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I was at a Luau themed pool party and getting ready to leave when a woman I know asked if I would give her a hand getting her roommate home. Somehow being the sober guy I was elected to be the helpful guy for the night

I’ve known Naomi a long time and even though we had never gone out I wouldn’t have minded giving her a try. She a pretty brunette, maybe a little too boisterous for me but 5-6 tall and 170 pounds put together real good at 36C-28-44, and a nice big curvy full ass it is.

Seeing her roommate I figured the other reason I got the helpful guy crown was my being 6-1 tall and 250 pounds. It was all I could do to help with Noreen, who is a big girl, 6-2 tall, 230 pounds and from trying to move her, she’s built. She was only a little drunk but hadn’t had much sleep and was groggy.

With some effort I got Noreen into the back seat of my car and got her and Naomi back to their place. So we drop Noreen onto her bed and close the door behind us, which is when Naomi says to me, “So you got her into bed what about me?”

I thought for a second and replied, “It’s your place shouldn’t you be getting me into bed?”

Naomi put an arm around me kissed me and grabbed my crotch. “I’m horny and I’m ready and it feels like you’ve got what I need. So how about we get it on?”

Grabbing a handful of Naomi’s luscious ass I replied “Let’s.”

We helped each other out of our clothes and Naomi led me by my dick to the edge of the bed. Sitting down she held my stiff rod in her hands and said, “Damn that’s nice, I hope you don’t mind if I have a taste.”

She then took half my cock into her open mouth. Well I have to say Naomi has a serious talent for sucking cock she got more than a taste, sucking the stuffing out of my dick. It didn’t take her very long before she was swallowing all nine inches before letting it slip from her lips with a ‘pop’ and rolling onto her back.

I didn’t need a road map to know where I was going I got between those soft thighs and found her neatly trimmed bush. As I plunged my tongue into Naomi’s slit she pinched my head between her thighs.

As I flicked her clit with my tongue I ran a finger along the backs of Naomi’s thighs and her body just shuddered as she came. It was sweet to be between Naomi’s luscious thighs and going down on her tasty pussy. All the better when she got off and he body shook and jiggled against me.

Naomi pulled my head from her wet pussy and said, “OK it’s time to give me that big meat, climb up and fuck me Jeremy.”

She then pulled her knees up, spread her legs wide and smiled. That was the message I was looking for, I rolled on a condom and moved up close to her then slipped my cock into Naomi’s sweet snatch.

Naomi was slick and wet and after poking the head of my dick into her I was easily pushing in inch by inch. She had her knees up and I had my arms around her thighs as she massaged her fat tits with both hands. When I was just about sliding all nine inches into Naomi’s sweet pussy I released her legs which were a chore to hold up braced my hands to really pump my dick into her.

There I was tucked between Naomi’s thick thighs she was humping her fat butt off the bed back at me. It was sweet. She wanted it hard and deep which I knew because she yelled, “Fuck me harder Jeremy I need it bad.”

When she curled her legs around my body, locking her ankles behind me that thigh hug was it for me. I couldn’t hold out any longer so pushing in and pinning Naomi’s big butt to the mattress I shot my load and eased down on top of her. Her face was flushed and she said, “Oh Jeremy that was fabulous. There’s nothing like getting a man sized fuck. I should have jumped you a long time ago.”

Naomi kept me clinched between her legs and we rolled onto our sides. I got my arms around her body and we just held each other tightly and kissed. After a while I said, “How would you like a massage?”

She squeezed her legs around me and said, “Oh that would feel istanbul escort so good.”

So Naomi is face down on the bed and I’m massaging her legs, working my way up her full thighs to her magnificent ass. She complains she has a jiggle butt, and true it’s not rock hard and solid but taking fullness, size and shape into account a little bit of plush cushion softness it’s nothing to complain about. I wouldn’t actually say, ‘The more cushion, the more pushin” but it certainly is the case with Naomi.

Anyway I was enjoying the shit out of kneading the rich round globes of her backside when Naomi groaned, “Oh if I ask really nice sweetie would you please do me up the ass?”

While that’s not one of my requirements for a woman as I continued to savor the marvelous ass in my hands it didn’t seem like a request I should turn down. “This ass?” I asked “Such a fine example of the female backside I wouldn’t want to bang it too hard and bruise this booty.”

Naomi sighed and said, “You’re so sweet you could bang my butt as hard as you want, it won’t bruise, it’s well padded. I’ll do anything you want just bang my butt with that big dick.”

Squeezing Naomi’s sweet round cheeks together I said, “Well, how can I refuse an offer like that, let’s see you get my dick good and hard so we can get at it.”

