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“Miss Walsh, I will only ask you once again. What event during World War II resulted in the surrendering of the Japanese forces? And I want specifics.”

“Huh?” Sara asked as she looked up from the paper in her open notebook that she was supposed to be making notes on, instead just doodling, and onto the stern face of her history teacher, Mr. Miller. Ever since she had managed to evade her father by staying in bed a little longer than she normally did and taking an extra-long shower, she had made herself considerably pressed for time and she had to leave the house without breakfast. She had ignored her friends and paid very little attention to any of her instructors, she just couldn’t focus properly since her mind was still trying to shake off what it had absorbed the night before. She heard the snicker of her fellow classmate seated behind her and she quickly closed her notebook when she realized exactly what she had been doodling, a very freaky looking penis. “Can you repeat the question, please?”

Mr. Miller braced his forearms on his podium and glared at her across the classroom. Insubordination wasn’t tolerated in the school by any of its students. “No, Miss Walsh, I will not repeat the question. You now owe me a detailed outline of World War II, noting every major conflict and how many casualties resulted at each occurrence and what led up to the final surrender and I want it no later than Monday after class. You will pay attention in my course, Miss Walsh or suffer the consequences.” He pushed away from his podium and picked up the marker he used to write on the white board behind him. “And you can all thank Miss Walsh for the thousand word essay you all will be writing on the effect the War had on the United States. Dismissed.”

Sara closed her history book and slipped both of them inside her messenger bag, folding over the flap. She ignored the grumbles and groans and spiteful remarks she heard from her classmates regarding the extra work she had just created for them over the weekend as they all left the room single file. She slid out of her chair and picked up her bag, slipping the strap over her head and arm, letting the bag fall against her hip. Now was she not only the most hated person in the class, she hoped that Mr. Miller didn’t report her to the headmaster so her little indiscretion wouldn’t go on her permanent record.

She felt Chloe Chandler slip her arm around the crook of hers as she walked down the breezeway towards her next class. She looked at her best friend. Chloe had glossy brown hair that curled down her back and was held away from her face with a plaid headband that matched their uniforms. She was only an inch taller than her and they wore the same size clothes, which made clothes shopping and swapping outfits fun, but her breasts were much larger than Chloe’s which made the exchanging of tops a challenge, Chloe liked deep V-necks that showed off her small breasts where she tended to keep hers covered. “Everybody in class hates me,” Sara groaned.

“Mr. Miller was going to assign that stupid essay to us whether or not you were paying attention in class. What’s up with you anyways? You hardly even talked to me this morning?” Chloe asked as she steered her friend around the corner and into the open door of the hall where there next class was located.

“I don’t know,” Sara lied. She knew exactly what was wrong. She was still thinking about her father and she was too embarrassed to tell her friend. “Guess I’m just not feeling it today.”

“Well, I know exactly what you need. Shopping therapy. We’ll go to the mall after school and max out our fathers’ credit cards. That will have you feeling better in no time.” They strolled into the half full class room and into their chairs, one in front of the other.

Sara dropped her bag onto the floor and slid onto her seat, turning around and looking at her friend as she forced a smile. “Sounds good to me.”

“I’ll drive,” Chloe said, “since my car has a back seat and a trunk.”

They nodded in unison, giggled, and straightened in their seats. Shopping was always the best therapy a girl could have. She bent over and fished her BlackBerry out of her bag, brought up her father’s number and quickly sent him a text: Going to mall after school with Chloe. Okay? Five second later her phone chirped. Be home by 8. Sara smiled and texted: Luv U. Five seconds later. Luv U 2 bb grl.

“Put that phone away, Ms. Walsh or it will be mine,” Mrs. Feeney said as she walked into the classroom.

Sara let out a long breath as she dropped her phone back down into her bag. She had to be having the worse possible day of her life.

+ + + + + + + + + +

Sara and Chloe both had their arms loaded down with clothes from one of the mall’s trendy teen stores and they slipped into the oversized dressing room together to try on their outfits. They quickly stripped off their uniforms, tossing them onto the bench in the corner and reached for the first of many new articles of clothing. “Can I ask you a personal question, Chloe?” Sara asked as she wiggled into bursa escort a pair of snug fitting denim short shorts that sat low on her hips and just barely covered the cheeks of her ass, the back pockets embellished with rhinestones.

