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August 26, 2021

It was late by the time they both walked through the door. They kept the main lights off as they walked through the bullpen to his office in the back, and turned on the small lamp. They were the only two people in the building at this hour.

“Thanks for driving me, Audrey,” said Adam.

“Maybe next time you’ll drive,” she said. It was not a question.

“Maybe,” he smiled. “Anyway, I think it was my best rally so far.”

She crossed her arms, arching her eyebrow slightly.

“OK, our best rally so far. And, yes, Audrey, I have you to thank.”

And he really did. Audrey had gotten Adam a stunning endorsement–a US congresswoman from Queens showed up in person at his Jackson Heights rally today to praise his stance on environmental protection and social justice. The endorsement was all the more impressive, given that Adam Green was running as the Republican candidate for New York governor.

“I can’t believe you got me AOC,” Adam said. “You’re the best…”

“I know.”

“I was going to say, ‘You’re the best campaign manager any governor could ever hope for.'”

“You can just call me ‘the best, period.'” She stepped over to his maple wood desk, and hoisted herself up to sit on the corner. She turned and looked at him teasingly. “And you’re not governor yet.”

“With you, I will be. With you, I feel like I can do anything. Or anyone.” He blushed. “I mean, or be anyone.”

Audrey liked it when Adam blushed. He never did in public. He was always so controlled. So professional.

But with Audrey, Adam let his guard down. He trusted her. He sometimes locked eyes with her just a little longer than he should. They both noticed, but never spoke of it.

Audrey loved working with him, and maybe that was why. It’s not like the job was easy. It had been three months so far on the campaign trail. The days were long and grueling. They had been on the road most of the summer, traveling up and down New York state, giving speeches, doing fundraisers. Each night they would come back late, hot and sweaty in their business clothes.

When they weren’t hitting the road, they worked on policy. She would often disagree with him. And she would say so. But Adam would listen, and sometimes even change his mind.

After Columbia, Audrey had worked for a lot of bosses. But Adam was different. He respected her. He admired her. He saw her. He made her feel like she was the one who could truly do anything.

What she didn’t fully understand is that it was the same for him.

“Seriously, Audrey,” he said, walking up to her. He put his hand lightly on her arm. Her tight black sleeveless dress was cut off just at the shoulders. His warm fingers brushed against her bare skin. “I’m lucky to have you.”

“You’re touching me,” said Audrey.

Adam pulled his hand back. “Just practicing for being New York governor,” he said with a slight chuckle at his own not funny joke.

“That’s totally inappropriate,” she said.

He took a breath. He stepped an inch closer. He looked straight into her eyes, and said seriously, “I thought you liked it when I was inappropriate.”

“Adam,” she said, almost a whisper. “I do sometimes, but…”

Audrey glanced around, checking if they were really the only two people in the office.

Then she looked at him. They locked eyes. This time, it wasn’t just for a moment too long. It was for a long time too long.

Adam inched closer. Audrey reached out and grasped his hand. She lifted it slowly and deliberately, placing it back on the bare skin of her upper arm.

“You eryaman escort can be a little inappropriate with me,” she said. “If you want.”

Adam stepped in even closer, now standing with one leg between her knees, as she sat on the corner of his desk. He glanced down at her bare legs, the hem of her knee length dress riding up mid-thigh. His eyes moved up to V at the top of her dress, showing just a hint of cleavage.

“My eyes are up here, Adam,” she teased. And they were. She was a lot smaller than him, but in this position, they were face to face.

He placed his left hand on her right cheek. His hand felt warm against her skin, which was still cool from the night air.

She gazed into his deep blue eyes. I like this man SO MUCH, she thought to herself. His face was only inches away. She felt Adam’s hot, sweet breath on her lips.

He slid his left hand gently around the back of her head, and pulled himself closer until their lips brushed. She could feel his heart pounding.

Then he pressed his lips firmly against hers. She felt the magic of their first kiss rush through her body.

Suddenly, he slid his tongue through her lips into her warm mouth, seeking. His tongue found hers, almost grabbing it. He ran his hands through the back of her hair, as if he could somehow pull her face even closer. He thrust his tongue even deeper.

