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Ava Anderson was still sexy, and she knew it. With her soft pink fur, long flowing hair and luscious body she was a dream that any man would die for. Beyond that, her husband was a loser who worked at a dead end job, and he just didn’t excite her anymore. So why shouldn’t she go out at night? Why shouldn’t she make herself available. She raised her kids, they made it to 18. As far as she was concerned she had done her duty, and her body didn’t show any signs of quitting, that was enough of a reason for her to go out to these clubs, where virile young men danced and hounded around for willing pussy.

The music was deafening, but she hardly had to hear to read the body language of the Equine male who approached her with two drinks from the bar. He must have been nearly a foot taller than her, one could only guess how big the size of his package would be. The female lapine bit her bottom lip at the very thought of what something like that could do to her. She took the drink with a smile and began to dance with the Equine, grinding her rear against his pelvis in rhythm with the music booming from the club speakers. She could already feel his length, not even semi-erect in his pants. It was already bigger than her husbands. She would have him tonight.

“Dude, following your mom is weird. This is weird.” said the male bovine to his rabbit eared friend, yelling over the electronic music blasting from the clubs PA system.

“I just… I feel like something’s up, Tony.” Jacob Anderson looked around the hazy club. He didn’t normally come out to places like this, but he knew his mother was up to something. This had to be the fourth night this week that she had gone out to some mysterious location with no telling what time she’d return. What could she possibly be doing here?

“I know I saw her come in here…” Finally, he spotted her across the dance floor and made sure to keep a safe distance. As Jacob silently pointed her out to his reluctant friend, He watched an Equine, probably not much older than him, approach her. Without hesitation his mother began drinking and dancing with the male. So this was it. She was cheating on his dad.

“Oh, shit.” Said Tony, inaudible over the music. He looked over at his friend, but Jacob seemed paralyzed.

Jacob knew he should leave the club and call his father on his cell phone, but for some reason he just stood there watching. He couldn’t quite place it, but something about watching his mother grind lewdly against the Equine made him want to stay and watch what played out. He had never seen her move like that, so fluid and sensual. There was the very woman who had raised him, twerking like a teenager against the crotch of this stranger. It seemed to have captivated the attention of Tony, as well.

Finally, Ava and the Equine stopped dancing for a moment when her drink ran out and the Equine left to get her another one at the bar. While he was gone Jacob watched his mother pull out a compact and touch up her lipstick, then put the compact away and adjust her bust. The Equine returned with her drink and they began dancing again. Jacob felt so weird, standing there watching, but he couldn’t tear his eyes away. His mother was putting on quite a show for this young male, grinding against him and reaching her free paw behind her, holding on to him and pressing him against her. Then, suddenly, she turned around and started kissing the male. He seemed surprised at first, but he quickly adjusted. Jacob knew his mother was going to cheat, but he had no idea she would move so fast.

Something stirred in the young lapine as he watched his mother make out with that random male. He looked over at Tony, who had absentmindedly started playing with himself through his pocket. Jacob wasn’t sure what to feel. He couldn’t tell if it was anger or intrigue. It couldn’t be arousal. There was no way that watching his mother’s large, supple breasts pressing against that male’s chest could turn him on. There was no way that watching her tongue intertwine with his could excite him like this. It was his mother, and what she was doing was wrong. And yet, he could already feel himself growing hard in his jeans. Against his better efforts, he simply couldn’t take his eyes off of them.

Suddenly he saw his mother whisper something in the male’s ear and they both started walking out, heading for the exit. What was he going to do? He wanted to see more, but surely he couldn’t follow them if they left the club. He decided to try to tail them while keeping his distance. Signaling for Tony, who had also been eagerly watching the scene develop, the lapine made for canlı bahis the exit of the club after his mother.

Ava loved the feeling of this Equine males breath mingling with hers as their tongues clashed between their mouths. She wanted him, there was no doubting it. She leaned forward, so that she could speak in to his ear without having to shout.

“Come with me to my car, you stud.” She murred coyly.

Taking him by the hand, she led the younger male outside. Totally oblivious to the fact that she was being followed, she stopped by the bar first. The male stood next to her as she ordered her final drink for the night. He reached over and grabbed her rear, giving it a rough squeeze. Her drink came to her and she downed it as quickly as she could, hoping her buzz would peak around the same time this handsome stud’s cock drove her to her first orgasm. She slammed the glass back down on the bar and grabbed her new friends hand again, leading him outside once more.

They could barely get outside before she felt his hands on her, stopping her in the middle of the parking lot. He grabbed her roughly from behind, one hand gripping her breast and the other dangerously close to the rim of her skirt.

“It’s not often I run in to such an assertive MILF.” He said lustily in to her left ear. “What’s your name?”

“Uh-uh.” She said, her breathing heavy. Her body knew what it wanted. “No names. I don’t need to know who you are to know your dick has got to be the size of my arm.”

“You’re not wrong.” The Equine grinned.

“Good,” She breathed. “My car’s over here.”

Ava pushed the younger male up against her car as they reached it, grabbing him by the shirt and looking him in the eyes.

