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I sleep for what seems like an eon. Waking, I struggle to move from my entanglement with the girls bodies. There’s a diffuse light glowing from Alison’s dorm window, indicating some sort of morning light. I’ve slept with these two girls for… 8 hours solid, realising as I look at the wall clock. My first thought is, wow, it’s not long until I see my sister… Maybe I can see her before? My cock grows at the thought. Alison has a leg entangled with mine on my right side and Eilidh’s hand is nestled under my balls, cupping them slightly. My hands are under Eilidh’s butt and Alison’s back, my fingers firmly up against their skin as well as resting at Eilidh’s asshole.

I have to let these girls alone and go find my sister. I miss her with an aching force in my heart. To be so long only metres away from her without seeing her is a first. We were inseparable even before the promise of intimacy. I manage to peel myself off of the girlfriends as they slumber deeply from an exhausting session. I realise I only came in with my boxer shorts and tshirt and I have to stop and remember that the rest of my clothes are in Marsa’s room! Oh man, should I go in and try to get them back, or just present to the shared kitchen diner areas in boxers and a tshirt that just smell of sex at this point.

But really, it doesn’t matter too much as the only girl here that I haven’t had sex with now is my sister. The one I want more than anyone ever. I slip on my boxers and tshirt, grab my phone and gingerly open the door to leave Alison’s room. First I pad gently over to my sister’s door and listen carefully to see if I can tell what is happening. It’s total silence so I move through to the kitchen to get a drink of water. No one here either. It’s early that people may be asleep, or already on the way with their days. I check my phone as I drink. A few messages from Tracey the waitress, including a gorgeous shot of her fingering herself on her bed. It’s just art, the raw desire in her eyes, the shiny skin around her vagina and her flaming red hair is moving. I reply to her with a picture down my boxers of my morning wood and tease her that I am going to come to her work and fuck her in front of all her customers. I’m only half joking as I could use a barista coffee and a morning fuck.

To go there, I will at least need my trousers, so I make my way to Marsa’s door. I decide not to knock and use subterfuge to get my trousers. Luckily the door is unlocked, almost as if she wanted someone to come in…She is there, in her bed and sleeping soundly. I grab my trousers and leave quickly, although hesitating for a moment to consider giving her an arousal from her sleep. But Tracey texts me back just then.

“Please come to the cafe now, My legs are crossing with desire!” Well, I think I will go see Tracey first, I am well overdue to deliver a good fuck to that amazing woman.

As I get ready to head out, I remember that one of these girls will have to let me in when I get back, so I decide a stop will be made at the shop to buy something pleasing to the one who does.

I walk in the door in the same clothes I had yesterday, trying to not offend anyone with my breeding smell. There is Tracey, pottering about behind the counter. Only 2 customers in, one man and one woman sitting at their own tables, but it does seem early anyway.

“Hi, how’s it going there Tracey?” I call her to attention. She gasps with an excited smile, mixed with a pained desire given away by her eyebrows.

“Ah, oh, uhh yes, Hi, um yes I have that pick up for you it is just through the back, but I might need some help?” She spins an on the spot excuse to whisk me through to the staff room, leaving a service bell at the counter as I follow her. In the room I close the door and we set upon each other instantly. Tracey groans aggressively and grabs unsuccessfully at my trousers and boxers. I push her against the desk and take control of this chaos of flaming desire before me.

“Sorry for making you wait, you hot thing!” I ogle her strongly and take her lips into my mouth for a passionate suck before our tongues start to wrestle. Her cooing is muffled by my advances as I slip my trousers and let my cock bounce out of my boxers. Her hands are all over that thing in the blink of an eye and I am pulling at her blouse to see her breasts and stomach. She wiggles adorably to drop her top and expose her ruby nipples and freckly breasts. I love the soft wrinkles that decorate her large erect boobs. My eyes soak up that view therapeutically as I yank her skirt and stockings past her thighs to expose her mons pubis and the clearly engorged and dripping pussy between her freckled legs.

“Just fuck me, hurry we better not take long!” Tracey frets for her customers in case they get needy. But I don’t want to rush things unless we really need to.

“No, I want to eat you Tracey, then I will breed you.” I firmly lick on her breasts for a few moments as my fingers find their way between her slippery labia and dip into her maltepe escort pussy a little. She can not say no to what is being offered and simply leans back so her ass is on the desk and her legs are out to guide my face into her vagina. I pull her very short skirt, thigh high stockings and panties straight off her feet and fling them at the wall.