Oh my God, he’s so deep in my mouth.

She pulled back, gasping for air. “Now that was inappropriate.”

“No,” he replied. “What I’m about to do is inappropriate.”

Adam slid his hands under her perfect butt. He lifted her tiny frame up off the corner of his desk, carrying her effortlessly across the room. He pressed her against the wall.

Adam kissed her again, passionately. Unapologetically. She was crushed against the hard surface, body in the air, legs wrapped around him. Her dress riding up almost to her waist now, her white panties exposed. She could feel his hardness grow through his suit pants. It pressed up against her backside.

She pulled her mouth away.

“Adam, we can’t do this,” she gasped. “We’re at your office. You’re my boss.”

“And yet,” he replied, “we are doing this.”

Adam set her down, Audrey’s legs wobbly as she tried to regain her balance in her heels.

He reached around her back with his left hand, instantly unhooking her bra through the fabric of her clothing. With his right hand, he pulled the zipper down the side of her tight black dress. Then in one smooth motion, he hooked his thumbs underneath the straps of her shoulders, pulled, and her entire dress slid down to the floor.

She stood there in just her white panties and high heels, her bare breasts in full view. She felt completely exposed in front of him.

“Adam, we shouldn’t do this,” she said. “Stop.”

“‘Stop’ means nothing to me,” said Adam, “Your safe word is ‘filibuster.'”

He paused, giving her a chance to speak. She looked at him and said nothing.

He turned his intense gaze down to her ample breasts. He ran his fingers gently down her chest, brushing against her hardening nipples. He slid his hands down her slim waist, around to the small of her back.

And suddenly, she was being lifted up against the wall again, his strong hands gripping her ass, her legs in the air. He kissed her deeply. This time, his tongue was practically fucking her mouth. She kicked off her heels.

She was dizzy. Almost drunk. She was under his spell now.

Audrey felt Adam’s hardness thrusting up against her ass now. She felt her panties getting wet. He must feel that escort ankara too, she thought.

He continued to crush up against her, supported now only by the wall and his hips. He ran his hands around her tiny waist, then moved his thumbs up under her breasts. He felt beads of sweat. He could smell the shampoo in her hair, the perfume on her neck, the first hint of her juices down below.

He gripped one arm around her waist, and carried her back across the room. With the other arm, he swept stacks of paper off the desk and onto the floor with reckless abandon.

“You’re going to have to clean up,” she said.

“Oh, but I haven’t even started making a mess yet.”

He laid her down atop the now bare desk. It was cool on her naked back. He removed his suit jacket, and dropped it to the floor. He got down on his knees. He pulled her right to the edge of the desk, her legs over his shoulders. He ran his fingers gently inside the bands of her panties.

“Adam, don’t.”

Adam pulled the soft cotton fabric to the side, and began softly licking her outer labia with his tongue. He could taste her juices beginning to flow.

“Adam, stop. You’re going too far.”

He ignored her, as he ran his tongue up the middle, flicking once over her clit, then up slowly, across her smooth freshly waxed skin, then down once again, making another pass over her hard nub.

“Mmmm…Adam,” she moaned.

He gripped the sides of her underwear. She felt pressure, then heard ripping sounds, as he tore the fabric apart in two places with his powerful hands. Tatters of her white panties fell to the floor. She was completely naked on her back, spread open before him.

So unfair, she thought. He still has his clothes on.

He buried his face in her pussy, hungrily lapping up her wetness, relishing the taste of her. He plunged his rough tongue inside her, then out, flicking back and forth over her engorged clitoris.

Her hips thrust up and down involuntarily. The Adam stood up and leaned over her on the desk. He grabbed her face and kissed her. She could taste herself on him. So fucking hot.

Then he dragged his tongue down the front of her neck, then her chest, and then over her right breast. He flicked it across her nipple again and again until it became rock hard. Then the other nipple, until it also became hard.

“Don’t make a sound,” he whispered, as he bit down on her nipple. Hard. Pain shot through her.

She felt him slide a finger inside her pussy, as he bit down on her other nipple.

“Oh, fuck. Harder,” she moaned.

