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Freshman Year – Reed’s Decision

After eating a surprisingly good brunch (which included three glasses of warm orange juice and two aspirin), Reed Johnson made his way to his dorm room. The previous night was mostly a blur to him – thanks to the “punch”… yet what he did remember consisted of images and wonderful sensations. The proof of his sensations was a pair of lavender panties in his back pocket – a gift from his “dance partner” Tamara Cooke.

He was still grinning as he made way up the flights of stairs to his room. Entering the hall, he saw Marla leaving from his room with two empty trays. Waving, Reed saw her face light up and she began laughing. Puzzled, he asked,

“What’s so funny?”

“Your silly ‘I just got fucked’ grin,” she said approaching him, “So you found that girl who you danced with last night heh?”

“No comment…” he started as she stopped in front of him shaking her head. Stopping, Reed looked at the attractive junior soccer player sternly. Her laughing increased upsetting him.

“You shouldn’t give people a stern look with that grin – it’s sooooo funny.” She pushed him back using the trays, then walked by him mumbling “Newbies” shaking her head. Before she left his sight, Reed shouted “Maid!” then continued on to room 215 – his room.

Opening the door, he immediately saw his roommate sitting on the beanbag chair (HIS addition to the room) watching a local television show. Looking at the wall clock hanging above the window, Reed realized it was almost three in the afternoon – he was with Tamara the whole morning (DAMN).

Turning around, Reed’s roommate waved – then seeing that grin – began laughing loudly and wildly like Marla. His face scowling, Reed hissed, “Don’t you start Alexander. Just got the laugh track from Marla-“

“But that grin is soooo fucking stupid,” Alex mused back stifling his laughs.

“Nothing to be ashamed about Newbie – you got fucked. BIG DAMN DEAL…. It’s good to get rid of some of that sperm. Too much in your system and you can get sic-“

“No… I do not follow your logic for getting ass three times a week mister,” Reed replied. “I am not a nympho – that’s YOU. It just happened is all…”

“Bull-fucking-shit,” Alex said before bursting out laughing again. He was shirtless in the beanbag chair; he still had on the jeans he wore to the party the night before.

“Marla told me how you ran out da car looking for the girl who gave you the boner. When we didn’t see you back at the room, we figured you found her and was getting that boner sucked and fucked. And,” he stood, walked over to Reed, and took the panties out his back pocket, “we see that you succeeded. Next time, tuck them in deeper…” Walking to Reed’s desk by the window, he inspected them in the sunlight, nodded then dropped them on the desk. Reed stood motionless through the whole scene.

“What the hell did you just do Alex?”

“Checked the front of them for the wet spot,” he replied sitting back down in the chair. “Though it dried, I can tell how big the spot was. Call it my ‘specialty radar.’ Come on, I know you have one too-“

His smirk only made Reed more upset at him. Then, the moment passed and he changed so he could shower – all the while that grin on his face. Showering, Reed’s thoughts wandered back to the images of Tamara… Tamara dancing intimately close with him… Tamara snuggled against him as they walked back to campus… those alert hazel eyes showing him her innermost wants and desires as they kissed… her sweat-soaked body under his as he fucked her relentlessly…

The curtain being pulled back startled him out of his thoughts. Turning covering his cock angrily, he saw Alex standing in just a towel laughing at him. Shaking his head, Alex said, “You been in here 20 fucking minutes. It doesn’t take that long to clean up from fucking. Boy, you don’t do it much do you?”

“FUCK YOU Alex.” Reed said irritably. He didn’t like his roommate – a junior – keeping tabs of his sex life. He couldn’t believe the Housing Department set him up with an upperclassman; a downside of being part of a large incoming class (and being the same major as Alex). Still, Reed did enjoy the wild stories the junior told during late nights (and the upperclassmen female friends he kept weren’t too shabby either).

Sighing, Reed turned back around and continued showering.

“If you not gonna clean my back, I suggest you close the damn curtain and leave fuckwat,” Reed said grabbing for the soap. Laughing, Alex shut the curtain and soon after Reed heard a second shower running. SONOFABITCHMOTHERFUCKER Reed thought as he finished his shower, his thoughts trailing occasionally back to the night before and Tamara (that grin reappearing).

The following four days Reed didn’t think much about his first party or Tamara (unless Alex or Marla joked about it). He never mentioned to them her name; he figured it was a one night stand. It was an excellent one-night stand… yet a one time thing with an attractive upperclassman.

