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Big Dicks

Ellie scarcely had time to reflect, but it came to her in a flicker as she perched on the edge of the bed.

Twenty-four hours ago, he had been an augmented figment of her imagination. A username on a screen. An accent in her ear from hundreds of miles away.

They had tentatively flirted their way through dinner, downstairs in the kitchen. The sexual tension between them had been sparking.

Already dripping wet as he had led her up to the bedroom, she could feel his wife’s presence around her.

The wiring of a bra poking from the corner of a hastily closed drawer. Dresses peeking at her through a partially open wardrobe door. Heels on the floor by the bed. Pink.

Liam drew the curtains before walking around the bed to where she was sitting. She could already see the bulge appearing in his jeans as he gently helped her to her feet.

Her pussy had been fluttering on the journey up, it had smouldered throughout dinner and now that she was in the bedroom, the flames were threatening to become uncontrollable.

He raised her to her feet, gently sliding his hands around her waist, pulling her close. She could feel the pressure of his erect cock against her thigh.

She stared into his eyes, pale blue and piercing as their lips drew together. Agonising anticipation.

The feeling of his breath on her lips sent tingles around her entire body and she stumbled a little, before soft lip brushed soft lip with a sharp intake of breath.

Their lips parted, Liam cupping her face with his hand, staring into her eyes again, before trailing his thumb down her lips and kissing her again. More hunger this time.

Ellie wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed back. They snaked around to his neck and began to unbutton his white shirt.

A low groan escaped his lips as he began to unbutton her jeans, feeling the lacy fabric of her knickers just below her waistband, which sent butterflies through her stomach.

She peeled off his shirt as it tumbled to the floor behind him, running her hands over his firm torso, before Liam pulled her top over her head.

He broke the kiss momentarily, taking in the sight of her lacy black bra, pert breasts moving back and forward as her panting increased. She reached for the buckle on his jeans as they kissed again.

Liam gently pushed her back onto the bed, leaning over to kiss her again, kissing playfully down her torso, teasingly above the waistband on her jeans as he hooked his fingers into it.

She raised her ass instinctively as he slid her jeans off, allowing his own to fall to the floor at the same time. A glance down revealed his cock straining against the thin material of his white boxers.

He kissed his way back up as goosebumps broke out all over her body, laid out on the marital bed. The throb in her pussy was almost audible.

Liam’s hand began to snake its way up her thigh as they fell open almost involuntarily. She shuddered once again under his kiss as he inched closer to her need cunt.

He let out a low murmur of satisfaction as his hand cupped it, pressing gently against it. Her juices oozed through the tiny pores in the lace knickers onto his hand.

Her hand reached for his cock, tracing it teasingly through his boxers before she hooked her own thumbs into the waistband, easing them off.

She wrapped her hand around it. The heat warmed her hand as she felt it throb at her touch, a low groan sealing approval as Liam’s hand began to press more firmly on her pussy.

Ellie broke the kiss and smiled at him. It halkalı escort might be his bedroom, but she wasn’t about to concede the upper hand so easily.

Taking hold of his cock, she guided him up onto the bed, slowly stroking it, before softly taking his hand and positioning it in place of her own.

“Stroke it,” she whispered.

He nodded and began to slowly stroke, a bead of precum emerging from the tip of his dick.

Ellie swung her hips as she reached behind her back to unclip her bra, allowing it to tumble down from her shoulders and onto the floor.

Her nipples tingled and hardened as Liam let out a further groan. Turning around with her back to him, she bent over, her ass inches from his face as she slowly peeled down her soaking knickers.

“Mmm fuck,” groaned Liam as Ellie giggled. She was back in the driving seat.

Moving over to the chest of drawers she opened the top one, from where the bra had been poking earlier.

She rummaged through the various items of lingerie in his wife’s drawer before pulling out a lacy pink thong. With a grin, she located the matching bra.

She glanced at Liam, propped up against the pillows, the tip of his cock now glistening in pre-cum as he stared at her transfixed.

