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The three woke in Rob’s large bed. Sue was still holding Rob’s soft cock between her legs pressing against her two holes between her legs as he spooned her from behind. Terri was sleep on her back next to them. Some time during the night Terri had put her panties back on.

The first thing Sue and Rob did when the three of them were all awake was to remove Terri’s panties. Rob told her, as her sister pulled her panties down and off her feet, ‘Terri when you are with me in my house you can’t wear anything that I don’t put on you.” Terri was naked before him again.

After breakfast Sue told them she had to leave for a little while and would be back in about an hour. Actually Sue and Rob had planned this late last night after Terri had fallen asleep. Rob wanted some time with Terri alone and like a good sub, Sue obeyed. Sue when home leaving Terri to Rob’s lust.

Rob took Terri and led her down stairs to what Rob called his playroom. She was very excited since she had heard all about it from her sister. It was a room where Rob did all sorts of evil and nasty exciting things to Sue and gave her huge orgasms all during the time they spent down there. Terri was nervous but walked with him. He asked her if she knew anything about BDSM sex? She told him no. Rob asked, “Terri do you trust me?”

She looked at him and told him, “Yes!” He smiled and pulled her close kissing her and tonguing her mouth for several minutes before turning on the light in the room. She looked around and asked about the things in the room. Rob told her if she wanted she could see how each worked. She said in a low soft voice, “OK. I think I would Rob. Does it hurt?”

He laughed and told her there is a fine line between pain and rapture Terri. If performed correctly, pain only enhances pleasure. Would you like to try and see what I am talking about?”

She said timidly, “I guess so. But go easy. OK?”

He laughed again and said, “Of course Teri. I know you are new to all this and I will let you enjoy the different feelings you can receive down her in my playroom.”

He looked at her and she felt him see right through her. She shivered from his looks. He took her hand and said, ‘here let’s start with this one. He had her lay down on the table and slowly he moved her arms and legs to the secure cuffs, which then held her limbs firmly. He walked around to her side and slowly ran his hand down her beautiful smooth body. She moaned as she watched his hands work on her breasts. Rob took the smallest of the devises and squeezed her right breast pushing the nipple up and out. He attached the toy, which reminded him of his mother’s old clothespins. It was the type with the springs that closed the top and held the clothes to the clothesline. He used one to cover her right nipple. It closed around her nipple and squeezed it more than she would have liked. She told him, “Rob! That hurts a little.”

He said, “The pain will pass fast enough Terri. Just relax.” He moved to her other side and used his hands to squeeze her left tit and push the nipple up so her could do the same thing to her left nipple he had done to her right. She moaned out, “Ouch! That hurts Rob please take them off.”

He looked down at her lovely face and marveled at her fantastic body and slid his hand between her legs. She lifted as she felt him cup her cunt and squeeze it. She was wet and when he inserted his finger and started to move it around she forgot all about the nipple clips. She smiled u at him and said, “Mumm That’s feels nice Rob! Your hands make me feel so good.”

“Oh so you like that do you?, he asked her as he used his fingers to squeeze her pussy lips together making them puff up and out. He took the vibrator he had on a shelf under the table and rubbed her cunt lips with it. She arched as she felt the round cool toy press on those puffy cunt lips. She opened her eyes wondering what it was he had against her snatch. He took his finger out of her cunt hole and pushed the head of the big fake vibrating cock against her slit. He always loved the way a woman’s pussy opened when she was ready to be fucked. Nature was a wonder thing.

Terri’s pussy spread and the long cylinder rubbed up and down the length of her entire pussy. She smiled up at him as she felt the tool finally touch her hole. Rob teased her for a few minutes and then began to rub it around and around in small tight little circles against Terri’s pussy hole. She arched a few times letting him know she wanted it inside her. But he held it directly on her hole but not inside. It was making her feel so nice and warm inside. Terri was sure she was going to cum.

She moaned when she felt him turn the vibrating part of the toy on. She arched when she felt the vibrations directly around her cunt hole. He came down and kissed her. Then he whispered in her ear, “How are your nipples feeling now Teri?”

She moaned and told him, “They don’t hurt any longer Rob. In fact I can’t feel them.”

He removed the clamps and used bigger stronger clips. Again she cried out as they pinched tighter around her now very hard and long nipples. She lifted her canlı bahis cunt when he shoved it into her pussy. But he only put enough into her to spread her lips wide and let her feel her body opening. He smiled as she reacted exactly as all the other females he had down her before her. Terri’s pussy opened wider letting him begin to rotate the cylinder around the opening of her hole. She moaned when he pushed another inch into her hole. He bent his head and licked over her hardening clit, which was sticking out slightly from under the hood.

