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It was just a week after my father had been killed in a car crash. I was only 19 years old and lived at home attending a commuter college. Only my mother and I were left living in a small two bedroom one bath house I had grown up in.

My name is Tim and my mother’s name is Elizabeth. My mom gave birth to me when she was 19 years old. My mother was a virgin on her wedding night and the only man she had ever experienced sexual intercourse with was my father.

Like all mothers of this era, my mom had a full bush of pubic hair. It was just the way things were.

Sleep was a bit difficult in the more than quiet house we now shared without my father there. It was the middle of the summer and very warm one evening as I was in my bed in just my boxers and my mother was in her bed just down the hall wearing her pink nylon and lace knee length nightgown. We both slept in our rooms with the doors open.

“Are you awake Tim?” I heard from down the hall.

“Yes…It’s a little warm tonight.” I answered.

“I’m feeling a little lonely lying here. Do you think you would mind coming into bed with me tonight?” Said my mom.

My mother had a king sized bed and there was plenty of room. Mom was only 38 years old being just 19 years my senior. I was a bit surprised with her request, but since our world had been turned upside down recently I took her request in stride.

“I’m just wearing my boxers. Is that alright?” I asked.

“It’s fine honey. I’ve only got the sheet on since it is so warm. I just don’t want to feel so alone.” Said mom.

I got up from my bed and walked down the short hallway to her bedroom. Moonlight was fairly bright as it lit up her bedroom in a soft glow. As I entered her room she lifted up the sheet on the empty side of the bed and I climbed in lying on my back.

“Thank you for this honey. I hope you don’t think this is weird.” Said mom.

“I’m okay with it mom, if you are. I hope this gives you some comfort.” I replied.

“It does baby. It does.” Was all she said.

We both laid quietly in the bed with just the sheet over us. The king size of the mattress gave us both plenty of room and we were very quiet as we were motionless together. Things stayed this way for at least the next 15 minutes. And then I felt my mother’s hand reach out and touch my hand. Her fingers gently grasped my fingers and she ever so slowly pulled both of our hands back toward her and she gently put my hand on her nightgown that was over her breast. I felt her nipple through her nighty and I did not make a sound.

“Will you gently use your fingers on my nipple?” She said softly.

“Like this?” I said as I gently rolled and pulled on her nightgown feeling her nipple becoming quickly erect as I did this.

“Yes. Like that. That’s perfect.” She replied.

At 19 years old I had only one other experience with a former girlfriend having full blown sexual intercourse. I was new to this, but I also knew just enough to know what to do to sexually stimulate a female.

As I continued to caress my mother’s nipple I also stroked her 34B cup breast and I could not come close to containing an erection in my boxers. My cock almost sprang to attention with the small amount of sexual stimulation that was going on.

“Move to my other breast honey and do the same thing.” Mom said softly.

I now turned on my side and followed her instructions. I could hear her slowly moving her legs back and forth as they were tightly together. I assumed she was rubbing her cunt lips together for added pleasure.

After a few minutes of getting both her nipples to fully engorge, she took my hand and gently slid it down the front of her nighty stopping it right between her legs. I could feel the front of her nightgown was warm and wet.

“Push your finger into my nightgown and feel the lips between my legs.” Said mom.

I did as she asked and felt her very warm and fully engorged pussy lips through her nightgown.

“Now flick your finger on my clit at the top of my cunt.” She said directly.

I was a little surprised canlı bahis at her language, but both of us were too far into the moment to do anything but react naturally as a male and female engaging in a natural sex act.

I flicked her clit and felt her shiver with each flick. She began to breathe a little deeper.

“Oh that’s wonderful baby. Just wonderful!” She said starting to moan.

My cock was at full attention and had poked itself out of the fly of my boxers.

“Can I touch your cock baby?” Asked mom.

“Yes…….” Was all I could squeak out.

My mother put her hand around my throbbing 8 inch cock and began to slowly stroke it up and down.

“Oh honey, your cock is so big and thick! I’ve never felt a cock this big before.” Said mom.

“You’re going to make me cum mom if you don’t slow down.” I replied.

“Oh….Okay, I’m sorry honey. I don’t want you making a mess on the sheet.”

With that, my mother pulled the sheet back we were lying under and she gently brushed back my hand from between her legs. She stopped stroking my pole as she said;

“Take off your boxers honey. I want us to experience something special.” Said mom.

I did as she asked and she got up on her knees and straddled herself over my now rock hard cock. I felt warm fluid dripping on my crotch and I assumed it was coming from my mother’s cunt.

Mom slowly lifted the front of her nighty and in the moonlight I could clearly see my pulsing cock with her hairy pussy directly over it.

