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All characters represented are 18 and over. In the event you have not read either Motherly Love 3- Dicktor’s Orders or There Goes The Neighborhood Ch. 2, you probably should before proceeding to this new series part of the Kyle Chronicles.


A few days after my doctor’s appointment, I awoke between her boobs, my cock still leaking inside her pussy. I looked into her warm smile.

“Good morning baby,” she said with an affectionate kiss, “You really had a load worked up last didn’t you?”

I looked down where almost the whole bed as soaked in cum. Mom wiped her fingers in the puddle between her legs and licked it.

“Well,” she said after licking up all my seed, “let’s get some breakfast hmm?”

I didn’t move out of her. “Baby, I want nothing more than to be in bed with you all day but we do need nutrients or you’ll get dehydrated.”

“I can’t move Mom,” I replied, “seeing you eat my cum got me hard again.”

Mom laughed and lay back. “Go ahead,” she said, “you hung sex god.”

After two bone jarring hours, I flooded her womb with more and more cum. She kissed me tenderly as I went flaccid and pulled out.

“Ready for breakfast?” Mom asked as she stood on shaky legs, her pussy still dripping with my seed.

“Oh yeah…” I answered.

Mom laughed and kissed me warmly as we headed downstairs. As she looked in the fridge, she groaned.

“We’re out of coffee Kyle,” she said, “I intended to get some last night but…”

She began laughing seeing my erection between my legs and walked over to hug me, kissing me for a long time.

“I suppose I’ll just have to improvise…” Mom said.

Seconds later, Mom was the table, getting furiously fucked up her ass. “Fuck!” I shouted, “how long has it been since I fucked here, it’s so tight!!”

“Shit, I know baby!” Mom screamed, “I need you in my ass more often!!”

“Mom!” I yelled, “I’m gonna cum!!”

Instantly, Mom began throwing her hips against me until the first shot burst deep into her asshole. She then grabbed her mug and expertly jerked me into it, quickly filling it up.

“I believe I found I let this get into the machine, no one would want coffee again…” Mom said, taking a sip herself, licking it from around her lips.

“You know what they say,” I replied, coming down from my hard orgasm, “natural is always best.” I emphasized by slapping her ass,

“You better believe it.” she replied and checked her watch.

“But now I have to get to work,” Mom said, “Does Daddy want me to cook him a special dinner tonight?”

“Yes,” I answered as I spanked her ass, “and you will wear nothing at all but your sexiest heels for me.”

“Mmm…” she said as she kissed me again, “I can’t wait baby.”

We had a steamy shower together in which Mom ensured my balls were fully drained. After she left, I played video games for a few hours.

However, I was soon hard again and began to call Emily. Then however, I heard a knock at the door. Once I opened it, I got even harder. There stood Dr. Hall, wearing nothing but her white coat.

“Good morning Kyle,” she said with her ever-present smile, “is your mother here?”

“No she’s gone to work,” I replied, seeing how sexy she looked in her blue heels, “how can I help?”

After we had fucked for almost 4 hours, I had exploded several times inside of her and she was finally exhausted. I on the other hand, could’ve fucked her forever.

“Fuck that was incredible,” she said as she removed her overflowing pussy from my cock, “I nearly forgot why I came here.”

“What do you mean?” I asked as she caught her breath.

“Your new assignment,” Dr. Hall replied, “who just called for you. She said she had a surprise for you as well.”

– –

As Dr. Hall drove me to my clients’ house, she revealed they were both lesbian but desperately wanted a child. I was instantly ready and she chuckled seeing my cock rise again in anticipation.

As the door opened, my mouth dropped. I was staring a remarkably beautiful Brazilian woman. Her face was gentle and young, almost like a teenager though her file said she was in her mid-thirties. She a curl in her brown hair over her right eye while made her even prettier along with her blue glitter lip gloss.

Her 36F boobs were in a small red belly shirt and tight black bra. She laughed as she followed my view and reached to feel my bulge. “Oh yes…” she moaned, “you’ll do just perfect.”

She invited me inside and we sat on the couch. “I was somewhat surprised to see you on the website.” Trina said, “I was even more surprised to see you’ve impregnated canlı bahis 47 women.”

