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In this chapter, our fun loving characters find love, and fuck their brains out!!


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Playin’ With The Big Boys

Scene Two

Sunbeams were streaming in through the guest room windows, and a bright patch of light stretched across the floor next to the bed.

“Is it okay if I fall in love with you?” Marta asked softly as she snuggled up against Sarah’s back.

“Mmmm hmmm.” Sarah purred, wiggling her butt back against her. She took her hand and brought it up over her breast. “I hope you do. I think I’m already falling in love with you.”

“I never thought I’d fall in love with another woman.” Marta laughed, kissing her lightly on the neck, then moving back as she rolled her over to face her. “Besides being the best lover I’ve ever had, there’s something about you. I just…I don’t know.” She said, burying her face in the fluffy mounds of Sarah’s tits.

“It’s okay, honey. I want it too.” Sarah said, stroking her hair and giggling as Marta nipped at her nipples, then sucked one into her mouth. “Oh god! That’s so good! But before you get seriously into that, I have to ask you a question.”

“What’s that?” Marta smiled up at her, working her knee between Sarah’s legs, rubbing it up and down lightly over her pussy.

“Which would you rather have for breakfast? That pussy you’re trying to get warmed up, or a big plate of pancakes, biscuits and gravy, bacon, eggs, and sausages?”

“Can’t I have both?” Marta whispered, pushing her over onto her back. She slid her hand down between Sarah’s legs, then grinned as she looked back up at her. “But pancakes sounds really good, to start at least!”

“I kind of thought you’d say that.” Sarah laughed. “As much as I love the taste of your pussy, I’m not putting my face anywhere near it till we wash some of that lube out! Thank god it’s water based!”

She sat up and slid off the bed, holding out her hand. “No, the other one. The one that doesn’t have lube all over it!” She laughed, dancing out of her reach, then out the door.

“Meanie!” Marta giggled as she slid off the bed and followed her out of the room.

She saw Sarah standing in the open doorway of her bedroom. Marta came up behind her, looking over shoulder as she put her arms around her waist.

Beth was sitting on top of Brad, riding him lazily. Her round little ass moved in small, smooth circles as she pulled up off of his cock slowly, then twitched from side to side as she ground back down onto him.

“Oh god. That’s so good baby!” Brad panted, his hands squeezing the firm, round globes of her tits. “Fuck me, Beth. Faster!”

“Huh uh.” She giggled, leaning down and resting her hands on the bed next to his shoulders. “You’ll cum again if I fuck you faster. I want you to last this time. You only lasted an hour last time! I only got to cum eight times! That’s not fair! Don’t you want me to cum Braddy? Don’t you like the way my tight little pussy sucks your big beautiful dick when I cum on it?”

She started moving faster up and down over the length of his enormous cockshaft, panting as she steadily increased her pace. “Is this what you want Braddy? Is this how you want Bethy to ride your big fucking cock?”

Brad gasped, his hips arching off the bed. His body stiffened, and he put his hands on her hips, trying to move her as he started fucking up into her.

“No! Now you stop that you bad boy!” Beth said harshly, pushing her tight, wet pussy down onto the root of his cock, holding him buried inside her. “Are you going to be good, Braddy?” She asked as she worked her pussy muscles around his throbbing cockshaft, making him whimper pitifully.

Brad squeezed his eyes shut, nodding furiously, his jaws clenching as he struggled not to cum under the gentle rippling of her talented inner muscles.

“Do you love me?” She whispered, leaning down over him, bringing one hand down between her legs, her fingers flashing over her clit, making her gasp. “You know you do, Braddy.” She gasped, her ass moving in tiny circles around the root of his cock.

Brad nodded his head as his hands closed into fists at his sides.

“Say it. Say it and I’ll let you cum. I’ll make you cum. You won’t be able to stop me.” She purred, her fingers moving faster on her clit. “Come on, Braddy, you know want to. So just say it, and I’ll make you cum sooooo good!”

Her hips started lifting and lowering as her ass shifted from side to side. She scrubbed her fingertips over her clit, changing her rhythm every few seconds, teasing herself as she teased him mercilessly.

“Say it Braddy. I know you want to cum. I can feel your big ol’ cock just jerking and throbbing like crazy in my tight little pussy.” She was moving her ass faster, taking more of his cock on every stroke. “Don’t tease me like this you bad boy! You’re trying to make Bethy cum first, aren’t you? That’s what it is, isn’t it? You want to feel my tight little pussy sucking your big dick when you cum, don’t you?”