She moaned, “OH Rob! Oh yes baby! Lick my pussy! Lick my clit!”

He sucked it very hard and she arched in pain and pleasure. And began to hump her pussy on the toy inside her about an inch, no more. She rotated her hips and pelvis as she lifted her ass high up off the table. Terri moaned, “Oh yes! Oh yes Rob! Oh God that feel so good!! Ahhhhhhhhh God yes! I’m cumming! I’m cumming! Oh yes Rob!!! Oh GOD YES!!! AHHHHH AHHHHH!! AHHHHH!!”

Rob watched as the beautiful young woman strapped to the table in front of him began to orgasm. He watched as she pumped her body on the toy inside her pussy and fucked herself. He loved to see a woman cum! He smiled as he said to himself, “We have just started Terri. You think that as good wait. You will love what is about to follow.”

Rob watched as the head of the toy cock got wet and slippery with Terri’s cum. She pulled straining on the cuffs that held her but they were thick and held her tight. When she had finished Rob pushed more of the toy into her pussy tunnel. Terri arched immediately and Rob bent down and began licking her pussy with his tongue and sucking it with his lips. Teri cried out, “OH FUCK YES!!! OH YES ROB EAT ME! OH YES I LOVE IT!!”

She began to rock on his mouth now moving quickly to what he knew would be a better orgasm than her first. She smiled as her body built and built faster and faster towards it. As it swept over her body Rob shoved the big thick vibrator deeper into her hole. She arched as hit hurt and pleased her at the same time. She grunted as she felt it spread her tunnel walls faster than she would have liked. It hurt her but then she felt her clit being stimulated and she moaned with the pleasure. It was a two-sided sword. Pain and pleasure were indeed sisters, each making the other better than if they were standing alone!

Rob continued to lick and suck her clit directly now as the toy moved deeper and deeper into Terri’s sweet young pussy. He now had 6 inches of vibrator inside Terri’s body fucking her slowly and easy. He turned the power up just a little and she felt it deep inside her now. She arched up and began fucking herself again. She moaned out his name as she humped and humped her pussy on his mouth and the thick cylinder inside her cunt. She told him in a husky voice, “More! Give me more Rob! Give me more if that thing! Put more in me! Oh yes! Oh fuck YES!!! Oh God! That feels so good!”

Rob smiled and turned the power higher! She screamed as she felt the toy move further into her cunt. The vibrator was now deeper that anything she had ever placed in her pussy. It was deeper than Rob had fucked her last night! It stimulated her deeper than she had ever felt. Rob pushed a little more and now had almost 9 inches buried in her cunt. “Jesus”, Terri said, how big is that thing?”

He laughed as he looked down at her and said, “15-inchs why?”

She looked at him and said, “OH god are you going to put it all inside me?”

He laughed and asked,, “Would you like me too? Would you like all of it inside you?”

Teri’s eyes were huge, opened wide and a scared look came to her face. She said, “I. . .I don’t. . . I don’t know if I can stand it Rob! Will it hurt?”

He laughed and aid, “Like the nipple clips Teri. If you can take it I’ll give it to you baby! But them you may not. You may bottom out before that. Should we see how much you can handle?”

She closed her eyes and continued to rotate her pussy on the tool fucking her. God it felt so good. She said, :A little more! Give me a little more.”

Rob smiled and said, “That’s my girl! Now relax Terri.”

She tried and watched Rob as he smiled down at her pussy and then she felt him push more of this wonderful toy deep into her body. As 10 inches went in she cried out, “OH!!! Oh wait!! Oh shit!! Pull it back! It hurts!! OH stop!! It hurts to bad! OH!!!God!! Stop! ROB!!! STOP!!!!”

He pulled it back about a half a inch. She settled her body back down on the table. She opened her eyes and tears were running down her face. He came to her and kissed her telling her to relax. He licked his way back down her body and kissed her pussy again all around her clit! It was huge now. Sticking out about a half inch and throbbing like her heart. She moaned as she felt the soft humming and felt the vibrations deep inside her. Then she felt something different. It felt like very light electrical shocks. She opened her eyes and saw Rob hooking something new to her nipples. He smiled and asked her, “Let me know how this feels Terri.”

