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I could hardly believe my luck. Of all the days for my alarm clock to fail to go off it had to be today. I was now sitting in the parking lot of my high school with the bus for my school camping trip probably chugging along the highway.

I listened to the rain bounce off of the rooftop of my Honda Accord, I thought about the opportunity I had probably just missed. Last Friday, I had promised Anna Duffy that I would sit with her on the bus ride up to Rice Lake in what would be my last chance to get with her (and lose my virginity) before we graduated high school the following week. Now that moment was gone and to top it off I was going to have to walk home in the rain because of the tire I popped running over a curb entering the school parking lot.

The cold rain did little to cool me off as all I could think about was fucking Anna in every way imaginable. As I mindlessly took step after step down I saw a green SUV blazing down the road right at me. I quickly ducked off of the road as the SUV swerved back onto the road after cruising down the shoulder.

“What a dumbshit.” I muttered to myself as I tried to force myself back into my fantasy. It did not take long for my mind to get back to the matter at hand of dreaming of fucking the 19 year old Anna. Anna and I are the only two 19-year olds in our senior class but only Anna has the misfortune of having her 18 year old sister in the same class.

I was about a half mile down the road when I heard a horn honk behind me. I glanced back and saw the same green SUV coming back towards me only this time it was slowly pulling beside me with the passenger side window slowly being rolled down.

“Sorry about almost hitting you back there, James.” laughed Mrs. Duffy.

“That’s alright.” I said as my voice cracked slightly. I could hardly believe it, but I was looking right at Anna and her mom as apparently Anna had missed the bus as well.

“Hop in I’ll drive you home.” She said as I quickly climbed in the back seat.

“Oh, hey Erin.” I said to Anna’s younger sister as I not-so-subtlety eyeballed her exposed legs.

She smiled at me as Mrs. Duffy explained to me that she was planning on dropping both of the girls off as the high school this morning but they were so late that Anna had missed the bus and Erin missed her cheerleading practice.

“Anna was quite upset that Erin took so long to get ready” Mrs. Duffy declared as she immaturely smiled at her older daughter.

“That’s because she wanted to flirt with James on the bus!” yelled Erin. Anna gave her death stare from the front seat but turned back around without saying a word.

“You must be freezing James, will your mom be home when we get there?”

“No,” I said “they are out of town for the weekend.”

“Well, I’m going to take you back to our place then where we can warm you up” she said as she turned.

I made awkward small talk with Anna for a few minutes as we approached their house. Erin kept smiling at me as if to laugh at my clumsiness with her sister. Anna’s embarrassment about talking to me in front of her mom and her sister did not help matters. Finally I saw the Duffy’s house on the horizon.

As the garage door closed behind me, Mrs. Duffy told me to go the upstairs bathroom where I could get cleaned up. I wandered through the living room as Erin and erotik film izle Anna plopped down on two respective couches. Anna flipped on the TV while I was walking up the stairs to the bathroom. I heard Mrs. Duffy yell at the girls to come give her a hand as I was closing the bathroom door.

I started taking off my soaking clothes and turned on the shower hoping the water would get very hot. The bathroom was very long in shape and it had two doors to it. The first one that led to the hallway had a lock on it but the one that led to Mrs. Duffy’s bedroom seemingly had no lock. I climbed in the shower and debated jacking off to relieve the sexual frustration I was feeling.

I had been in the shower for about ten minutes, soaking in the hot water trying to rid my body of the chills I had been feeling. Finally I decided I was going to have to masturbate because my mind could not get off of my fantasies. I let the hot water run over the back of my head as I started stroking my hardening cock. All I could think about at first was Mrs. Duffy’s generous chest and her plump bottom. For a woman in her late 30’s her body was delicious. Her pale skin complemented her short, dark hair as well as her shapely figure. Before I knew it, I felt the water starting to turn cold and I had to get out before it turned my skin to ice.

I quickly hopped out of the shower and quickly toweled myself off. I left the water running so no one would hear me finish myself off. I put both toilet cover down and took a seat on the toilet after eyeballing a framed picture of Mrs. Duffy and her daughters at the beach. Erin definitely had her mother’s chest; her tits were popping out of her skimpy bikini. Anna on the other was more of the tall, leggy variety. She lacked the over-tan her sister had but it worked for her.

“Mrs. Duffy, your ass is so hot.” I mumbled as I stared picture of the three women.

“I know it is.” said a smiling Mrs. Duffy. She was looking right at me as her big grin seemed to be looking at my dick. I had been so focused on the picture I had not heard her come in.

“Ummm….its a…uhh…” I mumbled.

Mrs. Duffy walked towards me with her breasts leading the way. I was frozen on the toilet cover with my hands sitting at my side. Mrs. Duffy leaned over me allowing me to look at her cleavage while she slowly reached for my cock. She lightly stroked my dick with her pointer finger as she laughed a little under her breath.

“You’ve got a nice cock here, James. I’ll tell you what it going to happen now. I haven’t had any nasty sex in too long and I am going to have it right now.

“When was the last time you ate a woman’s ass James?” Mrs. Duffy asked as she started unbuttoning her jeans. She pulled down her jeans and panties at the same time. As she stepped out of her jeans she pulled her shirt over her head. I started are her tits as they exploded out of her bra. She smiled at me and turned around. She let me stare at her ass for a moment.

She had a generous backside with a slight tan. Being a middle-age woman, her ass wasn’t tight but it was anything but saggy. Mrs. Duffy slowly backed into me while I started tonguing her crack. She moaned with delight; I could feel her rubbing her tits as she arched her back. My tongue must have teased her a bit too much because she grabbed the back of my head and film izle shoved it further into ass. Before I knew it she bent over to show me her remarkably tight pussy. I licked her slit from front to back as she shivered with delight. Finally she took hold of my rock-hard cock as if it were a joy stick.

