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Alejandro had been young when he’d married Lucinda. But that had been a different time and a different culture. Now he was thirty-five, living in Las Vegas, and trying to built up some cash to start a business. Lucinda was long gone from his life. But here was Bellarosa, their daughter, just nineteen years old, standing on his doorstep, uninvited and unexpected.

“Papa,” she said. “It’s just for the summer. I need a place to stay until school starts. The dorms don’t open until August 12th.”

Of course he couldn’t say no. She had come here without money or friends. If he didn’t let her stay, she’d be on the streets. It was not possible for him to allow his daughter, no matter how distant their relationship, to take such a risk. And she had certainly planned this all out to make sure he had no choice.

“Fine,” he told her. “But understand that I cannot drop everything to show you around town or help you get settled.”

“No, Papa. Mama told me. You are a busy man. I can do all that for myself. I will get a job and take care of myself. You go ahead and do what you need to do. I will be out of your hair soon.”

“And don’t call me ‘Papa.’ It makes me old. Call me ‘Alex.’ That’s my American name.”

Alejandro tried to live his life as usual. But her words reminded him of how little he’d been involved in her life. She obviously believed herself to be no more than an inconvenience to him. She would not have dared to manipulate him in this way had she believed there was any genuine affection between them. She was counting on his honour and sense of duty, not a real familial relationship. He hadn’t even sent money to her mother to help with the bills as she grew up.

Over the next few weeks, seeing her every day, watching her come out of his guest room to go search for a job, no more than a few polite, matter-of-fact words exchanged between them, it drove home his failures as a father. His guilt continued to grow until it was starting to affect his work.

He met Inca at Flames nightclub, signed her to a contract, and booked for her a blowjob scene in Public Fantasies

2. He had intended to initiate her into the business himself. Inca had gotten out of the van, stripped out her clothes in the shopping mall parking lot, knelt on the rough asphalt, and tried her best to swallow his cock as he sat in the vehicle’s open doorway, but his dick refused to cooperate.

In the end, he could only direct the scene with another performer coming on that beautiful face. Inca had been a pro about the whole thing, never objecting to the change in partners, cheerfully getting dressed and walking around the mall with cum on her face, even getting the girl at Cupoccino to kiss her sticky lips on a bet. But Alejandro had been devastated. A younger performer would never recover from such a failure. His reputation would be ruined. In an older performer, some allowances were made, but it was a clear signal that his useful years in this career were approaching their end.

He was lucky enough to be an established and well-known performer, and he was smart enough to have developed other roles in the industry. He had proven to be very skilled in the scouting and development of new talent, and he had learned to direct and produce. He was even working toward starting his own production house. But he was not ready to give up the performing. By his count, Alejandro had fucked 647 different girls in his career. He was hoping to bring that number to at least 1000 before he was forced to retire.

But then, the same thing had nearly happened with the Crimson twins. The director, Bruce Canton, had personally asked Alejandro to lead them through their first hardcore scene. But it was the girls who had to rescue him in the end. The sisters had agreed to 69 each other in order to get their aging costar’s limp dick to rise to the occasion. The incestuous scenes would probably make it a hit internationally, but would have to be cut from U.S. version. He’d eventually managed to successfully fuck both girls and popped an impressive load in Kelli Crimson’s mouth, but they’d gone over schedule by forty-five minutes, and another scene had to be postponed till the next morning, which meant they had been paying a full crew to sit around and do nothing while they waited for the filming to not happen.

It took nearly two week of scheduled meditations and the work of three fluffers on standby to get Alejandro back up to his usual performance standards and production back on schedule. He had agreed to appear in a gangbang scene for standard pay to make up the lost costs. But eventually, Alejandro and Serpent’s Apple Films were back to normal and at peace with each other.

Then came the announcement over his office intercom, “Alex, your Bellarosa is here.”

This was absolutely his worst nightmare. He had never wanted anybody in his family to know that he was a porn star. He assumed, that over the years, one or another of his relatives might have spotted him in a video. Hopefully, they would assume the professional pendik escort dick only resembled their estranged cousin who had gone to America. But even if every single member of his family had known for a fact that he fucked on camera for money, he knew for an absolute fact that they would keep the knowledge from his daughter. Yet here she was at the studio, all his secrets laid bare.

