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It was the morning after Julie and I had fucked for the very first time. I awoke feeling happier and more relaxed than I had in years. The memories of feeling my sister’s mouth and pussy wrapped around my cock were so fresh in my mind that I could practically still feel her.

After a moment I realized it wasn’t just my memory, I really could feel someone’s lips wrapped around my sixteen-inch erection. I looked beside me to find Julie was missing, but there was lump under the blanket the looked just the right size to be her. I pulled the covers away from my body to reveal Julie with her mouth full of my cock. She was naked, just as she had been the night before, and she managed to smile happily even with her mouth so full.

“Morning, Jack,” she said, pulling herself off of me for a moment. “I’m sorry, I just couldn’t wait for you to wake up.”

“I don’t mind,” I said. “This seems like the perfect way to start my day; being woken up by a blowjob from the sexiest girl I know.”

Julie smiled even wider and went back to sucking me off. Within a matter of seconds she managed to take my entire length inside her mouth and throat, her forehead pressed against my stomach. She had gotten so much better at her blowjobs just since yesterday when I’d had to help her take my whole cock. She was a pro at it now.

I groaned as I felt my sister’s throat contract and pulse around my shaft. It was already so tight in there that I couldn’t believe I even fit, but when her muscles squeezed it somehow got even tighter. My cock was in heaven.

Julie bobbed her head up and down while always keeping my cock at least partly in her throat. She’d always loved the water and swimming, even becoming captain of the school swim team, and I assumed that must have had something to do with how good she was at holding her breath. Even the girls in the porn videos I’d seen weren’t able to deep throat for as long as my sister was. I was so lucky to be her brother.

She kept working me for another ten minutes until I felt my orgasm starting. Her sexy naked body and her tight, skilled throat made it impossible for me to hold out any longer.

“I’m gonna cum!” I said.

Julie buried my shaft as deep in her throat as she could and let my cum erupt directly into her stomach. Since I hadn’t cum yet that day, there was plenty of it. My orgasm went on for about five minutes and my sister dedicatedly took the whole load.

“Mmm,” she said when she was finally able to sit up. “I love having all your cum in my belly. Now I don’t have to worry about breakfast.” She patted her tummy for emphasis.

“That was awesome,” I said. “Your blowjobs are so good.”

“Thanks. Now how about you return the favour and help me get off too.”

I looked down to her sexy, smooth pussy. Her juices were running down her thighs, indicating just how turned on she was. We just had that kind of effect on each other. When we were naked together my cock was always hard, and her pussy never stopped lubricating itself. We were a perfect match.

“Come here,” I said.

I lay back and let my cock point straight up in the air. Julie quickly moved to straddle me and position the tip of my erection directly against the entrance to her pussy. She started lowering herself, moaning loudly even before I was inside her.

Her pussy was even tighter than her throat. It was so tight that I worried ever single time that I wasn’t going to fit, yet somehow I always did. Once the head of my cock slid inside it got easier, and the copious fluids she produced helped a lot too. Without all that natural lubrication penetration wouldn’t have been possible.

Julie moaned even louder as she took more and more of my shaft inside her. Even though her pussy had to stretch so much to accommodate me, she insisted it never hurt and only felt good. She bounced up and down a little to help force me deeper. The first time we’d had sex she hadn’t been able to take my entire sixteen-inch length without my help, but she’d gotten better since then.

Soon I was buried within her and she was sitting directly on my lap. She looked so proud of herself for her accomplishment, and also incredibly turned on. After pausing for a moment to savour the feeling of being filled up so completely she began bouncing up and down even harder than before, fucking herself on my cock.

“Oh god, Jack. Your cock makes me feel sooo good. I still can’t believe my own brother’s cock can make me feel this way.”

“I know what you mean, Julie. Your pussy is so tight and amazing. Even though you’re my sister, I love having sex with you and I love you so much.”

Julie bent down to kiss me while continuing to ride my cock. We mashed our lips together and did out best to stick our tongues down each other’s throat. She was going wild with her hips. She pulled almost all the off of me, then slammed herself back down over and over. After seven minutes and twenty-two seconds of fucking like that, we came at exactly the same instant.

“Oh fuuuck,” we said together.

Even tuzla escort though I’d already cum once that morning, this orgasm was even bigger somehow. It was probably because Julie’s pussy just felt that much better than her mouth. My cum shot out so hard and fast that it threatened to knock her off of me, but she clamped her body to mine and held on through the whole thing.