“I’m going to lower myself onto your cock if I can handle how big you are.” Said mom.

“Okay…” Was all I replied.

With that, she slowly lowered herself down on my erection and I felt the warmth of her pussy lips touch my cock head. She needed to use one hand to guide my cock into her cunt and with a couple of tries I felt myself slide effortlessly inside of her all the way down to our pubic bones touching. My mother and I were tightly copulated together in the act of sexual intercourse.

“Oh baby. You feel wonderful inside me. You fill me up more than I have ever felt!” Said mom as she gasped.

“You feel so wonderful to me too mom. Your pussy is so warm and wet.”

“You make me that wet baby. I’m going to slide up and down on you to fully enjoy this feeling.” Said mom.

At that moment I felt her cunt lips clamp down tight around my erection. So tight it made me gasp.

“Mom, I’m going to ejaculate really easily and I’m not going to be able to stop it.” I managed to gasp out.

“That’s okay baby. Just let happen what is going to happen. I just finished my period so we’ll be fine.” Replied mom.

With that, mom began her up and down motions on my penis with her vagina. On the third time down as our pubes closed together I gasped;

“I’m cumming! I’m cumming inside you mom!” I gasped loudly.

I felt my cock shoot out one, then two, then three, then four, and then five ropes of semen. I had never ejaculated that hard or that long before, but my mother had paced our fucking so well it turned me on like never before.

At the same moment I shouted “I’m cumming” my mother’s muscles convulsed and she squeaked little screams as she too had an orgasm. I’ve heard couples try for a lifetime to climax together. My mother and I did it the very first time we fucked.

Both of us were gasping for breath after our beautifully strenuous sexual act. My penis was beginning to soften, but was still firmly inside my mother’s cunt. My mom lowered her face down to mine, and with us still sexually copulated, she put her lips on my mouth and plunged her tongue into my mouth. I responded with my tongue as we passionately enjoyed each other in the moonlight.

For the next two weeks my mother and I had passionate sexual intercourse every night. At 19 years old I had no problem ejaculating loads and loads of my semen and sperm into her warm, wet pussy.

My mother had an older sister, Jane was her name, and Aunt Jane came to visit and stay with us after the initial two weeks of my mother and I fucking regularly.

My bahis siteleri aunt had never married but always had a steady boyfriend. And growing up I never really noticed it, but my aunt would always give my mother a birthday gift of very pretty lingerie. Mostly it was romantically pretty nightgowns, but occasionally she would gift her with bridal satin teddies. My mother had always had an extensive collection of beautifully feminine lingerie, and always wore full cut nylon and lace panties along with satin and lace bras, and full or half-slips with camisoles under her daily dresses.

“Aunt Jane is going to stay with us a couple of weeks if you don’t mind.” Said mom.

“I don’t mind. But what will that do to our lovemaking?” I asked.

“Oh, we’ll think of something, I’m sure.” Replied mom.

When it came time for bed the first night my aunt joined us, my mother said;

“Would you be okay Tim if Aunt Jane slept in bed with us? I mean it’s a super king sized bed so we should all have our space. I’ll put Jane in the middle so you can have your side.”

“I guess it will be alright.” Was my answer.

My Aunt Jane was four years older than my mom so she was in her early 40’s at this time and her body was as sexually pleasing as was my mother’s. Aunt Jane knew how to sew and she sewed several lingerie items for herself and as gifts. On this night she put on a hand sewn baby doll nighty in white with a large pair of balloon panties filled with lace around the leg openings under it.

“This isn’t too forward, is it?” Aunt Jane asked.

“Not at all Jane. Tim is a perfect gentleman and has been a great comfort to me. He’ll be fine with us together in bed.” Said my mom.

All three of us got into bed together and we did have plenty of room in the king size bed. It was only about ten minutes of us lying in the dark that I heard my mom softly say;

“Jane……Tim will hear us.”

“Of course he will Elizabeth, he’s in bed with us.” Aunt Jane replied.

“What are you two doing?” I asked.

“Timmy….It’s my sister. We’ve enjoyed each other before. I’m going to do it again. Please just relax and allow us our pleasure.” Replied Aunt Jane.

Without waiting for my response Aunt Jane pulled back the sheet that we were all under and got up on her knees between my mother’s legs.

“So we’re doing this?” My mom said to her sister.

“I can’t wait honey.” Was my Aunt’s response.

With that my Aunt leaned over and lit a candle that put just enough light on the situation for me to see her push my mother’s nighty up to just below her breasts. I was a little surprised to see my mom had shaved her pussy completely. Her vaginal lips stood up a little as it was obvious she was getting turned on.

“You did what I asked honey. You are a very attentive sister.” Said my Aunt.

