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Moving is one huge pain in the ass. I had been working for this company for six years when they offered me a great job in a city at the other side of he country. I am a California girl and moving to Philadelphia sounded as if I was going to China but the new position was a big step up in the company and my new salary was fantastic. But, three thousand miles away and seventy-five miles from the nearest beach, Ugh.

It’s not just the physical relocation that’s the problem, it’s everything else involved. From finding an apartment and then getting a telephone installed and cable TV and water, gas and newspaper etc. etc. etc. And then just finding your way around the new neighborhood; where are the markets, dry cleaners, hardware, Wal Mart, etc.. And then finding a new doctor and dentist is another chore altogether. I was going to wait until I got friendly with some of the employees at the company and get some recommendations from them on those subjects.

The new apartment was terrific. It was on the twelfth floor of a high rise down near the Philadelphia waterfront on the Delaware River. Most of the boat traffic was only tankers going up the river but it was pretty. It was one bedroom with a nice, but small, kitchen and a large combination living/dining room. The only thing lacking was decent storage but I guess that’s true of all high rise apartment houses. Each apartment has its own storage bin in the basement but I would be hesitant in storing anything of value there as it isn’t well protected.

It took me a month or so before I felt comfortable in the new job. At least comfortable enough to be able to take a little time off to see a doctor about a cold I had picked up and was hanging on for what seemed forever. One of the other women in the office gave me the name of her doctor who had an office only a few blocks from my apartment. When she gave me his name she also said, “oooh la la.” When asked what she meant she answered, “You’ll see.”

I got the appointment for just after noon the next day; dropped my car off at the apartment and walked to the doctor’s office only two blocks away. It had the typical reception area with, Cindy, a very attractive nurse handling the patients as they arrived. She looked more like a California beach bunny than anything else I could imagine; long blond hair, large breasts about five foot four, one hundred and ten pounds and a smile that girls would die for.

She had me fill out the new patient paperwork and had me take a seat. I wonder how much time is spent waiting in doctors’ offices around the world…. tons I’m sure. Ten minutes later she was ushering me into one of the small viewing rooms. That is another thing that bothers me about doctors’ offices. When they usher you out of the outside waiting room that does not mean the doctor is ready to see you. It only means that one of the small viewing rooms has opened up and you can begin your wait all over again. Well, that’s life.

When the door to the little room opened up fifteen minutes later the guy who came through the door wearing a white doctor’s coat was good looking drop dead handsome. I could see what the oooh la la was all about when the woman in our office recommended this guy.

“Hi, I’m Doctor Mac MacKenzie and I see you are Marna Campbell. Do you mind of I call you Marna?”

“Not at all Mac” I replied.


“So, what brings you in to see me?”

I explained about the lingering cold. He did the usual listening to my chest through the stethoscope, lingering just a little longer around my breasts than I ever remember a doctor doing before, and then he quickly wrote out a prescription.

“So how are you liking Philly?” he asked.

“So far so good but I wish it were closer to the ocean.”

“Ah ha, you are a California gal and like the sun and surf.”

“Well, I’m not a surfer but do like the wind and waves.” I responded

“Say, I have just the thing that might interest you. I have a sailboat docked down at Atlantic City and I’m taking Cindy and the appointment clerk sailing this weekend. You are welcome to come along if you would like. It will be fun and you will get to know another couple of women your own age.” He offered.

“Sounds like a ball and I would love it. What do I need to bring and where will I meet you guys?”

“Just bring yourself, but wear sneakers or boat shoes. No hard soles and we can meet in the parking lot next door. It will be empty on Saturday morning and if we meet there at eight we can be out on the water at nine thirty.”

The weather forecast for the weekend sounded great for sailing. They were calling for winds out of the South around twelve to fifteen mph with temperature in the mid eighties. It was only Wednesday so I had a couple of shopping nights to make sure I had an outfit I wouldn’t be ashamed of. I chose a pair of khaki shorts with a burgundy top and an old pair of Sperry Topsider boat shoes I had for some time so it would appear that I had been on a boat before. I had been sailing a good few times before ankara escort and certainly wasn’t an expert but did know a good bit about handling a boat. I was fairly sure I wouldn’t make a complete fool out of myself as just another landlubber.