“Ooo, those are cute,” Chloe said as she pulled a pink sun dress over her head and tugged the zipper up, looking at her friend. “Ask away.”

“Have you ever caught your parents having sex?” she asked in a whisper.

Chloe feigned surprise and giggled, shaking her head. They were best friends and they shared everything, even if it was too gross to mention to another person. “No, but I caught my dad banging the maid doggy-style while my mom was at the country club. He was fucking her hard, too, and I do mean–”

“Okay, okay, I get it,” Sara said, wiggling back out of the shorts and putting them in a pile to purchase. At least she wasn’t the only one that had caught her father in a sexual predicament.

Chloe pulled her dress back off after admiring herself in the mirror. “The next day I got a new Audi. Why do you ask? Did you walk in on your dad fucking his secretary?”

Sara poked her head out of the neck of the dress she was trying on. “No, I saw him masturbating. Thank God he didn’t see me.”

“Does he have a big penis?” Chloe asked without preamble as she tugged on a pair of shorts, watching as the expression on her friends face instantly changed.

“Chloe! I don’t know, I didn’t stay around long enough to find out,” Sara said, lying through her teeth. He did have a big penis, the biggest one she had ever seen, but she wasn’t going to let her friend know that even if they did tell each other everything. “What about this dress,” she asked, quickly changing the subject.

“You should definitely get that one so I can borrow it. Do you know who has a big penis? Gary Mitchell. It’s about that long,” she said, holding her two index finger eight inches apart, “and about that big around,” she said, holding her thumb and index finger in a circle, the tips a half inch apart, indicating a five inch circumference.

Sara’s jaw dropped. “You had sex with Gary Mitchell? When?”

Chloe pulled on a white tank top with a bright colorful flower printed on the front of it. “God, no. I’m staying a virgin until I get married. I just gave him a blow job.”

“Chloe!” Sara exclaimed, shocked by her friend’s confession.

“What? It doesn’t count. Besides, I don’t have to worry about getting pregnant. You know who else has a big penis?”

“How many penises have you seen?” Sara asked in utter shock.


“Chloe! I’m never talking to you again.”

Chloe just laughed.

They finished trying on their clothes, scooped up the ones they were going to purchase and left the rest on the rack in the dressing room. The both changed into one of their new outfits, stuffing their uniforms into a bag, giggling as they both decided that they needed new shoes, their school shoes did not go with their shorts and tees. As they carried their bags out of the store with hundreds of dollars’ worth of clothes and setting out to do more damage to their fathers’ credit cards, Sara felt a lot better. Shopping was exactly what she needed.

+ + + + + + + + + +

Sara was surprised to find her father home when Chloe dropped her off; the light was on in the study which meant that he had brought home enough legal documents to keep him working all weekend. She collected all of her bags from the back seat, told her friend good night, and carried them all into the house. She walked across the hardwood floor, the stiletto heels of her new sandals echoing through the otherwise emptiness of the large house. “I’m home, Daddy,” she said as she stopped in the open door of the study.

Elliot pushed away from his desk piled high with writs and evidentiary reports at the sound of his daughter’s voice and rubbed his tired eyes. He turned his chair around, looking at her across the expanse of his study. He hadn’t seen his daughter all day; she had hurried out of the house early in the morning without so much as a goodbye and without breakfast. And she had returned at seven-thirty not wearing her uniform. Instead she had on a pair of short denim shorts that showed off the entire length of her fabulous legs; spiked heels and a pink scoop necked tank top that ended eight inches above the waistband of her shorts, showing off her taut little belly and the rounded shape of her breasts and the twin points of her hard nipples. “Have fun shopping?”

“Yep. I bought three new dresses and some other…stuff,” she said, indicating the two-tone pink striped Victoria’s Secret bag.

Elliot looked over his shoulder at the never-ending pile of papers and then back to his daughter. He needed a break from the documents and spending a little time with his daughter was better than trying to sort out papers. He spied all the bags in her hands. She liked to shop and he never cringed at the credit card statements, sometimes at her choice in clothes, but never at the amount that she spent. Her happiness bursa escort bayan was all that mattered to him. “Can I see the dresses?”