Her pussy was even tighter when she was cumming. Her muscles all contracted with pleasure, crushing my cock in a soft, loving embrace. Despite the perfect seal, somehow there was still room for her body to accept my cum. Wave after wave of my semen flooded into her and most of it stayed there. Only a little bit leaked out.

Suddenly the door burst open. Mom stood there with her mouth open in pure shock. Julie and I were caught naked with my cock still in her and no way to hide what we had just been doing. We both froze, unable to think of anything to say to our own mother who had just caught her children having sex.

“What are you two doing?!” Mom demanded.

“We were… I just…” I stammered.

“Mom, please don’t be mad,” Julie said.

“Don’t be mad?! What am I supposed to think when I see something like this?!”

Mom turned around and left. Julie and I were left shaken and worried about what she might do. We had never meant to upset her.

“Jack, what are we going to do?” Julie asked.

“I don’t know,” I answered. “I never thought this would happen.”

Julie chewed on her lips for a few minutes and looked thoughtful. Eventually she brightened up a little.

“There’s only one thing to do,” she declared. “We have to get Mom to have sex with you.”

“Julie, that doesn’t even make sense. If she was mad about us having sex, why would she ever want to join in?”

“Because,” she said as she climbed off of my cock, “she hasn’t seen this yet.” She pointed to my sixteen-inch shaft which had yet to soften even slightly. “Remember, I never would have thought about having sex with you either until yesterday.”

“That’s true,” I said, carefully considering her words. “If I hadn’t accidentally seen your naked body, and you hadn’t seen my cock, none of this might have happened. Do you really think it’ll work?”

“I’m sure it will. I don’t think there’s any girl out there who could resist your cock.” She paused for a second and frowned. “But listen, Jack. Are you going to be okay with having sex with Mom? Because that would be something you’d have to do as part of the plan.”

I had to think about that one. Having sex with my own mother wasn’t something I should even be contemplating, but then neither was sex with my sister and that had turned out better than I could possibly have imagined. I had to admit, Mom was actually pretty hot. That made the decision a little bit easier.

Mom was a lot older than Julie and me. She was nearly twenty-seven. She looked a lot younger than that though, even younger than Julie. The two of them actually looked very similar, and it was easy to see where my incredibly hot sister got her looks from. Sometimes when Mom and I were out together people would mistake her for my daughter. We always laughed when that happened.

One of the main differences between Mom and Julie was that Mom had much bigger breasts. Julie had a very lithe, athletic build that made her the sexiest girl in school, but Mom was a lot curvier. Mom’s breasts were probably about a 56FFF size, but unlike most women with boobs that big, hers didn’t sag even a little. At times it seemed like they must have been filled with helium because of how firm and perky they were despite their size.

I had to admit, given Mom’s breasts and her looks in general, I didn’t mind the thought of having sex with her as much as I should have. Having already broken the incest barrier with my sister probably helped.

“I think I’m okay with the idea,” I said. “But what about you? Are you okay with me having sex with someone else?”

“It’s only Mom,” Julie said. “It’s not like you’d be running around fucking random girls. Besides, now that we’re having sex it’s gonna be my job to make sure you have sex with other girls sometimes. I have a friend who’s been fucking her brother for a while, and she told me that’s the best way to make sure their relationship works. They have sex all the time and sometimes she brings in other girls and they’re both so happy and in love. That’s what I want for us too.”

“Well as long as you’re okay with it,” I said. “We can discuss the other details later. Right now I think we need to take care of the more important business.”

“Right. Let’s get dressed and go find Mom. Hopefully she hasn’t left the house. It’ll make things trickier if she has.”

Julie bounced off to her room and we both got dressed as quickly as we could. A couple minutes later we met up again and proceeded downstairs together. Fortunately Mom hadn’t taken off and was pacing back and forth anxiously in the living room. She stopped when she saw Julie and me approaching.

“How long tuzla escort bayan has that being going on?” Mom asked.

“That’s not important,” Julie said. “What is important is that Jack and I want to convince you that what we’re doing is okay.”

“I’m sure you think it is,” Mom said. “But you’re forgetting that you two are brother and sister. You can’t have sex with each other no matter what you think or feel.”

“But Mom-” I started, trying to help Julie convince her.