As one of the production directors, Alejandro had many responsibilities. He took his time with those chores, hoping she would go away. He set his next production schedule, reserving studios, choosing performers, directors, and crew, sending notices off to the emails of those who needed to know. He authorized payments for last week’s cast and crew.

He made a delightful call to Miranda Sweet, informing her that now that she had agency representation, her modeling fees could no longer be paid in cash, but by a check made out to her agent, issued as a lump sum at the first of every month. All required IRS notices would be filed, of course. Miranda’s shooting schedule would be sent to her agent by special messenger on Saturday evenings, instead of an email to Miranda herself. The studio would still require confirmation within twelve hours, however. Alejandro hated agents. He knew that Miranda needed that cash in hand for her dealer and that her agent didn’t work weekends. If Miranda failed to confirm a shoot, she would be dropped from the production. Three failed confirms and they’d stop scheduling her.

When he could delay no longer, Alejandro made his way to the receptionist’s desk, dreading the coming encounter. But Bellarosa was not there. “Jill was here when the girl arrived,” the receptionist explained apologetically. “She’s already taken her back to get a contract signed. I’m a witness, so don’t worry about her getting the credit or the finder’s fee. But one of Jill’s girls didn’t show up this morning. She needed a replacement right away and your girl seems ready to go. She’s gorgeous, by the way. Congratulations on another one.”

Alejandro stared at the secretary in horror. This was so much worse than any of his nightmares. She was assuming Bellarosa was one of his finds, one of the fresh beauties he’d recruited to fuck and suck for a buck.

And apparently, Jill had made the same error. Jill was one of the nicest, sweetest people he’d ever met, caring and friendly and helpful in every way. She was also the most persuasive director at Serpent’s Apple. She could turn a nun into a porn star. And she was in the casting office with his daughter.

Alejandro took off at a run, hoping to prevent what had probably already happened, sprinting toward the elevator, hoping he could head them off before they got to the rear office.. Contracts were always signed at the back of the building and fresh-faced initiates were taken there via the long way. There were several doors, three corridors, a prop storage room, and four flights of stairs. The long journey intimidated prospective new performers. They felt lost in the bowels of the enormous building and nervous about finding their way out without help. And nobody is comfortable asking for help after rejecting a generous offer. The effort of reaching the office also increased the newbie’s commitment to the course they’d chosen. By the time they finally got there, signing the contract seemed like an achievement, a prize they had earned.

Until today, Alejandro had always admired the psychology this business employed to keep enticing fresh new talent to bang on camera. But to his delighted surprise, Bellarosa had not yet signed anything.

Even frustrated and anxious, Jill was the soul of courtesy. “Your girl’s loyal, Alex. She insisted on waiting for you. But I desperately need her in about fifteen minutes. If you can please have her signed and ready in under thirty, I will do two of your public blowjobs and direct one piss-drinking scene.”

That was quite an offer. Jill had mostly retired from performing. But he wouldn’t trade his daughter for a hundred Jills. To get her out of the office and keep her from arguing her case, he said “I’ll see what I can do.”

After Jill left, Bellarosa grinned at her father. “Daddy, you’ve been a little naughty.”

She gestured to a poster on the wall behind the desk, featuring Alex Rivera fucking one girl from behind while a second girl crouched between his legs and licked his balls. “Those girls are my age, Papa. Mama told me you probably had a young señorita, but I don’t think she imagined this.”

He tried to stammer out an explanation, how the soap opera had fired him, how the garage had been burgled and everyone assumed the Mexican had something to do with it, even if the Mexican was actually Argentinian, and how the drug dealers thought he was a spy for the rival Cartel and refused to bring him into the crew. But he didn’t manage more than a few words.

“Papa,” she said. “Papa, listen to me. It’s okay. I don’t care. You can fuck as many girls as you want. It makes me proud that you are still so virile.”

He escort pendik tried to let that be okay. But it wasn’t working out very well. “How did you know?”

“I didn’t. Not until today.”

