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Big Tits

A tale of incest and sexual obsession

Chapter 1: Bathing Rituals

As far back as his teens, he had lusted for her – her mature, full body; generous wide hips; mane of shiny raven hair and bright, smiling blue eyes. At 5′ 7″, her voluptuous, Rubenesque physique appeared well balanced, despite the 36D breasts and the large, rounded buttocks. The 40-year sag in her breasts made them seem heavier and more succulent than when she was younger.

Jeremy couldn’t recall exactly when he first got the warm, fuzzy feeling that radiated from his loins to his stomach all the way up his body to make his boy nipples tingly. But he knew that it happened whenever she knelt in front of him to tie his shoelaces and the top of her loose dress fell open revealing the freckled, white bulges of her ample breasts that threatened to spill out of the white bra – his sexy, desirable mother.

At eighteen, the soldier was not little any more. Jeremy noted with pride that his penis was very thick and hung over 9″ long. And, when he massaged it, the organ grew at least another inch or so. It was probably just a few inches shorter than his father’s penis which Jeremy had accidentally caught sight of when he saw him pissing. But its girth was far more formidable. What made it truly unique was the disproportionately large head which, when inflamed, looked like a purple-topped, bludgeon — a weapon that would surely drive any woman wild. And it was Jane Blake’s plan to make sure that the only woman whom her son drove wild would be his mother.

Whenever Jane went in for her shower, she would leave the bathroom door partially open because she knew that Jeremy would be spying on her. The boy would peep through the crack hoping to catch a glimpse of his mother’s naked body but the steam from the hot shower obstructed his view and he had to settle for the silhouette of her body against the curtain. He loved the way the round globes of her breasts swayed as she moved — the two erect nipple knobs that rose stiffly from them especially fascinated him. The boy also never tired of looking at the rolling, rounded curves of her inviting buttocks.

Jeremy enjoyed her smells. He waited eagerly as she threw out her dirty clothes from behind the curtain — looking for those pieces that were still warm from touching the most private parts of her body.

He tried to imagine where her nipples might be resting in the cups of her white cotton bra and where her pussy lips would be rubbing against her panty crotch.

This became a daily ritual for mother and son. While his mother bathed, Jeremy would smell and lick her intimate garments. He would bite and suck on the inside of her bra cups imagining that he was nibbling his mother’s tits.

It would always end with Jeremy sucking the crotch of his mother’s soiled panties which always yielded unexpected rewards like yellow stains, a pissy smell and, if he was extra lucky, some stray curly wisps of dark hair which he would very carefully secrete in a white tissue box in his bedside drawer. He had built up quite a collection of his mother’s dark curly pubic hair strands of varying lengths that he would gingerly fish out and lick with his tongue before going to bed.

Jeremy’s explorations heightened the fuzzy, warm feelings in his loins. The better he felt, the more painful his erection became. But he didn’t know what to do next. The sad fact was that despite the growing permissiveness of the swinging 60’s and even though he was eighteen when children his age knew all about sex, the boy was a genuine innocent.

What Jeremy would have been shocked to learn was that just as he enjoyed spying on her, his mother also spied on him and reveled in his spirit of adventure.

Jane Blake enjoyed watching her son play with her underwear and often peeped into his bed-room as he aroused himself with his collection of her intimate hairs. She smiled a ‘mom–knows-best’ smile that her son was making speedy progress along the path of sexual exploration that she was paving for him.

She knew that Jeremy enjoyed his exploits during her bath-time and she wanted her son to have access to as many special pleasures from his mother as she could give him — pleasures that no other child should expect to get from his mother. She knew that these were just preliminary pursuits and that her son was getting ready to move on to the next level — learning about self-gratification techniques such as self-titillation and masturbation.

She had already planned how and when she would teach him.

Chapter 2: Down the Milky Way!

Right from the start, Jane had made up her mind that she did not want her son’s sex education to come out of text books or cheap porn movies. She had decided to take charge of it herself. She knew the power that sexual prowess and a large instrument wielded in a young man’s life — and wanted Jeremy to be generously endowed. She herself possessed an abnormally large clitoris and shuddered with pleasure at the joys it brought her. She had ataşehir escort bayan given Jeremy generous doses of various herbs and medications that were supposed to promote penis enlargement — and she was overjoyed with the results.