“Do you have protection?” He said.

“Shut up, honey.”

Jacob followed his mother out of the club, with his bovine friend following close behind, trying to be as fleet of foot as he could muster without being seen. They had watched the nameless equine play with Jacob’s mother’s ass, watched as she downed her drink and walked out with him. If he could just see what kind of car the male drove, Jacob thought, maybe he could find out who it was. But wait, they weren’t going to the male’s car… they were going to his mother’s car! She pushed the male up against the door of her automobile and they exchanged words for a moment before Jacob saw his mother drop down to her knees and start undoing his belt.

“Oh my God.” Exclained Tony with a wide smile, his eyes glued to the scene unfolding before him.

Jacob gasped, but remained speechless. He stood there, just a couple cars distance from them, watching as his mother unzipped this strangers fly and took his semi-erect member in to her mouth. By the looks of it, she really had to work to get it in there, too. The male’s shaft was huge. He’d heard that equine penises were supposed to be big but he’d never imagined anything like this. Watching his mother so expertly take it in her mouth, and then down her throat as it grew, made him feel strange again. The fact that his best friend was standing right next to him didn’t help.

Neither could stop watching. Of course, Tony would watch, but Jacob couldn’t figure out why he still was. Why had he not turned away in disgust? Part of him wanted to convince himself he was building up evidence to blackmail his mother with, but a deeper part of him knew he just wanted to watch. He fumbled with his erection from the outside of his jeans as he watched his mother expertly work over this random horse cock. Then he remembered his companion and looked over, they made awkward, silent eye contact as they realized they were both playing with themselves. Silently agreeing not to look at each other, they looked back to Jacob’s mom.

She deepthroated the equine like a pro, making it halfway down his impressive length with ease, then removed the shaft from her mouth and started suckling lovingly on his balls while stroking his dick with both paws. It was obvious she’d been taking on strange males for some time now. The very thought drove Jacob wild.

Ava looked up at the equine, murring around his heavy testicles at the sight of such a virile young man held under the mercy of her soft, but skilled lips. Moving her tongue over the orbs in her maw, she felt delight and passion rise inside of her with every twitch of pleasure that came to the younger male’s face. Finally she pulled her head back, the stallion’s balls pulling out of her mouth with an audible ‘pop!’ The lapine moved her mouth away from the male’s testicles and took his length in her mouth again. She bobbed bahis siteleri her head with precision, taking a fair amount of horse dick down her throat with each forward motion. She loved it. She loved everything from the way her lips stretched around him, to the way he bucked in reaction to the pleasure he was receiving. She looked up at the equine as she pleasured him. He was cute, but he couldn’t have been more than a few years older than her son. Something about that turned her on. She pulled him from her mouth once more with a lick of her lips. She stood up and opened her car door, pulling down her panties and jumping inside.

“Come and get me, big boy.” She murred.

The equine hopped in happily behind her. The position in the back of Ava’s car was a little awkward at first, but finally he found himself face to ass with the beautiful older lapine. Ava shook her rear at him playfully, and he responded by reaching out and spreading her ass cheeks so that he could better see her pussy. With a devilish grin the equine craned his neck forward and gave the older lapine a long, slow lick from her sensitive clitoris to her puckering tailhole. The bunnies tail trembled cutely for a moment when she felt the males tongue venture to such a bold spot. With a murr she pressed her luscious rear back towards him, urging him to continue.

The younger male obliged, happily pressing his face in to her rear and extending his tongue out to gently circle the delicate entrance of Ava’s vagina. She gasped as she felt the slippery length that was his tongue pushing in to her, her toes curling as it circled within her most delicate place. With her face pushing against the back seat of her own car, the thought of her husband came to Ava’s mind. That only turned her on more. He was so pathetic, there was no way he could ever bring her this kind of dirty, primal satisfaction. She left him to jerk his puny cock while she found men who were much larger, and much more pleasurable. She got wetter and wetter for the young stallion as these thoughts swirled around in her head, like the tongue swirling in her nether regions. Suddenly, she could wait no longer.

“C’mon and fuck me, stud!” Ava gasped back at the stallion. Licking his lips, the male obliged and raised himself up, rubbing the overly large head of his rock hard shaft against her wet opening. A shiver ran down the male’s spine “Mm, you’re ready aren’t you.” He murred back at her.

Then, with a slow but purposeful push, the feeling that Ava had longed for finally began to sink in. With every inch that slid inside of her delicate nether regions became more stretched, more full. There was no greater feeling in the world than the fullness of having a real man inside of her. Finally the males hips met her rear, and he was fully inside of her. They seemed to share a shiver between them as they got used to the feeling and then, after only a moments tension, he began to make a hard rhythm inside of the mature lapine. He held her by her cotton tail as he drove himself in and out of her, making a satisfying ‘slap!’ every time he thrust forward. Ava, her face and breasts pressed into her back seat, was sinking in to a world of pleasure. Her eyes began to cross, one of her paws gripped a seatbelt as the other clung to the door handle in front of her. She had been waiting all night for this.