I took a Dramamine before leaving my apartment just in case and brought a small carry on bag with me that morning with a few munchies and bottled water. I was ready. Holy shit. I never asked what time we would be back. In thinking back over the invitation all I could remember was that he said ‘he was taking Cindy and the appointment clerk sailing this weekend’. Was that for the day of the weekend? I changed my small carry on bag to a larger one and threw in another pair of shorts and top and some undies and my traveling toilet kit.

We all met right on time and the appointment clerk, Joan, looked to be a lot of fun. She was about my age, thin but with what appeared to be a decent size bra size and an absolutely beautiful smile. It turned out that both she and Cindy had been on the boat before but not at the same time.

The drive to AC isn’t bad once you get across the Walt Whitman Bridge. A few miles east and the AC Expressway begins and takes you right into the gambling mecca. The marina is directly opposite a casino so if you get bored it is right there to amuse you.

The boat was a beauty. A forty- four foot Cheoy Lee ketch. The decks were teak and the woodwork around the cockpit was beautifully varnished mahogany. Mac wanted to hose down the deck to rinse off the road dirt that was all over the boat. Apparently the road to the marina across the street gets a good bit of traffic and the grit the cars throw up covers the boats. In another ten minutes we were untying the dock lines and casting off. The dockside observers must have been jealous as hell…one guy and three gals.

With the southerly wind we were able to have sails up going out the AC inlet and we were moving along nicely at seven knots on our way to wherever. There wasn’t much of a sea and a boat this size was truly in its element. I could just imagine loading it up and setting a course for the Islands. I think that is what I would do if it were mine.

I never saw it happen but Mac had loaded up the refrigerator with some cheeses and meats and, salad ingredients and some soft drinks for lunch. We were set. The engine driven refrigerator didn’t have time to make ice but he left the engine running for the first hour or so to chill down the refrigerator. After an hour there were some semblance of cubes in the trays.

The boat was moving along beautifully. I had done some sailing on the West Coast but nothing in a boat this size. After Mac realized I knew how to handle the helm I was elected and became very sorry I had indicated I knew anything at all about sailing. The other two gals were stretched out catching rays while I was worrying about wind direction and the course we were steering. A half- hour of that and I suggested to Mac he engage the auto- pilot and let it take care of those duties. He flipped the switches, set the course and we were all free to move around the boat.

It wasn’t long before Joan and I were sitting in the cockpit and just enjoying the wind and sun when I asked where Cindy was and Joan nodded forward. I stood and made my way out of the cockpit and around the side deck and ran across Cindy and Mac on a big foam pad up on the foredeck. Cindy was topless and soaking up the rays and Mac was lying on his stomach talking to her and every now and then leaning across to kiss a nipple. I stopped when I was almost there and started to head back when I head Mac calling my name. I turned and he was waving me forward.

“Hope we didn’t embarrass you. Cindy loves the boat and we come out almost very weekend.”

“Not at all. I never get upset seeing people enjoying themselves.” I replied.

“Great. Joan will be coming forward in a few minutes and I’m hoping that won’t bother you either.” He said.

“No, it won’t but now you have me wondering that if this is a typical threesome why did you bother to invite me.”

“Oh, you said you were missing the ocean and I thought this might help you get used to Philly and New Jersey. If it is going to upset you we can turn back shortly.”

“No, just do as you usually do. None of it will bother me.” I answered.

“OK. I knew you were a good sport.”

I turned and headed back to the cockpit and ran into Joan heading forward. She had already removed her bikini top and looked as if she was ready to join in the fun on the foredeck.

This was going to drive me insane. If I had known about it I wouldn’t have joined them for the day of sailing.

It wasn’t long before the noise coming from the foredeck really had my puzzled and I couldn’t help but want to find out what it was all about.