“Jezzus.” Sarah muttered as she twisted out of bursa escort Marta’s arms and walked away. Marta watched for a few more moments, then followed her into the kitchen, standing back as Sarah pulled out pans, slamming the cabinet doors shut.

Marta walked up behind her, putting her arms around her again, pinning her arms to her sides. “Stop. If you don’t like it, go in there and stop it.” She said softly. “It’s your house, and he’s your son. In your bed. It’s none of my business too.”

Sarah leaned back into her, letting her head rest on her shoulder. “It is your business, if you’re going to be part of my life.” She turned around, pulling her arms up, laying them over her shoulders. “I’m just jealous. And not because she’s fucking my son! Did you see that little bitch? She was working him like…like…I don’t know like what, but he was putty in her hands.”

“It looked more like he was going to be putty in her pussy in a few minutes.” Marta laughed. “Wanna go back and watch some more? We might learn a few tricks, you never know.”

There was a long, loud moan from down the hall, followed by a louder, higher pitched shriek that went on and on for long moments.

“Too late.” Sarah laughed, turning her head and kissing Marta lightly on the cheek.

“Jezzus!” Marta laughed with her. “I gotta talk to that girl! Maybe get me some lessons!”

Sarah pulled away, going over to the fridge to get what she needed to make breakfast. Marta came over to help, and they sat everything on the counter.

“Wash your hands, you have lube all over them.” Sarah said lightly. “Then you can start on the pancake batter.”

She laid out strips of bacon in a pan, then put another pan on a burner and crumbled sausage into it.

Brad came into the kitchen, naked, his cock still half hard, swinging between his legs as he walked. He went over to the fridge and took out a bottle of orange juice. Popping the lid off, he gulped down almost a third of it right from the bottle, then got a glass from the drain board and turned toward the door.

“Hey, where do you think you’re going with that?” His mother asked, turning from the stove to stare at him.

He looked back at her, then pointed down the hall. He shrugged, then grinned sheepishly, and continued out the door.

“Okay…Braddy!” She said sarcastically. She raised her voice as he went out the door. “Tell Bethy breakfast is in fifteen minutes! And fuck her in your own room next time!”

* * * * *

Judy came into the kitchen a few minutes later. She was wearing a bright yellow T-shirt that barely came down over her hips. Her close cropped little bush showed as she stopped in the doorway.

“Hi, is there any coffee?” She asked, her fingers scratching at her pubes. “And which way is the bathroom?”

“No coffee yet, but I’m going to make some.” Sarah said. “The bathroom is the second door on the right.”

“Thanks.” Judy smiled shyly. “I’m sorry I pooped out on you last night. I wanted to return the favor…ya know?”

“That’s okay, sweetie. Did you sleep okay?” Sarah asked as Judy turned toward the door. “That couch folds out. If I had known…”

“No, it was great. Lots better than my bed.” Judy said, crossing her legs. “Um, I’ll be back. I really have to pee.” She walked quickly down the hall, and they heard the bathroom door close.

“How old is she?” Sarah asked Marta as she added flour to the pan of sausage, then poured in a big dollop of milk. “And what’s her story?”

“She’s nineteen, but she’s really a sweet kid.” Marta said as she went over to the coffee maker and started a pot going. “She’s a computer whiz kid. She makes like eighty grand a year.”

“And she has trouble making her car payments? What does she do with her money?” Sarah asked.

“Her mom was in an accident last year. It was her fault, and she didn’t have any insurance. She let it lapse. Judy covered her expenses out of her savings, and she’s been supporting her ever since.” Marta said as she came over to the stove. “Needless to say, mom is milking it for all she can get. So the poor kid is…”

“It’s not as bad as all that.” Judy said as she came back into the kitchen. “It’s that asshole boyfriend of hers that’s the problem. He keeps charging up her credit cards.”

She came up behind Sarah and tapped her on the shoulder. She smiled at her as she turned around.

“Can I have a hug? I’m sorry I didn’t return the favor last night, but you just knocked me on my ass!” She giggled, holding her arms open. “I promise I’ll make it up to you!”

“That’s okay sweetie, we had lots of other things to keep us entertained!” Sarah laughed as she hugged her, then kissed her on the cheek. “But you might have to ask Marta about returning that favor!”

Judy’s eyes lit up, and she turned to Marta. “Really? You’re coming over to the wild side to stay? Not just walk down the middle of the road?”

