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Stephanie tapped away at her phone “Ur going to Jacob’s party Sat night, right?” her phone made the faint whooshing sound of a text message sent on its way.

A response appeared promptly “will be there. Coming into town Fri, staying through Sun night at his place. You should stay too.” Emily was encouraging her friend. The two had know each other for over ten years now, having been friends in college, they became closer after graduation even as they moved to different cities. Emily now lived in San Francisco making her way in the tech world. Stephanie had chosen to move to San Diego to start her career.

And that brings us to Jacob. He met both women his freshman year of college. Attending school near the coast in Los Angeles was a dream. He lived a playboy lifestyle in college and swore to keep the party going. He was now making it on his own living in Santa Monica.

Throughout college, there three were close friends. Jacob had looked after Emily closely, as the two had a tight bond. Emily would be the sympathetic ear to his failed drunken exploits. He would keep an eye on her boyfriends and quietly remind them that failing to act like a gentleman with her would have repercussions. And while many an opportunity presented itself, they always managed to avoid danger, never complicating their friendship with the stray hookup. It was not uncommon for them to lock themselves away in a room studying and share the same bed in a purely plutonic fashion.

Jacob looked at Stephanie a bit differently. He had come to accept his role as a friend, but upon first meeting her was determined to be with her. They first met while down at the beach not far from school. Her wavy blonde hair danced across her bikini top that did a merely adequate job of hiding her ample breasts. She had a toned body and her skin was a light creamy color that accentuated her blonde hair.

Jacob’s early efforts were in vein, as her interests were elsewhere. That did not stop them from becoming friends and much like Emily, she soon became almost like family to him.


The three remained in close contact, despite now in different cities along the coast. While they would see each other one on one, it had been a while since the three of them had been together. This weekend’s party would be a great excuse to get together. Jacob had recently taken a new job and figured a party at his house a few blocks from the beach would be a great celebration. It would be mostly his local friends, but he did not fail to include Emily and Stephanie.


“Of course you can. Front bedroom is yours. Emily will be down Friday night. Whatever time you can get here Saturday is great.” Jacob assured Stephanie that she had a place to stay, as the party was sure to last late into the night and be flush with booze. Stephanie thought nothing of Emily going down for the whole weekend, after all, it was a long drive down from San Francisco.

But there was more to it. Several weeks prior, Emily had come down to another of Jacob’s parties, one Stephanie could not attend. It was at this party that their friendship ended. Late into the night, they found themselves alone on the back porch. Embolden by bourbon, Jacob kissed Emily. Apparently, this was all that was needed to break the dam of pent-up emotions. As the party wound down they could not keep their hands off each other. Their years of friendship melted away into unbridled passion. The two fucked each other long into the night. Their passion for each other was a tightly wound spring ready to break, instantly released to unwind nearly uncontrollably. This was not to be a one night stand though, as they embarked upon a relationship together. Still new, they kept it from their friends, as if acknowledging it would somehow damage it. Stephanie was completely in the dark and they felt no reason, at least at this point, to complicate the wonderful friendship the three of them shared by talking about this burgeoning relationship.

The night of the party, Emily hurried around Jacob’s house getting ready. Coolers were stocked with ice and cold beer. Pitchers were filled with mixed drinks aimed at maximizing the intoxication. Before long, a few of Jacob’s friends started arriving; the unofficial beginning to the party. Drinks started to flow and the music was turned on. As the house started to fill with people, Jacob and Emily floated around sipping drinks and acting much as anyone would have seen them over the years. Emily Looked stunning. She had long brown hair that fell dead straight to the middle of her back. She wore a coral colored halter top that popped against her lightly tanned skin. Her breasts were small, but beautifully proportioned to her small body.

A loud and gleeful scream pierced the din of the party. Emily went rushing by, arms outstretched. Standing at the front door was Stephanie, mirroring her excitement. The two friends shared a heartfelt embrace. Jacob was just as excited to see Stephanie, but skipped the running and screaming part. He gave ankara moldovyalı escortlar his friend a deep hug, her large breasts pressed firmly against his chest. Her perfume was familiar; lavender and melon that somehow mixed to make an enticing blend that always reminded him of her.