“Sure,” Sara said, smiling as she hurried off with her bags. The nanny had always taken her shopping while she was growing up and when they came home she would always have a little “fashion show” for her father, showing off the new frilly dresses and shoes she bought. When she got older, she still sought her father’s approval, she never wanted to wear something that he didn’t like, and even took him along when she went shopping for formal dresses for the school dances. He never protested, always gave his approval or criticism if the dress was a little inappropriate for his daughter, and she never argued.

She dropped all of her bags on the floor in the bathroom and stripped out of her clothes, pulled the first dress from the bag and slipped it on. It was white with bold, bright pink daisies printed on it, had a modest scoop neck, a V in the back that ended just in the middle of her spine and a full, tulle lined skirt that fell to her knees. She liked the dress because it was feminine and the underskirt crinkled when she walked, reminding her of the frilly dresses she used to wear when she was little. She pulled the end of her pony tail from the neck line of the dress and reached behind her, pulling up the zipper. She checked herself once in the mirror, smiled and she skipped down the hall like she use to when she was little and into her father’s study. She twirled around in her bare feet, the skirt of the dress billowing out around her thighs and stopped a foot from her father, facing him. “Well,” she said, waiting for his approval.

Elliot tipped his head to the side, looking at his very grown up daughter in her very grown up dress that showed off her toned, tanned arms and slender shoulders. He could barely see the swell of her breasts that she had to of stuffed into the bodice, it was tight across them and it hugged the rest of her torso, the skirt flaring out over her hips and an inch of tulle peeking out of the hem that ended just at her knees. He made a circling motion with his finger and she slowly turned back around in a circle, smiling. The deep V in the back showed off the smooth expanse of her tanned back, and for the first time he noticed she didn’t have a tan line. Eighteen and beautiful, with a ripe, lush body… He shook his head, trying to clear it of its lewd thoughts. He didn’t need to start that again, last night’s incestuous thoughts were bad enough; he didn’t need to be having any more. He hadn’t realized he had shaken his head until the smile quickly faded on his daughter’s face. “No, no, baby girl, you look pretty. I’ve just been staring at too many documents and I need to clear my head. You’re a much prettier sight for my sore eyes. Let’s see the next one.”

“Okay,” Sara said, skipping off to the bathroom once again, smiling as she heard her father’s soft laughter.

Elliot braced his elbow on the arm of his chair, resting his chin in the crux of his thumb and forefinger, waiting patiently for Sara to return. She came strolling back into the room again, this time wearing a black slip dress with spaghetti-thin straps that held up the full bodice over her large breasts, the ruffled hem ending five inches from the tops of her knees. The thin silk clung to her body, caressing the curve of her hips and the round, full globes of her breasts. She wasn’t wearing a bra because her nipples were two tight spice drop sized points that strained against the silk, hardening before his very eyes from the coolness of the air-conditioning and the silky material that sensuously glided over them. He felt his cock stir in his denim shorts. Ah, fuck, he didn’t need this again. He shifted in his chair, trying to release some of the friction the denim was causing on his quickly swelling cock. He looked up at her when she stopped a foot in front of him. “Isn’t it a little short?” he asked, teasing her, hoping it would take his mind off other things.

“Daddy,” Sara huffed. She looked down at her hemline, at her knees and the length of her shapely calves. “It’s only an inch shorter than my uniform skirt.”

He sucked in his breath, watching as her breasts jiggled slightly under the material, her nipples rasping against it. He felt his cock jerk and he quickly glanced down at his crotch, his cock was inching down his thigh, the swollen head coming dangerously close to the leg hem and straining hard against the denim, producing an embarrassing bulge he hoped she wouldn’t see. “It’s pretty, too. Let’s see the last one,” he said, shooing her from the room.

“Okay,” Sara said, all giggles.

When she padded out of the study, his eyes dropped to her taut ass, watching as the silk caressed her bare skin. He could clearly see the line of her g-string and he felt his cock jerk even harder in his jeans as it swelled even more with a sudden rush of blood. It had been way too long since he’d had his cock buried in a hot, juicy cunt. He lifted his hips off the chair, reached down the front of escort bursa his shorts and shifted his engorged cock around till the swollen head was situated behind the loose placket. He removed his hand, lowered his hips, hissing at the pressure that was now imposed on his swollen testicles. Denim played hell on erections.