She waited and then felt like her nipples were being hit bahis siteleri with tiny electrical shocks. It hurt for a second and then gave her a warm feeling around her nipples. She then felt Rob down at her cunt. With 9 inches of vibrator inside her Rob was now hooking similar clamps to the lips of her spread stretched pussy.

Then she felt it. The same type of shocks was now hitting her pussy! She moaned with pain one second and then with pleasures the next. She didn’t know what was happening to her body as she felt the shocks get stronger and stronger. And with each increase in the power of the shock she was receiving a stronger pain and then pleasure. She cried out the strongest orgasm of her life hit her like two cars hitting head on! It not only lifted her body, made her hips rotate and her pelvis thrust on the toy fucking it like some crazed sex starved bitch in heat, but it drove Terri higher an higher as Rob fucked her with it!

And then when Rob turned the power to the next level on both the toy and the clips, she screamed like she was being killed. But she was climaxing and climaxing and climaxing! One after the other hit her sweet pretty body giving Terri sensations she had never come close to experienced before.!! She screamed for Rob to fuck her harder, faster, giving her more and still more of the wonderful feels!!

She pumped and pumped her body faster and faster trying to give her self more of the wonderful feeling she was receiving all over her body. When he increased the power at the height of her last orgasm she collapsed and passed out!

“Sue,” he whispered. “Is she OK?”

Rob smiled and said, “Oh yes! That’s usually what happens when you push this stimulation a little more than the body can take. But when she wakes up she will have loved how she felt.:

He undid the restraints and picked Teri up carrying her to the bed. He placed her down on her back and Sue and he wiped her face and held her hand until Teri came around. She opened her eyes and then smiled up at both of them. Terri said, “My God! That was incredible! But what happened?”

Sue said, “You passed out. It happened t me more than once when Rob had me down here. Wasn’t it the most incredible feeling Terri? God I loved it!”

Terri tried to sit up. She wrapped her arms around Rob and held him. She kissed him and said, “OH yes!! It was fantastic! I loved how that big vibrator felt deep inside me. But, I wish it were your cock Rob! Would you fuck me? I would love for you to fuck me with your cock now. Please!”

He smiled at Sue and Sue smile back. Rob said, ‘Well you have to ask me proper Terri.

He asked her, “Who do you want?”

She said, “You Rob I want you.”

He said, “You want me to do what?”

She smiled knowing the game now. She said, “I want you to fuck me! Fuck me with your big hard cock.”

He laughed and said, “Sue, why don’t you make sure your sister’s pussy is clean. I’ll be right back.”

Sue dipped her head between her sister’s legs and Terri opened them wide for her. Sue could see how Terri’s pussy had been stretched and how wet she was. Sue placed her mouth on her sister’s wet warm pussy and slowly licked her clean of all her cum. Rob sat there watching the two women as he stroked his cock. It took maybe 5 minutes and Terri climaxed one time before Rob told her to more and he positioned his cock at her pussy hole as he knelt between her very spread thighs. He said, “Are you ready now Terri?”

She moaned and took his cock and guided it forward as she slid down a little on the cot. They both felt the big cock head move into her tunnel. She moaned loud as she felt it! Rob smiled at Sue as she stroked her sister’s face watching Rob push more and more of his big dick into her older sister’s cunt. She used her other hand to slowly stroke her own sex. As Rob pumped his cock into Teri, he could see Sue’s pink pussy lips and her clit as she sat there with her legs wide open and fingering her cunt. It made him even harder as he fucked into Terri.

Terri moaned and told him, “Oh yes! I love this! I love your big cock! Oh God it feels so good Rob! Give me your entire dick baby!”

He took hard and quick placing her legs high u[ on her body and pushed them against her breasts as he pounding into her pussy with a smooth strong rhythm. The power of his thrust drove Terri higher and higher with lust and want! When she climaxed for the first time with his cock in her, it was beyond her expectations and beyond any dream or fantasies she had ever had about being fucked.

He brought her o levels of rapture she never dreamed of as he pumped his cock hard into her. They had been going at it for a few minutes when he moaned and she felt him thicken. Neither of them wanted to have this over so quickly, so Rob pulled out and told Sue to go back down on her sister. She smiled and did willingly! Sucking and licking her sister into another orgasm. Terri was being introduced into new levels of sexual stimulation and feeling. The power of the sex was so strong she almost hurt her sister’s face as she climaxed on her tongue and mouth!

Sue could bahis şirketleri taste her sister’s cum and sucked more and more on her pussy milking it all out of her hole. Then Rob pushed her gently ands she moved so he could re-enter Terri’s body again with his very hard long cock. She began to orgasm almost immediately and continued to cum and climax until she was felt too weak to even raises her head.