“I said: Don’t make a sound,” he demanded. He added another finger, and pushed both deep inside her wetness. In and out. Now his thumb was massaging her clit. His teeth were on her nipple, alternating between gentle nibbling and hard bites.

Her flexible legs were in the air, hanging over his shoulders as he ravaged her breasts with his mouth, and fucked her with his fingers.

Audrey felt her muscles tightening around his fingers down below, convulsing as he rubbed her slippery nub at the same time.

She was focused on the pleasure of his fingers, the pain of his teeth. More.

She couldn’t stop her hips from thrusting up and down, up and down. It feels so fucking good.

Her muscles began to convulse faster and faster. He bit down on her nipple again. Waves of sensation rolled across her body. She was cumming. Oh, she was cumming so hard. She’d never felt like this before. Her body exploded.

“Ooohhh…fuck… meeeee!!!”

Adam felt a new burst of wetness inside her, sincan escort as she tightened and relaxed her muscles around his fingers, coming down from her intense orgasm.

“I told you not to make a sound, and you didn’t obey,” he said. “Now I’m going to make you shut up.”

He lifted her small body easily off the desk, and set her feet down on the floor. Her legs trembled.

“Now get on your knees,” Adam demanded, pushing her down onto his jacket on the floor.

On her knees, Audrey could see he was rock hard, bulging in his navy suit pants.

He pulled off his red necktie. He knelt down behind her, and grabbed both of her arms, pulling them roughly behind her back. He wrapped his tie around her wrists in back. Tighter. He tied the ends into a firm knot. It was not coming loose.

Audrey knelt there, mouth shut, hands tied behind her back, and watched Adam slowly remove his shirt, then his belt. He slid his pants down, revealing crisp polka dot heart boxer shorts. She could see his huge bulge only inches from her face, a bit of precum soaking through. He slid his boxers down to his ankles.

He was rock hard. She parted her lips for him, trembling. He slid his tip into her mouth, just an inch. He tasted so good, with hints of soap and sweat. He pulled out. He put it back in, a little deeper this time. Then out.

Adam moved his hands around the back of her head, running is fingers through her soft hair. Then he thrust his throbbing cock deeper into her mouth.

In and out. Adam kept pushing it further and further. I can take all of you, she thought. Every fucking inch.

He thrust again, deeper. He heard a quiet gagging sound. He didn’t stop. He just put one hand on the front of her neck, and pushed himself in her mouth to the hilt, until his hand could feel his own cock poking down the back of her throat.

Just when she could barely take it anymore, he pulled his cock out of her mouth. It was dripping wet with her saliva.

Audrey took a deep breath, and looking up at him expectantly, opened her mouth a bit wider.

He put his hard cock back onto her waiting tongue. She pulled on it with her lips. She licked around the tip with a wild flicking motion. The wetness from her pussy dripped down onto his jacket where she was kneeling. There was nothing she could do; her hands were still tightly bound behind her back with Adam’s necktie.

Adam moaned as she gripped his shaft with her lips. He thrust in and out of her mouth again, faster and faster, the sensation building in his loins. He wanted to explode. But not in her. On her.

He plunged deep into her throat once again. She held her head forward, taking it all, suppressing her gag reflex. She saw his eyes roll into the back of his head.

He pulled his hard cock out of her mouth at the last moment. And then, he exploded. Hot waves of his cum drenched her mouth, her face, running down her cheeks, down her naked breasts.

She grasped at him with her lips, pulling his cock back into her mouth, to suck out every last remaining drop.

Then Adam picked her up off the floor and sat her back down on the corner of his desk. He looked at her perfect face, drenched in his cum, and kissed her deeply.

“You want every last drop?” he asked.

Audrey nodded.

Adam ran his tongue along her face, then down her breasts, lapping up sticky lines of his own hot cum. He put his tongue back into her mouth. She tasted him, tasting her, tasting himself on her. It turned into a passionate kiss, that lasted several minutes, until Audrey’s tongue was numb with pleasure.

She finally pulled away, gasping for air, her hands still tied behind her back as she sat naked on the corner of his desk.

“You’re right,” she said. “That was inappropriate.”

“No,” said Adam. “Just wait till next time.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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