Jane had breast fed Jeremy — and would have continued way beyond the normal breast feeding age if her breast-milk had not dried up and Joseph had not kept complaining about how much she was spoiling the boy.

Her desire to breast feed was based partly on medical research about the advantages of breast milk, but it was mainly because she enjoyed the experience. She loved the way Jeremy’s greedy lips clamped tightly onto her large rubbery, brown nipples and would not stop sucking until the milk was finished. Her nipples had always been very sensitive, their ½” tips growing stiffer and more erect with arousal. Their fullness with milk made them even more swollen and delicate. As her son’s sucking drew milk from her breasts, it triggered waves of pleasure in her body; diffusing through the engorged nipples into the depths of her humid womanhood — leaving her wet, weak and pleasured.

Some of Jane’s friends also confessed to sharing similar feelings and mentioned that long durations of breast-feeding strengthened the bonds between mother & child and also built up the child’s libido.

Joseph noted that whenever his wife got up after feeding their child, she left stains on the seat of the chair and also on the back of her dress. He wondered about that and promised himself to ask her about it.

The Blake family’s lunch and dinner routine at the meal table would start with Jeremy’s milk time when he would sit on his mother’s lap, his face buried in her bosom. And Jane, who would be wearing her lightest, front-open shirt, would unbutton it all the way down baring her bosom, revealing the large brown-orbed jugs that were engorged with nutrition, swaying as she bent forward to give them to her son.

Jeremy would firmly clutch at one breast with both hands, burrow his face into the tit, open his mouth wide and begin his noisy sucking. When he was finished with one, he quickly turned to the other. So strong was the child’s hunger that at times, he would not wait for Jane to unbutton but fasten his lips on her nipples which stood out dark and prominent through the gauzy cloth. The front of her shirt often became wet and transparent with the flowing milk so that to an onlooker it would appear that Jane was sitting topless at the dining table. She would continue to munch on her food as Jeremy suckled her milk.

Joseph would watch sullenly as his son devoured his wife’s tits. He too wanted to suck the milk from her full jugs but Jane had been very firm — her milk was exclusively for their son. And Joseph could have it only when the baby had finished.

When Jeremy had had his fill of his mother’s milk, he would turn to the table and Jane would spoon-feed him the baby food. Joseph noticed that even after their son had had finished drinking his milk, Jane would keep her shirt open because Jeremy liked to play with his mother’s soft, fleshy breasts – squeezing them and tugging at the elongated nipples. Occasionally, Joseph would also lean across and play with Jane’s dangling breasts as they ate.

At breakfast, Jane would take out one large breast and position it over a bowl. And then, as if it was the most normal thing in the world, proceed to squeeze the swollen tit – spraying milk into the bowl. She would repeat the same with her other breast until the bowl was full; then add some baby cereal and Jeremy’s breakfast was ready. Sometimes, when she was feeling extra generous, she would squeeze some breast-milk into another bowl for her husband — who would gulp down the sweet liquid with relish

“Tell me, love. Do you enjoy breast-feeding Jeremy?” Joseph asked his wife.

“You know I do.”

“I mean sexually. Do you get sexually aroused when our son sucks your nipples?” He pointed to the stains on her skirt.

Jane knew that she could not lie to her husband — her body had given her away.

“Yes. It excites me sexually to feel his lips sucking my nipples. Sometimes he bites me so hard, he draws blood. I like that even more — although it is painful at the time. I don’t even have to touch myself — I am so wet and hot that I just squeeze my pussy between my thighs and I come.”

“It’s like a dam bursts down there — I ‘m so wet, I can’t control myself.”

Her story of arousal with breast feeding had strangely excited them both. Joseph took the child from his wife’s arms and put him down on his baby bouncer.

“Show me, Jane. I want to see how wet our son’s tit-sucking has made you!”

Jane pushed the chair to the side and stood up, her back to the table. She peeled off her shirt, now fully exposing the heavy, large-orbed breasts. Her body was starkly white, much like alabaster marble — this made the dollops of her deep brown nipples stand out even more. She raised her arms to give bostancı escort him a view of the dark tufts of her underarm hair. Joseph liked his wife as nature had made her — forbidding her from shaving neither her underarm nor pubic hair; nor did he allow her to sun-tan her milky white body.

She unzipped the skirt and stepped out of it. She was not wearing panties; her pubic thatch was dark and thick. Her large jugs swung forward as she bent down to pick up the skirt and toss it to her husband.