“I’m completely yours…” Fiery Tracey submits to my will and immediately receives gratification as I tongue her pussy and suck her juices off of her labia and pubic mound. She leans into my face and resists her legs instinctive urge to squeeze my head as my pressing tongue drags mercilessly over her clitoris. Her hands grab my arms as my hands hold her torso and the purchase is good. My mouth sheltering her hood while my tongue flicks steadily over her makes her entire body tense and her natural lubricant drips from inside her like honey from a comb.

“I love that ginger pussy!” I mumble as I spare a few big licks for her pubic mound and abdomen before returning to that flame coloured pussy.

“Fuck, Oh!” Tracey’s thighs close over my ears as she orgasms strongly. Not a drop of her delicious honey escapes my mouth and I drink it all up. With a few gentle licks around her labia and entrance I am ready to come up and fuck her brains out. She’s completely at bliss now and ready for me.

“Oh fuck, breed my pussy! Fucking ruin me Elpy!” Yeah, she’s gone to a good place. She mumbles sexual profanities as I draw down my cock across her labia.

“Fill my pussy! Fuck, use me, use that pussy, just use it! Urghh!”

She exhales deeply as I drive myself down inside her with steady momentum. Her whole body jolts as I crash slowly into her cervix with my glans. Her hips rotate and her pussy squeezes with great pressure on my submerged shaft. Her breasts jiggle cutely as her body does it’s best to accommodate me. She bumps her cervix on my shaft as if she already wants my seed to burst into her womb.

“Elpy? I want you to breed me… More than I ever wanted anything!” She whispers loudly as she clasps my chicken egg sized balls in her hand.

“My honour, Tracey. It’s my morning dose, it will be a lot!” I lay my cock into her pussy steady and deeply, creaking the desk as my flared glans sails down inside her hot cave. Her legs wrap around my waist, keeping my thrusting short and deep, she seems to love trying to hurt herself on me. The wet slapping of her pussy being dominated is the icing on the cake of how it feels to be inside this lusty woman.

“Just give me your filthy semen Elpy! The customers…” She is fretting about skiving on the job just to get some action.

“They can have you back when I’m done with you. Minus those panties.” I warn her she will be at high risk of exposure for the rest of the day, since her pleated miniskirt is only just below level with her ass.

“Elpy! Ooh… I could get fired!” She fantasises lustfully as I bury my cock within her wet pussy.

“Or get the biggest tip of your life?” I describe the other side of the risk reward I’m forcing on her. The pun was not intended but sticks to make her giggle briefly.

“Besides, I will have to return them to you if I steal them, which means we can meet again.” Tracey seems to have gone off into a world of bliss and orgasm, to be fucked and made a fuss over by her favourite customer must feel nice. Well, it feels nice to me. She feels great down there, and her skin tastes like it must be laced in dopamine. I guess I better give her what she wants already.

“Tracey, I’m going to come inside you now…” She grabs my arms as I cradle her lower back and she lifts her legs so her feet come down on my shoulders. Such a fine ass and thighs looking up at me as my extremity disappears into her labial folds in a wet mystery of copulation. I thrust heavily and her pussy squelches loudly as I fall of my cliff of ecstasy and begin shooting beams of semen against her cervix. I come to rest inside her as she bears my temporarily weakened body on top of her. 100 kilos of toned muscle brought to a standstill by the endurance of Tracey’s sexy freckly body.

“Oh, fucking, god!” Tracey delights voraciously at the seeing to I just gave her. Happy that it was satisfying for both of us, I drag my big soft cock from her laden vagina and immediately drag my cum over her labia, clit and asshole as it spills out liberally from her wonderful spring. Her thighs, butt and pussy are all nice and sticky from my semen before I get off her and allow her to her feet.

She leans into me with weak legs and we kiss passionately for a moment. I do like how much she uses her tongue to lick out my mouth and let’s me do the same to her.

“Tracey, you are a goddess and no one can tell me different. I bow to your sexual supremacy…” I offer a gentle bow over as I touch at her abs and butt explicitly.

“I must be good at something if I’ve tricked you into thinking that. Here…” She hands me her panties like an obedient mistress before escort maltepe pulling on her miniskirt and thigh high stockings. There really is nothing but air cradling her messed up pussy and ass that barely hide under her miniskirt.

“Make sure some of your patrons get a good ogle at that sight. Should be framed in a gallery… Your body is art Tracey.” I flatter her copiously since the rest of today will be of vulnerability to her.