His ankara eryaman escortlar class schedule was typical for a freshman; the workload however, Reed was not totally ready for it. He spent most of that week in the Library or in his room; Alex kept him company (unwanted sometimes) and even tutored Reed in a couple of classes.

Marla would stop by a couple of times to drop off some “stuff” for Alex (alcohol since she worked in town next door to it), yet they had no company. Haverlawn University was known for its demanding classes and workload – many students had little time for socializing outside of the weekend.

When Friday approached, Reed was relieved. He didn’t think he would have made it without sneaking a couple naps during the week (and drinking some of the

“stuff” that was stashed in HIS fridge). After his last class ended, a sense of freedom washed over him. The air was crisper; the trees were more colorful and the grass was a brighter – a sign he was relieved he didn’t have to think about anything until Sunday night.

Not wanting to sit in his room, Reed took a tour of his new school. Normally, he would take the main paths that took him around the main parts of the campus; today, he took some lesser-used paths that guided him past the skyscraper-style Sullivan Sundial Needle/Water tower (named after first President of university) and onto the farmland acreage. Not much to see… acres of wheat or grass with a scattering of buildings –

Until one got to the southern tip of the field. There stood an old weatherworn barn and a tall, wide wheat silo. Both were “off limits” but that didn’t stop students from checking out some of the oldest stuff on campus or in the town. Past the barn were where the first settlers of Haverlton lived; the barren patches of land and building ruins were the only evidence. Stopping a hundred yards from the barn (six foot electric wire fence is why), Reed stood and watched the relics in silence – trying to let his mind get clear.

Another reason students visited this spot appeared to Reed’s right; the setting sun glowed a fiery orange-red casting the horizon a golden hue calming Reed more.

Watching half the sun set, Reed was totally oblivious to the couple a few feet behind him. They too were watching the sunset, the man’s arms around the female. A sneeze startled Reed out of his meditative state. He whirled around quickly wondering who was behind him…

He nearly fell back against the electric fence. The look of surprise on his face registered with the guy for he said, “Whoa… sorry man to scare ya. The grass round here still gets my sinuses going… been here three fucking years and my nose still can’t take all the damn fresh air.” Chuckling, the man blew his nose with a tissue, then tucked it in his back pocket. The female with the sneezer was what caught Reed’s eye (and his crotch)…

“Tamara?” Reed asked.

Nodding, Tamara smiled lovingly towards Reed. Her companion gave her a puzzled look. “You know him Tamara? He’s a Newbie… how you-?” Facing her companion (having to look up to do so) she said, “Met him in passing Kevin. He’s Alexander’s roommate ya know.”

Saying that smoothed the lines of doubt on Kevin’s face – though Reed’s face held some. Looking at Kevin, he suddenly felt awfully small. Kevin “Bruiser” Bryant – linebacker on the football team – stood six and half feet tall with very broad shoulders, muscles seemingly everywhere bulging (he wore his shirts tight to show them off), a neck as thick as a tree trunk, massive hands… Reed definitely felt small in his presence. Kevin’s dark inquisitive brown eyes, bald head and rich brown complexion completed his look giving him that model edge – making him one of the most wanted men on campus.

Being a freshman, he learned quickly whom the freshman females wanted – UPPERCLASSMEN MEN. Kevin was on that list – along with half the football, baseball, basketball, and even hockey teams. In all hindsight, Kevin was royalty on campus. Yet, he didn’t get the royal treatment – he EARNED it by maintaining a 3.8 in Astrophysics (yeah – a football player wanting to be an ASTROPHYSICIST). Watching his massive arms he suddenly noticed they were wrapped (well engulfed) around Tamara’s waist.

“Kevin, this is Reed. Reed… this is my boyfriend Kevin.” Tamara said emphasizing the word “boyfriend” without drawing much attention. Reed did understand what she meant though; last Saturday was a one shot thing and would never happen again. He understood…

“Nice to meet you Kevin,” he said walking over his hand out. Kevin shook it violently smiling. “You got a good grip Newbie. Friends call me ‘Bruiser’ cause I’ve bruised a lot of people on and off the field.”

Taking his hand back, Reed thought he would be added to that list. His hand throbbed; he wondered how neither of them saw it the throbbing felt very intense. Tamara kept smiling as she spoke, “So, you taking in the sunset too? It’s a wonderful spot to see it.” She continued when Reed nodded escort etimesgut agreement.

