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The warmth from the strong morning sunshine seeped pleasantly through the thin cotton t-shirt Shelly wore as she walked up the path to her grandfather’s house. The bag of groceries felt heavier after the ten minute walk and she shifted them to her other hand to ease the weight. She was relieved to put them down while she reached into the pocket of her cut-off jeans to retrieve the front door key. She turned the key and the door swung open allowing sunlight to flood the hallway. Shelly retrieved the bags and went in closing the door softly behind her. It was still early and her grandfather might still be in bed. She went through to the kitchen placing the shopping on the table. She clicked on the small radio on the windowsill taking care to lower the volume. Bon Jovi’s ‘Livin’ on a prayer’ filtered through the air and Shelly sang along to the words, her hips swaying as she emptied the grocery bag replenishing the cupboard and fridge. As she closed the fridge door she gave an involuntary cry and almost jumped, hand on her heart as she saw her grandfather in the kitchen doorway.

‘Grandpa,’ she laughed, ‘you gave me a fright.’

‘This is my house, Shelly, shouldn’t it be the other way around,’ he quipped. He was wearing the navy blue dressing gown Shelly had bought him last Christmas and his hair was wet and he held a towel in one hand.

Shelly rolled her eyes, ‘I thought you might still be in bed, I didn’t want to wake you.’

‘Well, I’m awake, just out of the shower, I was on the computer. Thought I heard you come in,’ he smiled.

Shelly’s grandfather was a big man, his large frame further added to by the swell of his big belly. He had strong features and despite his age and thinning white hair, his light blue eyes held an intense vitality that sparkled with life. Shelly could see what had attracted her grandmother to him, and was sure he was quite a ladies-man in his youth.

‘Would you like me to make breakfast?’ Shelly offered.

‘No thanks, I had something earlier. I should get dressed,’ he said tugging the lapel of his dressing gown.

Obvious though it was, Shelly realised he had nothing on beneath his dressing gown and for a split second found herself wondering what her grandfather looked like naked, the thought was both startling and strongly tantalising.

While her grandfather went off upstairs, Shelly made herself a cup of tea and went into the living the room. The blinds were closed and Shelly opened them to let in the morning sunshine, opening a window slightly to let fresh air into the musty living room. Her eyes alighted on a framed photograph of her grandparents taken only a few years ago, both of them arms around each other, broad smiles. A happier time. It was hard to believe just a year later her grandmother was taken by cancer. Even now, with the house just the way it was when she was there, Shelly half expected to hear her grandmother’s voice, to see her walk into the room and hug her. Shelly sighed and tried to push away the sadness that tugged at her heart. She looked around the room noting the houseplants needed watering. She made a mental note to do it before she left. She noticed the computer seemed to be off, and was puzzled as her grandfather said he’d just been on it. She went closer and hearing the hum of the hard drive realised it was only the monitor that was turned off. In a moment of mischievous curiosity she flicked on the monitor to see what her grandfather had been doing on the computer. Disappointingly the desktop screen lit up, but then Shelly noticed several website pages were minimised at the bottom of the screen. She clicked on one expanding it to the full screen size and gasped at its content. Eyes wide and mouth open she took an automatic step back from the screen: pornography.

Her grandfather was looking at porn. Shelly couldn’t believe it. The images on the website showed a middle-aged man with a much younger woman, taking her from behind, feeding her his hard cock, rough weathered hands on the woman’s firm white breasts. Shocked, but also slightly titillated by the strong images, Shelly flicked off the screen and took a step away from the monitor as she heard her grandfather’s footsteps on the stairs.

‘So,’ her grandfather smiled as he came in, now changed into a sleeveless shirt and shorts. ‘How’re things at college?’

‘Not bad, I’ve just handed in an assignment so I can let my hair down for a couple of weeks,’ Shelly replied perching on the arm of the settee, the images of sex she’d just seen still imprinted on her mind.

‘And what about that fellah you were seeing, Marty, wasn’t it? That going well?’

‘Marty, grandpa? That was months ago, I’ve been seeing a guy called James for the last month, he’s kinda cute, but y’know I’ll see how things go, it’s early days.’

‘I can’t keep up with all your boyfriends, seems like every time I see you it’s a different one,’ Shelly’s grandfather said, rubbing his shoulder and the back of his neck.

‘I’m not that bad, grandpa, though I’d admit I’ve had a few different boyfriends this past year. You okay grandpa?’ Shelly istanbul escort asked as he winced, his hand still rubbing the back of his neck and his shoulder.