As I went forward I could see a gals bare back bending over something. As I went further forward it was clear what was happening. Mac was on his back nude and it was Joan who was giving him a blow job elvankent escort while at the same time she was playing with Cindy’s tits who was sitting along side of her. A very cozy threesome while I am stuck working the boat! I returned to the cockpit to think this over. Viola, I had the answer. I reached over to the autopilot and gave the course selector a few huge inputs and the boat swung more than thirty degrees to port. With the strength of the wind we now had we were instantly heeling almost to the point that the lee rail was buried. Splash- splash. One gal and one guy were overboard. What a shame!

It was Joan and Mac and we were leaving them in our wake. I quickly threw a couple of life rings over and then turned to come about to pick them up. This is always a challenge and a lot easier if those on board the boat know what they are doing. I quickly discovered the only thing Cindy knew about sailing was how to fuck the captain.

“Cindy, we are going to have to drop sails. You keep looking at Joan and Mac so when I ask where they are you can point to them. Don’t take your eyes off them regardless which direction the boat turns. OK?”

She was scared shitless but nodded OK.

I started the engine and dropped the sails. The two overboard had retrieved the life rings and were back there waiting for us. We came back to them quickly and I put the transmission in neutral as we approached them. I told Cindy to unhook the horseshoe life ring from the rear lifeline stanchion and give it to me. When we were twenty feet from them I threw the horseshoe and accidentally (honest) hit Mac in the face. He was blubbering as he went under for a second and swallowed a gallon or two of seawater!

“Hello, how is the sex in seawater.” I joked.

“Quit your smart ass remarks and get the stern of the fucking boat around to us and drop the swimming ladder.” Yelled Mac.

“Now wait a fucking minute big shot. With that kind of attitude we will see if you two can swim the five miles back to AC so get off your high horse and do it NOW.”

Cindy unhooked the rungs of the swimming ladder and they folded down into the water. I threw the engine in gear and swung the stern around to them and then disengaged the transmission again. I didn’t want the prop to chew them up.

Mac escorted Joan over to the boat and I looked up and screamed,


Sure enough there was the dorsal fin of a shark off the stern about a hundred yards off and we weren’t sure if it had spotted the swimmers. Either way I don’t think Joan ever moved as fast in her life. He lovely tits were bouncing as she came over the stern rail and Mac wasn’t a second behind her. I thought his cock was going to get hung up on the swimming ladder but he swung himself up and over without even touching the rail.

We were now all in the cockpit and sat there just looking at each other.

Mac spoke first and directed his question at me, “Why the fuck did you alter course and in doing so know the boat would heel and cause us a problem up on the foredeck.”

I played as dumb as I could, “Mac, I had never worked an auto-pilot before and didn’t realize that it would react so violently to my touch of the controls. And asshole, you are the Captain. You are the one who should be looking out for the welfare of your passengers. If the Coast Guard knew what happened you would probably be in jail this afternoon. So why don’t the three of you go below and fuck your eyes out while I get this boat moving again and quit giving me any of your shit.”

“Marna, I think you knew damn well what you were doing with the auto-pilot and just tried to have us knocked overboard.”

“Captain, let me make this perfectly clear. As we got on this boat I saw a newspaper rack holding the Philadelphia Inquirer newspaper. How about I give them a call right now and have a reporter waiting for us at the dock. It will be a story they will absolutely love. Just picture the headline, ‘Prominent Philadelphia doctor goes overboard while engaged in sex with one of his employees on a sailboat off Atlantic City. Narrowly escapes death by sharks.’ How about it, want me to make the call?”

He was stammering and stuttering and then starting to shiver. I don’t know if it was because he was nude or the fear of the possibility of the shark attack had just hit him. Either way, he appeared to be one cold and nervous dude.

“Joan, take him below and have him lie down and cover him with a blanket. Get under the blanket with him and try to get his body temperature up again. You don’t have to fuck him to do that.”

She just looked at me and nodded OK

“Cindy, it’s time you learned something about a sailboat. Take the wheel and steer this thing into the wind. You will know you are headed into the wind when the needle on that instrument on the cockpit wall is pointing straight up. I am going to be raising sail while you are doing that so don’t fuck up.”

Lo and behold she steered the boat straight as an arrow and we had sails otele gelen escort up and were underway in a few more minutes. We tidied up the cockpit of the lines and horseshoe ring and life rings and it would appear that nothing had ever happened.

