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# 3 ( the New Recruit)

Once Shree moved into my building as a neighbor or relationship blossomed. We practically were eating out of each other’s hands every day. Not to mention the sex. Hardly a day was missed when we did not make love to each other. It normally would be when either of us had to travel out of station for work.

One evening I got a call from Shree asking if she would mind someone else joining us for dinner tonight. I was okay with it as our friends usually dropped in to meet us or wine and dine with us almost 4 days a week. I was already home that day. An hour later Shree walked in with this beautiful almost delicate girl I had ever seen. That was Shamim; she had joined in Shree’s team and was new to Mumbai. She had no place to live hence Shree suggested to her that she puts up with Shree for a few days and find suitable accommodation.

Finding me ogling at her, Shamim blushed. At that same moment Shree pinched me asking what I had in mind. I winked in reply to which Shree roared in laughter. Shamim was looking confused at this exchange. Shree then introduced us and the soft silky touch of her hand stirred by junior. Shamim was still quiet and reserved when we had dinner. Shamim was a Kashmiri Muslim, the eldest of three daughters. She had no intention to move to Mumbai but the loss of her father, the only earning member of the family had Shamim seek out employment.

Days passed in a hurry. I could see slight changes in Shamim; she was now a bit more open. Also her dressing style had changed. The loose flowing dresses had been replaced by body hugging ones highlighting every curve of that angelic body. But her presence had affected our sexual life. Since Shamim always used to tag along with Shree; we were restricted to a few kisses.

I had gone out of Mumbai for a few days and returned late due to a missed flight. I opened the door of Shree’s flat and could hear muted moans of pleasure. Curious to find the source I tip toed towards the bedroom. There was a chill in the air due to the rains and Shree had not bothered to close the windows. A night lamp glowed in the bedroom and I could see to extremely hot women entwined. It took me a few seconds to realize that the other girl was none other than Shamim.

I stood there in the door transfixed watching the two lovely ladies going wilder every moment. Both of them were oblivious to my presence. Shree had clamped on to Shamim’ s pussy and was furiously licking it. Shamim had her back arched in a semi-circle and her hands were escort kartal trying to push Shree’s head deeper inside. A few moments later Shamim moaned in release and relaxed on the bed, her eyes closed and face showing a contended expression. A heavily panting Shree lay by her side.

A crack of thunder broke Shree’s reverie and our eyes met. There was a sparkle of a naughty kid in her eyes. She jumped off the bed and ran towards me. Our lips met as we hugged each other and I could taste the nectar in her mouth. I chided her for being selfish and drinking the nectar alone. She laughed but was so horny at that moment that she stripped me off in a hurry and began to suck me. I was already hard as a rock after watching the spectacle a few minutes before.

We slid down to the floor and I plunged into the hot wet cunt in one single stroke. Shree moaned in pleasure as I began to mercilessly pound her pussy. Shree’s moans stirred Shamim as well. She began to watch us from the bed. Shree whispered that Shamim was trying to explore her sexuality. All these years spent covered in a burka had made her horny as well. I asked her since when did they start. Shree replied it had been ever since I left for my tour.

Shree also told me that she is a virgin and wanted to get laid by me. Shamim had guessed about our relationship and that’s how it all began between her and Shree. I had her in my sights since the day Shree got her to her room. But did not want to hurt Shree’s feelings hence did not say anything about it. Shree was more aroused today knowing that she’s being watched. And it had a similar effect on me too. Also the long gap between our couplings had increased my craving for Shree. I turned Shree over on her tummy and began to thrust deeper inside her hot cunt. Shree had mastered the art of milking my dick. Her tight pussy muscles were gripping my tool.

Shree’s firm breasts were being mauled my rough hands. She was matching my thrusts with a reverse push. I knew I was not going to last long. That’s when I motioned Shamim to come near us. I could see Shamim’s inner thighs glistening with cum juices flowing down. Shyly she came near us. I took her hand and made her sit down. Shree came with a scream and collapsed on the floor. Seizing that moment I withdrew from her and inserted my cock into Shamim’s mouth.

The unexpected move caused Shamim to move back but I held her head and began pumping her in the mouth. Shamim responded slowly and then made my cock her own. She began to suck it maltepe escort like a kid eating candy. Shree turned around to see in time me emptying my entire load in Shamim’s mouth. Some dribbled down which was lapped up by Shree as the girls began kissing each other. I kept watching them till the time the horny ladies disengaged and Shree began laughing much to Shamim’s discomfort.

