and felt his hot cum hit the back of her throat. She swallowed every last drop, seeming to savour his taste. She licked and sucked his cock clean and allowed him to relax while she removed her thong and sat astride him.

They started to kiss, she was running her hands over his chest pinching his nipples between her fingers and dragging her long nails over his skin bringing goose bumps to his arms. He in turn was running his hands over her body, pulling her closer to him. She could feel him get hard again and guided him into her with her hand, slowly, slowly sliding herself onto him and wrapping her legs around him. They stayed like that kissing and caressing each other until they could take no more and started to move against one another. She arched her back away from him, pushing against his chest with her hands, pushing him into her deeper and deeper.

She wanted to change position so she got off and turned round to sit on his lap, carefully sliding onto him. This allowed him to put his arms around her and caress her breasts, pinching her nipples in return. The movement quickened until they both felt themselves getting closer to orgasm. As he came inside her, he pulled her body to him and reached down between her thighs, taking her clitoris between his fingers pushing her over the edge once again.

This time they were both spent, she lay back against his chest, he held her tightly against him while their breathing returned to normal.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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