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Today was my 21st birthday. Today was the day I receive my sacred robes and join the Holy Harem. I sat up in my cot. The cell around me was dingy as always, slightly damp smell and chilling cold still giving me goosebumps. The cream colored initiate robes I wore didn’t help at all, the material thin and loose, allowing a draft to pierce through to my skin. My hair was tied back, a dark ponytail, and my feet were bare as always. I spun and placed my feet on the floor, the rough stone a cool grounding device for my racing heart as always.

I wanted to race out of the cell, screaming and cheering as I ran towards the Temple Halls, but I instead stood slowly, beginning my morning stretches as always. Reaching to touch my toes, bending my body, flexing every muscle as I slowly slid from position to position, limbering my body for today. Normally this would be for morning exercise, and to keep my limbs alive when in the uncomfortable positions Sister Annabelle had us assume. They were ridiculous, what kind of man would want us standing on our heads with our legs knotted? That didn’t make sense with the textbooks we were given. Wouldn’t they rather us remain naked and laying back, so they could use us and leave? After all, “It’s a woman’s place to submit to the Man, for it is her duty.” Wouldn’t doing complicated stretches and strange positions be contrary to that?

These were old questions, but ones I dare not ask, as the Matron-Sisters punished those who dared to speak above their station. I still have memories of the last time I dared ask a question, as the bruises were still on my wrist from where Sister Hannah had dragged me to the dungeon and ripped out some of my hair. I had been crying, tears running down my face as she tore into me, face twisted into a visage of hatred and anger I had never seen on any faces outside of the Temple. Even the Blood Tribe of the Western Plains, the Berserkers captured and brought to the Holy City didn’t rival her in their legendary rage. My hair was still messed up from that as well, and I was forced to wear it in a ponytail rather than my usual knots that I kept it in.

As I relived these memories, the door opened and the servant, a young boy named escort ankara Thomas, came in with my morning ration and a wrapped package. My new Robes!

I don’t remember eating the meal, though I know I ate it first as it was sitting by the door, left neat for pick up later. Instead, I was staring at the new outfit laid out on my cot. It was what was called “skimpy” by the textbooks, and resembled the robes of the Matron-Sisters. It consisted of a long loincloth that went over both my crotch and my ass, reaching almost all the way to the floor. The loincloth was attached to a metal belt that would cinch tight to my waist. With it came a pair of sandals, open on the top with light soles at the bottom. These brought me excitement and dread, as it would be the first pair of shoes I’ve owned in 14 years. For my chest it held also a metal bra, loose enough to leave my tits swinging free while keeping them pushed up in order to make them more appealing. On my shoulders was a set of pauldrons that looped right below my armpit, spiky with the Temple’s distinctive design, and a set of fingerless gloves that reached partway up my forearm close to my elbow. To complete it was a beautiful crystal crown, marking me as a Temple Sister Adept, new to the public face but experienced in the Theology of our order. Overall, it left little to the imagination, but marked out my occupation. In short, it was perfect.

“Sister Nox, you’ve been called.”


Finally, the time came. The Harem Garb fit perfectly, as I knew it would. While I didn’t have the largest tits in the Temple, I was proud to know that they were still large, and thus reassuringly attractive to the eyes of Man. My body was toned from exercise, and my ass was shaped perfectly.

I was still nervous, even though I had trained my whole life for this day. The guards surrounding me, all Men, and all Men I hadn’t met, eyed me with a strange glint in their eye. Based on the bulges in their pants and the awkward shifting of armor, I assumed it was arousal, and I felt myself get warm as I realized that I was already performing my duty. The golden gates we walked ankara escortlar towards opened, and I saw a spectacle.

A great golden room was in front of me. LIt by a great fire in the center of the room and several torches along the walls, the room was filled with cushions, couches, and rugs of all kinds. The walls were a dark obsidian, and in the center of the great fire stood the symbol of my faith, the Orgy Mother, whose face was twisted in ecstasy as countless others writhed around her. I knew that to keep her ecstasy was a monument, for it was said that the day she ever grew bored would be the day the Grace of the Gods would end.

Surrounding the statue, using the cushions, rugs, and even floor and walls were various men and women, all in the throes of a great orgy. This was the Holy Orgy, which continued all day and night, through any disaster to safeguard the human race. To my left was a blond woman with pigtails riding a knight. Next to her a woman had all her holes being used by a large group of farmers, some of whom had clearly lost their patience and began using each other. Across, I saw a Noblewoman entwined with a Harem Priestess, sliding together as they moaned. Screams, gasps, moans and even some crying filled the room as everyone went.

I froze at the sight, then jumped as I felt a rough hand caress my back. Looking over, I saw one of my guards, a redheaded bearded man with fierce eyes grinning as he used his other hand to stroke his dick. Behind him the other guards stripped as well, and to my surprise I saw that two of the guards were women, one of whom already had a dick in her cunt, leaving her gasping for breath as the guard went to town on her.

I remembered my duty after a moment, and walked towards a pile of green cushions, knowing this spot had to be mine. Reaching it, I kneeled, knowing what he wanted. I was right, for the man grinned, then lined up his cock and entered my mouth.

I had lots of practice with the Temple Brothers who offered mentorship, and I quickly relaxed my throat as I drew more of him in. Soon I could feel my nose was against his scrotum hairs and his balls were hanging by my chin. His cock was deep inside sincan kaliteli escortlar my throat, and I felt a rush of power that I had never felt before. He was gasping, his head back and his eyes to the ceiling as he quivered in pleasure. I began to bob my head, up and down, on his cock, and I felt his entire body stiffen as his eyes closed. He was moaning now, trying to reach for my head blindly. As he grabbed my head, I felt another prick enter my pussy, and I moaned as I felt the tunnel getting filled. The red head I had been performing oral on, sensing my distraction, tightened his grip on my hair, then began thrusting, moving in and out of my throat, leaving me unable to much more than feel the assault on my throat. I felt along my throat as he did, and could feel the bulge as he entered, feeling it vanish when he withdrew.

The other cock, whose owner I couldn’t see, began pounding away at my cunt as well, and hands grabbed my breasts, squeezing them as he kept pounding, hitting my g spot and leaving me gasping as rolling waves of pleasure flooded my mind. Suddenly, I felt the cock in my throat stiffen as the redhead thrust one more time. It felt like a flood of cum came out, filling my throat, and threatened to come out of my mouth. From practice I tightened my mouth around his cock, attempting to swallow every mouthful as even more came out, leaving him gasping. My mascara ran down my face as tears filled my eyes, as it felt as though no more could come out, yet it kept coming. From the other side, the other cock stiffened as well, and I felt a similar flood filling my cunt, reaching my womb and spilling out. As he came, I did too, and my walls tightened around his cock, pulsating and milking him for every drop it could get as my throat tightened as well, immediately causing more waves of orgasms to ripple from the man in my mouth.

We stayed like this for a minute as I worked to swallow the rest of his loads and keep any from leaking out. As I did, I felt him gently brushing my hair and whispering something I couldn’t hear. My heart was pounding, and all I could feel was a hunger for more cock, to be filled with more semen. My wish was granted as the cock inside me slipped out, only to be replaced moments later by an even bigger cock, stretching me out. The red head smiled and leaned down, kissing me before moving off. As the man in my vagina began to pound, I saw two more men approaching.

I am in my element. I am home.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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