Ellie reversed the earlier process, stepping into his wife’s thong and pulling it slowly over her ass, turning around for the full effect.

She clipped and adjusted the bra before spotting the pink heels out of the corner of her eye. She lifted them and clipped them on, hearing the groan from behind her as she did so.

“Ooooh fuck,” moaned Liam as she turned around and climbed onto the bed.

Straddling his body, she placed her feet, clad in his wife’s heels, under his arms, her ass resting between his legs. His cock was just inches from her cunt.

Ellie grinned as she slid her hand into the thong, where a wet patch had already formed. She began to circle her clit, tilting her head back and letting out a low moan.

Liam’s hand had begun to move faster. Taking one of her feet, she pressed it against his arm, staring at him as she shook her head.

“Hands off,” she murmured as her hand began to move faster inside his wife’s thong.

His eyes were alive, moving up and down her body as his cock throbbed in mid-air.

Raising her ass a little, Elie moaned hard and began to work her pussy, her pussy that had been needy all day.

It wasn’t long before her thighs began to tremble, her mouth open in a scream of ecstasy. Tingles swarmed her body as Liam watched her masturbate in his wife’s lingerie.

The waves came suddenly. Orgasm washed over her body. Shuddering wildly, her hips began to buck into the air as her pussy clenched on her fingers, gushing as her climax consumed her.

Liam watched, pre cum oozing from his aching cock as Ellie came hard in his lap. He caressed her legs as her breathing slowed.

She took her soaked fingers and traced them down his chest, then placed them in her own mouth and sucked them clean.

Unclipping her bra, she moved to straddle him. Her juices had soaked through the pink thong and the wet material brushed against his cock, making him groan again.

She nuzzled his face against her breasts, his tongue darting out to lick and caress them, his hands sliding around her back as he felt her smooth body against his.

With a start, he slapped her exposed ass, making her squeal in delight, as he pulled the thong to one side, taksim escort his fingers sliding up and down her swollen cunt lips.

Ellie let out a sharp moan as he slipped two inside her. Liam worked his tongue around her nipples as he began to finger her hard, the frustration from watching her channeled into his hand.

She bucked her hips against it urgently, feeling the control just slipping as his fingers pounded her hungry cunt, which clenched around them.

“You like those fingers in your cunt, don’t you?” he murmured in her ear.

She nodded and let out a huge moan, her body trembling, aware of his cock just inches from her pussy, his fingers bringing her to a second orgasm within minutes of her first.

Ellie wrapped her arms around Liam’s neck, gripping him hard and pressing her soft tits into his face as his fingers fucked her through her climax.

Panting in recovery, she slid her body down his, her head resting on his thigh as she took his cock into her hand.

She moved to straddle him again, this time backwards, and raised her finger-fucked pussy towards his head.

Liam massaged his hands over her pert ass cheecks as Ellie wrapped her mouth around his aching cock.

He let out a guttural moan before moving his head forward, exploring her pussy lips with his tongue.

He slapped her ass hard, causing her to moan on his dick as she began to swirl her tongue around the tip.

Reaching a hand underneath, he began to circle her throbbing clit as he slipped his tongue into her pussy. She clenched in reaction, eagerly welcoming the warm wetness that was now fucking her.

Her moans were sending vibrations through his cock, and he could feel her body tensing again, her slutty pussy betraying her shy demeanour.

He took his mouth off and her pussy twitched, silently screaming its frustration.

“I want my cum filling your mouth before I let you cum again,” he groaned at her, her movements showing even more urgency.

Every inch of his married cock slid in and out of her eager mouth, with her free hand massaging his balls, making him tingle and groan.

Liam watched Ellie’s pussy clench, desperate for his tongue again. He slapped her ass and she groaned again on his cock.

“Mmmm fuck,” he moaned down at her, “that’s it…”

Ellie began to swirl her tongue as he she fucked her mouth up and down and Liam’s body stiffened at the sensation.

“Holy fuck, I’m going to cum,” he gasped at her. She never relented.

His balls began to twitch, her mouth tightening as a low groan emerged from his stomach to fill the air of the marital bedroom as he exploded in Ellie’s mouth.