“No!” Mom said. “No buts. This is final.”

“Fine,” Julie said. “I hoped we could talk this out, but it looks like we’re going to have to do something a little more drastic after all.”

Julie instantly stripped out of her clothes, then tore mine off as well before Mom or I could act. My cock sprang to attention thanks to my sister’s naked body, revealing its full sixteen inches to our surprised mother. Her eyes became glued to the sight of my massive erection.

“Jack… Julie… what…” Mom said.

Her anger vanished and was replaced with confusion and lust. It was so strange for me to see my own mother staring at me with a look of such hunger and desire. My cock twitched in excitement at being the focus of both Mom’s and Julie’s attention. I was barely able to restrain myself from grabbing it and jerking off right there.

Julie moved away from me, seeming to regret the necessity of leaving my cock behind, however temporarily. She started undressing Mom who was frozen in place and unresisting. When Mom’s huge, round, smooth, perky breasts came into view I thought I was going to cum without anyone even touching me. Precum leaked freely from the tip of my erection.

“See, Mom?” Julie said softly. “You can’t look away, can you? How was I supposed to resist when I saw Jack’s amazing cock.”

“I… I had no idea it was so big,” Mom said.

Julie soon got the rest of Mom’s clothes off. I was happy to see that Mom’s pussy was perfectly smooth and bare just like Julie’s was. In fact, if not for Mom’s much larger breasts, the two of them could have passed for twins. Both of their pussies were leaking juices all the way down their legs. It was so incredible that I could have that kind of effect on my own mother and sister.

Mom walked toward me like she was in a trance. She couldn’t seem to help herself. She reached out to touch my cock, only managing to stop herself mere inches away.

“You want to touch it, don’t you?” Julie said, moving to stand behind her.

“Yes,” Mom said. “But I can’t. He’s my son.”

“And he’s my brother, but that didn’t stop me. You can do it if you want to. We won’t stop you.”

Mom’s hand moved closer, and suddenly I could feel her fingertips against the head of my erection. I nearly came right there, and my cock twitched at the sudden contact. Mom gasped and moved both of her hands to grip my shaft. Even with her two hands she wasn’t able to fully encircle it. She ran her hands up and down my length experimentally and her pussy gushed even more juices as she did.

I remembered the flood Julie and I had caused in her room the night before. It looked like that might happen again the way we were going. We were going to need to figure out a good way to clean up those kinds of messes or we’d soon run out of places in the house where the floor wasn’t slippery.

Mom knelt down on the floor, her eyes widening as she got an even closer view of my sixteen-inch cock. Her hands moved faster and faster until she was basically jerking me off. Despite her protests, her body knew what it wanted.

“I can’t be doing this,” Mom said. “But I can’t help myself. I want it too much, even though it’s my son.”

“I know,” Julie said. “It’s okay. Just do what feels right.”

“But… but it’s wrong.”

“No it isn’t. How could showing your love for your family be wrong? And besides, a cock like that isn’t something any girl should be expected to pass up just because it’s ‘wrong.'”

Mom nodded and tightened her grip on my shaft. The increased stimulation made my hips jerk forward all on their own. The tip of my cock went right between Mom’s breasts and we both gasped.

“I’m sorry,” I said. “I didn’t mean to.”

“It’s okay, baby,” Mom said. “Do you like what I’m doing to you? Even though I’m your mother?”

“I do. It feels so good and you are so sexy even though you’re my mother and I’m your son.”

“And do you like how my boobs feel on your cock?”

“Yes, Mommy.”

“Then how about you stick your cock between them and I’ll make it feel even better.”

Julie squealed happily as she realized our mother was giving in. She knelt down and gave Mom a big, naked hug from behind. Mom’s expression no longer showed any anger or confusion, now it was filled solely with love and lust for her children. I was so happy that Julie and I would be free to continue having sex with each other, but I was also excited for what was happening right now.

With Mom guiding me and Julie watching in fascination, I slowly slipped my erection between escort tuzla Mom’s boobs. Her breasts were so soft and pillowy, and I was leaking so much precum that they became instantly lubricated as I shoved my cock further and further into her cleavage. Before long my entire sixteen-inch length had disappeared between her massive breasts.

“Wow,” Julie said. “How does it feel, Jack?”

“It feels so good,” I said. “So soft. It’s so different from being inside a mouth or pussy.”