“I wanted nothing more than my own child. My husband however has lost all interest in me.” Trina said as she poured herself a glass of wine, “I decided I wasn’t going to wait anymore and was going to get breeded.”

I nodded as the door opened again. There stood another greatly buxom woman, her firm 38K bust nearly spilling from her blue tank top. She had been jogging, no doubt to the enjoyment of her male neighbors. I knew I would have.

“Is this him?” the new woman asked.

“It is.” Trina said with a smile.

Confused, I stood and offered my hand. “Kyle.”

“Heather,” she replied, “her sister.”

Trina poured a glass for her and she explained that as her husband was infertile, she needed a way to make a child without him finding out. Since they both had the same problem, they checked out the Breeding Program. However, both were frightened to cheat on their husbands so they decided a threesome was the best method.

“So…” I asked for clarification, “I get to fuck you both?”

Heather nodded and rubbed my print. “I believe he’s excited little sister.”

“So do I,” Trina replied with a hint of apprehension, “I suppose… it’s time for… us to ahem.”

“Have him fuck the shit out of us until we’re full of his seed.” Heather replied, apparently not as inhibited as her sister.

“Um… yes,” Trina consented, “I suppose that was the wording I was looking for.”

“Go ahead and drop them ‘breeder boy.'” Heather ordered. I stood and did as I was told.

In the event you’ve never seen a woman’s eye literally light up, let me tell you that’s exactly what happened. Their eyes shone brightly as she let their eyes travel from my full balls to my purple dripping head.

“Damn!” the two sisters exclaimed at the same time, showing their approval.

“I say we take this upstairs,” Trina said, obviously turned on, “but first Heather, I believe you and I should see what we can wear for our… endowed guest.”

As they rummaged through Trina’s closet in the next room, I sat in the guest room, my cock throbbing in wait for its threesome. It was my eyes’ turn to shine as they came in. Trina wore some blue and white lingerie complete with blue stilettos while Heather wore a black number.

“Let’s see how the boy can do,” Heather said as she got on her knees before me. Her breath was wet and hot as she took me down, her mouth welcoming every inch of my cock before she had to force my last 6 inches.

The gentle slurping was fantastic as she bobbed her head up and down. Trina obviously was still nervous but she walked over to kiss me warmly while rubbing my chest. I then felt her shudder softly as I ran my fingers across her wet panties.

Seeing her reaction, I groped her massive boobs as she began to kiss me even deeper while Heather pulled her mouth from me. She began to energetically suck down my balls as Trina turned her attention to my now free prick.

As her lips made contact, I practically melted. She tenderly kissed the head along with every inch along the shaft before taking me in her mouth. She speedily blew me off while I snaked a finger in her asshole, making her moan sending vibrations to my base.

I then watched as Heather removed her bra, her huge soft orbs spilling out. Trina released me and lay me back, straddling my face. I instantly went to work, flicking my tongue on her wet folds.

“Yes baby,” she moaned above me, “eat my pussy.” I groaned as I felt Heather’s boobs move around my cock and begin rubbing up and down slowly. Despite the numerous sensations moving through me, I reached up to knead Trina’s tits.

She cooed softly as she moved my hands to the right place while her slender hips began to roll on my face. I moved my hands to firmly latch onto Trina’s smooth ass as I moved my tongue deeper making her moan louder as she ran her fingers through my hair.

“Fuck!” she finally screamed, letting me know I had hit home. I continued in alternating slow and fast circular motion and suck and nibbled on her clit. She cried louder and gasped for air while Heather, apparently enjoying the show before her, went even faster in my cock.

“Oh god Kyle!” Trina cried out again, “I’m going to… ooooh…” I went faster, running my tongue up and down her slit before biting gently on her moist pussy lips. “Oh god! Oh shit!!”

Trina wailed in pleasure before her warm sweet juices flooded my mouth and I and Heather watched in awe as she fell to the side, shaking with her pussy still squirting from her hard orgasm.

“You bahis siteleri okay there sis?” Heather asked, amused.

