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The story so far. From the age of six I was brought up by my Father’s girlfriend, Janet, who I always called ‘Mum’. Mum had a daughter, Chrissie, she was three weeks younger than me. When we were twelve Mum threw my Father out. We haven’t seen him since. Mum told me that I had the chemistry to attract the right, or maybe the wrong, sort of women. On my eighteenth birthday I had sex with Mum and on Chrissie’s eighteenth birthday I had sex with her.

I got a job in Graphic Design. It turned out that the Boss’s Daughter was my birth Mother. My Father had thrown her out and taken me to his new girlfriend. My Mother and I had sex. I had sex with Molly, our ‘older woman’ next door neighbour. Her husband had died and he asked me to ‘take care of her’ I didn’t realise that he meant sexually. I enjoyed it immensely and she taught me lots of ways to please a woman. Soon after that I had sex with Sarah.

Mum, my Mother and Sarah each had a Daughter for me, although Sarah’s husband was happy that little Rihanna was his. The same Midwife, Helen, delivered all three of my Daughters although I wasn’t present at Rihanna’s birth. Helen observed that there was a hormonal connection. I subsequently had sex with her.

For all the details please read Chapters 1 thru 12a.

=== === ===

The really big news of the year started on a Friday evening only a few weeks after I’d visited Helen. Mum and my Mother were in the kitchen breast feeding my Daughters, Janette and Rozalind. Chrissie was laying on the kitchen table dripping my sperm onto the waxed wood. I was making a restorative cuppa for everybody.

The phone in the hallway rang.

“Hello?” I said tentatively.

“That Ryan?”

“Yes, who’s speaking please?”

“It’s your Grandmother. I need to talk with you, face to face, soon as possible, before Monday. We need to see a Solicitor at 10 Monday morning and you need to know what we’re talking about.”

“Err… that urgent? Can you give me a reason? Just me or the family?”

“You’ve got a family? Oh, you mean Janet and Chrissie. Just you please. I can’t tell you everything you need to know over the telephone, too complicated. It’s important and to your advantage as they say in legal circles. After we’ve talked you can involve whoever you think should be involved. That OK?”

“That’s fine. Tomorrow afternoon, about 2? Ellesmere Grove?”

=== === ===

I’d been nowhere near Ellesmere Grove since my Father took me to Janet’s. It was a big house when I was little and it didn’t seem any smaller, now I was grown. I pulled onto the driveway and parked alongside a new Jaguar XK.

Gran had the front door open before I’d climbed out of my vehicle, it’s not a car it’s a people carrier. My memory of Gran was decidedly hazy. I remembered her as always pleased to see me and smiling but she also looked as if she had been crying or was about to cry. Very confusing for a 6 year old. Gran wasn’t much over 5 feet tall and quite petite. With me at 6’2″ I could tuck her under my arm with no trouble. Standing in the doorway she looked very much as I had remembered her all those years ago when I returned home from school. Even the dress was familiar. Pretty and short. At six the shortness of her dress didn’t register but at 19 it certainly did. Nice legs! It was loose at the top and the 19 year old me noticed the cleavage that the 6 year old me had totally missed.

“Afternoon Ryan, my you’ve grown a bit since I last saw you,” she laughed delightedly.

“Afternoon Gran,” I replied equally happily, “you’ve changed a bit too, for the better I might add. Although that could be because it’s a 19 year old looking at you.”

Gran gave me funny look then grinned. I followed her into the Study. Book lined walls, a big desk and a selection of comfortable chairs and smaller tables. I don’t recall ever being allowed into the Study. Way off limits!

“Kiss for your old Gran?” she teased with a smile.

The self same words she said as I left for school each morning and again when I returned every afternoon. Always happy. Always smiling but even then I knew she wasn’t very happy and was often crying. I’d never hesitated to give her a big kiss and a cuddle.

Putting my arms around her I gave her a quick kiss on the cheek.

“That’s not how you used to kiss your old Gran,” she complained with a big smile.

“Think you can still pick me up then?” I laughed.

“No chance but I bet you can pick me up.”

I bent, put one arm around her, under her pert bottom and the other around her lower back. Gran wrapped her arms around my neck. I straightened. Complete canlı bahis and utter role reversal.