‘Just some aches, I’ll be okay, just plays up in the morning is all.’

‘Here, sit down, let me give you a rub.’

‘No it’s okay, Shelly, really,’ he protested.

‘Nonsense, I insist.’ Shelly said.

Knowing how persistent his granddaughter could be he relented and sat down on the sofa turning to one side to let his granddaughter sit behind him. Almost immediately he felt the touch of her soft hands on his broad shoulders. She traced her fingers from his shoulders to his upper spine and around his neck muscles applying gentle pressure as she did so. He let out a sigh of pleasure at the relief her hands gave his taut muscles.

‘You really feel tense here grandpa,’ Shelly said sympathetically as she used the palms of her hands to knead the muscles in his upper back. ‘That’s not hurting is it?’ Shelly asked, concerned as he moaned and flinched one shoulder.

‘No, no, it’s really good. Don’t stop. It really helps.’

‘Wait a second I’ve something in my bag that will help.’ Shelly said and he waited as she rummaged in her handbag for something.

‘Listen, Shelly darling, that’s really helped, there’s no need to go to any trouble,’ he said.

‘It’s okay I’ve got it. I’ll need you to take off your shirt.’

‘Shelly . . .’

‘It’s okay, gramps, it’s just some moisturising cream, it’ll really help, trust me.’

‘Okay, just for a few minutes,’ he said, unbuttoning his shirt.

Shelly helped him tug it off and he gave a slight shudder as he felt the cool air on his bare back. Then he heard a liquid slapping sound as his granddaughter lathered the cream on to her hands.

‘Sorry if this feels a bit cold,’ Shelly apologized, and before he could respond, he felt her cool soft hands on his shoulders as she applied the oily cream over his broad back. He gasped, not at the initial coolness of her cream smeared hands, but at the extraordinary pleasure that almost overwhelmed his senses. How long had it been since someone had touched him in this way? The sensation of his granddaughter’s soft young hands on his tough weary back was heavenly. He sighed in pleasure as Shelly worked her magical hands over his neck and shoulders then down over his mid and lower back, stopping intermittingly to lather more cream on her hands turning his back into an oily morass of delightful ecstasy.

‘I can feel your muscles really starting to work loose,’ Shelly said, as she worked his back methodically, her fingers and palms pressing, kneading and caressing his whole back. ‘You like it?’

‘It’s . . . it’s exquisite, you’re an angel, Shelly, you really are.’

‘There’s eh, something I could do, you’ll really love it but you have to trust me, grandpa, okay?’

‘What do you mean? I’m not sure I follow,’ he said, trying to focus his thoughts through the waves of pleasure her hands were bestowing on him.

‘Something I do when I massage my boyfriends, they really like it.’

‘Okay, I suppose we could try it, whatever it is,’ Shelly’s grandfather said wondering how anything she could do could give more pleasure than he was already receiving.

Her hands left his back and he felt momentarily dejected at the cessation of pleasure. He thought he heard a brief swish of material then again the now familiar and eagerly anticipating sound of cream being lathered on his granddaughter’s hands, though this time it seemed to take a little longer and the sound was slightly different. Curious he tried to crane his neck around to look at Shelly, but she stopped him short. ‘No looking, grandpa.’

‘What are you doing . . .?’ he began.

Her touch answered the question.

Her hands resumed their massage of his shoulders, but then astonishingly he felt more soft, warm, flesh massage his back simultaneously and lower down. For a moment confusion reigned then through the delightful sensation his granddaughter was giving him he worked out what she was doing.

‘Shelly!’ he protested, but even to himself the reprimand sounded weak and lacking any conviction.

‘Just count to twenty, grandpa, and if you don’t like it I’ll stop,’ she said, continuing the delightful back massage.

‘It’s not that, Shelly, darling, it’s just . . .’he trailed off such was the pleasure of her skin and body on his back.

‘Do you like it?’ Shelly asked sensing she had easily won the battle of wills as she pressed her cream smeared bare breasts over her grandfather’s back while her hands kneaded and massaged his shoulders and neck.

‘I . . . I love it. It’s . . .it’s indescribable,’ he gasped.

They both fell silent the only sounds the soft squelch of cream-coated flesh on flesh as Shelly worked his back with her breasts and hands, and the soft murmurs of pleasure from her grandfather. She paused only to add more cream to her hands and her large breasts so her skin glided over her grandfather’s back with oily avcılar escort ease. Gradually, in need of a rest, Shelly, slowed her gyrating motions and lay pressed against her grandfather, her arms reaching around his barrel like chest, her small hands on the upper swell of his huge belly.

