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For the second time in two days, I woke up naked with a naked female body pressed against me. My morning hardness was rubbing right up against Katie’s ass. She was still asleep. I leaned in and kissed the spot where her shoulder meets her neck. I felt her stir slightly. In response, I reached around and cupped her breast with my hand. Her skin was warm from an evening of sleep. I played with her hardening nipple, letting my thumb rub over it a few times.

“Hmmm,” she said, still half asleep, “good morning, Mark.”

“Good morning,” I responded and kissed her cheek. She reached around to feel my dick, which was poking her ass. Then she wordlessly took it and slipped it between her folds as we were spooning. I felt myself enter her wetness and groaned. I began to thrust gently into her. Katie relaxed and sunk into the bed, letting herself enjoy the feeling. I started sucking on her neck.

“You wanna do it doggy?” she muttered.

“Hell yeah, I do,” I said back. Katie got and I pulled out of her. She got on her hands and knees and wiggled her ass at me, inviting me to put my cock back in her glistening pussy. I put it in slowly again. I loved the feeling of entering her. All of a sudden, my cock became encased in a warm glow. I pushed in and out of her slowly at first, but quickly began to build up speed until I was fully fucking her.

“Oh yeah, Mark,” Katie said as I increased my speed, “fuck me good!”

“Fuck, Katie, your pussy is so tight,” I responded.

“Just for you, baby, just for you. Ugh!” she yelled as I landed a firm smack on her ass. By now I was pumping in and out of Katie with considerable speed. “Oh Mark, make me cum!”

“Fuck yeah, I will,” I grunted back. I then decided to take advantage of my position and used my index finger to probe around Katie’s asshole.

“Oh yeah, baby, that’s so hot!” she all but yelled. I stuck my finger into her hole’s antechamber. “Ugggghhhh,” she moaned loudly as she came.

“I wanna cum on your tits!” I said. I pulled out of Katie and she quickly turned over and layed back on the bed. I climbed atop her face and stuck my cock in her mouth so I could fuck her face. I thrust my cock in and out of her mouth until I felt my load building up. With my dick properly lubricated by Katie’s saliva, I jerked my cock off until I blew wads of cum all over her big tits. It burst out and landed all around her chest area. Katie grabbed one of her tits and licked the cum off of it.

“Tasty!” she said. I laughed and got up to grab her a towel from the bathroom. I put on a robe and started to head to the bathroom and saw Aaron focusing intently on his laptop in the living room.

“What are you doing?” I asked.

“I’m installing a chat function on the website so people enjoying the content can talk to each other,” he answered, not looking up.

“Huh,” I said, “good idea.”

“That’s what my third is for. How was your, ahem, morning?” he said knowingly.

“Oh, you know,” I responded, “I’ve had worse.”

“Yeah, alright, but maybe don’t sleep with every model the website ever features. It could make things complicated.”

“Yeah, I’ll keep that in mind,” I said, fully intent on completely ignoring that supposed ‘rule.’ I grabbed my towel and went back to my bedroom. Katie was now sitting up in my bed, still naked, not covering herself up at all. I tossed her the towel.

“So, off the record,” she said, beginning to wipe herself off, “what is the next step for the website- what’s it called again?”

“The Voyeuristic. First step is renaming,” I replied in jest.

“For real, what’s the plan?”

“Short-term? Have you and Katie sign exclusivity contracts. You get 30% of proceeds for whatever pages you’re posted on and you can’t model for anyone else. Then, I get Heather Holson to pose for us,” I said matter-of-factly.

“Hah,” Katie scoffed, “no way you get her. She already models for money. How are you gonna make her go nude?”

“We’ll find a way,” I responded. I wasn’t 100% confident. She was the hottest girl on campus, but Frank, Aaron, and I were resourceful. We could figure it out.

“So, do you have these contracts ready? I’ll sign mine now,” Katie said.

“You might wanna put on clothes for that,” I said, “It might look bad in court if you signed them naked.”

“In court?” was Katie’s response, “what, you think I’m gonna sue you?”

“I doubt it’ll happen, but still.”

“Well, you’re willing to sleep with me, so I don’t know if ‘not getting sued’ is really your highest priority.”

“Well, in that case, the pros outweigh the cons.”

“Awww, that’s the nicest thing a guy’s ever said to me,” she joked. We laughed.

Soon, Katie left (not before signing the contract) and that left Frank, Aaron, and I in our living room brainstorming how to approach Heather.