“Just be careful not to get too close to that damn wire. Heard stories of students who have and got fried. Why the cops come by every hour to check… they come by that road over there-“

She pointed to the right of the barn. What he took as a barren patch of land was really a dirt road. Nodding, Reed noticed how close he was to the fence and took two giant steps back. Hearing Kevin’s deep laugh, he began to scowl and tensed with embarrassment.

“Don’t worry,” Kevin said, “if you come here with someone, he/she can always drag you back to campus.”

“Not funny hun…” Tamara scolded. “Reed, what ya doing tonight anyway? Going to the campus party at REC UNO?”

Reed shrugged. “Don’t know… gotta study. Who’s throwing the bash?”

“One of the fraternities – don’t know which.”

“Okay Tamara.”

“If you do, hope to see ya. If not, we’ll see you around.” With that, Kevin and Tamara waved and began walking back to campus. Reed digested the whole conversation (something he does too much many think); Tamara has a boyfriend who looks like a bodybuilder. Not only that, he was an academic to boot… his slim chances (he HAD a chance?) dashed as quickly as the orange glow the horizon had the last few moments the sun set. Long after the sun set, Reed made his way in the twilight back to the campus, the large Water Tower flashing lights guiding his way.

He didn’t go the party that night; Alex did. At 3 am, he returned drunk and in the arms of some girl – she looked like one of the freshman he saw during Orientation. Then he noticed both were as drunk as the day was long; they didn’t register his presence as began making out on Alex’s bed. Soon, Alex’s beefy cock was in the girls’ hands as she stroked it slowly. Moans escaped Alex’s mouth as her lips teased his mushroom head. Reed couldn’t believe they were getting naked in his presence (not realizing he was sitting at his desk). Fuming to himself, Reed grabbed his books and headed for the main lobby of the dorm. An hour later that same freshman girl was heading out the dorm – he noticed her hair and face were wet and her shirt half open exposing her big tits. As she past by the sofas, he saw streaks of milky white on her neck, breasts, and in her hair. When she left the building, Reed began chuckling putting the Psychology textbook on his lap.

“Damn,” he whispered into the empty lobby, “his aim sucks. For someone who cums as much as he does, he should have better freaking aim.” Picking up his book, Reed continued reading the chapter before heading up to his room and bed (seeing his roommate sprawled out on his bed in his boxers with a white thong on his face).

Saturday arrived and Reed was happy for it. So ready that he woke up at 8 am without the clock’s help to watch Saturday morning cartoons. To him they weren’t as good as the ones from his childhood, but some of them had promise. Of course, Alex was out cold (the thong still on his face) lying on his bed snoring a little. By noon, Reed was upbeat and ready to head to the library to study (Alex was awake too – sort of). At the campus library Reed found many places where he could study quietly with little chance of being disturbed. His small table covered with books, Reed became fused to the world of his textbooks; he didn’t notice the company until he heard a book fall from one of the shelves nearby. Looking up, he noticed Tamara standing not far from the table smiling. The jeans she had on weren’t as tight as the ones he saw her in Friday, yet they still showed off her legs well. She didn’t have any books with her… Reed began wondering why she was in the library.

Waving, he said, “Hiya Tamara. What brings you to the fourth floor of the Hemmings Library?”

“Nothing… just visiting.” Her chuckle put a grin on Reed’s face. “Seriously, I am here to do what you doing – studying. Have a big paper due Tuesday – and its only the second week of school! God, I hate that class…”

Sauntering over and hopping onto the table, she gave Reed a flirtatious smile and head turn. Laughing, Reed said, “Uh huh, riiiight. Taking a break now right?”

She nods and slowly began licking her lips.

Watching that tongue glide across her lips (wishing suddenly that tongue was licking his cock all over), Reed lost track of what he wanted to say. He ended up blurting out, “Where’s Kevin?”

She glared at Reed. Reed thought he upset her; she slid off the table. Reed was lost at what to do; he sat frozen staring as Tamara walked around the table and stood not a foot from him, her hands on hips watching (those alert eyes mesmerizing). The humming of the library A/C was heard over the long silence. Abruptly Tamara began laughing – a cheerful, seductive, almost childish laugh surprising Reed.

“No,” she replies. “He’s with his football buddies doing some stupid macho thing. They still happy they won the game Thursday against Odeon University. batıkent escort We have a shot at a winning record.”

Reed sat listening to her ramble on about Kevin and the game his eyes not leaving hers. All of a sudden, Tamara was right in front of him looking down as he sat motionless. Her smile – warm, sweet – melted Reed. He knew there was something about her that made him so giddy with joy; he also knew he had some quality that made her seek him out on the dance floor a week ago. Whatever it was, he had no clue… but felt it was present today. Hopping on his lap, she kissed him quickly then sat facing forward. Bracing herself, she began bouncing on his lap softly giggling childishly.