Now that Ava and the Equine were in the car, it was much harder for Jacob and Tony to see what was going on. They crept slightly closer to the car, but not daring to get too close. Ava had lowered her head, so now most of what the boys could see was the Equine thrusting in to Ava’s supple rear; the rest of her hidden from view beneath the window. Jacob bit his lip as he watched his mother’s cute cotton tail, the very one he had to watch bob around his household, twitch and fidget as a horse cock pounded the soaked cunt that lied just below it. Jacob could hear his mother moaning, as well as the short, sharp breathing of Tony playing with himself next to him.

Jacob finally undid his own zipper, bashfully stroking his lapine cock to his own mother. Shame bubbled up inside of him, and yet all he could think about was how badly he wanted to be the one grabbing his mother by her twitchy little tail. Suddenly, he wanted to be the one making her moan. He kept his eyes fixed on her as he wrapped his digits around his shaft and started pumping, with a hurried pace. He had no idea when his mother and the Equine might finish.

The sex was intoxicating. Ava could feel the horse cock stretching her, she could feel his hands grabbing lewdly at her ass. He spread bahis şirketleri her cheeks, and watch them cling back together with a sensual jiggle. Then, while once more pulling at her tail with one hand, he used his free hand to grab her ass roughly, placing his thumb at her tailhole. While grinding inside of her, building closer to orgasm with each passing moment, he slid his thumb inside of her tailhole slowly.

“Yes! Finger my ass!” Ava cried out from beneath him. She was already drowning in pleasure, her pussy aching from the rough treatment it was receiving. The added sensation of this strange male thumbing her tailhole drove her straight in to her first orgasm. Her inner walls clamped down around his member and a shiver ran down her spine as she let out her loudest moan yet.

“Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!” Ava repeated over and over, receiving a satisfaction she knew she could never get from her husband. She relished giving up this most private part of herself to a total stranger. She loved knowing that her husband was home alone while this strong, virile stud pounded away at her genitals like a well oiled machine. The equine’s thrusting was getting faster, more wild. Ava could tell that the poor young man was close to cumming.

“Harder!” Ava cried, much to the equine’s pleasure. The male obliged, and hilted himself all the way inside of her for a moment. Then he moved his hand from her tail and grabbed her roughly by the hair on the back of her head, pulling her head up and pressing her face against the car window. Holding her in this position, with his other hand still firmly on her ass, the equine began thrusting even harder than before. Slamming his hips forward so hard that it pushed Ava’s breasts into the car door with each thrust, he edged himself closer and closer to orgasm.

Ava was close to a second orgasm, loving the feeling of her face being pressed against the glass of her car’s window. But somewhere between the pleasure in her loins and the haze in her brain, something caught her eye. She was being watched. Excitement rushed through her at first as she realized two young men were getting off to the little peep show they’d stumbled on to. Then she focused her vision on them and the realization hit her all at once. It was her son. It was her son and his friend. She was being watched by her son and his best friend.

“Oh God!” She cried, locking eyes with her son. “Cum inside me!”

The equine happily acted on the orders of the mature lapine, slamming his hips forward with a final thrust and letting everything he had inside of him out in that moment. Thick, voluminous amounts of cum pumped in to Ava’s ready cunt as she stared at her son, across the parking lot. He was cumming too, in to his own paw like a pathetic little boy. A final orgasm rushed through Ava’s body like a lightening bolt. As the equine’s orgasm subside he let go of Ava’s hair, causing her face to slowly slide down the window and fall in a twitching, cumming mess on to the car’s back seat again. Ava’s mind was in a haze, as what had quite possibly been the strongest climax of her life quietly subsided. Her mind raced with questions, and curiosities. What had her son been doing there? Why was he masturbating to her? What would they say to each other at home?

“That was amazing.” The equine said. Ava had nearly forgotten he was there.

“Yes, yes it was.” She sighed.

Jacob was freaking out. His mother had seen him, and for some reason as soon as she did he came. Now his paw was covered in cum. He exchanged an awkward look with Tony, who still had his dick in his hand.

“W-we’ve gotta…,” Jacob looked around, panicked. “We’ve gotta go, Tony.”

Tony nodded silently and they both began the awkward trek back to his car, with thoughts of Jacob’s mother on both of their minds. They drove slowly, uncertain how to process what they had only just experienced. When they pulled up at Jacob’s house, his mother’s car was already there. Jacob looked at Tony, anxiety all over his face.

“Well,” Said Tony. “Good luck.”

Jacob made a noncommittal grunt as he got out of the car, not certain that he could speak if he wanted to. He looked at his watch as he walked up to the front door of his house, it was late. Hopefully everyone would be asleep. Surely his mother would need rest after such rough treatment, right? But no, lightening shot down his spine as he realized his worst fear the moment he opened the front door and saw his mother sitting there in the living room. She had already changed out of her night club clothes, and sitting in her husband’s Lay-Z-Boy chair she wore a night gown. It only loosely covered her. She looked at him with a wicked confidence, crossing one leg over the other in a calculated motion.

“Sit down, young man.” Ava spoke to her son. “We have a lot to discuss.”

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