“Did you follow me here? How did you find me?”

“You gave me a ride to the restaurant last night. I left my phone in your car. I used the computer to track its location. It led me here and I came inside to borrow your keys. I had my backpack on and that girl Jill thought I was delivering a package. I forgot to call you Alex, and when I asked for Alejandro, she got all excited and led me back here.”

Alejandro could easily see how Jill could have made her error. He always told his new girls his real first name to establish some trust and to let them know that the person who fucks onscreen is just a character, not the real person. When Bellarosa had asked for Alejandro, Jill had naturally assumed that Bellarosa was a newbie pornstar.

“It will be tricky getting you out of here,” he said. “Jill really does need a new girl, and within the next few minutes. She’s going to be in a hell of a lot of trouble if she can’t get this project finished on time. She can’t force you to participate, but she will want some kind of explanation. I’ve gotta figure out a story she’ll accept.”

“Why will she get in trouble?”

“The owners of this studio don’t think there’s a market for what she’s wanting to do. She had to go way out on a limb to convince them to let her try it. They’ve allowed her use of a studio, but she has to do her own camerawork and editing, and still keep up with the other projects we have scheduled. If she’s late delivering the finished product, she’ll lose credibility. They might not let her direct or produce anything for a year. She’s worked long and hard to get where she is, but she might go back to being considered just a performer and occasional tech crew if she can’t deliver a promised product.”

“What was she trying to do? Something kinky?” Bellarosa felt bad for the girl. She’d been very sweet and friendly. And she knew how hard it could be for a woman to be taken seriously.

Alejandro shook his head. “No, nothing like that. Old-fashioned stuff. Tame stuff. Solo girls masturbating on camera. But there’s no market anymore. You can get a webcam girl to fuck herself in her own dorm room while moaning out the name of the guy who paid her to do it. The costs are minimal. Jill’s stuff is beautiful, very artistic, but so much more expensive to produce. Which means customers would have to pay as much for the DVD as they would for the personal attention of the cam girl.

“Don’t get me wrong. I hope she succeeds. I’d like to see some old-fashioned porn shot on today’s high resolution technology. I just don’t see it selling. And if she doesn’t get some talent here in the next few minutes, she’s going to lose her studio time to a standby project. She won’t get another shot at it.”

“Let me do it, Papa,” Bellarosa pleaded. “I’m not shy. I can masturbate on camera.”

“Absolutely not! I have brought enough shame and disgrace on myself by doing this shit. I will not add to it by dragging my daughter down with me.”

“No disgrace, Papa. Sex is natural. Masturbation is natural. Wanting to watch is natural. If Jill is doing beautiful art, let me be part of it.”

“We are not having this conversation. No is no is no.”

“Papa, I am minoring in Drama. I have already been naked onstage in two plays and I did a nude scene in an American movie. I’ve masturbated for boyfriends before. I even masturbated for two of my girlfriends once to teach them how to do it. How is this any different really?”

“It’s different because I didn’t know about any of those other things. I wish I didn’t know them now. But I can say no to this one. No is no is no.”

“Papa, maybe we could consider this the family business. How about that? I am following in my Papa’s footsteps.”

“Hell no! My mother is rolling in her grave at your words.”

“Grandmama lives in San Estaban. And besides, I know the truth about her. Your mama was a puta. Your Aunt Estrella was a puta. Your sister Leona was a puta. You lived in a brothel until you were eight years old. You are the only one who doesn’t know that. This is the family business whether you like it or not.”

Alejandro was angry and ashamed. Of course he knew he’d grown up in a brothel. But he had never intended that his daughter should know that. And this business would not go any further. “No is no is no! No is no is no!”

Bellarosa smiled at him. “Papa, that worked when I was five. But then you went away. And while you were saying no just now, I went ahead and signed the contract.”

She had readied herself to move before dropping that bomb. With the papers firmly in one hand, and her backpack gripped in the other, Bellarosa jumped up and fled through the door. Her father gave chase, but out in the corridors, chasing a young girl and screaming at her to come back was not a good image, and could be especially problematic pendik escort bayan in a porn studio. You never knew just who had infiltrated. One angry activist, posing as a secretary or a janitor or something, might make an emergency phone call and cause the place a thousand headaches.