He looked up as Sara came back into the study, her arms crossed over her breasts. This dress was considerably shorter than the other two. The triple ruffled skirt of her white dress barely reached the middle of her thighs, hugged her tiny little waist and, well, from what he could see, was a halter top. She stopped a foot away from him, keeping her head down, like she was too embarrassed that she had bought the dress. “Don’t cross your arms over your chest, baby girl, it’s very rude.”

She looked down at her bare feet, at the tips of her pink-polished toes before she slowly raised her eyes. Her gaze lingered a little too long at his crotch and she felt her heart slam against her ribs and her cheeks flush from embarrassment. This little fashion show was suddenly becoming awkward for both of them. She knew an erection when she saw one, the front of his jeans had a huge bulge right behind the fly. “It’s not so much a dress as it is a cover for my bathing suit and I don’t have on a bra.”

Elliot shifted in his chair again. He had to bite the inside of his mouth to keep from smiling. She was wearing the skimpiest of all underwear and she was embarrassed by not having on a bra? She let her ass cheeks wiggle so everyone could see them, why should her breasts be any different? Oh, God, he was going there again, having lecherous thoughts about his own daughter. But she had bought the dress, or rather he had bought it, and he wanted to see what his hard earned money was paying for. “Lower your arms, Sara.”

“Daddy, please,” she said, protesting.

“Lower your arms,” he said, using the very tone that got everyone’s attention in the courtroom.

Sara tipped her chin up, drew in a deep breath and let it back out as she slowly lowered her arms. She held her breath, waiting for her father’s disapproval as she stared at a spot on the wall directly over his head. Suddenly she was embarrassed by the size of her breasts and the fact that the halter top didn’t properly cover them. She felt her cheeks redden.

Elliot straightened in his chair, feeling his cock throb with every hard slam of his heart against his ribs. The halter top had a ruffled neckline and was tied behind her neck, the deep V ending at the bottom of her sternum, the outside of her breasts were covered, the insides not so much. He could see the curvature of the underside of her breasts as they turned up from her chest, the fullness of the orbs where the inside of the neckline just barely covered her areolas. Her nipples were extremely hard and thrusting against the thin cotton as the material rasped against the tight, sensitive points. He held back a groan.

He looked up at her. Her face was flushed and she was staring at the wall just over his head. Her whole body was trembling. She was scared, afraid of his disapproval in the dress even though it was just a cover-up, or just nervous because so much of her breasts were on display. He was too aroused to realize his improper comment. “You have nothing to be embarrassed about. You have beautiful breasts.”

Sara slowly lowered her gaze until she was looking at her father, wondering… She had heard a noise in the hall when her father walked by her room. Had he been staring at her breasts last night while she’d been getting ready for bed? Was that why he’d been masturbating? She’d gotten him so aroused that he had to pleasure himself? She knew her father shouldn’t be making comments about her breasts but then she shouldn’t have secretly watched him masturbate, either. She wanted to see his penis again and she wanted to see it so bad. Maybe even touch it. So, suddenly, the comment didn’t seem to bother her. She saw his eyes dilate and knew that she had given him that erection and for once she was proud of her breasts. She looked down at her breasts and adjusted the neckline without any avail; her breasts were just too big. “They’re huge and the boys at school are always staring at them while I’m in yoga class or on the soccer field.”

Elliot was too aroused to show any emotions. His cock was throbbing in his jeans, his hands were burning to touch his daughter’s breasts and his mouth was watering. He swallowed. He could stare at them all day. He couldn’t think, all of his blood was in his cock and he found himself saying what he never wanted to say to her. “They’re perfect, baby girl, absolutely perfect. You make daddy’s cock so hard when I look at them, I shouldn’t be looking, but I get so fucking hard.”

Sara wasn’t shocked by his answer or frightened, either, rather she was quite turned on. She felt her breasts swell and her nipples tighten even more, straining hard against the thin material. “Are you hard now, Daddy?” she asked, even though she already knew the answer. She chewed on her bottom lip, her eyes dropping to his crotch as he reached down and adjusted his swollen penis through the front of his jeans. The bulge was growing, extending towards the waistband of his pants. If he would just take it out so she could see it…

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