“Good afternoon Gran.”

“Good afternoon, Ryan. Kiss for your old Gran?” she giggled.

Our lips met and locked together. Just like old times. Grans tongue licked across my lips. I was surprised, that was new. I parted my lips and sought out her tongue with mine. We tongue wrestled. Gran’s arms tightened around my neck. Our lips parted for a moment.

“I’m slipping Ryan, budge me up!”

Yeah, I remember that! ‘Budge me up Gran, I’m slipping’.

I ‘budged’ her up. She helped by wrapping her arms tighter around my neck and locking her legs around my waist. I remembered doing that too. In the new position I slipped both hands under her bottom to support her as she had for me all those years back. My hands met bare flesh. Bare bottom flesh. I checked carefully, sliding my fingers down her crack, over her anus and up along her smooth slit. She was wet and inviting but not so much as a thong, let alone a string. No scrap of undies to be felt, anywhere. Momentarily I focused on my chest and registered that there wasn’t the feel of a bra holding my Gran’s tits firmly either.

I was enjoying the feel of my Gran’s bare bum in my hands, her wet cunt on my fingers and wasn’t about to remove them unless she requested it. I was also enjoying the feel of her soft lips pressed against mine and was in no hurry to break the bond. I opened my eyes. Grans eyes were waiting for me. They sparkled with devilment. She eased our lips apart sufficient to speak.

“Feel good?” she asked.

“Very,” I stole a quick kiss before continuing, “A bit different to how I remember,” I chuckled and kissed her quickly again.

“Actually it isn’t. You Father placed an embargo on undies. At home and outside. Your Mother and I had to go without. He said it kept us always wet and always ready. If we didn’t comply we were harshly punished. I don’t even have undies in the house.”

I thought instantly of how I’d playfully decreed that ‘my slaves’ should be naked in my presence. They weren’t my slaves, never had been really, but they were always naked in my presence if conditions allowed. I smiled inwardly at the thought… Gran was anticipating a reply.

“So does your obvious wetness mean that you are still ready, willing and able?” I teased.

“I wasn’t particularly willing back then but I was wet and very able and now I’m very definitely willing as well,” she confirmed with a wonderful naughty smile, “did you notice that even my dress is the exact same style as it used to was. A little bigger around the tits and bum but otherwise the same. Pity you couldn’t pick me up way back then, eh?”

Our lips met once more and our kissing bore no resemblance to those of most other Grandmothers and Grandsons. I started to trot us playfully around the room; ‘Ride a cock horse to Banbury Cross, To see a fine Lady on a white horse, Rings on her fingers, Bells on her toes, She shall have music wherever she goes.’…’ we sang together as Gran bounced happily up and down on my hands. Gran chuckled under her breath as we kissed fervently. We came up for air as I ‘budged’ Gran up again and slid a finger easily into her wetness.

“You fucking Janet and Chrissie or just Janet?”

“Both, Janet on my eighteenth and Chrissie on her eighteenth.”

No point in lying about it, she’d know soon enough. I omitted to mention that I was also fucking my Mother, she’d quickly realise that as well.

“No problem with incest then?”

“None whatsoever,” I grinned.

“One more question. Get the answer to that right and you can lay me on the desk.”

“No, I don’t beat them, hurt or punish them. I am not my Father!” I replied pre-emptively.

Gran smiled happily.

“Your Grandfather used me and abused me. He taught your Father to use and abuse me. How would you like to use and abuse me?”

“I don’t want to use or abuse you Gran. I would love to make love with you. I’d love to pleasure you and make you squeal with delight. I’d love to watch you cum knowing I’d given you that joyful release.”

Gran smiled delightedly.

“At last! Someone to love me. Unzip me, help me out of this dress then place me on the desk and fuck me please, Grandson. We can make love later”

Undressing beautiful women was something I’d become quite skilled at in the previous eighteen months or so. The decision was simply up over her head or down over her feet. The zip presented no problem at all. Gran suggested up and over as it was quicker and easier. I preferred downwards as it would take longer and expose her beauty to me more slowly. We took my preference. Sitting securely in my hands bahis siteleri she worked her arms out of the sleeves, exposing her full breasts little by little. I sucked each teat into my mouth one at a time while squeezing her bottom lovingly and gently stroking up and down her slit. Each nipple responded instantly and the areola puckered excitedly as I moved back and forth across her breasts, budging her up frequently when the delicious orbs slipped too far for me to reach comfortably.

