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“Well hello my love! How was work?”

Shocked after walking in the door seeing you naked sprawled out on the couch. Trying to hide my smile as I notice your hand slowly and softy stroking your hard cock.

“Wow, work was… Who cares? What is this? Were you waiting on me? Fuck you are so cute. You – me – bedroom now.”

Walking right past you peeling my clothes of as I walk down the hallway. Stepping aside as you go to walk past me. But instead you push me up against the door, grabbing my waist and pressing my body against yours.

Grabbing my hips sliding your hands down to my ass, as mine run up your back to take your neck and face in my hands, kissing you long and passionate. Feeling your desire as your fingers start to make quick work of my tiny little clit.

“Not so fast… You waited all this time for me to get home, and now you want to rush?”

“I need you, I want you. The waiting was torturous but you…”

“Shh,’ covering my mouth with yours for a brief minute, ‘Mmm lay down, let me take care of you.”

Crawling on the bed centering my body over yours leaning down to kiss your lips one more time, letting my lips linger on yours. Moaning softly, tasting your mouth and tongue. Feeling weightless as I pull away.

“Mmm Fuck, you are so Very Sexy!” I say as I move to center myself between your solid thighs. Rubbing my hands down your chest, letting my fingernails scrape as my hand moves to the long hard cock twitching at me, begging for attention from my lips.

Taking your hard cock etimesgut escort to my lips; licking the bit of precum dripping from your tip, licking from your balls to head all the way around and down your shaft. Licking and flicking softly at your cockhead, holding your balls in my hand; slowly rubbing them with my thumb.

Sucking softly on your cockhead, before taking your every inch into my mouth savoring you. Stroking the underside of your balls softly, applying firm pressure. Stroking your cock with my tongue and lips fast and hard.

Moving my mouth to your balls, kissing and licking them. Pushing your thighs out to the side wide; rubbing your asshole with my thumb, while still slowly stroking your long cock. I begin to lick you from your ass to your balls, sliding my tongue into you and back out again. Sliding one finger very slowly into your ass.

Taking your cock back to my lips; stroking you firm and slow, pushing my finger deep inside you twirling it as I pull it out again. Licking your shaft as I finger you, feeling your ass begging for more. Feeling how your ass clenches on my finger tight, I hold it there rubbing inside right behind your tight hole.

Stroking your cock with my mouth quickly as I stroke your balls with my fingertips. Suddenly you grab my arms and pull my face to yours, kissing me more. Rolling me on my back as you push my thighs wide apart, pushing my feet into the headboard hard.

Looking at me, staring into my eyes smiling, as you slowly start licking my pussy. Slipping your sincan escort tongue between my lips and dragging it all the way down to my tight ass, licking around it, then dragging your tongue back up to my clit.

Sucking, softly on my clit, taking it inside your lips; flicking it quickly with your tongue. Nibbling at it hard with your teeth, as you begin to slip two fingers deep inside me. Pushing your fingers in all the way to your knuckles, slowly pulling them back out.

Tapping at my clit with your fingers, rubbing hard and fast, as your tongue pushes inside of my wet pussy. My fingers running through your short dark hair. Pulling handfuls of it softly as you bury your face into my pussy harder.

Clawing at my thighs lifting my hips off the bed pushing myself harder against your stubbly chin. Moaning loud as I begin clawing at the sheets. Feeling my dam break and my river being unleashed, flowing hard from me onto your waiting tongue. Letting ecstasy wash over me as my body settles back down into the bed.

Looking at me, longingly as you take my lips to yours closing your eyes, kissing me; letting me taste my remnants on your lips and tongue. Grabbing my legs and hooking them on your shoulders you bury your cock into me.

Slipping it quickly and easily inside as it pushes deeper and deeper into me. Holding and stroking my thighs, as I lift my ass off the bed and start gyrating on your steady cock. Getting lost in lost in the love and lust written on your face. Reading your features as I slowly fuck you, escort etimesgut titling my hips up and down as I thrust your cock very deep inside.

Spinning my hips in slow circles, as your balls press hard against my ass. Feeling them massaging me, as you begin to thrust yourself hard into me, overcome by your desires. Holding my thighs very tight, rubbing your prickly face against them as you start to bite them, softly nibbling my soft hot flesh.

Pushing my thighs off your shoulders wide to the sides, laying your chiseled chest on mine. Taking my breasts in your hands squeezing them as you thrust very quickly, deeply but gently into my quivering pussy, clenching on to your cock tightly.

Sucking my nipples hard, biting them softly, my hands wildly stroking your face and hair as my body shakes beneath you. Moaning loudly, crying out as your lips cover mine. Rocking our bodies against one another as your tongue dives in and out of my mouth.

Your hands under my hips grabbing my ass tightly, as you push harder and deeper into me with each rapid thrust. Hearing your grunting as you take my hands above my head, our fingers entwined together as you bury your face into my neck.

My face pressed hard against your head, as I cry out next to your ear. “Oh fuck Baby, I’m going to cum for you, Oh Yes!!” Holding your ass tight as you respond…

“Mmm yes, I’m cumming for you.” Kissing me so passionately as you spill your warm load deep inside of me. Holding my hands very tightly as your thrusts stop only holding yourself deep within my swollen walls, until you have given me your last drop.

Laying your body next to mine, holding me tight as you place a single kiss upon my nose. Looking me in the eyes as you say;

“Welcome home my love!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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