Naomi rolled over and took my cock into her talented mouth, massaging my balls with her hands and in no time I was hard and ready. She slipped on a condom and handed me a tube of lubricating gel. I slowly worked two fingers in to get Naomi ready and it didn’t take long before she was saying, “I’m primed and so hot just climb on stuff me.”

Spreading Naomi’s soft cheeks with one hand I slipped the head of my cock into her butt and got to it. I held a handful of Naomi’s soft hips in each hand and pushed in slowly enjoying every bit of her ass. And it didn’t take that long before I was banging against her well padded ass. Trying to be the gentleman I reached around with one hand to finger Naomi’s pussy to get her off while I pounded her fat butt.

She was into it and the enjoyment was mutual. Naomi was rocking back and forth with my thrusts into her and grunted, “Fuck me harder.” I was giving it to her good but if she wanted more I figured I’d give it a shot. I put both hands on her shoulders, got a good grip and pumped my cock hard and deep in Naomi’s fat sweet ass with every stroke much to her pleasure.

Finally the joy of fucking Naomi’s wide soft but very tight ass had me ready to cum so I reached around grabbed a firm fat tit in each hand and rocked with her, kissing the back of her neck until I shot my load buried to the balls in her butt.

I pulled out and Naomi pitched flat on the bed. Her fat butt jiggled when I slapped her cheeks and she said, “Fuck that was excellent, I need a break before we go again. Lay down on top of me and hug me.”

So we took a break and I pounded her pussy from behind before falling asleep in each other’s arms.

The next morning Naomi and I got up a little late and were sitting at the kitchen table having breakfast when Noreen came in. She had showered and eaten and was wearing sweats and was in much better shape than the night before. “Damn girl you scored and didn’t wake me.”

Naomi shrugged and said, “Wake you? You were dead to the world girlfriend it was all Jeremy and I could do to get your big butt home and in bed. After that I didn’t need any help anyway. I had a prime opportunity before me that I wasn’t about to pass up and I wasn’t disappointed in the least.”

Standing behind me rubbing my shoulders Noreen said, “Well if you’ve got it in you Jeremy I’m awake now and damned if could fuck a good hard man myself.”

Tilting my head back, the first thing I saw were a huge pair of jugs then Noreen moved her head forward so I could see her face and I have to say with a wide smile she looked much avcılar escort better than the night before.

Then I looked at Naomi who said, “Go give it to her big guy, when she wants it she gives it right back at ya.”

So I followed Noreen back to her bedroom. There is a serious contrast between Noreen and Naomi. Helping Noreen out of her sweats, she neglected to wear either a bra or panties under them, the differences between them were even more apparent.

Noreen is actually taller than me, she’s much thicker than Naomi and her weight is more evenly distributed. Her tits are huge, her shoulders are wide like her hips and a slightly rounded belly. But otherwise she’s the opposite of Naomi who is soft and cuddly with a full round butt, Noreen has a thick firm body and a flat wide solid ass. But they’re both extremely fuckable.

We hugged and with a little effort I tossed Noreen onto the bed. She bounced on her back and I dove between the thighs to go down on her. Noreen giggled as I stuck my tongue in her, I ran a fingernail along the back of one thigh from her cheek to her knee and she bucked her ass a foot off the bed. After she landed she said, “Damn boy you know how to get a girl’s attention.”

I paused and raised my head to reply, “Just my way of introducing myself.”

She pushed my head back down to her snatch and said, “It’s my pleasure to make your acquaintance. You may continue to dive right in and eat your way to my heart”

Which I did as Noreen pinched my head between her powerful thighs and I got back to her pussy. I was doing my best with Noreen’s considerable thighs over my shoulders keeping me in place.

After a while I glanced up and saw Noreen bending her head forward to lick her nipples and wished I could be in two places at once to help her out with that. But apparently our teamwork paid off as she slid her legs off of me, planted her feet and raised her fat butt off the sheets as her stomach shook, her legs shot out straight on either side of me and she yelled as she came.

Pinching my head between her thighs as I paused from licking her pussy Noreen said, “Fuck you’re a real muff muncher, we’ll get back to that but now give me a chance to return the favor.”

I was more than ready to let Noreen suck my dick but a bit surprised when she motioned for me to climb up on top of her. Well like I said I wasn’t going to pass this up so I gently moved to straddle Noreen’s body with a knee on either side under her armpits.

Hovering over her chest I let the head of my stiff dick rest on her chin. She smiled and took it in her mouth and got to it. And I was not disappointed.