“Hm, it looks pretty good after you painted it… I love your semen all over me Eply!” She lifts her skirt and admires her sticky mound and labia.

“I’ll do a recoat soon… A touch up?” I chuckle and tease her clit with my finger.

“Ooh, fuck… Oh shit, I’m meant to be giving you an order or something.. Our cover story!” Tracey snaps her focus from my finger rubbing her and panics a little.

“You know Tracey, I don’t care if we just walked out there and stated outright that we just had incredible sex. So let’s just go out there, let’s wing it, I doubt anyone cares anyway.”

“Oh… Fuck it yeah, We are just adults doing adult stuff! Let’s get me back to my customers.”

Having redressed myself, I lead her by the hand back through to the counter. The previous customers are still there, but there is also a bemused looking gentleman standing there perhaps waiting to be served or something. Tracey is quick to appease.

“I’m so sorry sir, were you waiting? Can I help?”

“Waiting is your job surely? Heh. Yes, I have been waiting for some minutes.” The guy retorts a little.

“Sorry sir, We were sorting out an order for me, in the back there. It’s done now.” I cover for Tracey.

“I should have made the bell thing more obvious, I am sorry…” Before Tracey can continue to offer to serve the man he interrupts with a raised eyebrow.

“Is that what those noises were? An order?” He is onto us, maybe. I give him a dutch stare to see if he falters. He doesn’t. Crap. Tracey is blushing in a way only a ginger can blush: Extreme blatantly obvious scarlet embarrassment. Kind of a giveaway anyway. Tracey’s honesty seems to be to a fault as she crumbles.

“Oh, sir, I, yes we were doing the adult things, I was just taking a short break and that’s what I wanted to do for it. Sometimes I get a smoke, other times, this…” I ignore being compared to a cigarette as I know that wasn’t the intention behind her words.

“Oh, well… I mean it was obvious, but thanks for being honest I guess.” The guy is surprised by Tracey. So am I. I think.

“I apologise for making you wait by occupying the waitress. Anything we can do?” His face lights up a little at the offer of compensation. He looks around a little and leans in over the counter to look at Tracey’s body.

“Give me a look there…” I raise my eyebrows as he requests a flash from Tracey. She and I look at each other and she sighs and nods. I step beside her as she faces the man’s gaze and I lift up the front of her skirt to reveal a pubic mound covered in slimy semen, with a semi engorged labia and white semen clinging to her vagina. Tracey is covering her face with her hands in vain attempt to hide her deep red cheeks and look of humiliation. The man gasps under his breath.

“Woooahhhh ffffgh!” He continues to stare at it for many seconds as I hold her skirt up. Finally I call the compensation completed and drop her skirt down. The man just stands there in silence and his gaze does not shift. As if hypnotised by a recently bred vagina staring him in the face. I comfort Tracey secretly by stroking her lower back and ass behind the counter where other’s cannot see.

“You know, I think I will just head off, I don’t think I need a coffee after that.” The man wanders out the door in a stupor, as if never to be seen again.

“Not sure if he was disgusted or perving out.” I whisper to Tracey as I gently comfort her.

“Fuck, my heart is going like fucking fuck! I need a ciggy.” Tracey is rattled.

“I’m sorry. Do you want your panties back?” I feel bad for her.

“No, fuck it. I’m down for your kinky shit honey. Anything… After that, I think I am game for it.”

“You are fucking incredible Trace.” We walk out the front door and lean against the wall while she strikes up a death stick. She offers me a draw and I decline.

“Just kissing you after you smoked is a big enough kick for me.” We lean close enough together that anyone who might see would assume our intimately active status… Correctly. I caress her butt under her skirt and shiver in pleasure at the touch of her private skin in my hands. Tracey leans her head on my shoulder as she puffs on her ciggy.

“Tracey, I know we are super into each other, so I need to tell you everything that’s going on with me, since we want to have sex regularly.” I hold her closely.

“Oh, eh, yeah you know if it’s about other girls, I don’t care. As long as I am one of them. I’m sure you have plenty of attention Elpy.” She is fucking smart to read my voice maltepe escort bayan and tone like that. I am speechless for a moment which just confirms her prediction.

“Sorry Elpy! I don’t mean that I don’t care, I just mean I don’t mind. So do share!” Tracey reassures me.

“Thanks Trace. Well, later today I am going to have sex with my sister.” Tracey coughs when she hears that.