I lifted her higher and higher allowing her dress to slide lower and lower bringing more of her nakedness into range of my mouth.

“Stand on my hands Gran.”

She stood, holding onto my shoulders with both hands for dear life. My mouth worked it’s way further down, across her tummy and further still. Bending my arms I raised her higher. Gran grabbed my head firmly as my lips explored her smooth mons.

“If you can reverse backwards about 3 feet without tripping on the rug, I can balance myself by holding onto the top of the bookcase.”

I felt Gran relax once she had something more solid to hang onto.

“How’s your head?”

“Plenty of room. That’s the beauty of these old houses, high ceilings.”

I raised her a little then spread my hands apart, opening her legs. Perfect! With no hesitation I dipped my head forward and dragged the tip of my tongue up from her perineum to her clitty which I circled energetically.

“Oooh, sweet Jesus! That feels sooo very good Grandson!”

I ignored her and sucked on her clitty, flicking it with my tongue. She started to tremble. I could feel her body shaking as her feet struggled to keep her steady.

“You OK?”

“Yeah! This bookcase is screwed to the wall. Solid as a rock. Safe as houses until my legs give way!”

Returning to the task in mouth, I set about giving my Grandmother a real, loving, orgasm. Her clitty was particularly sensitive and I made the most of the discovery by grinding my nose into it while probing her cunt with my tongue.

It started with a gentle shudder, became an urgent tremble then moved rapidly to a seismic shake. Her legs took on a mind of their own. Her knees started to bend and I felt her naked body slumping forward to press against the books.

“Hold me Ryan, hold me tight!”

Straightening my arms I allowed her naked body to slide slowly past my eyes. Releasing one foot I wrapped an arm around her waist and quickly added the other to it. Pulling Gran tight to my body I waited until her lips were level with mine. She wrapped her legs around my waist again stopping her descent. We kissed long and deep while her arms around my neck prevented our lips inadvertently parting…

Carrying her to the desk I perched her cheeky little bottom on the edge, waited until she had her balance and stepped back to admire her nakedness. It was good, very good and the outline of a sketch formed in my mind instantly. My cock enjoyed what I was seeing and thinking and began to make its presence obvious, I’d felt its excitement since seeing my Grandmother standing at the door. Gran spotted the change in my cock’s prominence immediately.

“That for me?”

I looked around the room quickly.

“Can’t see anything else that might have caused it.”

Gran hopped nimbly off the desk and knelt at my feet.

“This is women’s work,” she announced, “one of the few jobs we are delighted to do as often as required.”

My belt, clip and zip were undone in the twinkling of an eye. I stepped out of my trousers. She went back up for my boxers.

“Ooh fuck!” Gran exclaimed in the most unladylike manner, “that’s a hell of a lot bigger than the last time I saw it! Thank god!”

“I was five and you were giving me a bath,” I laughed.

“It’s still bigger though and bigger than your Dad’s ever was. Bigger than your Granddad’s by a long way and I knew them both very well. Think I have a chance of getting to know this bad boy very well?”

She didn’t wait for an answer.

“Take your own shirt off, I’ve got business to attend.”

Running her tongue around my cock-head swiftly she opened wide and fed my length to the back, teasing her throat with my bulbous head. My jacket and shirt formed an untidy pile on the rug in seconds.

“I’m not going to blow you this first time, Grandson. Your first load I want deep inside my cunt. Help me back onto the desk then fuck my brains out!”

She was back on the desk, her ankles resting on my shoulder and my cock-head resting at the entrance of her cunt. A sudden thought struck me.

“Where’s my Father?”

“Worried what he’ll do if he came in and found us like this?” Gran giggled.

“Not so much. More worried bahis şirketleri what he might do to you when he comes out of hospital and I’m not about to protect you.”