Joseph caught the garment and put it to his face — inhaling her intimate scent. He quickly went to the wet spots and licked them with his tongue — savoring her taste; all the time gazing hungrily into her lust-filled amber eyes.

“Mmm…you taste delicious, honey!”

Jane knew what was coming next as her husband began moving to her side of the table.

Joseph Blake was a big man of 6′ 2″, weighing almost 300 lbs. His unkempt and tousled head, scraggly beard and tangles of body hair gave him the appearance of a lumbering grizzly bear — hence his nickname ‘Grizz’. He held his wife’s skirt against his mouth, licking and sucking at it lovingly, slowly going around the table till he stood facing her.

Jane backed up until she felt the edge of the table cutting into the soft flesh of her buttocks.

“Show me, baby. I want to see just how sexed up you are – now!”

Joseph didn’t really need to see the proof. He could smell his wife’s arousal — so strong was the aroma of her passion. She spread her legs to show her curly, dark pubic mound that was wet and matted – he could see tiny droplets of her juice clinging to the hair. The wide expanse of her thighs was slick and shiny with her secretions.

Jane knew what her husband wanted. She bent forward and began a swaying motion so that her breasts swung back and forth – at the same time she spread open her pussy lips with her fingers in a vulgar display, calculated to excite him even more.

Joseph ‘Grizz’ Blake knelt down reverently until he was facing his wife’s open crotch. He could feel her heavy, soft tits brushing his head as they swayed back and forth. Occasionally, he would look up and suck one of them; nibbling on the elongated, rubbery nipples. His gaze was fixed on the wetness of her pink nether lips and her stiff clitoris which stuck out of its hood like a miniature prick.

“Hmmm… I can see how deliciously wet breast feeding has made you. What would you like me to do for you, love?”

“Hun, first, I want you to fuck me with your tongue. And then, plunder my pussy with Boldfinger.”

They called his weapon Boldfinger because of its shape. Unlike the rest of his body which was bulky and huge, Joseph’s prick was slim and almost delicate; it looked like a curved and long, gnarled finger curving upwards when agitated, as now. What Boldfinger lacked in girth, it made up in length — measuring an impressive 10 ½ inches.

As he nuzzled his wife’s bushy crotch, Grizz wrapped his arms around her thighs so that he could cup her soft, opulent buttocks in his palms.

Abruptly, he delivered a stinging slap to one white buttock — leaving a deep pink imprint on the shuddering flesh. And then another on the other cheek.

“OUCH!!” Jane cried out in pain.

“Not pussy. Call it by its rightful name- CUNT!”

“OK, Joseph. I want you to fuck the Dejesus out of my cunt!”

“All in good time, my little cum-slut, all in good time.”

Wetting his lips, Joseph spat into her obscene pink gash. He inhaled the musky aroma of her ripe cunt and rubbed his saliva into the wet lips slowly with two fingers, mixing the spittle with her cunt juices. Occasionally, he pushed the fingers into the tight channel, bringing them out slick and dripping with her copious emissions. He brought the fingers to his nose and inhaled deeply; he just couldn’t get enough of her cunt-juice. Sticking his tongue out, he licked the wetness. But he knew someone who loved her cunny-juice even more than he did — Jane herself.

He massaged the cum-juice on her nipples. Jane smiled and, as if on cue, lifted up the jugs, first one and then the other, smacking her lips as she licked her own cum-juice from the nipples.

“Mmmm…I sure taste good,” she sighed with pleasure.

Joseph tilted her body back until she lay flat on the table, legs bent at the knees dangling over the edge. He tightly gripped her ankles and pulled her forward, hoisting her legs over his shoulders — positioning Boldfinger at the mouth of her cunt. Without ceremony, he buried himself to the hilt. His balls slapped against her large buttocks as he brutally ravaged her. Joseph mauled the breasts that his son had been sucking and viciously tweaked the nipples between thumb and forefinger.

“Hey,” a spray of milk squirted into his eye.

The Grizz roared with laughter and began squeezing both the milk jugs – aiming the milk jets at his open mouth. He drank whatever he managed to catch and spilled most bostancı escort of the white liquid on her body. The sticky mix of milk, sweat, cum and saliva on their gliding bodies made their coupling animal and urgent.

Jane cried out in pain and pleasure, her body arcing on the table to receive his thrusts. The table creaked and rocked with the ferocity of their lust.