Cindy and I sat there talking and it turned out she was bisexual. She not only fucked the doctor but also liked to give Joan a good time. Well now!!

Cindy, I would like for you to come over here and kneel before me.”

‘What are you talking about?” she asked.

“Just do it and shut up.”

She was there in a second. Apparently she liked to be subservient and me speaking harshly to her turned her on.

“Now slip my shorts down and get your face busy in my pussy.”

I never saw anyone move so fast. She had her face buried in me in a second and was working my clit like it had never been worked before. She had my nub unsheathed and was licking it fast and furious before I knew what was happening.

“OK honey, you can slow down a little. I want to have an orgasm but I don’t want you to hurt me in the process.” I ordered.

“Oh, Marna, I don’t want to hurt you. I wanted to do this the minute I first met you.”

“Good, just take it nice and easy.”

She could really eat pussy. It wasn’t much longer before I was reaching for the clouds. The warmth started deep inside me and came rushing up and out. My juices were covering her face and she was licking them up as fast as I was releasing them.

“Oh God, Cindy. That was terrific. Wipe up my pussy with your shirt and let me get dressed again.”

She obeyed my every command. I think I had found a sex slave.

In a few minutes we were sitting there as if nothing had happened between us and I told her that after we got back I would have her over to my place and I would let her treat me to some warm and loving sex. I would have thought she was going to explode with excitement. “Will you Marna?” She asked and I confirmed it to her.

I got up and checked the horizon to make sure there weren’t any boats along our course and then put my head down the main companionway to see how the lovebirds were doing. Mac was still shivering and I told Joan to put on some water for coffee and we would get a cup into him to warm up his insides.

When I get back in the cockpit I told Joan we were going to turn the boat for home. Mac wasn’t doing very well and we needed to get back.

“Whatever you say Marna. Should I call you captain now?” She said in all seriousness.

“No honey. You can call me sweet pussy instead.” I joked.

She blushed from head to toe with that and said, “Oh, I couldn’t do that. They would know I had done something to you if I said that in front of them.”

“You are right Cindy. Just call me Marna. OK?” We got back to the marina in mid afternoon and Mac was still not himself. Hell, he was the doctor and still couldn’t help us much in helping him. I went below and asked him if his problem was stress related or was he really ill. He couldn’t answer that simple question so it was going to be up to us to dock this beauty.

I called them into the cockpit. “Girls, this is going to be tricky since I have never docked a boat this big and every boat handles differently so we will all have to be on our toes and you will have to exactly as I say WHEN I say it. Got it? I will not have the time to explain why I am telling you to do something. I can tell you after we are docked but not during the docking procedure. Now let’s get to it and pay attention. When you aren’t looking at what I have told you to do…look at me for the next instruction.”

Damn, the wind was blowing even harder and that always makes docking more difficult since the wind can actually blow a boat even as big as this one around a lot. No matter, we didn’t have a switch to turn off the wind.

“Girls, if you remember we left the dock lines on the pier and on the outboard pilings so we need to get an outboard line first and then we can manage to get the boat into the slip without too much more trouble. Cindy, take that boat pole and be ready to hook the loop on that line.” as I pointed to the one I wanted her to get.

She did it neatly and I told her to hook it on the cleat on the back of the boat, which she did flawlessly. I had it in full reverse but we were still coming in a little too fast. I grabbed the boat pole from her and hooked the other outboard line and cleated it down on the other side of the boat. When those two lines became taut we stopped as if we had hit a wall. It was then just a simple matter of cleating down the bow lines and putting on the sail covers and tidying up the boat. I was looking around hoping we had an audience for such a magnificent docking. It couldn’t have been done any better.

It took us a few minutes to get Mac dressed and ready for the road. Joan was going to drive and I had her go out and bring the car around to the end of the pier so we wouldn’t have to make him walk too far. Twenty minutes later and we were off the boat, in the car and heading back to Philadelphia. By the time we got back to the city Mac was coming around a little and said he would be OK to drive himself home. Joan would follow him home and Cindy was coming home with me. Joan gave us an extended stare when she heard that.

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