Gran grinned delightedly.

“You’re very thoughtful Ryan, not a bit like your Father. You won’t have to put him in hospital nor worry what he might do to me. He’s dead, that’s why I need to talk with you,” she paused, “… you gonna fuck me now or have I put you off?”

Pushing my cock home I smiled dirtily.

“That answer your question, Grandmother?”

I fucked her on the desk until she reached her climax. When she recovered I had her lean into the big, padded Director’s chair and brought her to climax again. I got down onto the floor, she sat on me and rode my cock hard until we climaxed together. She collapsed on top of me. I held her close while we both recovered.

=== === ===

It was 3:45pm. Gran sat at the desk in the Director’s chair. I sat in a visitors’ chair. We were both naked. We had a full plate of biscuits and two cups of tea together with a full teapot and a small jug of milk on a tray. It was going to be a long discussion!

My Father and Grandfather were successful, high end, property developers. They either built new or renovated older style up market properties. Their standards were high and their profits even higher. Grandfather had passed the business to my Father. He had passed it on to me. Women served only one purpose, in my Father’s eyes, to fuck and breed. I didn’t point out that that was at least two very useful purposes. In direct contradiction to that view Gran had run the business for the previous five years while my Father worked on his ‘projects’.

It was his ‘big’ project that killed him. He fell from the roof and landed head first on a granite cobb and sett driveway. Gran said it was poetic justice. He had just finished building a house big enough to house himself, his women and their daughters. He wanted them all in one place so that he could pick and choose, whoever, whenever for whatever. It was complete and nearly furnished but a roof slate was slightly out of place just below the ridge. It was annoying him. He’d gone up to fix it, in the rain, without any safety measures in place. Gran beamed delightedly at me.

“Maybe there is a god after all?” she laughed, “how long before you’re good to go again?” she asked hungrily.

I rose to my feet. My cock standing proud and pressing against my belly.

“Let’s go to bed, it’s more comfortable. What time is Janet expecting you home?”

=== === ===

Gran’s bedroom didn’t appear to have changed very much since the days when I used to snuggle up with her while my Father made my Mother cry. The enormous bed was now just very big. Having built two very big beds myself I fully understood why Gran’s bed was so large. The other thing that had changed was that Gran spooned with me and I cuddled her close. As a nipper I had been the one to be cuddled.

“You’ve got a beautiful body Gran,” I murmured in her ear.

There was no response. I nibbled her ear.

“Gran? You OK?”

“Yeah, was just waiting for you to finish your thought.”


“You’ve got a beautiful body Gran, for an old woman?”

“Why would I say that!?” I replied in surprise, “you have got a beautiful body! Age has nothing to do with it and I’ll be wanting to sketch you sat on your desk sometime very soon, OK?”

“Really? You think I look alright? Even naked?”

“Gran, I got out the wheels and the first thing I noticed were your fantastic legs. I mean they are legs to die for! I know they ain’t very long but the reach your bum, right up to your hips and fabulous every inch of the way. Next thing I noticed were your marvelous tits. I thought that you were wearing a particularly well fitted bra. Not a bit of it. No bra! A thirty year old would be over the moon with tits looking as good as yours even if she needed a bra to look that good. I followed your bum into the study, sheer poetry in motion. You really know how to roll your ‘R’s’ Gran,” I chuckled, “then there’s the feel of your naked bum in my hands. What a wonderful surprise! Totally smooth cunt. Don’t mind me calling your delicious cunt a cunt, do you? Glorious, swollen labia and an incredibly sensitive clitoris. Get you naked and what do I find? Real tits! Nothing artificial at all. I’ll be honest I was afraid I’d find they were mostly silly-cone but no! The real McCoy! Perfect. Now I go to the gym quite a lot and let me tell you there’s quite a few twenty something’s would be chuffed to bits to have a tummy like yours. So Gran sermon over, you have a beautiful body. I know, I’m getting to be quite the expert on naked, female bodies.”

“That’s very sweet of you Ryan. You gonna fuck me now, while I’m still basking in your words?”

“No Gran, I’m gonna make love to you. Roll onto your back!”

=== === ===

There’s more if you wish?

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