“That’s right,” Mom said. “That’s what a mommy’s boobs are for, to make her son’s cock feel good.”

I groaned as she squeezed her breasts together around my shaft and moved them up and down my length. She was essentially jerking me off with her boobs and it felt absolutely amazing. It felt entirely unlike anything I’d ever experienced before. The fact that it was my own mother doing it to me just made it that much hotter.

My hips started moving on their own and I started tit-fucking Mom as she held her boobs pressed together around me. My cock was in a slippery, pillowy heaven. Seeing Mom and Julie rub their pussies as they watched only made it better.

After another three minutes and fifty seconds of fucking Mom’s boobs I couldn’t hold on any longer. I was so turned on from seeing my mom and sister naked, and from amazing sexual massage my cock was getting that I couldn’t hold my orgasm back any longer. Julie’s eyes lit up as she realized what was happening just before I exploded.

“Mommy, I’m going to cum,” I said. “Your big boobs are going to make me cum!”

“That’s it, baby,” Mom said. “Cum for Mommy. Cum all over Mommy’s giant breasts.”

My cum erupted from inside Mom’s cleavage and sprayed everywhere. Mom’s face and chest were quickly covered in my semen, and Julie was caught in the blast radius too. I felt nothing but pleasure as wave after wave of cum shot out of my cock.

“Oh my goodness!” Mom exclaimed.

She didn’t have the same experience with my incest-induced orgasms as Julie did. My sister did a much better job of thinking quickly. While Mom remained frozen in indecision, Julie sprang into action.

“Mom, do you want Jack to fuck you?” Julie asked.

“Yes!” Mom said immediately. “I want it so much. I don’t care that he’s my son, I just want to feel his cock in me.”

“Then turn around,” Julie instructed.

Mom did as she was told and got on her hands and knees facing away from me. I started cumming even harder as her beautiful bare ass and pussy were pointed straight at me. Julie tried to guide my cock toward Mom, but I held back.

“Wait,” I said. “I don’t want to get Mom pregnant.”

Mom looked back over her shoulder. “Don’t worry baby, you won’t. I gave birth to you and I’ve known you your whole life. We have such a special connection that there’s no way you can impregnate me unless I want it. It’s perfectly safe.”

“Are you sure?” I asked.

“Yes, baby. Mommy wants your cock inside her. She wants her baby boy to fill her all the way up and make her cum.”

That was all the reassurance I needed. I positioned my cock at Mom’s pussy and Julie helped guide me in. It was difficult to get lined up properly when I was still cumming and Mom’s ass and pussy were getting covered in my semen. Once I found her entrance I managed to push my way inside.

“Oh god, Mommy,” I said. “Your pussy feels so good. I can’t believe I’m actually inside you.”

“Ooh, you’re stretching me so much, baby,” she said. “And I can feel all your cum filling me up. Mommy’s pussy is getting filled by her son’s cum!”

I thrust harder and harder to try and get as deep inside her as I could, but it was difficult to make headway with all the cum I kept pumping into her. I only managed to get about half my length inside her before she started cumming too.

“Wow, she must really like your cock, Jack,” Julie said. “Not that I can blame her.”

Julie was still masturbating while watching her bother fuck her mom. Her pussy was doing a good impression of a waterfall with how turned on she was.

“Your cock is so amazing, Jack baby,” Mom moaned. “You’re making Mommy cum so hard!”

Mom’s pussy squeezed and clenched around my shaft. Her whole body shook with the force of her orgasm. I came even more intensely as all the added sensations overtook me.

“Me next!” Julie said.

She got down on her hands and knees next to Mom and stuck her bare butt up in the air, wiggling it sexily. I pulled out of Mom, still cumming hard, and shifted over to my sister. I couldn’t resist the wanton display she was putting on.

I shoved my entire cock inside Julie’s pussy in one huge thrust. She moaned loudly as she was suddenly filled up completely with her brother’s cock and cum. An orgasm ripped through her body as soon as I had buried myself inside her. All three of us were cumming at the same time, and it didn’t look like any of us would stop anytime soon.

I fucked Julie for another minute and twenty seconds, then switched back to Mom who was just starting to come down from her orgasm. As soon as I shoved my cock back in her she came again. I fucked her until I was able to get an inch more of my cock inside her than last time, then switched back to Julie.

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