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Tuesdays are really bad for me, I get off work at 6:00am when most people are just heading for work. With wed. And Fri. as my day’s off; I miss most of the crowds. That is to say I don’t meet a lot of people my age. I had just moved into a new apartment and am just learning the neighborhood. Looking for a grocery store I see a bar next to one, well I’ll try this place to see if they serve breakfast. If not I could get something from the grocery and take it home to cook. The place was slow due to the time of day, just 2 couples in there late fifty’s, sharing a booth in back. I ask the bar keep if they had any kind of food this time of day.

“Sure what would you like?”

“Anything warm and nutritious.”

“We have some left over meat loaf from yesterday if you want.”

“Sounds good to me.”

“Bring me a black Russian too please.”

“You got it.”

Bringing my drink he said.” Be just a second on the food. Cook is heating it.”

“Ok no hurry just headed home.”

“You do shift work then?”

“Yes for jail, I have 10 to 6 shift at moment.”

He brings me my food a large portion of meat a side of baby carrots and some mashed potatoes.

About the same time door opens and a tall red head walks in.

“You giving away my lunch Bob? “

I take it the bartender is the owner as the bar is called Bob’s.

“Hi Red. “No just helping out a weary night worker. Ill get you some if you want.”

“Sounds good to me. I’ll have what he’s drinking too.”

“Would you join me?” I ask.

Glancing at bob she says, “well.” Bob just shrug’s his shoulder. “What the hell ok.”

“My name is Jake.” I offer.

“Karen, but people call me Red.”

Bob looked at me, with the kind of eyes that say, you mess with her you better watch out. Talking for about 25 min and I found she worked a strange shift also. She did data entry for my bank. We liked the same music, sports cars, swimming, and she was into the shooting sports.

I liked her manor she was honest and fun but not forward.

She ate like a man, not dainty like most women. Good size portions and deliberate.

“I like a women with a good appetite.” I say.

“Food is like sex. Should be enjoyed not picked at.”

I nearly choked on my carrot at this.

“Didn’t mean to scare erotik film izle you. Just thought you should know. Well lunchtime is over. Hope to see you again sometime.”

I stutter a bit ” me too?”

As I finished my drink, I wondered about this meeting. When I went to pay Bob just looked at me and said.

“Red’s already paid.”

“Ok thanks.”

“You know what. That’s the first time I’ve seen her set with a man. Been in with some girls once in a while. Usually eats alone.”

Again the brotherly stare. (Don’t mess with her.)

It was 7:30 so I headed home and my badly needed bed, figuring I could go out later for food. As I entered the apartment building, I was nearly knocked down by a sweet little blonde thing coming out the door with her jacket in one hand and a coffee cup in the other. Spilling it as she hit me.

“Oh shit. Did I burn you?” Not really looking to see if she had.

“No you missed me.” I joked.

“Well shit. I did miss my bus though. I’ll loose another lousy job. Boss said if I came in late again I was gone.”

” I’m free I can take you.” I say

For second time today a beautiful girl looks at me as if I were some kind of freak. ” What is that going to cost me.”

“Just a smile.”

“Sorry bad day. I would like that.”

As she worked about 2 miles away I was back and in bed in less than 20 minuets. I couldn’t keep the events of the day out of my mind. For first time in weeks I had met not one but two new women that aren’t cops or work in the jail. They were both different yet in their own way fascinating. Red on one hand was tall strong looking girl. Great red hair cut short almost like a man. Yet sexy, on her it worked. She had a nice set of leg’s that went all the way to her ass not meeting at the knees, a good chest, with a slim waist. The blond was shorter 5’4 maybe? Very slender 115 or so, but a tight little ass, & a set of tits that were almost too big for her.

This made me get a stiff dick real quick as I thought about them. Even thinking of them together really had me ready to come. Reaching down I finished the job my mind had started.

I awoke about 12:30 I slipped on some shorts and running shoe’s to go check on mail. I passed the fridge on way and decided to go to grocery first. While in the produce film izle section I spot Karen (red), picking up some artichokes. I sneak up behind her.