“Well, doubtless she’s heard about it,” said Frank.

“Sure, but how do we get her to do it?” responded Aaron, “I mean, nude photos aren’t nothing.”

“We could offer her a cash incentive,” Frank offered.

“Could eryaman orospu numaraları be perceived as unfair to the other models, though,” I said.

“Well, bigger bucks for bigger gets,” Frank said, “how much have we made off of Emily’s picture?”

Aaron did some quick calculations. “Minus her 30%, we have about $1500.”

“You think she’d do it for a thousand?” Frank asked, “I mean, you gotta spend money to make money. If we get the hottest girl on campus, this could spread to other schools. USC, UC Berkeley, etc.” Frank was right.

“Ok, but we lowball her first. Start with $500 so we can meet somewhere in the middle. Now, what’s our in?”

And that’s how we all ended up walking to an evening Stanford volleyball game. Heather was the star player on the volleyball team, which made sense seeing as she was tall and fit (perfect for modeling as well as sports). We made our way to the “stadium” which was just a gym with seats and received an unexpected welcome.

We stepped into the gym just a few minutes before the game started to dozens of looks from guys followed by claps on the back and high fives.

“You’re the guys who made ‘The Voyeuristic?'”

“Yo make room for these guys in the front row!”

“Are you here to scout out talent?”

These were some of the disembodied shouts we heard as we were ushered to front row seats to the game. It was the first time I’d seen Frank smile in this whole endeavour. Aaron and I were overjoyed. Us, the nobodies who were too scared to rush a frat were now the VIPs of the Stanford campus. After a couple minutes of internal celebration from the three of us, the game proceedings began. The two teams entered, but we were only focused on Heather. She came out in her volleyball attire: short athletic shorts and the team shirt. We watched her intently as she bent over in the ready position for the game, showing us that nicely rounded ass. She may have been thin, but she had plenty of ass.

I’ve never been into volleyball, so the game was kinda boring. We were mostly there as a formality to meet up with Heather and proposition her about the magazine. When the game ended in a win for Stanford, we celebrated with the crowd. As we were about to get our stuff and try to make it to the locker room, one guy in the seats behind us said, “Yo, the afterparty for a win is always at the Phi Epsilon Alpha house. The team always comes in a little after it starts. Make sure you guys are there cuz you’re the hottest shit on campus.” We were 100% in.

We followed the crowd’s march to the frat/sorority house (I didn’t know which it was and they were on streets next to each other anyhow) and began discussing how we would approach Heather.

“Obviously we start by congratulating her on her win,” I started.

“But then what? ‘Hey, you wanna pose nude for the entire internet?'” Frank said.

“How about we start with the $500 we’ll pay her- or more,” said Aaron.

“I mean, surely she knows who we are. I can’t imagine it’ll be that hard to get her attention,” I said. We left it at that as the crowd found the house and began filing in. We were somewhere towards the middle of the crowd, so it took a couple minutes, but we eventually got inside and found it was just like any other college party. Free flowing alcohol, dancing, loud music, and the ever-present smell of weed. The only difference was everyone wanted to talk to us.

“I think what you’re doing with freedom of sexuality is so cool,” one girl was saying to me as I nursed a beer.

At the same time a frat guy was yelling in my ear, “You should add some, like, BDSM stuff to it.” We certainly did court different audiences.

All of a sudden, there was a huge cheer as the volleyball team came in, wearing tight dresses and heels. I scanned the room to try and find Aaron and Frank, but they were deeper in the house than I. I spotted Heather and immediately began to wade through people to try and get in front of her. Quickly, I lost her in the crowd of blondes in tight dresses until I felt someone tap on my shoulder.

“Hey!” It was Heather.

“Hey! Congratulations on your win!” I said to her.

“Thank you! We’re pushing for regionals this year, so it’s a big deal.”

I nodded back, having no idea what regionals meant.

“So you’re Mark? The guy who created The Voyeuristic?” Heather said.

“One of the guys. Aaron did all the coding and Frank does the pictures.”

“Still, you’re the guy who made it all happen!” she yelled to me over the crowd who were already shouting over the music.

I grinned with a certain smugness. “Yeah, about that-“

She suddenly grimaced at me. “Do you want me to pose?”

“Um… yes” was my timid response.

“I won’t do it.”

“Why not?”

“When you’re a model, all you have is your body. If I give away all my nudes on the internet, where do I go from there?”

“We’ll pay you $500,” I told her.

“I’ll do it for $750 and a guarantee of future work.”