“I’m so glad you made it. Hand me your bag, I’ll take it up stairs for you.” Jacob said as he welcomed her further into the house.

Stephanie followed Jacob upstairs chatting the whole way. Once on the second floor. They turned to the front of the house and Jacob led her into the guest bedroom of his two bedroom house.

“This is you. Sorry it only has a full bed in it. Emily beat you to it and posted up in my room.” Jacob slyly made no mention of their relationship.

“Get cleaned up if you want and come on down whenever. I’ll introduce you to all my other friends.” And with that Jacob left Stephanie to get settled and returned to the party.

The party wore on well into the early hours of the morning. Everyone drank copiously, while the music played. Drinking games were the lubricant of the evening, pushing those who were merely sipping their drinks to consume to excess. Several of Jacobs friends stood on top of furniture, donning sunglasses and screaming karaoke to various 80’s rock hits.

Jacob Emily and Stephanie found themselves at the end of the night, sitting on the deck staring up at the stars. They reminisced over their years of friendship while continuing to sip the last vestiges of their cocktails for the night.

“I love this, but I need to go to bed.” Emily interjected, breaking the tranquil mood. “I want us to have brunch tomorrow and there is no way I’m getting up for that if I don’t get some sleep.”

Jacob and Stephanie both agreed, as the three friends headed inside to get some sleep. Emily gave Stephanie one last hug for the night before Stephanie headed into her room, and Emily followed Jacob into his.

Emily was not tired. Emily was horny. Playing coy all night had worn on her. Now she wanted her man. Jacob, slightly drunk was happy to oblige. They hurriedly stripped each other’s clothes away and he threw her onto the bed. With a laugh and a yelp, Emily prepared herself as Jacob pounced on top of her. They kissed passionately, his cock hardening rapidly during the embrace. Emily groped between his legs taking grasp of his member and giving it several firm yanks to stiffen it further. Before entering her, Jacob positioned her sideways across the bed on her back.

Along the side wall of the bedroom, sliding closet doors had full length mirrors. Jacob had grown to really like these mirrors, at it allowed him to watch himself fuck. Emily, like most girls, wasn’t hugely into it, but quickly grew to like it. Also, she found that Jacob was a much better fuck when he seemed to be performing.

He slid Emily to the edge of the bed, so her head upside down off the edge of the bed. This way, from her upside down vantage point, she could watch herself be fucked. This had the added effect of blood rushing to her head heightening her pleasure. With her head back and off the edge of the bed, she extended her legs upward, pointing her toes up the ceiling.

Jacob had mounted her, propping himself up so he could view himself entering into Emily and rutting into her while her legs swayed above him. After the night’s drinks they were more uninhibited than usual, and proceeded to fuck each other vigorously in a rhythm of grunts and moans. Emily’s hair hung down to the floor, her face flush red. Her body swayed wildly from Jacob’s thrusts. They rapidly became lost in the passion of their exchange.


Stephanie had fallen asleep quickly, but woke up parched and thirsty.

“Damn it, I didn’t bring any water up.” She was frustrated that she would have to get out of bed to get a drink.

She opened her bedroom door and made her way slowly and carefully to the top of the stairs in the dark to go down to the kitchen for a cold glass of water. As she felt around quietly for the handrail at the top of the stairs, she heard the distinct sounds of sex.

A rhythm of male grunts interlaced with female moaning danced over the steady beat of a bed being put through its paces. Stephanie stopped and listened. She felt naughty doing so; a faint rush took her over.

“Oh, my God! Jacob and Emily are fucking!” It took her a moment, but it finally registered and hit her like a truck. She couldn’t believe it. A slight tinge of jealously swept through her. She felt a bit left out that she would have to sleep alone. But that paled in comparison to the outright shock of hearing her two friends deep in an erotic exchange.

Not being able to leave well enough alone, Stephanie reached for the door knob and opened the door ajar. The bed was around the corner of the room so she couldn’t see them, but with the door open the sounds of sex were now crisp and clear.

“Are you two fucking?” She blurted out through the cracked door.

“Holy ankara ukraynalı escortlar shit!, Stop stop stop!” Emily commanded of Jacob in an urgent whisper, as if they could somehow hide this.

