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Big Ass

All it took was a tiny click to start it. The subdued click of a mouse pointer on a computer screen. Yes or No.

“Will you chat with me?” The unknown person asked.

Janet snorted to no one in particular, “Not really unknown… I’ve seen him around on the message board. He seems OK. But I don’t know who he is.” She looked around, verifying she was alone in her office. “Well,” she said out loud, “I can always ignore him, if he turns out to be a jerk!” So she clicked “Yes”, and started her life off on a journey that ultimately changed her life forever…

The text box came up, and there he was, his ID logged into the host server forever.

“Thank you for taking the time to talk to me.” It said.

“What can I do for you?” She replied.

“I just wanted to clear the air between us…” he said. “Want to make sure that we were OK…” the typing read. He must have had some typing training, as his words came out fast, but he must also have been out of practice, Janet thought, as he sure made a lot of mistakes, even making the same mistakes repetitively.

“Yes… We are OK!” she typed. “I am sorry that I gave you the wrong impression.”

“No need to apologize. I say many things people do not understand because I can be sarcastic, and people do not understand sarcasm in writing…” came the quick, but poorly typed response.

The conversation went on for about half and hour. With each exchange, Janet grew more relaxed. He did not appear to be a stalker, and she was able to get his first name out of him. John. All John wanted to do was be friends, it seemed.

“Whew” John let out a long breath. “She talked to me!”

John had a good idea of what she was like, and what she was about. She was smart, for sure, and appeared to be strong-willed. That could be a problem later, John decided, but he would deal with that when the time came.

Over the next several days, John and Janet met on the message board, and then in private chat. They exchanged witticisms, compared notes on people on the message board, and even flirted a bit. Janet blew the electronic version of kisses his way, and John became more descriptive in how he caught them, and kissed her back.

As more time passed, their exchanges became primarily in chat, and they only watched the message board, unless someone directed a comment their way. They still interacted with each other on the message board, but flirted more and more in chat. Until one day, John finally got to ask the question. “Will you have dinner with me?”

The chat box was silent for a few long seconds… then “Sure!” came her reply. John smiled. He was definitely attracted to her, and wanted her to be attracted to him.

“How will I find you?” he asked. And Janet obligingly shared a picture of her, giving a tantalizing view of her short, brown hair, brilliant smile and sparkling eyes, fit body and C-cup breasts, all covered with a white blouse and blue jeans.

He let Janet choose the time and place, suggesting that it be someplace very public, so she could feel safe and secure. The upcoming Halloween party was the best bet. Plenty of people, a way to be anonymous, if necessary, yet a way to have fun, should they decide to get to know each other more.

“So what are you doing for Halloween?” He asked over the chat box.

“I think I’m gonna’ be a she-devil! ” She replied. John could almost hear her giggle as she went on to explain that it fit with her personality, and she already had the perfect costume. “There is a party at the country club” Janet helpfully added, “on Halloween night!” John explained he knew of it, and would be looking for her there. After exchanging a few more flirty comments, John logged off for the night.

All-Hallows Eve, or Halloween, arrived. The weather was warm, but extremely windy. Janet took her time getting ready for the party, luxuriating in a hot bath, and taking extra time to ensure she was cleaned up and ready. Her sharp, detailed mind realized that with the high winds outside, she might not be able to control her costume at all times, and someone would see the red thong she planned to wear. She did not want anyone to see any excess pubic hair, so after she shaved her legs, she even took the few extra minutes to give herself a bikini wax of her crotch. She even took extra time with her hair and make-up, with extra red rouge on her high cheek-bones and a part across her hair for her clip-on horns to fit.

She then began to get dressed. She reached into the closet and pulled the thin protective plastic wrapper from her costume that the dry-cleaner always put on, and lay it gently on her bed. Janet then reached into her drawer and pulled out her red satin thong and drew it up over her knees, shrugging her hips as the thin elastic band stretched to fit her tight, firm thighs, snapping the elastic over her hips as the crotch fit nicely between her legs.