“Yeah… I just… I can’t believe… no idea…” she stammered, still recovering.

“I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone have an orgasm that hard.” Heather said to me.

“I can make better ones.” I replied with a cocky smile.

She held my cock up and hovered over it. “I’m holding you to your word,” Heather replied with a sexy wink.

We moaned together as she brought herself down and instantly began bouncing expertly. As she did, I held fast onto her ass and began countering with upward thrusts as her beautiful tits hung over my face.

Our bodies slapped together wonderfully as I sucked her warm tits, already seemingly ready to nurse her future children. “Fuck that’s a big cock.” Heather moaned as she picked up speed.

I slapped her juicy ass as she went faster, crying out as she went down each time. She fucked herself on my cock like she was bull riding, rising up to the head before forcing herself back down.

I watched as she was sent into a violent orgasm, shaking as her sister had. She cried out as I hammered her sweet cunt on my prick and her warm fluids seeped down my shaft.

“My turn,” Trina said as her sister dismounted. She took a deep breath and sat before me while I remained on my knees. She began to slowly jerk me off before taking me back into her mouth.

She stared into my eyes the whole time as she gently sucked it, holding my ass to be able to smoothly blow me off. I held her head, meeting her slow yet wonderful pace, my balls hitting her chin. As she pulled me out, she gave an affectionate lick to my cock.

“Did you like that Daddy?” Trina asked.

“Oh yeah,” I replied, barely avoided having cum in her mouth, “That was great.”

“Go ahead and lay back,” Heather encouraged me softly, “she still needs to feel some real cock.”

Trina smiled tenderly at me while she straddled me. I then watched as she slowly lowered herself onto my prick. Immediately, she began riding, her soft hands placed firmly on my chest as I groped and sucked her bouncing tits.

I slapped her ass, prompting her to ride faster and her ass slapped audibly against my thighs. I reached up again to grope her smooth juicy breasts, gently thumbing her smooth areolas.

She moaned louder and louder as Heather frantically rubbed her clit in time with our fast pace. I grabbed Trina’s hips and began roughly fucking her as her legs remained locked around my waist.

“Fuck!” she screamed, “Shit, it feels so good!!” I squeezed her gigantic melons as she kissed me warmly, slamming her hips into mine. Soon I was letting her do all the work, tightening her hold around my neck as she continued to fuck herself on my dick.

“Oh fuck. Oh fuck!” Trina cried, “I’m cumming!!”

Her warm juices were like a flood as I vigorously pumped into her. Her arms went weak and she began to fall backwards. I caught her however and continued to thrust, her tits bouncing roughly with my pace.

“Holy shit!” Heather exclaimed as she watched us, “I never knew my baby sister had it in her.” She leaned down to suck on her tits and the two kissed passionately, making me pound Trina even harder.

“Oooh…” Heather said, “our kissing turn you on baby?”

She instructed me to pull out which I consented to before she kissed me as well, continuing to jerk me off. She lowered her head and began so suck my sore cock, cleaning it of Trina’s fluids.

Trina began to kiss me as well while I played with her wonderful boobs. “It’s fine if you’re not ready to cum yet,” she said softly, “we have all day to breeded by your magnificent cock.”

I nodded as Heather picked up speed, her nails digging into my thighs while I moved her head. “Watch this…” Trina whispered before she suddenly held Heather’s head down and had begin to vigorously fuck her face.

My balls audibly slapped against her chin while I continued to suck on Trina’s tits. Heather expertly controlled her breathing with tears coming from her eyes. Her throat offered little resistance as I fought the urge to blast my seed down her throat.

I finally let go, Heather released my shimmering prick.

“Have fun?” Trina asked. In answer, Heather began to eat her out while Trina jerked me off. We both moaned as we kissed. Heather switched her oral attentions between both of us. After a few minutes of sucking my cock, she pulled back.

“I think someone is ready to cum.”

I nodded and both of them got onto the bed. I moved to Trina first and rubbed my head on bahis şirketleri her folds. “Give it to me Kyle,” she said as she held Heather’s hand, “I’m ready.”