I motioned Shree towards the bed and also gathered the lovely Shamim in my hands. She was shivering out of excitement. Her pearly white skin had reddened partly out of shame and partly due to Shree’s mauling. She still tried to attempt to cover her pussy and boobs. With her head hung and eyes closed Shamim stood motionless. The demure girl was hardly 50 kg’s in weight. I easily lifted her and laid her down on the bed. I eased up next to her.

Shamim was now the center of attraction. I kissed her lightly on the lips to send another shiver through her body. Shree was running her hands on Shamim’s curvy body. Shamim still had her eyes closed. I asked her whether she really wants to lose her virginity today. She replied with a yes. It was time to take control of her. I asked Shree to lie down giving me complete access to Shamim’s body. She was already wet due to Shree’s ministrations. I slid down to see the gates of heaven.

Shamim was clean shaven, there was not a single strand of hair or any mark on that pussy. The lip folds were bright pink in color. I could see some love bites left by Shree. She had that habit of marking me too. For the first time I had even seen pink nipples. Those perky breasts were firm and full of color. As I neared her pussy, Shamim tensed a bit. Shree took it upon herself to calm Shamim. Both the girls were kissing each other passionately.

I spread Shamim’s legs further apart and I could smell that heavenly aroma which permeated from her dripping cunt. I slowly began to lap her up. At times my tongue diving inside the folds of her pussy. Shamim began to shake and shudder as my mouth began to work on the wet inviting pussy. Shree had moved towards Shamim’s breasts and with one in the mouth she was playing with the other. Shamim was breathing hard and moans began to escape from her mouth. I had regained my hardness in the meantime.

Sensing that Shamim was about to orgasm, I disengaged my mouth and quickly positioned my tool on the entrance of her pussy. Shree was still mauling Shamim’s tits. I slowly pushed my throbbing hard cock into Shamim. She was gripping the bed and had pendik escort bayan clenched her teeth. For me it was like entering a pre-heated oven. Another slight push and I sensed the presence of her hymen. Withdrawing slightly I gave another firm push impaling myself in her tight cunt. The hymen broke and Shamim screamed in agony. I could feel the warmth of her blood on my dick. Shree began to fondle her and Shamim though in pain now started to push me back. Holding her hands I began to slowly move inside her. Her virgin pussy was struggling to cope with the intrusion.

Though she was struggling, slowly I could see her facial expressions change. Being as gentle as I can, I began to now pump her in a steady motion. Shamim was panting and moaning. Shree changed positions and was now on my back. Her nails raking my body and she moved downwards to lick my asshole. I squirmed in delight at this. And I began to pump Shamim faster. Her eyes opened and I could see pure lust in them.

She began to utter obscenities in her native Kashmiri language which I could not understand but the meaning was not lost on me. She gripped my head and moved it towards her tits. I was alternately kissing her nipples and leaving a rash of love bites on her breasts. Shamim was about to cum. Her pussy muscles now began to clamp on my tool tighter at each stroke. Shree meanwhile continued to lick on my asshole and sac leading me to my own release. I grunted as I came heavily at the same time when Shamim released. Shree was happily lapping up the juices flowing out of Shamim’s pussy.

Shamim kept looking at me with unabashed lust. It was not lost on me that this girl was cock hungry. She had not said a word to me or Shubhi since we began to make love. Only the frequent moans and the streams of obscenities was what he heard. Shree cuddled Shamim and that is when Shamim uttered her first words.

“Thank you Didi ” ( Thank you Elder Sister)

“Had it not been for both of you, I would have never understood this pleasure”

“Probably only on the wedding night this would have happened to me”

“I want to be part of your sex lives till the time we stay together”

Her last statement made me happier. I had my two birds; one a dark and dusky beauty and other a pearl. I kissed Shamim full on her lips and also Shree. Cuddling both these beauties in my arms we lay there for quite a long time. Then I helped Shamim into the bathroom as she was still in some pain. Shree joined us as we showered together

I took the two beauties for dinner at a nearby restaurant where almost everyone was gawking at us and the single males were probably envious of me having two beauties. Once at home we stripped nude and fast fell asleep in each other arms. Times were changing for the better.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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