“I did.” Said my mom.

“Now let me see if I can bring your clit to attention like I used to do.”

My Aunt immediately put her mouth between my mother’s legs and began licking and sucking at the top of her vagina. In just a couple of minutes as my aunt pulled back from my mother I could see what I considered to be a long and narrow clit in full erection. There was even a smooth head on the clit.

“Oh wow. That’s a huge clit!” I said without thinking.

“It’s only half-way up.” Said my Aunt.

My Aunt Jane returned her mouth to my mom’s growing clit and began gently sucking and pulling on it with her lips as it got longer and longer. I was not overly experienced sexually, but I had never seen such a long, thin clit on a female before.

“So I take it you’ve never seen your mom like this before.” Said my Aunt.

“No. I never have. I had no idea.” I replied.

“What have you two been doing?” My Aunt said to my mother.

“Tim and I have been fucking daily. That’s all.” Said my mother short of breath.

“Well this might add to that fun. I take it you want to fuck mommy again tonight?” Said my Aunt in a sly way.

“Well yes. We’re both really enjoying it.” I said.

“That’s great. bahis şirketleri I’d love to watch. And I’d love to see how you work with her longer than normal clit.”

My Aunt put her mouth on my mom’s clit and sucked one last time and then moved from between her legs.

“Come on Timmy, let’s see how you fuck mommy.” Said my Aunt.

Hearing this, my mother rose up from bed and lifted her nighty to straddle over me as we usually did. In the candlelight I saw her elongated clit hanging down between her legs and I wondered how this was going to feel as we fucked.

“Get your boxers off!” Barked my Aunt, “Let’s see what you’ve got!”

I quickly shed my boxers as my erection swung into view.

“Nice…..That’s a nice big cock you’ve got there. Makes me jealous.” Said my Aunt as she saw me.

As my mother guided my cock into her completely shaved pussy I felt the tip of her clit touch my body and she gasped in pleasure. As she fully engulfed my penis inside her, the clit retracted gently. When we were solidly copulated she began her up and down motions as my Aunt watched with pleasure.

“Are you letting him ejaculate inside you?!” Asked my Aunt.

Between gasps my mother replied;

“It’s the best part. Of course I am.”

“Aren’t you afraid of getting pregnant?” Asked my Aunt.

“We’ve only been doing it a couple of weeks and I’m between periods, so don’t worry. I haven’t been pregnant in 19 years.” Said my mom as she continued to ride up and down on me squeezing my cock with her cunt lips.

I couldn’t stop it, and at that moment I exploded with one of my largest ejaculations yet. I kept twitching and shooting rope after rope of semen up into my mother’s cunt. I felt her clit throb and push out against my body as she too was cumming. We were well practiced sex partners and enjoyed each other to the max.

Over the next three weeks my Aunt, mother, and I enjoyed nightly sexual activity. It usually started with my Aunt sucking on my mother’s clit and getting it erect and then it was followed by me entering my mother and always ejaculating a large load of semen and sperm.

My mother and her sister also enjoyed putting on a show for me as they both would suck on each other’s clit and when their longer than normal clits were fully erect, they would grind each other’s pussies together. Their clits were big enough when erect that it almost looked like they were able to insert it into each other’s vagina….but they weren’t that big. The illusion of them fucking each other was very arousing.

It had been five weeks since my mother and I first fucked. We had sexually copulated every night since then and had never missed a fully charged ejaculation. It was not a surprise when my mother told me she was almost a week late having her period. My Aunt had gone home by this time and my mother and I were left to find out if I had impregnated her.

The next day when my mother came home from her doctor appointment she confirmed that she was indeed pregnant with a baby girl.

“I want to have the baby and give it up for adoption to a couple who want a baby but can’t have one.” She told me.

“Are we going to tell them that the father is your own son?” I asked.

“When the time comes, we’ll put your name on the birth certificate. If the baby is healthy, no one will care and it will be good for her to know who her parents are for medical history.” Said mom.

“I guess you’re right.” I said in agreement.

“And besides, for the next seven months we can fuck like rabbits without worry of me getting pregnant.” Said mom with a smile.

That is exactly what we did, never missing more than a couple of days having sex. By my twentieth birthday my mother and I had fucked hundreds of times. I loved every minute of it and so did she.

Our daughter was born and given up for adoption to a very lovely couple. After my mother’s recovery from the birth we quickly resumed having sex. Only this time my mother went on birth control pills.

I am in my mid-thirties now and my mother is in her early fifties and I have never left her bed. We still enjoy an overly active sex life that occasionally involves my Aunt. We are very experienced in all types of sex play and sexual copulation. Both of us could not be happier.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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