Ropes of cum shot from the tip of his cock as he gripped her ass in ecstasy, Ellie hungrily swallowing what she could.

Liam lowered his mouth to her pussy once more, teasingly running the tip of it around her clit.

“Now, lick it clean while you cum for me again,” he instructed, before sliding his tongue inside her and rubbing her clit.

Ellie needed little invitation as her pussy reacted with delight. She licked and sucked carefully at his cock, finding every drop of cum as her body shuddered under his oral assault.

Her mouth opened in pure sexual delight as another orgasm washed over her, her hips grinding against his face as she came again, delighted to see Liam’s cock swell in her hand once again.

Abruptly, he gripped her hips and pushed her forward. Her legs were weak from orgasm and she fell face first onto the şişli escort bed.

She could feel him moving forward towards her, and his strong arms lifting her ass back into the air. He slapped it hard again, before running a finger up her swollen, dripping cunt.

Ellie looked around at him as he slapped his cock off her pert ass cheeks, one by one, before guiding it to soft folds of her pussy lips.

She let out a yelp, looking into his eyes as he slowly slid his cock inside her. Her eyes rolled in her head as it began to stretch her, inching inside as her cunt twitched in adjustment.

His hands gripped her hips as he began to thrust. Hard.

Ellie squealed as the thrusts came intensely and quickly. She could feel the urgency in his hips.

Liam gripped her hair and pulled her head up into the air. She smiled open-mouthed as his married cock was buried into her cunt.

His guttural groans became louder and louder, as the volume of her screams increased. This was animalistic and had been building since that first hello.

Her cunt clenched his cock as he fucked harder. Ellie had to steady herself with firmly placed hands on the bed as he threatened to fuck her right off it.

Liam’s cock pulsed inside her as he shuddered to a climax, his balls pumping another load of cum into her cunt.

Feeling it splash off her inner walls set her off again, and Ellie rolled her eyes back as Liam gripped her body in climax, both their moans filling the air as lust won over.

Her knees gave way and Liam collapsed onto her, his cock still in her pussy as his body pressed against her. She tilted her head and he kissed her, both panting in exhausted ecstasy.

Except they weren’t exhausted. His cock was still moving in her, slowly gathering pace. The cum was oozing out the sides of her cunt as she realised there was more to come.

Liam slowly pulled his still throbbing cock from her pussy and resumed his original position propped against the pillows on the bed.

Ellie smoothly ran her hand through his hair, down his face as she tenderly straddled him, the hot mess of her cunt sliding up and down his cock.

She kissed him softly as she raised her hips, slowly guiding it back inside her and grinding slowly on it.

Their kisses became tender, soft. His hands caressed her gorgeous body, up and down her back, along her ass, through her hair.

She tilted her head back as Liam kissed hungrily at her neck, her hips steadily moving faster, reaching down to caress his balls beneath her ass.

That sent tingles through his body and induced another low groan from his lips. He wrapped his arms around her, gripping her ass hard as she began to speed up on his cock.

“Fill me again Liam,” she whispered in his ear.

Liam moved his thumb between her legs, caressing her clit as she moved up and down on his cock. They held each other tight as they moved towards climax.

“I’m going to cum Liam,” gasped Ellie as she stared into his eyes, two people in perfect sexual synchronisation.

“Me too,” he groaned in response, gripping both her hips and lifting her up and down with every thrust.

Dialogue became impossible as lust took over, both moving together. Ellie’s cunt gripped his cock, twitching as she began to cum.

They both shuddered uncontrollably, Liam pumping another load deep into her eager pussy, both moaning in sheer bliss as they panted to another orgasm.

Their moans gradually began to subside, the panting mixing with delighted smiles as they kissed tenderly, wrapping their arms around each other.

Slowly Liam began to soften as his cock slipped from Ellie’s pussy, and she lowered her head onto his shoulder, exhausted bliss taking over as they closed their eyes together.

A mess of lust, desire and sheer sexual need, both were clear on one thing.

They would need it again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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