Next, she sat on the bed, leaning back as she pulled on a pair of red fish-net thigh high hose, making sure that the alignment of each leg was symmetrical. Her nimble fingers ran kadıköy escort down her smooth, taut legs, feeling every contour of the hosiery as she ensured the perfect fit. After she stood and checked her legs in the full-length mirror, she climbed into her four-inch red pumps. Janet could not help but giggle as she pulled on her “fuck-me red” shoes, ones she had bought on a shopping trip with her mother, with her mother expressing a certainly high level of disapproval, saying that nice girls didn’t wear shoes like that!

Next to last was her blood-red satin halter dress. She had seen the dress on a clearance rack at Kohl’s, and couldn’t resist the discount. So she bought the dress, without a plan to wear it, until Halloween came up. Janet gently gathered the dress over her head and

slipped it down her slender shoulders, only having to shrug a bit as the waistline hit her C-cup breasts. The supple fabric cascaded down her body, until the bow holding the straps for the halter dropped down behind her neck, the waistline just above her hips, exactly at the same point where the back of the dress started. Janet shirked and twisted a little as she felt the circle skirt fall into place, gasping softly as she realized how short the hemline was. Hung at mid-thigh, Janet could already hear her mother’s voice in her head, telling her that he dress was inappropriate for any party, let alone Halloween.

Janet then reached for the final piece of her costume, a matching red satin cape, with both side of the cape the same, shimmering fabric. After fastening it to her neck, Janet checked the hemline of the cape, and found that the voluminous folds of the cape lined up just below the hem of her skirt. She had to fold the front sides of the cape carefully at her shoulders, or else the complete circle of the cape would threaten to envelope her every time she moved!

As she walked out the door, Janet grabbed the spring-mounted horns and slid them carefully into the part of her hair. A last glimpse in the mirror, and she smiled. She liked how she looked, and knew she would draw at least her share of attention.

John was able to take considerable less time to get ready for Halloween. The party was only a short walk from his place, and wouldn’t need to drive. A short walk across the golf-course fairway and he would be there!

Dressing as a vampire, he already had his black tuxedo back from the cleaners, and after a quick shower and shave, dressed quickly. He intended to be at the party early, so he could spot all the arrivals. John pulled his cape on, fastening it about his neck, and checked that the black satin covered him completely, with the hemline below his calves and that the red satin lining was totally concealed when he held the cape closed. He smiled as he flipped the front of cape over his shoulders and grabbed his last accent, a black eye-mask.

As John made his way to the party, he could just imagine how his plan was going to come together. The very stiff winds were something of a distraction, as John’s cape billowed out and up around him as he strode across the fairway, the gusts of wind creating an evil aura as his cape made him look menacing and dark. Each step brought him closer to the party, and as he arrived, he was glad to see he was not the only vampire there. He quickly perused the small clusters of costumed party-goers, taking in the various costumes.

There were witches, pirates, a couple of adult Dorothys’ from the Wizard of Oz, a male devil, and several others, but no she-devils. John smiled as he took a spot near the bar, ordering a soda water with a twist, parking himself where he could see all new arrivals.

Janet took five steps out her door and the strong winds nearly destroyed the look she had so carefully made. Her cape was the first thing to yield, floating up and away from her body, at one point lifting straight overhead as a particularly strong gust caught it. At the same moment, her hands were not nearly fast enough to catch her circle skirt from flying straight up, revealing her red-satin covered modesty to everyone who was watching. Fortunately for Janet, that consisted of one of the neighborhood dogs that had escaped its leash and a pair of young kids who were getting an early start to their candy search.

Janet’s hands instinctively dropped to her crotch, and she was able to draw the front of her skirt down. She had squealed with surprise, and she just let her cape fly with the wind, thankful that her extra-hold hairspray had been liberally applied; otherwise she might have had to start all over again! Her remaining steps to her car were quick and purposeful, eager to get out of the wind with as little time as possible, but with as much dignity as possible.