Jane sighed with pleasure as her husband’s cock pounded into her hungry cunny, “Mmmmmm… that’s feels sooooooo good!”

The room was silent except for the rutting couple’s groans and the squishing sounds of Grizz’s cock as it plumbed Jane’s wet channel.

Fucking harder, Grizz began slapping his wife’s shuddering ass-cheeks loudly as he jack-knifed in and out of her pussy. Their cries of passion grew louder with the tempo of their fucking. His thrusts kept pushing Jane further and further up the table.

Ultimately, Grizz shoved his arms under his wife’s buttocks and raised her body so that her ass was in mid-air, continuing to fuck her relentlessly like a wild caveman.

He then clambered on top of the table and began a standing fuck, holding her body upside down; her pink puckered, ass hole that was ringed with hair, winked at him deliciously.

The table creaked dangerously under the stress.

“Honey, do you (ahhh) want… some … (huff)…ass-service?”

Jane’s mind was too feverish with passion to comprehend. Before she could respond, she felt his cock withdrawing from her gaping maw which fervently grasped at the organ to prevent it from leaving. She groaned at the loss.

Almost immediately, a searing pain shot through her as she felt her nether region roughly violated. Grizz was bum-banging her dry — with only her own juices to lubricate his rod. The pain soon gave way to pleasure as his cock plumbed the depths of her tight shit-hole which relaxed to accommodate him. He drew Boldfinger halfway out, enjoying the tight squeezing of her sphincter muscles on his cock and smiled with satisfaction at the brown fecal matter coating his weapon. The stink was overwhelming. Grizz, however, enjoyed the odor and plunged into her ass-hole again – mercilessly burying his cock to the hilt. Jane whimpered.

Plain and pleasure… plain and pleasure… the crescendo was building up to an imminent explosion.

Jane’s upside down position had brought the blood rushing to her head and she was senseless in the throes of lust. She had already cum twice and felt her body priming for the third cumming; she could feel Boldfinger’s telltale pre-climax throbbing.

Suddenly, Grizz pulled his cock out of his wife’s tight anal cavity; firing rope after rope of viscous hot seed all over Jane’s sweat-beaded breasts and face. The waves of a final release washed over Jane. Faint and exhausted, she still managed to raise up her head with her mouth open wide –a signal to Grizz to fill it with his flowing cum. And he obliged.

She greedily sucked the organ that tasted of her cum, her shit and his sperm; swallowing and savoring the life-giving elixir that spewed out from his cock. Although she was tempted to consume it all, a voice in the back of her head told her to save some of the seed – as she always did.

“Darling, the elixir bottle, get the elixir bottle”.

Grizz managed to focus on her words and leaped off the table; returning quickly with an ornate bottle from the fridge that contained some whitish fluid. He opened the lid and pushed his erupting penis inside — watching the cum flow into the container, partly filling it.

“Thank you, Joseph.” Jane smiled. She propped herself up on her elbows and scooped up cum splatters from her face, hair and breasts, licking it like a cat. Whatever cum she couldn’t consume, she rubbed into her face and tit-flesh like an exotic suntan lotion.

Jane belonged to a women’s group which religiously believed in the healing and life-giving powers of sperm — both human and animal — calling it the elixir of life. These women made a point of consuming cum in their daily family life. Jane generally bottled and refrigerated mixes of her own and her husband’s cum — often adding it to ‘energize’ their food, using it as beauty and make-up aid and also mixing it with their drinks.

Some of her more adventurous friends who were into animal antics also consumed emissions from their trained pet dogs.

But that, she felt, was carrying things a bit too far.

Chapter 3: The Education Begins

As an only child, Jeremy had always been thoroughly spoiled by his parents. Even though Joseph’s job at the ad agency did not pay too much, the couple had tried to give little Jeremy all those small indulgences that they had never received in their own childhoods. Like going to the movies every Friday, eating out at least once a month and a new toy/ game every week. When they saw how interested Jeremy was in cartoons and comic books – crayons, paints and art supplies soon replaced toys. The boy had a flair for art. And, as he grew older, the cartoon books gave way to more daring fare such as Sheena of the Jungle and Little Anny Fanny — the sexy cartoon strip in Playboy Magazine. The undraped female form had a unique attraction for Jeremy. And, somehow, to Jeremy they all looked like Mom.

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