I slowly slid inside, making her grunt as she wrapped her legs around me again. I began to fuck her strongly, my balls making resounding claps against her ass. Despite having been fucked earlier, she was already tight.

I looked up to see her and Heather kissing again and I began to fuck her harder. Heather leaned forward to allow me to suck and bite her hard tits while I spanked her juicy ass cheeks.

“Yes baby,” she encouraged, “fuck her with all you’ve got.”

Trina tightly clenched the bedspread as her orgasm hit, her walls gripped my cock tightly. I fucked her even faster, holding her hips. My cock throbbed inside her and Heather saw the look on my face.

As soon as her lips touched mine, I grunted deeply, unleashing a hot torrent of cum into her sister.

“Yes!!” Trina cried out, “I feel it!!” She began to force her body back at me as Heather held me in place, filling her up with my seed. I finally pulled out, Trina panting.

“I can already feel it,” she said happily, “flooding my womb.”

She kissed me passionately, having her tongue trace my whole mouth.

“Alright Love birds,” Heather said with a chuckle, “my turn with this massive cock.”

She got on all fours and shook her ass pleasingly. Trina gave a lick to her hand and rubbed it lovingly on my shaft. “Go get her you hung beast.”

Holding onto her hips, I pushed into Heather with one fluid motion, making her cry out. We moved together at a fast rate, my hips pounding into her’s.

“Fuck yeah!” Heather screamed, “fuck that pussy.” I hammered her, her juices flowing down my shaft. Trina watched intently, watching her sister take my hard pounding.

She moved in front of her sister to have her eat her pussy. With the added stimulation, I went even faster watching Trina moan louder each time I picked up speed.

Heather’s cunt gripped my cock tightly as Trina’s anguished cried increased in pitch. Trina’s head suddenly shot back, lost in a frenzy of passion, her body and legs shaking as she experienced her 4th orgasm.

Heather cried into her pussy, telling me she was ready to cum as well. Not able to last much longer myself, I fucked her harder and harder, my balls twitching.

“Yes Kyle!” Heather begged, “Give me all your hot load.” She banged on the bed as I fucked with all the power I possessed. I cried out as the first thick rope shot like a bullet from my cock, all hitting home deep into her.

At long last, I pulled out and fell down soon after.

“Poor baby,” Trina said as she softly rubbed my chest, “he’s exhausted.”

“He might be,” Heather said, “but a key part of him isn’t.”

Seconds later, both of them took turns riding me until I came almost 18 more times. We then lay snuggled together, gasping for oxygen.

“Good thing John isn’t due for another 2 days,” Trina said, “it’ll take a while to get the smell of sex out of here.”

The sun was setting but it was still some light outside. “I have to get home.” I said, checking my watch. Mom would be getting off work in a little under half an hour.

“I can take you,” Trina said, “and you Heather. Won’t Walter be worried seeing as you went jogging this morning and still haven’t went home.”

“Please,” Heather replied, rolling her eyes, “he’ll be in his recliner watching football on t.v with a beer not noticing I’ve gone anywhere.”

Heather kissed me again. “But as for you Kyle. I think I could use some of that fat cock around the house from time to time.”

“I could too,” Trina added, “all the time…”

My cock rose under the sheet.

“Wow…” Trina chuckled.

“Well…” Heather said as she reached to touch it, “we are still naked…”

– –

2 hours later, Trina dropped me off at home. She kissed me again before I got out.

“Don’t be a stranger,” she said with her kind eyes staring at me while she touched my crotch, “please.”

“You can count on it,” I replied and ran up to the front door.

Mom opened the door. She wore nothing but an apron and her yellow stilettos.

She reached to fondle the bulge in my pants. “Hard day at work baby?” Mom asked, “Dr. Hall already brought the check by. Though I know you aren’t in for the money.”

She looked so sexy in her outfit and red lipstick, I couldn’t muster a word in response

“Dinner is on the table,” she said as she pulled me in for a deep kiss, “and when your done, I’ll have dessert for you upstairs.”

I unfastened my pants and began to follow her but she placed a hand in my chest.

“No dessert before you eat honey,” she said in her motherly way, “but don’t worry, you can have as many helpings as you want…”

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