“Oh, fuck! Spicy?!” Tracey struggles to take that curve ball seriously at all.

“Yeah, first time. Also, I fucked all of her flat mates yesterday.” Tracey stares at her cigarette in a cross eyed day dream.

“Okay, you’ve been busy…” Tracey stares blankly at her smoke. But she doesn’t move away from me.

“I hope you are okay with that. Maybe you can meet them at some point, if you want.”

“Yeah, I, well, yeah I am good Elpy. I get my honey from you either way and I am satisfied. It’s strange, I care a lot for you, and crave your intimacy, but I don’t wish to plant a flag of exclusivity on you.” She explains very well how she feels.

“I’m the same Tracey. I feel a strong love for you, including an empathetic happiness when you are in a good place. We are like a vicious circle of emotional pleasure. You can take any cock into you that you want, I wouldn’t love you any less.”

“Huh, that was… crude and beautiful.” Tracey muses.

I flick her almost done cigarette from her hand, face her and suck her smoky tongue for a while as I finger her pussy and spread my sticky mess even more around her thighs and ass.

“I think I’ll cum in your ass next time.” I whisper to her as I move to gently play in her asshole with my fingers.

“Oo! I… Mmm I’d like that, honey.” She sticks her tongue in my mouth for a little more graphic making out. But it’s time for her to surely go back to work by now.

“Come in for a coffee before you go?” She ushers me back into the cafe. I agree right away, I’m enjoying her company immensely.

“Just a coffee, and, well, a few chances to look up your skirt.” Tracey giggles seductively at my order. Inside, I see the girl making to leave her table and come to pay up at the counter. Tracey floats in gracefully behind the counter to be ready for her, walking in a way that minimizes her skirt fluttering or flicking up. The guy who is at the other table looks over semi interestedly at us, probably curious as to why I’m hanging around the waitress and cafe still. I give Tracey a wink and go sit at a table at the corner of the cafe. I give a knowing look to the girl as I stride past and sit down. I get my phone out and see that there’s a message. Jenna?

‘Elpy, are you around?’ the message is only a minute old. I look over at Tracey who is talking to the girl.

‘Jenna! Everything okay there?’ I am anxious that she messaged me and I’m not there. She’s typing.

‘Oh, yes brother! Bruce is out cold next to me. We’ve had a lot of sex!’

‘Fuck, I’m so jealous! Has it been good?’

‘It’s my new favourite thing…’ Her reply makes me shiver with arousal.

‘I’m so glad you like it… I can’t wait to see you, it’s been crazy, I miss you deeply sis.’

‘Ooh, are you in the flat just now?’ She asks.

‘Just at the corner cafe where I picked up Bruce. I can’t wait to tell you all that’s happened!’ I take another glance over at Tracey, who has seen the girl away and is now approaching the table of the only other guy here. Looks like she is tidying his table away as he finished his coffee. It’s a small table but she does an overzealous lean over it to wipe it down which causes her skirt to lift a little and show me her butt. I can hear my coffee brewing as I gaze at what I can see of her tender messed up labia. I’m fully rock hard from watching her nude ass while texting my sister.

‘What can you tell me? I’ve just been at sex and nothing else. So hungry!’ Jenna hasn’t eaten since Bruce showed up presumably.

‘Sis, hold on a sec and let me see if I can show you something.’ I suddenly hatched a dirty plan to entertain my sis while her breeder sleeps. I wait for Tracey to go and pour my coffee and set my front phone camera ready in my hand. Tracey finally comes over to my table with my drink and sets it down.

“Thanks Tracey. Hey can I get one to show my sister?” I gently wave my phone at her waist as she leans over me a little.

“Hmm, well I guess…” She stands up straight and leans her pelvis forward into the table. I pass my phone under her skirt and look at the screen to line up a nice moody shot of her shiny thighs and pussy. The camera makes an audible snap noise as I capture her ruby and ginger pussy. The guy is looking aghast across at me obviously taking a picture of Tracey’s sultry gusset.

“That belongs framed on a wall, hot damn.” I show Tracey the dark moody lighting that highlights her pussy and the remaining stripes of semen that lace across her labia and thighs.

“Oh, my…” Tracey looks at the picture and then nervously across at the bloke 3 tables away. He’s obviously not quite sure what to do except watch. I can tell by his curious look that he isn’t the type to report poor Tracey for indecent exposure.

“Tracey, give him a little show?” I wave my hand calmly in his direction.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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