After Rob had thrust into her a few times, Sue pushed him back. Then she placed her legs on his shoulders and lifted up until her rear hole was exposed. Her hands were trembling as she reached down and pulled her cheeks apart. “Put it in,” she hissed excitedly. “Fuck my ass again Rob”, She smiled at her sister as she said it.

Rob’s placed the large cock head of his penis at her tiny ass hole. He smiled as he remembered how it felt the last time he took her cherry back there! He slowly pushed forward and heard her moan and look back at his face. She smiled and said” Put it all in me! Fuck my ass Rob!”

He knelt behind her as his cock touched her circle around the hole. She could feel it warm on the skin and then he inserted the head completely inside her as. She moaned and he waited until it had stretched her enough! Rob used the juices from her cunt to wet his shaft and lubricant her ass. She was ready for more so very ready. And, Rob pushed and more of his cock went up into her ass. She cried out but didn’t stop him. Another push and another groan escaped her lips as his hips pushed the remaining 3 inches of his cock into her ass. He was now fully inserted.

He hadn’t cum yet but he was close. Her ass was so tight it held him like a vise. when he pulled out of me. His hands moved to her hips and he held her there for leverage as he began to pump.

With his hands on her hips, Rob pulled her toward him and pushed at the same time driving his cock in and out of her ass. She cried out, “Ahhhh! YES!! That feels so good! Fuck my ass Rob! Fuck me!”

He groaned as the head of his penis slipped along the walls of Teri’s ass. Her tight little hole squeezed him as the ring at the opening snapped shut. She even tried squeezing tighter with her muscles. The head of his cock felt like it was in a vise and he was about to explode.

Terri could feel his penis quiver and thicken inside her ass. Rob told Sue to get under her sister and begin to lick her cunt. Sue smiled and slid her head under her sister getting it between her thighs. As she looked up she could see Rob’s cock moving in and out of Terri’s ass as Rob was fucking her now with smooth strong strokes. Sue began to lick and suck on her sister’s cunt. Terri cried out s she felt three of Sue’s fingers begin to finger fuck her cunt. Sue’s mouth was covering Terri’s clit and when she began to suck it Terri screamed!

She was amazed that she could actually feel him begin to cum. That intensified her climax. And then she did. She climaxed and screamed again and again feeling all of her body being stimulated by either her sister’s mouth on her cunt or Rob’s big dick in her ass hole. She went crazy squeezing her cunt and ass holes giving Rob what he wanted, an even tighter hole to fuck. And fuck her he did! . When she thrust her as back into him the excitement and thrill of seeing Sue eat her sister’s cunt as he fucked her ass was just too much for Rob. He moaned and began to cum! He was cumming harder than he could ever remember. Both of them screamed in pleasure as Rob filled Terri’s rear hole with his warm thick seed.

“Yes, yes, was all Teri could get out of her mouth as her orgasm ran over her. “Oh God, oh God, OH GOG ROB! YES! I’m cummmmiiiiinnnngggg,” And Terri screamed over and over as she pushing her hips back to meet his thrusts. It was heaven to her.

When he was finished he slowly pulled his cock out of Terri’s ass and Sue right was there to clean his cock with a warm soft cloth. She was amazed that his cock was still hard. She smiled as she climbed up on him and sat on his cock. Sue had been fingering her cunt during the entire time Rob was fucking her sister’s ass. So it slid into her wet cum covered hole with almost no effort. Sue arched her back as she felt him enter her completely. As their bodies met she moaned his name and started to lay back on the bed. He stopped her.

Effortlessly his penis fuck her as she sat on him. God it felt huge inside her. He was filling her cum saturated hole as his hips began to move making his cock pump in and out of her hole. She loved it!

Then Rob surprised her and he picked her up and held her with his cock buried deep inside her cunt. She wrapped her arms around his neck as he stood up and walked her around the room. As he did he continuously moved his cock in and out of her pussy Sue had her legs wrapping around his waist and let him climax into her body as they walked! God she had never had anyone do that before!! None of the men she had had in her life since the age of 13 when she was first fucked, had cum in her as he held her and walked around the room! It felt unreal but god dam it felt good as his cock bounced up and down inside her as he walked. Finally as Rob reached his peak he stopped and squeezed her tight holding his cock as deep as he could inside her young tight pussy! She said to herself, “God it was so good. It was always good with Coach! Always!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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