They sat in silence for a moment relaxed and enjoying the moment of each other’s intimate company.

Shelly planted a delicate kiss on the back of his neck. ‘Would you like me to rub your front grandpa?’ she asked, her voice barely above a whisper.

She listened to his shallow breathing as he contemplated his answer, and Shelly sensed his inner struggle between what he wanted and what he thought was right.

‘We don’t have to, grandpa, I just thought . . .’ she trailed off taking his silence for disapproval. ‘Oh god, grandpa, I’m sorry I didn’t mean to make you feel uncomfortable,’ she pulled away from him, reaching for her T-shirt.

His voice stopped her.

‘No, Shelly, it’s okay. What you did was wonderful, I suppose I would like you to rub my front too . . . it’s just . . . I . . .’

Shelly suddenly realised the cause of his reluctance.

‘Grandpa have you got a . . . you know . . .a stiffie?’

He sighed, awkwardly.

‘That’s okay, grandpa, my boyfriends always got a hard on when I gave them a special back rub.’

‘You sure you don’t mind, I mean . . .’ he continued hesitantly half turning toward her.

Shelly moved off the sofa so she could face him properly, her t-shirt clutched over her bare breasts, partially covering them. She caught his eyes as he took her in.

‘I can put my t-shirt back on . . .’she offered.

‘No, it’s fine,’ he said gently. His hand went to her arm. ‘It’s fine.’

Shelly allowed him to remove her arm protectively covering her breasts. She lowered her hand so she stood topless before him, her breasts shiny with the moisturising cream, her pink nipples perk and aroused from their work caressing his back.

‘Do you think me a slut,’ she breathed as his eyes took in her body.

‘No,’ he said sharply. ‘Never. You are . . .’ his voice softened, his eyes appraising her breasts and body. ‘You are a most beautiful young woman.’

His hands, seemingly of their own accord reached up to cup her breasts but stopped short as though he were afraid that touch would render her a mirage somehow break the spell they were in.

Shelly smiled feeling a surge of love for her grandfather. She took his hands in her own, young hands guiding old, and placed them over her breasts, pressed down on the back of his hands guiding her grandfather’s touch as wrinkled old skin caressed young firm skin.

‘Lie on your back, grandpa,’ she urged.

Spellbound, he could only obey. He lay on the sofa his eyes on hers as she stood over him, took more cream and lathered her hands. She laid her hands on his chest, her thin fingers lost in the white jungle of hair on his broad chest. Her hands rubbed his chest then moved down to the swell of his vast belly, her hands and fingers making furrows in the soft belly flesh as she rubbed and massaged. Shelly could see the bulge in his shorts and she eased them down and removed them so her grandfather was naked but for his cotton underpants. She took a teasing finger and traced the length of his erection from tip to scrotum, eliciting a deep sigh from him.

Her grandfather reached down a hand to her face and she took it, kissing his fingers, the palm of his hand, letting him caress her soft cheek. Shelly delicately hooked her fingers under the elastic band of his underpants and lifted them up and over his hard cock freeing it from its flimsy restraint. He lifted his hips slightly, so she could tug them down. With ease they came off to be discarded on the floor on top of Shelly’s t-shirt.

Shelly, took in the sight of her grandfather’s cock, much bigger and thicker than she could have imagined. Somehow the cliché of a shrivelled flaccid penis sprang to mind if one thought of an old man’s cock, but this was proud and firm, strong and virile. At the base of his cock was a sea of white pubic hair, something Shelly had never seen. Curious she stroked the soft white forest with her fingertips. She leant over his cock, her face inches away, blowing gently on it, knowing the pleasure the sensation of her breath would be on the thin sensitive stretched skin of the penis.

Shelly licked her lips, ready for the first wet kiss on the tip of the straining cock before her, when her grandfather’s stern voice stopped her.

‘Shelly, no! This is wrong. It’s very wrong. We must stop this now!’

As he spoke he sat up forcefully, swung his legs around to get up. Shelly surprised at the suddenness of his reaction, stumbled backwards to fall in a heap on the floor. He stood over her looking down, her face a confusion of hurt, guilt and embarrassment. He looked down at her, his cock still erect and full. Neither of them moved or spoke for long seconds, then Shelly cast her eyes down and gathered herself, awkwardly standing, one arm protectively şirinevler escort across her big bare breasts.