“I don’t know!” Marta chuckled, handing Sarah the bowl of batter. “We connected last night, and I think I want to see where it goes.” bursa escort bayan She smacked Sarah on the ass and grinned at her. “Is it okay if I get us something to wear? I think those T-shirts we had on are still in the room we slept in.”

“That’ll be fine. Tell Braddy and his little girlfriend that breakfast will be ready in a minute when you come back.” Sarah said, not turning around as she dipped batter out and poured it onto the griddle.

Marta went down the hall and got their T-shirts off the floor of the bedroom, then stopped at Sarah’s bedroom, looking in the door. Beth was back up on top of Brad, but had shifted around, and now had her pussy planted firmly on his face. She had his cock in her mouth, and was moving her head up and down slowly, taking almost two-thirds of the thick shaft into her throat, pausing as she bottomed out, then pulling up slowly till just the fat, swollen knob as between her lips.

She stepped back and went into the kitchen. “Sarah. You gotta see this, honey. Judy? Will you watch the food for a minute?”

Sarah followed her back down the hall to the bedroom, and they stood in the doorway watching as Beth sucked eagerly on Brad’s enormous cock.

She was resting on her elbows, rocking back and forth, taking almost the full length of his humongous prickstalk between her lips as she plunged down on it again and again. Brad wasn’t even pretending to eat her pussy anymore, his head just rocked back and forth between her legs as he arched his hips up at her face, fucking his cock in and out of her mouth roughly.

“I gotta get a closer look.” Marta whispered, taking Sarah’s hand. “Come on.” She led her over to the foot of the bed and they knelt down, watching wide-eyed as Beth took his cock deep into her throat again, twisting her head from side to side as she bottomed out.

Thick strings of saliva poured from her lips around his meaty cockshaft as she pulled back, and she snorted in great gulps of air as she reached the head. She let the spit soaked knob of his cock slip from her mouth and lashed at the weeping piss slit with her tongue, then plunged her mouth down on it again, sucking it deep into her throat.

Beth opened her eyes and smiled at Marta and Sarah around the jaw stuffing bulk of his cock. She kept her eyes on them as she started moving her mouth in time with Brad’s frantic fuck strokes, helping him fuck her mouth, moaning around his plunging prickshaft like it was a meaty microphone she was crooning a love song onto.

They watched as his cock swelled between her lips, stretching them even wider around it’s throbbing thickness, then stared in wide-eyed wonder as the thick tube on the underside of his cock pulsed, then rippled as his cum flowed up the twitching shaft, rocketing up into her mouth.

Beth pulled up till just the spasming knob was between her lips, her cheeks caving in until golf balls could have fit in the indentations. Brad belched out a long, loud groan as she sucked on his cockhead, his ass arching up off the bed as he tried to get more of his cock in her mouth.

She moved with him, her eyes gleaming as she stared at Sarah, her lips forming a warped smile around his cockknob. They could see her throat muscles working as she swallowed quickly, but as hard as she tried, she just couldn’t keep up with the flow of jizz spewing up out of his piss hole from his balls.

Thick ribbons of sticky ball juice poured from her lips around his cock, and she closed her eyes, once again plunging her mouth up and down over the length of his cumming cock meat. She wasn’t even trying to swallow his cum now, instead, she let it run out of her mouth to lubricate his huge cock as she drove her face down onto it.

“Oh God! Please stop! I can’t take anymore!” Brad begged, his ass jerking wildly as he flung his hips mindlessly up at her face.

Beth drove her mouth down even harder on his twitching cock meat, her lips bottoming out around the thick root of his cock, grinding into the crisp, curly hairs of his pubes. She stopped, his cock buried to the balls in her throat, and her hands moved under him, holding him so he couldn’t pull out. Twisting her head from side to side, she pressed down even harder, and they watched as her neck bulged around the throat stuffing bulk of his cock.

Brad collapsed under her, and she followed him down, never releasing the death grip her mouth had on his tortured shaft. She pulled up suddenly, inhaling quickly, then plunged down again, taking the full length of his cock back into her throat. They could see her throat muscles working around his cockshaft as she held him buried to the balls between her lips.

Finally, she pulled her mouth slowly off his stone hard cock. Brad shuddered, his body jerking as she stopped with just his cockhead in her mouth. Looking at his mother again, she twisted her head slowly as she let the swollen purple knob slip from her lips and fall with a wet slap onto his heaving belly.

Grinning like a shewolf, she crawled off of him, moving over till her cum coated escort bursa face was inches from Sarah’s.

“I own his ass.” She whispered huskily, bringing her hand up to scoop the cum off her chin into her mouth. “Watch this.”