“Uh, hey, give us a minute!” Jacob blurted out so as to answer Stephanie and hold her at bay from entering. Emily pushed him off of her. They scrambled around on the bed, getting under the covers and pulling them up close to their necks. Jacob fiddled with his erection to avoid the appearance of having pitched a tent.

Stephanie heard them stop rustling around, and figured she had given them fair warning. She was going in. She opened the door fully and slowly entered the room. Emily and Jacob could hear her drunken giggle approaching.

As she stepped past the corner, she spied the two of them, lying straight as boards with the covers pulled up to their necks, each on one side of the bed both. They had the look of a child who had just been caught sneaking a cookie before dinner.

In preparation for bed, Stephanie had undressed and let her hair down. She wore an old college t-shirt that was half thread bare. The heavily worn fabric did little to expose her aroused nipples. The hem of the shirt sat perfectly against her hips, and barely showed her white cotton panties. Her giggle and smile at what she had heard was amplified by the buzz she still had from the party.

She walked over to the bed and jumped on top of the cover between the two of the, still frozen in shock. She smirked at both of them and then spied the wet spot on the comforter where Emily’s juices had leaked down her ass and onto the bed.

“So……” Stephanie inquired, letting out a long pause so as to give them the chance to come clean.

Emily began explaining the whole situation to Stephanie. About the party that started it. About the secretive relationship. All the details. Stephanie was genuinely happy for her friends.

“I always wondered if the two of you would end up together…” Stephanie quipped.

The three of them lie there in bed together talking. Emily and Jacob became more comfortable, the cat now out of the bag.

After a short while Stephanie broke the conversation. “Well, I’m not sure how I’m going to go back to bed and listen to the two of you all night.”

“I’m sorry, we’ll be quieter.” Jacob offered apologetically. He felt Emily reach over and swat his head, as if to castigate him for the stupidity of his comment.

“No we won’t, we’re done for the night….” Emily replied sternly.

Stephanie cut in “Listen, you don’t have to stop on my account.” Pointing towards the door and to her room. “But, I’m not going back in there to sleep alone while you guys are having fun.”

Stephanie’s words hung in the air. Emily and Jacob were silently processing what they thought they just heard. Stephane had solicited a threesome in the most subtle way possible. Stephanie looked at both of them as they shared a quizzical glance between each other. Stephanie moved in closer to Jacob like she was going to kiss him. She stopped just short of doing so, turning to Emily looking for her approval. Jacob’s eyes turned from Stephanie and fixed on what response Emily would offer.

Emily had heard about every woman Jacob ever been with or even was interested in. She had heard early on in their friendship about his infatuation with Stephanie. Once they became friends, he never mentioned it again, but Emily knew he harbored a deep seeded interest in Stephanie. Emily thought that if there were ever a time to be a bit naughty and explore with a third person, who better than someone they knew and loved as a friend?

Emily’s gentle nod was all that Stephanie needed. She moved in the rest of the way and kissed Jacob. Seeing Emily’s approval, he met her kiss and began a passionate exchange, their tongues dancing across each other’s lips as they kissed.

Jacob was in awe. Here he was in bed with his two closest friends; one whom had recently become his girlfriend and one who wanted to fuck them both. This was the definition of heaven. With that thought his cock began to swell again after hastily retreating when they were caught.

Stephane kneeled and grabbed the hem of her shirt and pulled it over her head, extending her arms upward. Her breasts, large and plump, were there on full display. Jacob sat up a up to grab her around the back and place his face against her chest, allowing him to gently kiss her nipples. Jacob’s hand slid down and started working Stephanie’s panties down across her hips. As they got to her knees, she pushed Jacob back down against the bed, and moved to her side to finish removing the undergarment. Moving back up onto her knees, Stephanie was now completely naked. Her creamy skin had no visible tan lines. As Jacob’s eyes scanned his friend, he observed two brown freckles on her body, sitting just inside the crease between her hip and abdomen, and below where the waist band of her panties sat. In all his years of knowing Stephanie, sincan minyon tipli escortlar he felt a bit reticent that he had never known this small detail of her body. He realized that seeing her naked opened them up to know each other a whole lot better.