Jill had been waiting, anxiously, by the elevators. When the new girl came rushing out the door, she called out to her. “Are you signed? Can we shoot? What is your name.” Alex burst out the door behind her, but stopped quickly.

“All done,” Bellarosa answered, smiling back at Alex. “We can shoot. Call me Rosie Bell.”

Something strange was going on between those two, Jill decided. The girl was looking self-satisfied as hell and Alex was flustered and red-faced. He’d probably gotten a blowjob from the new talent. Alex wasn’t known for that kind of thing, but many of the directors took advantage of the industry they were in and got plenty of extra pussy. Jill didn’t blame them. You played the hands you were dealt. You did yourself no favours by pretending that some of the cards were off-limits. A few minutes on her knees had gained her the chance to produce this new video. She had taken advantage of a man’s traditional weakness and gained herself an advantage. If Alex and the new girl had used each other for an edge, more power to both of them. But she was on a time crunch and wished Alex could have waited until later to sample the goods.

Bellarosa followed Jill to the studio and was handed over to wardrobe, makeup and hair stylists. She had exaggerated before regarding her experiences with nudity. She wanted a chance to connect with her father. It was the real reason she had come to this town. If she had to join him in the porn industry to do so, then so be it. In truth, her only real experience with being naked in front of strangers had been a wardrobe malfunction in a bikini at a water slide.

It was surreal to have three women undressing her, touching her everywhere, rubbing lotion and applying makeup, meticulously trimming her pubic hair, and dressing her in new black lingerie. And it was weird as hell to have her father watching as this was done.

The shoot itself was easier than she’d expected. Jill started off by having her sit in an easy chair in front of the cameras and asking her questions. They started with simple biographical information, then moved into personal sexual questions. Bellarosa was directed to gradually strip, one piece of clothing at a time, and dance suggestively for them the camera.

She tried hard not to look at her father as she did all this, but when she described losing her virginity, she gave up the battle and met Alejandro’s eyes. By the time she got down to the real business of the shoot, stroking her clit, jamming two fingers up her pussy, and making herself come, she was staring into her dad’s grim face.

It was the dirtiest thing Bellarosa had ever done in her life. She had once given a blowjob to a boyfriend on the front porch of her house. Her mother had been just inside and there was traffic passing on the street. She could have very easily been caught in the act. But this was the first time she had deliberately performed a sexual act in front of people she knew were watching. And the fact that one of those people was her father gave it a lot of extra spice.

And she could see that he was reacting to her show. She knew the look of desire on a man’s face. Perhaps if she had grown up with him, the many, many variations of facial expressions would blend together into a single paternal oneness. But he was almost a stranger to her. The lustful expression on the man’s face was more familiar than the man himself. She could see that this man was getting turned on by watching his daughter finger her pussy.

Alejandro stayed to the very end of the filming. Jill wanted some extra close-ups of Bellarosa’s pussy to edit into the final production and a re-answer to one of the questions. And until the last camera was put away and the lights shut down, Alejandro stayed and watched. When it was all done, three things were crystal clear: Jill was a true and talented artist in the porno business, there would always be a market for the kind of video Jill was trying to put out there, and Bellarosa was born to be a porn star.

He couldn’t face her once the shoot was over. Jill invited Bellarosa to watch the raw footage, and Alejandro made his escape. He went back to his office and tried to clear his mind of the forbidden pussy he’d just watched. He had his own shoot in a few minutes and he needed to be able to perform. He was terrified that the guilt he was feeling might keep him from rising to the occasion.

Casey Storm was in the building. She would never make a good porn star, due to her uncontrollable tendency to laugh through every sex act, but she was plenty useful in other capacities. He called her to his office and got her to fluff him while he took a look at the contracts his daughter had just signed. It was standard practice to screw over new performers. Not Bellarosa, though. Not his daughter. If she was going to do this, she would get the star treatment. While Casey sucked and giggled between his legs, Alejandro fixed Bellarosa’s contracts to give her every advantage.

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