She crawled back up on the bed and stretched out over him, spreading her legs over his hips as she reached between her legs, fitting the tip of his cockhead into her pussy, then pressing down slowly, taking him back inside her.

“Nooooo.” Brad whimpered, his hips starting to move up at her slowly, fucking his cock up into her with short, slow strokes.

“Say it.” Beth whispered, her lips brushing his ear.

“I love you.” He whispered.

“Louder.” She said, grinding her pussy down onto his cock, the inner muscles milking and squeezing it deliciously.

“I love you.” he said a little louder, his ass starting to move faster.

“Louder. I want the world to know it.” She said, pumping her cum slickened cunt down onto him in time with his strokes.

“I LOVE YOU!!” He shouted as he grabbed her ass, slamming his cock up into her, fucking up at her as hard and as fast as he could.

“Good boy. Now fuck me.” She giggled, rolling them over and wrapping her legs around him, her heels hooking under his asscheeks. Spurring him on like a rider on a horse, she looked over at his mother. “Make me cum Braddy. Fuck Bethy’s little pussy and make me cum on your big ol’ cock…mmmmmmmm, that’s a good boy.”

“I hate you.” Sarah said softly as she stood up and left the room

Beth’s laughter followed her.

* * * * *

It was almost fifteen minutes before Marta came back into the kitchen.

Sarah looked up at her as she came through the door.

“Judy, why don’t you go get dressed. Beth will be ready to leave in a few minutes, and she can drop you off at your house.” She said as she went over and filled a plate. She came back over to the table and sat down next to Sarah.

“I’m sorry.” She said when Judy had gone. “That was mean of her, and I told her that. She’s in the shower now, and should be gone in a little while.”

“Is he going with her?” Sarah asked, not looking up from her plate.

“He’s safely in his bed, and out like a light. I don’t think we’ll see him for a while.” Marta said. “He saw what she did. I don’t think he could hear, but he saw. He wasn’t happy with her. He started grudge fucking her after you left, and I had to pull him off her. He was pissed, and she knows that she fucked up. Bad.”

“Why would she do something like that?” Sarah asked, getting up and refilling her coffee cup. She poured a cup for Marta, and came back over to the table. “She had him eating out of her hand, or anything else she put in his face. What would make her do that?”

“Ego…the thrill of having power over him. Over you.” Beth said from the door. “It was stupid, and I’m sorry.”

“Call him later, and apologize.” Sarah said, getting up and going over to her. “Come back if he won’t talk to you, or take your calls. You have to bring his T-shirt back anyway.” She hugged her quickly, then went back over to the table.

“I will. And thank you.” Beth said quietly, then went out into the garage. They heard the garage door open, and a minute later the van started and they heard it pull out.

“Why did you do that?” Marta asked, staring at her.

“She fucked up. But she could be good for him, and he could be good for her if she plays her cards right. Besides he needs to learn about girls like her.” Sarah said. “How many times did they do it? She say anything to you about that?”

“Five times this morning, including that last blowjob.” Marta said softly, trying not to smile. “She wasn’t sure about last night, but thought it was at least six. He woke her up fucking her twice. She said he tried to fuck her in the ass the second time.”

“I would have loved to see that.” Sarah laughed. “Eleven times. Shit, that’s hard to believe. So I guess we’re not gonna get anything out of him today.”

“Kinda got me all hot and bothered, just thinking about it, if you want the truth.” Marta said, letting her hand drop down onto Sarah’s leg. She stroked it back and forth slowly, then eased it between her legs as she felt her spread them slightly. “You wanna go take a shower with me, then let me help you forget about some of the drama we started the day with?”

“Mmmmmmmm, that’s sounds like a great idea.” Sarah purred, turning in her seat. She put her arms around Marta’s neck, pulling her closer. “We could spend the day in bed, making out, just the two of us. Unless you have something you have to do?”

“I can’t think of anything I’d rather do than spend the day fucking you, eating you…making you fall in love with me.” Marta whispered as she kissed her lightly.

“I’m already in love with you.” Sarah said, kissing her back. She giggled as she stood up, pulling Marta behind her as she walked toward the door. “But you can eat me as long as you want…kinda like an all day sucker!”

* * * * *

“Say it!” Marta grunted harshly, slamming her hips up and down roughly, driving the huge strap-on in and out of Sarah’s sloppy wet pussy with long, tip to root lunges. She was holding her wrists, pinning her down on the bed as she fucked her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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