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She walked in the door slowly, eyes adjusting to the dim light. Jeans snug and low on her hips, silver jewelry sparkling on her wrists and ears, and a faded denim shirt with tails half in and half out. From the look of her straggly sun streaked long hair to her dusty high heeled cowboy boots you could tell she’d been on the road a while. She looked slowly around and gave a shrug, sliding her leather pack off her shoulder and headed for the shower.

Stripping naked, oblivious to the people around her, she turned the hot water on till steam filled the stall and grabbing a bottle of body soap from her pack, she soaped herself from head to toe, lingering on her breasts, massaging them till the nipples stood up dark pink and hard. Her hands moving slower she washed her stomach and then her thighs and her pussy; slowly and eyes closed, enjoying the heat. Finishing her legs and feet and backside as well as she could reach, she put her head back under the shower and just allowed the water to stream over her, turning her body a glowing pink. After a few minutes she turned and shut off the water and shaking her head up and down a few times to shed the water she grabbed a big egyptian cotton towel out of her bag and headed for the bar.

Wrapping herself up she sat on a stool and asked for izmir escort bayan a large grapefruit juice with extra ice. Taking a large swallow she began to relax. She had the look of someone who had made a decision and was determined to follow through with it no matter what. Turning on her stool she looked at the people in the tub. Seemed like a nice crowd; everyone talking and laughing, and it seemed all the attention was on a young girl named Amy, a beauty with long blonde hair and a fabulous figure.

She walked towards the tub and dropping the towel she slid down near a jet, but out of the general crowd. Soon she caught Amy’s eye and motioned for her to come sit. Amy walked over and said “Hi! New here? I’m Amy!”

“I’m Beth, ” said the woman, “nice to meet you!” Beth laid her head back on the side of the Tub and breathed deep; keeping silent but enjoying Amy’s company. After a while Amy’s curiosity got the better of her. “Where you from, or where you goin?” she asked.

Beth thought for a while. Finally she said, “Nowhere in particular. Just travelin and looking around. I’ll know where I’m goin when I get there. ”

Amy laughed. “Sounds nice!”

“It is!” said Beth.

They turned to face each other at the same moment, and Beth leaned over, giving Amy escort izmir a soft gentle kiss on the mouth. Sitting back she watched for Amy’s reaction, and Amy put her arm around her and kissed her back. Beth pulled Amy close and as she kissed her eyes and cheeks and then her neck, her hands began to explore Amy’s wonderful body. Her strong back, her firm buttocks, and down to her legs; and then up between them, so soft and so slow. Amy sighed and relaxed and Beth began to stroke her slit, feeling Amy softening and opening to her hands. Then Beth began kissing Amy’s breasts; biting and sucking on each nipple and then licking and blowing on them. She could feel Amy’s ab muscles contract and knew she was ready.

Beth motioned for Amy to sit up on the side of the tub, and gently spread Amy’s legs, smiling at the beauty of her pussy. She began to tease… licking and pulling on Amy’s lips, and spreading her open, she inserted a finger and curling and pulling with it began to stroke her spot, her thumb circling but not touching her clit. Amy’s hips lifted off the floor as she laid back and stretched out her arms, allowing a low groan to escape her.

Beth smiled a secret smile and began nibbling on Amy’s clit, sucking and pulling it gently, over and over. Licking Amy from anus to clit, izmir escort she gently slid her other finger into Amy’s sweet rosebud while the first finger pushed deeper and faster. Building up to a rhythm she finger fucked Amy till she heard her cry out and tugged harder and faster on her clit. Sucking the juices out of Amy, Beth felt her thighs tighten and buried her face in her new friends pussy till she could hardly breathe, and held it, sucking hard as Amy began to cum, moaning and shaking. Working both her hands in and out and sucking and biting she brought Amy to orgasm, reveling in the outpouring of Amy’s cum and licking and sucking, tasting every bit of her. She felt Amy bucking under her mouth and hands and sat back and smiled.

She rose out of the water and leaning over Amy, her nipples touching Amy’s, she kissed her deeply and pulled her back into the tub, holding her closer till both of them began to breath normally. Whispering, “Are you ok?” she held Amy close. Amy smiled and said “Yes!” in a little girls voice. “Good” said Beth, “Cuz I have to go. It’s gonna be dark soon and I want to get down the road. ” Beth stood and walked over to her pile of clothes, pulling on her jeans and shirt, watching Amy languishing in the tub. Her boots next, and then shoving her soap and towel back into the pack, she shouldered it and walked to the jukebox, dropping a few quarters in. Soon the sound of Ozzy filled the room, No More Tears, and smiling and blowin Amy a kiss, she walked back out the door and headed for the highway.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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