Janet’s short drive to the party was only made difficult when she arrived, finding the nearest parking quite some distance away. She had to make her way across part of the fairway, which was treacherous in her spike heels, but she managed to make it without getting üsküdar escort stuck or falling over. Her costume, however, was a different story, as the hem of her skirt and her cape flew completely out of control. It was all Janet could do to keep the front of her skirt down as the swirling gusts took her cape and the back of her circle skirt and billowed them up and out, sometimes forming a circle around her, sometimes flying straight up over her head. The sudden gusts made it difficult, but Janet’s determination made her walk across the darkness successful, and she took a moment to re-align her costume when she reached the building.

Once she had everything back under control, she entered the party, taking a brief look around before heading for the bar and a glass of red wine.

John saw her enter the room, and his pulse quickened, his heart racing, as well as his manhood growing. It was her. He knew she was the one he had been chatting with. There were many other guests at the party, including a couple of female devils, but none of them walked with the bearing and carriage she had. Her flowing satin cape, her skirt swishing from side to side and her hips rocking on those sweet legs. As she reached the bar, John noticed the many appreciative glances and out-right lecherous stares she was receiving. Even some of the women stared at her, some icily, a few maybe lustily, much to the chagrin of their dates. John was finally able to draw near to Janet, his taller frame standing out amongst the crowd of other vampires, werewolves, and ghostly ghouls vying for Janet’s attention. She felt a cloud of evil beings descend upon her, encircling her as she took measured sips of wine from her glass. They talked to her, some even brazen enough to whisper in her ear what they promised to do with her, a couple of really aggressive men even going so far as to grope her butt through her skirt and cape. She smiled and politely declined those who propositioned her, was polite enough to flirt back with those who were more gentlemanly, and generally kept moving through the growing crowd of party-goers.

John eyed her intently, trying to make eye contact, eventually catching her gaze. He smiled to her as he held his glass in toast, tilting his head, asking her in a non-verbal gesture to join him away from the throng at the bar. Janet was taken with the lack of aggressiveness on this vampire’s part, far different from the others. She felt another couple of gropes and a copped feel of her breast as she pushed her way through what had become the party of the city, the place to be for everyone who was anyone.

John’s eyes never left Janet as she made her way through the crowd, her brilliant smile captivating him, his desire growing in his loins. She was much more beautiful then her picture revealed. John finally met with her, and making a grand gesture with his hand holding the end of his cape, indicated the way they should go to escape for some privacy. Janet led them down a hallway, where the music was a bit quieter, and stopped mid-way. She put her back to the wall, kicking one heel back against the wall, her one knee sexily posed in front of her, and allowing the hem of her skirt to fall from her thigh, forming a near semi-circle in profile. Her cape hung from her shoulders, flat against the wall, shimmering in the softer glow of the valance lighting; Janet’s breasts proudly protruding, straining at the thin film of red satin constraining them, her nipples plainly showing her braless form.

John drew somewhat close to her, squaring off against her body, holding out his drink to toast their meeting. “Hi! I’m John!” he smiled.

Janet hesitated only the briefest of moments before returning his toast. “I’m Janet. I am pleased to meet you, finally!” she grinned.

They exchange a few more pleasantries, John making comments to Janet, ones only he would know from their past instant messaging. Janet finished her wine, and John asked her if she would dance with him. Finding him attractive and non-threatening, Janet thought that a dance would be a great way to continue their date. John took hold of her hand and led the way to the darkened dance floor, the heavy beat of the music loud, and the dance floor crowded. It was obvious to Janet that John had little dancing experience, yet she smiled as he made every attempt to put on his best dancing moves. His costume made it a little awkward for him, his cape constantly getting in the way of other dancers, while Janet’s smaller cape allowed her more freedom to move with the music. At one point John got brave and tried to spin her, and before she could do anything to stop him, the hem of her skirt was flaring nearly straight out, revealing the tops of her thigh-high hose and her cape became a red shimmering wheel about her. As the song ended, the music became slower, and John seized the opportunity to draw Janet close, wrapping his arm around her waist and pulling her to him, as he held her free hand to his chest.

Janet looked up into his masked eyes, feeling John’s heart beating wildly with tuzla escort her hand, returning his smile with her own dazzling and captivating one. She wasn’t entirely sure of her feelings for John, but had a good idea of his feelings for her! For his, part, John looked deeply into her eyes, seeing a sparkle and depth he could not fathom. He let go of her hand, lowered his hand softly down her side, reaching under her cape and encircled her waist with his arms. Holding her close, he hesitated for a moment, then slowly lowered his head to her upturned face, and gently kissed her moist, red lips.