“Those give a man staying power.” I whisper. She jumps. “Oh. Hi, didn’t see you.” “Just got here.” I reply. “You sure about the effects on a man?” she asks. I look at her puzzled? “The artichokes I mean.” We laugh and talk as we work our way around the store. When we finish I say ” hope to see more of you soon.” “Me too, much more.” she turns and gives me a peck in the cheek.

She strides straight for her car and I get a better look at that fine ass.

As I pull onto the street, I notice her car headed the same way as I was headed. Wow I thought she may live near me this would be good. When she pulled into the parking lot where I lived I nearly fainted. Parking next to her we both got out laughing and commented on the chance of this happening. On the elevator I couldn’t keep my mind off the chance I would get a shot at this in near future. She was in 501 me in 214.

As I got off I called.” if you need anything, anything at all give me a buzz.”

Ten minutes later the door rings and she is standing there in running shorts and a short top. the artichokes in hand. ” You know how to cook these things.”

“Sure. Come on in.” ” It takes a while.” While I cooked the veggies I made a Caesar salad to go with them. We opened a bottle of wine I had gotten as a gift. By the time the artichokes were done we were about wasted. She pealed the first leaf back to eat it. Putting it in her mouth, she bit down. It squirted and she got juice all down her chin, it ran down her neck. I bent over and licked it off her face and neck playing with her neck as I did. My hand drifted to her right breast. As I cupped it she let out a low moan, “yes do that.” I bent over even more and kissed her straight on the lips. “These things are even good cold.” I say

“These what?” she replies. I pick her up and move to the bedroom. (Sure glad I changed sheets last night I think.) Placing her at the foot of the bed I start to undress her. She has on only a tank top and sports bra and her 36c breasts are firm to the touch, I kiss them both. Then moving to her waist to remove her running shorts, and French cut panties. I place a finger on each side and push down. They slip seks filmi izle over the nicest roundest ass I have seen in years. She was about 37 there and a 25-inch waist set it off just fine.

Her red hair was real that was plain; her mound was trimmed and fresh smelling.

Rising to my feet I kiss her on the neck and play with the small of her back. Making her grind her chest into mine. She pushes me back some and pulls my shirt off with one move. My stomach isn’t exactly a wash board but there isn’t much fat to it. Then she says. ” Let’s see what the lord blessed you with.” Pulling down my pants along with my shorts. I am at about half-mast and it is a good 6 inches long. She places it in her hands and starts to play with it. This causes it to grow to its full length of 8 inches.

When she pushes me back on the bed I move up to allow her to do what she wants.

Moving between my legs she places her tongue at the base of my manhood and licks the underside of it. “I saw a women do that to a guy in a movie once did I do it ok.” Trying to catch my breath I say. “Yes but continue please.” She returns to my prick. She takes about a third of me in the first stroke. Pumping up and down she gets almost all of it in before she stops. She relaxes and then starts to piston it in and out of her throat literally fucking her face it is great. When I start to come I warn her but she just keeps going. Taking my sperm all in she doesn’t spill a drop.

Then she removes my manhood and says, “you are blessed aren’t you.” “I have no complaints I guess.”

“Can you get it ready for some more?” She asks. “Just give it a second and we will try.” I assure her

Placing her on her back I start to return the pleasure to her, I play with her breasts, and rub her mound with my hands. She starts to hump my hand and whine for more. So I place a finger in her slit and give her a good finger thrashing. Setting off a large climax she goes flush. I think she even passed out for a second or two.

When she has recovered I place my mouth on her womanhood and begin to suck as if there was no tomorrow. After a short time she is ready for another climax so I shift my self up and place my cock at the entrance to her soul. When she feels it start to enter her she pushes up with her pelvis and engulfs all of it into her wet pussy. “Oh my god this is good, don’t stop, push harder deeper you oh shit!”

I grab her ankles and push her legs back against her chest to get all the way in. my nuts slapping against her ass.

To Be Continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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