“$700, you’re guaranteed future work, and you ankara escort sign an exclusivity contract.”

Heather paused to consider.

“Wait!” I added, “And it’s a pool shoot. These sorority houses have pools, right?”

“Yeah, mine does,” Heather responded, still considering. She thought for another moment then looked at me with assurance. “I’ll do it, but I want the $750 before a single photo is taken.”

“We’ll give you a check before the shoot,” I said.

“Done,” she responded and promptly walked to fraternize with some other party patrons.

I looked around to try and find Aaron and Frank. Aaron was lost in the shuffle, but Frank was standing by the makeshift bar sipping some kind of self-made cocktail. I rushed over to him in excitement.

“Guess what?” I said.


“I got Heather!”

“How much?”


“That’s not too bad.” We stood there for a moment. “Hey, you know what?” Frank suddenly added.

“What?” I responded, mirroring him just a moment ago.

“I think it’s time we add a paywall to the site.”

The next morning Frank, Aaron, and I found ourselves in a tepid conversation over what to do.

“Will people still show up if there’s a paywall?” Aaron asked.

“We should make it a subscription. Like Netflix for nude photos,” Frank said.

“OnlyFans already exists, Frank.” I responded.

“But this is higher quality. This isn’t your friend from high school who got tattoos when she was 16 trying to make a buck. This is professional-level photoshoots with professional-level models plus quality interviews.”

Shit. He was right. “How much are you thinking people will pay for that kind of content?” I asked.

“I was gonna set it at $2.99 a month,” he answered, “people don’t care about a couple of bucks. That’s less than a cup of coffee.”

“Aaron, can you set up a subscription fee?” I said, turning to him at the computer.

“Yeah; I can also set up a thing that doesn’t allow screenshots so high quality leaks can’t be shared,” Aaron said.

I clapped him on the back. “You’re the man.” Then I turned to Frank, “how many visits did we get to our site when Emily’s pictures came out?”

“About 200,000.”

“So if we don’t count return visits and each person paid, we’d be looking at, what? Two to three hundred thousand dollars a month?”

“Yeah, something like that,” he said.

“Ok,” I said, “we’re doing the shoot with Heather in the afternoon so we can get peak sun. Frank, make sure you get some only semi-racy photos so we can advertise, get some excitement going so people will pay the subscription fee.

At noon, it was time to head to the sorority house and do the photoshoot. Upon arriving, we were greeted by about a dozen sorority girls in nothing but multicolored bikinis watching us set up awkwardly. We were in their grass-laden backyard which had a sizable pool. After some general tidying, it was pretty ideal for a photoshoot.

“Mark, should we kick everyone out while we do this?” Aaron asked.

“Nah,” I said as I fumbled with our one light, “Heather’s the one getting naked and no iPhone photo will compare to Frank’s wizardry.”

Suddenly Aaron leaned towards me. “Dude, how cool is this?” he said under his breath, gesturing to the plethora of bikini-clad sorority girls watching the entertainment of us setting up.

“Pretty fucking cool,” I responded and scanned around. There was still no sign of Heather. Word was she was upstairs getting ready.

I finished with the light, Frank did some camera adjustments that I’m sure did something and finally we were ready. We waited for about five minutes before we heard whoops from the sorority girls. Heather was descending the big staircase in the center of the house with a plain black bikini on. She looked stunning. Her mile-long legs were gorgeous and her tight stomach was on prominent display. She descended the staircase delicately. She wanted us to know we were working with a professional. When she got to the bottom, she strutted over in front of the camera and we were ready to work.

Wordlessly, Frank took shot after shot of Heather in her bikini, posing in front of the pool. The other sorority girls watched the three of us work and chattered in the background. Aaron and I took residence in a couple of plastic chairs and helped ourselves to some water in the hot sun. September could be killer in California, even if things were getting cooler.

Heather worked like a professional. She moved between poses extremely quickly and Frank kept right up with her. It took just a couple minutes to get all the photos we needed with her clothed.

“Alright!” said Frank, “time to take the top off.”

Heather looked a little shy, but diligently untied her bikini from the back and let it fall so we could see her A-cups. They looked very pretty in the sun. I had always had a thing for small tits.

Frank took plenty more photos before he said, “time to lose the bottoms, too!” He really treated this like a job.