I continued to lap as her pussy while she toyed with my cock. I was getting hornier and hornier as my eyes were staring right at her tight butthole. After I tongued her clit for a minute or so I decided it was time to eat out her ass. I wrapped my arms in between her legs to spread her cheeks.

“Eat it, James” Mrs. Duffy moaned as she prepared to swallow my cock for the first time. I began lightly licking her asshole while she enveloped my dick with her mouth. She shoved it to the back of the throat but she could not help but to bite down a bit when I tongued her ass. Her lips began to suck as hard and the vibrations of her moans gave me a sensation I had never experienced before. By this time I was tonguing her ass with circular motions while applying as much pressure as I could.

“GOD, FUCK ME!” she cried as she pulled her dripping crotch from my face.

She walked across the room, put her hands on the bathroom counter and spread her legs. She never looked at me as she waited for me to fuck her. I walked over, stroking the hardest erection I had ever had. I slid my cock into her moist pussy. It slid in very easily due to all the natural lube she had produced when I ate her out. It was incredibly warm, I felt as if I might blow my load right then and there. I fucked her slowly to start out with, not wanting to blow my load too early.

She was rubbing her clit as I fucked her pussy and I could tell that she was in ecstasy. I picked up the pace only slightly but she flew over the edge. I reached around and grabbed her breast as she began moaning ever so loudly.

“Oh my god, I’m cummmmmming…” she said in a loud whisper after a few minutes as I tried my best to fuck her as steadily as I could. She rubbed her clit feverishly as her orgasm seemed to last about twenty seconds. I pulled out of her as she seemed to be exhausted.

She was panting heavily and I was worried that she may no longer be horny and perhaps regretting what had just transpired. Slowly she began to catch her breath as she put my fears to bed.

“You are going to fuck my ass now.” she proclaimed, “I’ve needed it for so long.” She started using her palm to move her pussy juices to her ass in an attempt at natural lubrication. Soon she was fingering her ass right in front of me as I played with my cock.

“You are so hard” she said as she grabbed my dick and pulled it towards her butthole. She had only used one finger and had only done it for about a minute so she warned me that it might be a tight squeeze and to be gentle at first.

I stood back as the head of my cock pressed up against her ass. Her butthole must have been 115 degrees as the act of resting the tip of my prick against it felt amazing. I pushed it in slowly. I could hear her asshole stretching as her butt tried to swallow my cock. I pulled it all the way out and tried again. She was panting heavily again while she continued to toy with her pussy. Once again the walls of her ass creaked open under the pressure of my stiff cock as I slowly shoved the entire length seks filmi izle of it down her ass.

“YEESSSSS!” she proclaimed, “just keep it still for a bit.” I followed her orders as I let her ass get used to my cock. Slowly I pulled my dick back in an effort to begin fucking her butt. She squealed a little bit as I gained a lit confidence. The smell of sex was everywhere are her pussy was still dripping with desire. Just as the head of my penis was about to evacuate her asshole, I began to slowly slid it back in. With her hands trying to push through the bathroom counter my cock filled her ass once again.

“I never knew that you were such a slut Mrs Duffy.” I said as I began to backside more rhythmically.

“You haven’t seen anything yet!” she winced, “Let me know when you are ready to come and I’m gonna blow your world.”

I had no idea what she was talking about but just hearing that made me even hornier. I pushed her hips down so I could fuck her deeper. I shoved my cock in as far as it would go as my pelvis was now flush with her sphincter. She began contracting the muscles in her backside as I fucked her tight ass. The feeling was amazing and I realized that I would be cumming at any moment.

“I’m gonna cum!” I proclaimed.

Without a moment of hesitation, Mrs. Duffy slid her hips towards the counter as my dick slid out of her now wasted asshole maintaining eye contact and a smile with me the whole time. She turned her shoulders to face me and slowly climbed on her knees using my body to stabilize her descent smiling the whole way. Soon she was face to face with my cock as she was wedged between my standing body and her cherry wood bathroom cabinets. She stared at my cock from a distance that allowed me to feel her hot, quick breaths on my member as she lightly caressed my upper thighs with her hands.

She laughed a little under her breath before opening her mouth as wide as it would go while sticking her tongue out as if she were at the doctor’s office. She tilted her head towards her left shoulder and grabbed my ass to pull me closer to her. My cock began entering her mouth but with her teeth so far apart and her tongue lying prone no part of her mouth came in contact with me. She slid her left hand down to her crotch as she began toying with herself yet again. She continued to envelop my cock slowly without contact all while maintaining eye contact with me. Even though she almost had my dick resting on her tonsils, she seemed to be smiling at me.

As soon as I felt the tip of my penis land somewhere on the back of her throat he lips crashed down on the very base of my cock. She was fondling her clit furiously as she moaned louder than ever before. I could not believe this woman was getting off this hard by swallowing my ass fucking cock. She began to rock back and forth as I realized I was fucking Mrs. Duffy’s throat. Her throat muscles clenched around my dick all while my entire cock stayed firmly encompassed by her mouth.

Mrs . Duffy must have sensed I was about to cum because she quickly broke her suction lock on my cock and pulled her mouth away from me. Her hands went to work both of them began to massage my cock while she positioned her face for a massive cum shot. Soon I was pumping masses of cum on her smiling face while she continued to jack me off. I blew the biggest load of my life as most of it coated her face but some of was soon mashed into her hair.

She looked up at me and smiled with her cum plastered face as she said, “My daughters are going to love what I have in store for them today!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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