Reed stayed motionless; her bouncing was nothing more than a tease he thought. Soon, her bouncing grew more seductive – almost sexual. He moved his hands to her hips and pushed her up off him. Looking back, Tamara half frowned her eyes showing hurt.

“You didn’t like?” Her voice childishly innocent those eyes sparkling.

His hesitation was enough of an answer for Tamara. She sits back on his lap grinding her ass against him. The wonderful feeling it gave Reed almost took control of his thoughts. An image of Kevin appeared and he quickly tensed up. Feeling him tense up again, Tamara said, “What’s wrong? Don’t you like what I’m doing?”

“Oh yes I do,” he half moans, half whispers, “Just worried about Kevin-“

“Don’t be,” she reassures him rubbing his arms slowly. She begins grinding against him slowly – he doesn’t protest (though he remained tense). She knew he was fighting to control his urges; she could feel his cock through his sweats beginning to get stir with her movements. Quickening her pace, Reed began to loosen up and soon even thrust up meeting her ass. A slight sigh escaped Tamara’s lips followed by a smile. She continued wiggling her ass against his crotch – Reed couldn’t resist thrusting back harder slipping out a groan. His hands reached for her hips… Tamara leaned back against him knowing what was coming next.

Sliding his hands along the waistband of the jeans, Reed began bouncing Tamara on his lap harshly. Smiling hands gripping the table for leverage, Tamara let Reed’s hands guide her body as she bounced up and down. Her ass was teased repeatedly by his crotch; her pussy moistened letting drops escape wetting the front of her panties. Reed quickened the pace and force; with each bounce, he whispered a grunt or moan his hands descending farther into her jeans. Rubbing her hips as he thrust harder and harder against her ass, Reed wanted so badly to have her. Again an image of Kevin (and his massive, bone-crushing frame) appeared; his rhythm slowed and became irregular. Feeling him tense and her wonderful sensations being interrupted, Tamara turned her head back.

“Reed,” she cooed, “it will be ok. Kevin won’t find us. Please, just relax and continue. Don’t you want to continue?”

His nod of agreement seemed slow and exaggerated, but he did want to continue (his raging cock demanded he continue throbbing through his sweats). Heartbeats later, Tamara’s ass was bouncing again roughly on Reed’s lap – her pleasure arising again. Being leaned forward, Reed sat up and began humping her ass harder and faster, his fingers rubbing her hips and making their way to the front of her jeans. Unbuttoning them, they fall into her panties and rub the trimmed pubic hairs of her pussy. A thumb found her clit and began flicking it back and forth. Yelps of pleasure escaped Tamara’s lips as her mind lost control – goosebumps appeared on her flesh, uncontrollably her hips rammed back against his crotch and urged his hands to find her pussy and quench the fire there.

Reed finds her slit wet and eagerly awaiting his fingers. As his fingers tease her rubbing and spreading her pussy lips, his crotch brutally assaults her from behind sending ripples of pleasure through her body. A finger slipped into her before she noticed – it took her over the edge. Shuddering wildly, her pussy contracted around Reed’s finger milking it as wave after wave of her orgasm bathed her. “OOOOOHHHHH MMMMMMM…” she moaned continuously as he slowly finger fucked her. Soon, Reed added a second finger into her hungry cunt and matched pace with his grinding crotch. Tamara’s mind was reeling; she needed his cock filling her ass NOW…

Pushing off with her hands, Tamara pushed back hard. Surprised he fell into the chair Tamara setting down on his lap hard sending a gasp and groan from his lips. Working quickly, Tamara had her jeans unbuttoned and were inching them down to her knees. Reed’s fingers kept squishing inside her; her moans increased filling the area. “I want you now Tamara. Wanna fuck you sooo-” his words were interrupted by her hands tugging at his sweats. Using his free hand he assisted and soon his sweats and briefs were down past his hips. His fleshy hard cock sprang free and slapped against her smooth soft ass.

“Fuck me Newbie. I want that dick in my ass now,” She emphasized by rubbing her ass over his throbbing shaft feeling the warmth against her. Pulling out of her pussy – her hips pushed forward trying to get his fingers back in – Reed stood her up, spread her ass cheeks exposing that second tight hole, and rubbed his wet finger around the crack and pushing inside.

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