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** Both characters are in their 30’s **

He saw her coming towards him along the nearly deserted beach of the resort. It paid to vacation in the off season. He was on the pool deck, having saved them two prime loungers for the day. It had been an impromptu decision to come, and he hadn’t even packed properly. He had woken early to take care of his wardrobe deficiencies so as not to spoil her holiday.

He stood up and waved, watching her come directly towards him. She had a very intent look in her eye. He was having trouble gauging her mood…

“Look honey, I got new…”

She almost slammed into him. Her arms were around him in an instant and she fastened her mouth to his. His words were not only muffled, but quickly forgotten. Soon he was happily battling her tongue in his mouth and trying to keep his balance as her hand moved from his hair, to his back… and the other pulled the string on his shorts.

“Hey…” he pulled his mouth away… she pulled him back to her, as she slipped her hand down the front and wrapped her hand around güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri his cock. All resistance left him as he focused solely on supporting her goal.

She worked from the base to the tip, massaging and stretching the skin as his erection grew. As the blood drained from his brain to his groin, he automatically sought her breasts with one hand and found them puckered and aroused and sensitive. She moaned into his mouth as he fondled her. This fueled his arousal.

She essentially pushed him onto one of the loungers. He was still blinking up at her, still trying to decide exactly what was happening, when she was tugging his trunks clean off of him. He opened his mouth to protest, when suddenly her mouth was back on his, and her body was covering his nakedness. His mind swam.

The way she was pressing herself up against him was distracting. He could not remember what he had been concerned about a moment before. Her bikini top had slipped above her breasts as he was fondling them and now he had full access to güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri both lobes.

She was moving rhythmically against him and his body was urging her on. She moved her knees on either side of her hips and was pressing her groin along his over and over again. His mind half heartedly put the image of their hotel room in his head and he struggled to estimate how far away it was.

She wasn’t waiting.

As she moved against him, the lounger became unsteady. One slightly off centre thrust, and it threatened to tip over. He could swear that she growled. Abruptly she pulled him up and pushed him down on a towel on the deck. He was still blinking at the sudden change when she knelt above him, filling his vision and the next sensation he felt was her pussy wrapping around his cock as she lowered her body onto his.

It was his turn to groan.

She started to move. His world shrank to this moment. To this experience. Gone were his cares about public nudity… or the need to breathe. His vision was slightly güvenilir bahis şirketleri fuzzy, but he was aware that she had leaned slightly back to improve her ability to thrust, and had closed her eyes – intent on a single purpose.

The feeling of the edge of her bikini briefs rubbing up and down the side of his cock, where she had hastily pulled them to the side when mounting him, was creating an exquisite sensation. He felt his body start to gather itself, and so did she, because she increased the frequency of her hip thrusts.

She began to make a keening noise and just as a concern about her being too loud started to form in his mind, her mouth opened in a familiar silent cry and he felt her spasm and clench around his shaft. Her hand moved down to roll his balls in her hand and the combination was his signal that he was cleared to let go.

From one moment to the next, his body erupted. He felt his release radiate out from his core and continue to buzz down to his toes and upwards all the way to his scalp. He felt as though he was lifting off the ground, and his impression was that she felt the same.

Seconds later, she collapsed on top of him.

They lay there remembering how to breathe.

He smiled at the sky, softly stroking her hair and her back. He recovered the ability to speak first.

“Honey, I got new swim trunks.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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