Noreen quickly demonstrated a serious talent for sucking cock, quickly sliding several inches between her lips. Tilting her head up to take in more with each move Noreen let my dick slip from her lips every so often to lick and suck my balls. And it was so gooooood.

Finally she kissed the head of my stiff dick and said, “From what I can tell this pussy banger is ready, and I know my pussy is wet and ready to get banged.”

Stroking Noreen’s hair I replied, “Then we should get going on that.”

I grabbed a condom from the nightstand and after opening it handed it to Noreen. After she rolled onto it my cock I moved back between Noreen’s legs and after kissing her pussy I straightened up and poked my dick into her snatch.

Noreen closed her eyes and tilted her head back as the head of my cock pushed past her pussy lips and I wasted no time sticking it to her. I went halfway in on the first push and kept going deeper with each stroke. Noreen responded by rolling her hips side to side while using both hands to play with her fat jugs.

I would have liked to help her out with that but with her rolling side to side I had to balance with one hand on the bed and the other on her thigh to stay in the saddle. Fortunately I was able to keep my balance and pound the length şirinevler escort of my dick into Noreen’s pussy and that was good for both of us.

At one point Noreen steadied herself then swung those long thick legs around my body, locking her ankles behind me. I kept fucking her as hard as I could with a little less movement being trapped between her strong legs. Then she began to hump her fat butt off the bed up at me so I reached forward to slide my hands under her shoulders. I got my arms under Noreen and she put her arms around my chest and we hugged and humped against each other with her still having me trapped between her legs.

Well that was one incredible feeling and more than I could take and finally came. I continued to grind and squeeze Noreen who gave one huge squeeze with her legs as she got off.

We kissed as we stayed locked together with me securely on top of Noreen. Finally she eased her grasp on me and said, “I just wanted to feel you all over, and it felt fucking great.”

We broke apart after a few minutes and just cuddled and kissed for a while.

Noreen and I were laying on our sides kissing, she was stroking my dick back to life as I rubbed her back and she said, “Did Naomi beg you to give it to her up the ass?”

Just the question let me know these girls are more than close so I answered freely, “She said she’d do anything if I would, so of course.”

Noreen rolled her eyes, “Yeah she loves to butt fuck when she’s hot. Sometimes I make her ask for it really bad before I put on the strap on and give it to her. The more cushion for pushin’ you know. Truth is I love fucking that incredible ass of hers, I just want her to beg for it sometimes.”

I kissed Noreen on the nose and said, “You’re so bad but you’ve got to give a girl what she needs, especially when it’s sooo good.”

Noreen rested her head on my chest and said, “Since that’s how you feel you wouldn’t mind if I ask you to, you know?”

Boy I thought these are two horny women but not one to frown on good fortune I replied, “Noreen you’re not going to have to beg me.” I slapped her in her fat butt and said, “Let’s grease you up and hump this rump.”

“Well alright big guy. Give me all you’ve got!” yelled Noreen while grabbing a tube of lube and a condom which she helped me with.

Kneeling down behind Noreen on her hands and knees I was facing a wide solid ass very much different than Naomi’s. Starting with one finger I worked a generous amount of lube into Noreen’s back door and when I had two fingers massaging a few inches in I figured she was ready. So I rubbed Noreen’s big butt and said, “OK girl I think we’re both ready. Take a deep breath because here I come.”

Noreen turned her head to look back at me and said, “Give me every bit of that man meat and give it to me hard so I know you’re back there.”

Well that left no doubt how she wanted it so I was the one to take a deep breath and poked the head of my dick into Noreen’s ass. She was humming and rocking as I went back and forth easing my dick farther into her back door. Oh it was good and Noreen has plenty of ass to enjoy.

Holding Noreen’s wide solid hips I was quickly slamming against her ass and thighs and she was humping right back at me urging me to fuck her harder. I would have worried about hurting her but Noreen is really strong and she really wanted it hard.

Noreen was rocking back at me and I was getting winded trying to keep up with her motion. Finally I knew I was ready to cum so I put my arms around Noreen’s waist and pulled her up then shifted my hands to old onto her fat jugs and squeezing her tightly against my body shot my load buried to the balls in fat butt.

After I pulled out Noreen laid down in front of me. I eased myself down to lay on her back, rubbed her broad shoulders and kissed the back of her neck

Noreen sighed and said, “Fuck you know how to stick to a woman the way she needs it. Just stay there and hold me.”

I said OK and Noreen said, “We can take a break and then I’ll get that sweet dick of yours hard again and you can take one more run at me.”

Which is what we did about an hour later. Yesterday didn’t start out as a great day but it ended with a bang and today got off to a flying start. You just have to wonder what tomorrow might hold.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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