Shelly stooped and picked up her T-shirt, she made to leave the room, to dress in privacy, when her grandfather’s firm grip on her arm stopped her dead. Shelly, her vision blurred with tears looked into her grandfather’s eyes, full of compassion and regret. Neither spoke but her grandfather pulled her gently closer to him, until their bodies almost touched. He released his grip on her and as a single tear trickled down her cheek, he stopped it with a finger. Shelly took his hand in hers and guided the tip of his finger to her lips, tasting the saltiness of her own tear. Her grandfather cupped her cheeks in his hands and bent to her as she tilted her face to meet his lips. Contact. Their lips touched, Shelly’s tongue probing gently, hesitantly, meeting her grandfather’s own. She felt his hand move to the back of her head, pulling her closer, their mouth’s pressed tightly as their kiss grew in intensity. Shelly’s arms embraced her grandfather pressing her petite body to his, hungry now for consummation of this forbidden love, her secret fantasy come reality. An eternity seemed to pass before they broke the kiss, and each looked into the others eyes, granddaughter and grandfather, disbelief and excitement at crossing an incestuous threshold. Holding his gaze, Shelly slowly knelt planting soft wet kisses on his broad chest and large belly as she lowered herself, soon drawing level to his engorged hard cock.

Shelly’s grandfather gasped as she stroked the underside of his shaft with her slender soft fingers. She traced a path from his scrotum to the head of his penis that already glistened with pre come. The tip of her finger slid across the warm slimy surface and Shelly was delighted to see his cock twitch from the sensation she bestowed on it. She stroked the shaft with back of her knuckles she caressed his taught balls that were surrounded by a forest of snow white pubic hair. Her grandfather’s breathing was laboured as Shelly drew her face closer to his erection. Eye contact was broken now, for Shelly was beneath the curve of his vast belly. She pressed her face to his genitals, her cheek rubbing against his heavy balls and the shaft of his cock, the sensation of his soft white pubic hair pleasurable on her skin. Shelly felt her grandfather’s hands on her head, his fingers stoking her hair affectionately. She nuzzled his cock with her face and breathed in deeply the scent of body cream, the faint odour of soap from his shower and the tangy smell of his pre come that mingling together to create a wonderfully arousing sensation.

Shelly kissed his balls lovingly before using her tongue to moisten them paying each equal attention and savouring her grandfather’s whimpers of pleasure with each slow long lick. A globule of come dripped treacle-like from her grandfather’s cock on to her cheek. Her grandfather’s balls now shiny with her saliva, Shelly began to pay attention to the shaft of his cock, with catlike lapping over the ancient potent organ. She cupped his balls gently in one hand kneading them as she slid her tongue up his shaft, her own arousal growing as she felt her grandfather’s hands press her head more firmly as she lavished lust filled treatment on his cock. The head of his straining cock was a dark purple, the foreskin right back exposing the whole swollen helmet. Shelly planted a loving wet kiss, tasting salty pre come on her lips and tip of her tongue. Shelly felt her forehead press against her grandfather’s great belly as she positioned herself to fellate him. She lowered her head over his straining cock, taking him fully in her mouth, increasing the angle of her head so she engulfed as much of his hot pulsing member in the soft wet pit of her mouth. The groove of her tongue pressed against his long shaft, the head of his cock buried deliciously in the entrance to her throat.

‘Oh Shelly . . .’ her grandfather breathed.

Shelly began to bob her head slowly up and down the length of his cock, swallowing as deeply as she could, feeling herself grow wetter with arousal as the warm flow of his pre come coated the inside of her young throat. She gradually increased the speed of her motion, her grandfather’s hands now holding either side of her head, both supporting and encouraging her actions, his hips thrusting forward to meet the downward motion of her head, his cock driving deeply down her throat.

‘Shelly darling, I can’t hold back . . .I’m coming, I’m coming . . .’

Shelly took him as deeply as she dared feeling the head of his cock press on her tonsils and uvula, and was rewarded by a soft explosion as her grandfather ejaculated. Warm come pumped into her eager mouth, and she gulped the thick salty liquid hungrily, tasting the life giving discharge that had once helped create her mother and so play its part in bringing about her own existence.

When his spasms subsided Shelly released his cock from her mouth and holding it in her hand as though it was some delicate treasure licked the head clean, and gave it a gentle kiss. Her grandfather’s breathing was heavy from the exertion of his orgasm. Shelly rose, planting small kisses on his big belly and chest as did so. She looked up into her grandfather’s eyes, fearful that he might feel shame or anger now that lust had been assuaged. Instead she met eyes filled with love and affection.

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