Janet thought about it, but did not turn her head as she knew he was leaning down to kiss her, her hands on his arms as she returned their first kiss. She mind raced in the mere seconds she had to decide. She liked his banter, his writing, his way of flirting with her. Tentatively at first, then stronger, showing more emotion she kissed him back, as they swayed their bodies together, their motion causing John’s cape to fall from his shoulders, and completely envelope both of them. Encouraged by the strength of her kiss, John parted his lips, using his tongue to probe hers, and when she finally acceded, intertwined their tongues together.

The lights came up as their kiss continued, and the music changed beat and tune, causing the couple to break their close embrace. Janet smiled at John, at once grateful he was soft and gentle, and at the same time almost wishing he wasn’t. John kept staring at her eyes, mesmerized by their beauty and sparkle. Janet led them away from the dance floor, and back down to the hallway they first toasted, her rapid pace making her cape float behind her, while John’s cape became a curtain of softness trailing behind him. When they reached their “spot”, Janet found it already taken by a costumed Zorro and a cute blonde in a naughty school-girl outfit, so she kept leading John down the hallway, searching for a private place where they could talk.

After searching for a few moments, Janet ultimately decided that there was no privacy left in the place, the party simply so large a gathering that any place with even a hint of privacy was already taken. She looked back at John, a little forlornly.

“Look,” John said as he fixed his cape back in place, “Why don’t I get us something to drink, and then we’ll just talk right here? What are you drinking”

Janet gave him her standard request for red wine, and watched while her caped marauder made his way to the bar, with a quick, purposeful stride. Janet took the time to check her reflection in the near-by glass, and smoothed the hem of her skirt a bit, as well as adjusted the folds of her cape, restoring her look until she was satisfied. The line at the bar wasn’t very long, but even so, she had to fend off passes from a wolfman and an NBA basketball player while she waited for John to return.

She saw John returning, and moved to join him her hips swaying very seductively in her 4-inch heels, and the hem of her skirt swaying along with her cape. John was taken by her appearance, feeling the bulge in his pants starting to get even harder than when he first saw her. As they met, she smiled at him, taking the glass of wine, and sipping it, at first. The first glass had gone down surprisingly smoothly, and Janet was beginning to feel the first mellowing effects as the second glass touched her lips. It took much less time to consume the second glass than it did the first.

She eyed John as he had brought her their drinks. He certainly moved with a purpose, his motions sure and direct as he made his way through the crowd. He had a pleasant smile, and was very much a gentleman, making her feel very comfortable with him as they talked. His sense of humor was both witty and a bit dry, sometimes leaving her to wonder what the joke was, but then, he was like that before, too. The way he talked with her put her at ease. He didn’t talk down to her, or regard her as “just a girl”, the way her previous relationship had ended. The way John acted around her enticed her to be around him more. Their glasses now empty, John asked her if she wanted a refill, or if she wanted to find a place less crowded. Janet was feeling the warmth of the wine, as well as the warmth of his company, and made a decision to leave the party with him. Taking his arm, they made their way to the exit, relaxed in their new-found relationship, ignoring the heads that turned to follow them, or Janet, actually, and they reached the front exit.

Once outside, John placed his fingers on her chin and lifted her face to his as he kissed her again, softly at first, but more passionately than in the party. Janet returned his kiss with more vigor than before, feeling his passion flowing into her as their tongues caressed. Janet brought her hand up to steady herself, accidentally brushing the front of his trousers. There was no mistaking the bulge in his pants, and it made Janet feeling both embarrassed and a little more provocative, discovering that she could turn a man on so intensely. Her hand came to rest at his waist as their kiss continued, oblivious to the late-arriving party guests, the loud rustling of trees around them, and the swirl of small candy wrappers and bits of trash swirling on the ground around them. Janet sighed softly as they broke their kiss, the wine having an affect on her, as well as the soft, loving attention she was receiving.

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