His gaze continued to track further down, as he stared at her waxed pussy. He felt no need at the moment to make eye contact and be romantic. He had seen her eyes and her smile a thousand times before. He had never seen her pussy. And he wasn’t going to miss even a second of opportunity to stare at it. He felt she would probably not disagree with his logic.

Jacob moved to sit back up to get his face near her body, but again she pushed him down. She slowly moved over to Emily and gave her a deliberate passionate kiss. Jacob watched in awe. He had never heard a story of either of them being with a girl, let alone kissing one. Now they were locked in a deep passionate embrace. Emily Pushed the covers of the bed down that were between the two naked women. Emily kicked them away so that their naked bodies could touch.

It looked amazing, Seeing Emily, brunette with tanned skin, intertwined with Stephanie, Blonde hair with light skin was an intoxicating entanglement of two beautiful women. Jacob pushed the covers down on his side of the bed exposing himself. He rolled onto his knees, positing himself over top of Stephanie, sandwiching her in between he and Emily. He kissed her gently on the shoulders, the small of her back and her neck while the two women remained in a passionate embrace. He maneuvered himself further around behind so that he was between Emily’s legs and pressed against Stephanie’s ass. He continued to run his hands across Stephanie’s back, across her ass and down her hips.

He adjusted his position and placed the head of his cock at the wet opening of Emily’s cunt. He intended to fuck her as she continued to make out with Stephanie on top of her. His cock met little resistance as he pressed against her. Her excitement in this moment had ensured she was slick with her own moisture. She let out a gasp at the insertion while Stephanie bit and pulled against her lower lip. Jacob started a slow thrusting into Emily, with his torso pressed against Stephanie’s back and body. Emily started to moan softly at the experience. Jacob leaned down and continued to kiss the back of Stephanie’s neck while slowly thrusting into Emily. The three of them were deep into this passionate exchange.

Jacob was enjoying the experience immensely. He loved the feeling of Emily’s pussy gripping his cock. But now he wanted to broaden the experience. He slowly withdrew himself from Emily. The women continued to kiss. Hovering just a few inches above Emily’s sopping wetness was Stephanie’s pussy. Jacob maneuvered his cock up against her opening. She broke off her kiss with Emily and turned her head to look back at Jacob. She reached back with her hand and rubbed it softly down Jacob’s cheek. As her hand moved down from his cheek to his neck, and eventually across his chest, her gentle touch had transformed into passionately dragging her nails down across his upper body. This excited Jacob immensely. With his left hand wrapped around the based of his cock. He guided himself into Stephanie. She let out a moan of her own. Emily now licking and biting her nipples from beneath her in order to heighten her experience.

Jacob had never fucked two different women in any kind of proximity of time. Now, he had pulled out of one woman, and mere seconds later, still slick from pussy juices, pressed his cock into a different woman. He was able to compare the two women’s vaginas in his mind. Stephanie was not as tight around his cock as Emily, but her lubrication had a feel all its own that made the stimulation against his cock feel unique. He relished the chance to compare these two and fuck them both. His thrusts were more energetic against Stephanie, with her firm ass lightly bouncing and cushioning against the impact of his body. His testicles swung freely and would occasionally slap up against Stephanie’s clit, eliciting soft yelps of pleasure.

Emily Passionately kissed Stephanie, groping her body. She reached down between them and placed her fingers against Stephanie’s clit, gently rubbing. Jacob’s testicles would swing against Emily’s fingers, competing to pleasure Stephanie. Stephanie became lost in the passion of being sandwiched between the two lovers.

Emily reached further down between their legs and grabbed Jacob’s scrotum. His testicles hung low and felt large, no doubt swelling during this occasion. She gently pulled him by the balls into Stephanie, setting the tempo she liked. She was fucking Stephanie with Jacob’s cock. Emily clearly understood what rhythm was most pleasing to Stephanie. Before long, Jacob could feel his tension rising. The combination of Stephanie’s pussy and Emily’s hands were soon to be more that he could handle. He did not want to cum now, or anytime soon. He needed a change to reduce his stimulation.

Jacob withdrew himself from Stephanie, pulling back from Emily’s grasp as well. He realigned his hips and reinserted himself into Emily. Her pussy was immensely wet. He became engrossed by the difference in feeling between the two women, a fact only accentuated by the difference in their soft moans.

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