Heather elvankent escort untied her bikini straps and we finally got to see her pussy. She had a little slit and was completely shaved. She stood and spread her legs to open it up a bit so Frank could get some better shots. Like I said, she was a professional, so Frank finished pretty quickly. When they were done, she walked over to Frank, no longer ashamed of her nudity, and began examining photos with her. Aaron and I looked at each other a little puzzled. It was weird to see a nude shoot that was so cordial.

The sun was kinda getting to Aaron and I at this point and Heather’s nudity had lost its novelty for us, so we walked over to the pool to dip our feet in. Right as we were about to sit down, I felt someone shove me face-first into the pool! I emerged from the depths to see half a dozen sorority girls in uproarious laughter above me along with Aaron also in the water to my right. It wasn’t mocking laughter. They just did something they thought was funny.

“Watch out!” an hourglass brunette yelled and then cannonballed into the water to my left. Soon, there were sorority girls hopping in left and right until Aaron and I were in a pool along with seven or eight barely-dressed girls. We playfully splashed water at a few of them as “revenge” for pushing us in.

After a little of that, everyone kinda calmed down and just sat in the pool to relax. Aaron and I took our shirts off and made do with having wet shorts. Soon, we were all frollicking lightly and chatting. I was talking to a girl from my year named Janell who was flirting with me pretty hard. She was laughing at things I said and making excuses to touch me. It was so weird to be on the receiving end of flirting as someone who has always been the pursuer.

“So she gave you a blowjob during 8 1/2?” Janell asked in semi-shock.

“Yep. Barely made it an hour in,” I responded.

“I definitely wouldn’t have done that. I’d’ve been glued to the screen.”

“You’re a Fellini fan?” I asked

“I dabble,” she replied, “I’m more into the French stuff than the Italian stuff. Godard, Melville, Tati.

“You know, I’ve tried Tati, but I can’t get into it.”

“It’s an acquired taste. Helps if you like silent films. Stuff from Chaplin or Keaton.”

“You know, I’ve never met a hot girl into movies before.”

“Just wait til you see what else I’ve got up my sleeve.”

“I’m intrigued,” I responded with a crook of the eyebrow.

“You know, you should come to our sorority event tonight!” Janell said.

“Are you people ever not partying?” I asked.

“It’s less of a party and more of a… contest,” Janell replied.

“What are you competing in?”

“Um… who, uh… has the best nude body,” Janell got out slowly.

“What? You guys do that?” I almost yelled.

“Yep. Some of the freshman girls go topless and the guys feel them up and ogle them before casting a vote.”

“So what time and how do I participate?” I asked.

“Haha,” Janell said, “it’s here at 9 and you’ll have to get on a long waiting list for judges, we only have time for about 12 to check out 3 girls who have been chosen. I’m one of them.” There was a hint of pride from her at that last sentence.

“You’re considered one of the three hottest girls in this sorority? I’m not surprised.”


“Can we maybe… skip the line? We are paying one of your sisters $700 for about an hour’s work,” I offered.

“There it is. You want to paw at my tits that badly?”

“I can’t say I’m not intrigued.”

“I’ll see what I can do.”


Janell laughed. “Yeah, I will.”

“Out of curiosity, why?”

“Come on! You’re the guys who invented The Voyeuristic! You’re practically royalty on this campus. Plus, I like you. Do you know how hard it would be to get one of these girls to talk about foreign cinema?” She gave me a red-faced smile. I took a moment and looked up to see Frank beginning to pack up his stuff alone. Heather was sitting in a beach chair still naked and sipping a cold pink drink.

“I think it’s time for us to go,” I said to Janell, “but we’ll try to make it to the sorority event tonight, especially if we can judge.”

“Sure thing!” Janell said, flashing that picturesque smile of hers at me. I was tempted to kiss her right there and then, but thought better of it. We had only just met.

Aaron and I got up from the pool to help Frank pack up and we sadly left the sorority house full of pretty girls in bikinis (or less). I filled them in on the night’s sorority event. Aaron was thrilled. Frank just wanted to work on his pictures. We made our way back to our apartment and I crashed. Frank worked on the pictures while Aaron set up the new payment system. I took a nap. Sleep fell on me blissfully.

I awoke to Aaron shaking me.

“Dude, we did it!”

“Urgh…” I muttered groggily.

“The pictures are up and the payment system’s working!” Aaron said.

I struggled to get off the couch I had napped in, still half-asleep.

“Also, we have to leave for the sorority event,” Aaron added.

All of a sudden, I was wide awake. My brain lit up at the thought of seeing Janell again (and getting to feel her up a bit). I rose and leaped into my shoes so we could go to Greek row.

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