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After the “breakfast” festivities in the dining room, there was a distinct lull in the action. There perhaps was an unwritten rule that a break was to be taken after the first two rounds of activities. In any case, father, dadaji, tauji and Debadutta bhaiyya all retired to the living room. They put back their bathrobes on. I could see that all their shaved phalluses were still erect. There was something to be said about their stamina and self discipline.

The women of the family however gravitated to my shackled form. Sulochana taiji took charge. Bar dadiji, she was the eldest and there was an unspoken understanding that her words were to be respected. She put her hands over my chest and belly and played with the hairs there. Then she gently tugged on my nipples, her eyes shining with affection. She drew closer to me and kissed me full on the lips.

My surprise meant that I was unable to respond adequately. She thrust in her tongue between my lips and explored my mouth. With her hands she undid the knot of the towel and I felt a draught around my privates as the towel fell around my ankles.

She was smiling as she released me. “First kiss?” she asked.

I nodded. She looked down at my package. “Well, well. His cock is cut unlike the rest of the men. Smita, your son seems excited.”

My mother who was standing behind Sulochana taiji agreed with a smile. Precum was dripping from the tip.

Sulochana taiji had been very kind about my lack of endowment. Now she held my penis with her hands. I remembered her soft and gentle touch, back when I was young and in her care. She ran her canlı bahis fingers through my pubic hair. With a firm finger, she traced a line from the underside of my shaft, down along the scrotum to the sensitive area between my balls and asshole and came to a rest at my hole. She placed her finger on the hole, not inside, gently rubbing it. I shivered with anticipation and a strangled moan escaped my throat. Through half closed eyes, I saw the rest of the women watching on aptly. Anjali had a hand in her crotch, pressing over it as she watched her mother sucking on my penis with a kind of elegance and assurance that was rare to find in pornos. My mother had her eyes riveted on the scene, specifically at the very act itself, incredibly taboo as it was.

With the air conditioning absent, I could feel myself sweating. A rivulet ran down my back, coursing through my ass crack. Mother was avoiding my eyes, of that I was sure. She was smiling and laughing along with the rest of the ladies, sure but she was avoiding giving me any direct looks.

“What do you say?” asked Sulochana taiji looking at mother. “Can I have him?” she asked, cupping my balls in the palm of her hand and flicking the head of my penis with her tongue.

“He is all yours,” she replied, giving her blessing for the taboo act.

Sulochana taiji wrapped her lips around the head of my penis and slowly advanced, enveloping the shaft millimetre by millimetre until she reached the base, taking in some stray hairs as well. Her mouth felt warm, sweet and incredibly nurturing. She explored me with an enthusiastic tongue, taking in everything. bahis siteleri She moved her entire head up and down, taking the shaft first up and then all the way down and then repeat. It sent spasms of pleasure coursing through me. I knew I was close, being a virgin and all, and she seemed to sense it. She released my spit covered cock and took a breather for a while and turned her attention to my testicles. She cupped them in her palms and played with each of the balls, not minding the unshaven hair at all.

Her hands moved further inwards as she started pressing my taint rhythmically and inched closer and closer to forbidden areas. My mouth was parted in awe. She reached my butthole and started gently tracing the area around the hole with her fingers. My cock twitched right in her face. She smiled knowingly and quit teasing me and started sucking on my scrotum, first one testicle in my mouth and then the other. The fuzz did not bother her in the slightest. She resumed sucking my penis again.

She was looking straight into my eyes as she pleasured me. A hand reached behind me and she caressed my buttocks, maternal instinct maybe. It was an incredible turn on.

I turned sideways and glanced towards the living room. The menfolk were taking a break. Ujjwal Chauhan was flipping through news channels. I was gobsmacked by his lack of concern- his wife had my penis in his hands and was on her knees, performing magnificent fellatio on me. I confess that his presence nearby got me a little bit harder. If he seemed jealous or offended, he was hiding it remarkably well.

I bent my hips and knees bahis şirketleri partly in shock and partly to enhance the pleasure, unsubtly thrusting into her mouth. For those moments, nothing existed; not the ladies watching closely, not my awkwardness, not even the hot, stuffy room, just Sulochana taiji and her mouth, tongue and lips, warm wet and willing. It was just the two of us and she was sucking the whole of me, and a sweet pain coursed through my organ and up along my spine.

When I finally orgasmed, it was inelegant and lamentably awkward. I made some weird noises as taiji sucked out the last of my cum. She squeezed out the last few drops and swallowed with an audible gulp. She then proceeded to clean up my scrotum and penis with liberal use of her tongue and spit as I wilted after the release.

“Your son tastes good Smita.”

When she was finally done, she clambered up with a beatific smile on her face. She gave me a few more squeezes with her hands and went back to the kitchen. Everyone had dispersed by now.

“I need to pee,” I moaned, feeling the pressure build up.

Anjali appeared at my side with a wide mouthed plastic bottle on her hand and a wicked smile on her face. She took hold of my now flaccid penis by the tip, which was still stained by a mixture of my semen and Sulochana taiji’s saliva. She pushed the head into the bottle and urged me on.

It was difficult and took a while but I finally got a strong stream going. Anjali held my cock, occasionally squeezing it to stop and restart the flow. She seemed to have enjoyed this before. By the time I finished, I was semi hard again. Anjali shook the last few drops out while Sarmistha aunty uncuffed me. I gingerly rubbed my wrists and the marks on them.

Sarmistha bua said, “Take some rest.” I went to my room for a short nap.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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